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May 23, 2024 15:01:05   #
Justice101 wrote:
I thought Vickie took her ball and went home after she didn't get the position that she thought was owed to her.

They may go home; however, it is just a brief respite. Their need for attention prevents them from sitting down and shutting up.
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May 23, 2024 15:00:14   #
Ri-chard wrote:
Former top State Department official Victoria Nuland is back, and she's joining the stepped-up Ukrainian government efforts to convince Western allies, including the United States, to deepen their involvement in the war with Russia.

Zelensky should raise a statute to her. He is becoming quite wealthy thanks to her.
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May 23, 2024 13:54:23   #
Lily wrote:
Memorial Day is Monday the 27th.

If you say, see first picture! You are a ________!

Because it is not about happy. It is about…

My extreme thanks to you for calling attention to this!
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May 23, 2024 13:27:45   #
AuH20 wrote:
The False Premise of the Struggle for the 'Liberation' of Palestine
By: Alex Gordon

What is the struggle for "justice" in the Middle East, in the United States, or in Europe over the "Iron Swords" war?

Before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, there were 800,000-900,000 Jews living in Arab countries. Today there are 2,000 Jews in Morocco and 1,000 Jews in Tunisia. Outside of Israel, in Arab countries, there are approximately 450 million Arabs and 3,000 Jews. These numbers mean that the Arab world has emancipated itself from the Jews. The Arab world is already judenfrei (free of Jews in German), that is, it is already free of Jews.

The area of the Arab world is 13 million square kilometers, the area of Israel together with the controlled territories is 27.8 thousand square kilometers.

The struggle for the "liberation" of Palestine from "the river to the sea" means seeking to annex Palestine, which includes Israel and is 0.2% of the area of the Arab world to its gigantic territory.

Is it fair to take away from the Jewish people its only state and create a 23rd Arab state in its place? The struggle for "justice" is for the "liberation" of 0.2% of the Arab world's territories, which are apparently necessary to pacify pro-Palestinian demonstrators, to satisfy the demands of "progressive humanity" angered by the Israelis, to eliminate "the world's biggest hotbed of tension" and, apparently, for the complete victory of antisemitism.

The eviction of Jewish communities from Arab and Muslim countries in the Middle East and North Africa was the result of attempts to make these countries judenfrei in the terminology used by the N**is in realizing the "final solution to the Jewish question."

American political scientist Peter Schotten wrote in this regard, "The Arab states responded ruthlessly to the lost war [the war against Israel in 1948] and to the newly displaced Arab refugees by taking systematic and repressive measures against their Jewish citizens. They were stripped of citizenship, arrested and detained, imposed religious restrictions, limited freedom of movement, had their assets frozen and property confiscated, employment opportunities closed, and Z*****m declared a crime."

British journalist Lyn Julius wrote in the Jewish Journal, "Just three years after the end of World War II, the members of the Arab League set out to emulate the N**is. They decided to make the Arab Middle East judenfrei. They enforced Nuremberg-style laws, criminalizing Z*****m, freezing Jewish bank accounts, setting quotas, and imposing work and travel restrictions. The result was a mass exodus of Jews."

In 1937, Walter Doehle, the German consul in Jerusalem, wrote: "Palestinian Arabs in all social strata have great sympathy for the new Germany and its Führer. [...] If a person identified himself as a German when confronted with threats from Arab crowds, this in itself usually allowed him to pass unhindered. But when some identified themselves by making the salutation 'Heil Hitler,' in most cases the attitude of the Arabs became an expression of open enthusiasm, and was accompanied by applause."

When Tunisia was occupied by the N**is between November 1942 and May 1943, some 2,000 Jews were sent to work in labor camps. The reaction of Tunisia's Muslim majority, according to American historian Robert Satloff, was "widespread indifference." He wrote: "Gestures of support and active assistance to a minority that had been displaced, dispossessed, l**ted, and conscripted for forced labor were very rare. Arab passersby were publicly insulted and physically assaulted." Had the Allies not liberated Tunisia from the N**is, Libya from the Italian F*****ts, and Algeria and Morocco from the French pro-N**i Vichy regime in 1943, it is safe to say that the local Arab population would not have stopped the deportation of the Jews of Palestine and the Arab world to the death camps. The expulsion of Jews from Arab countries was a continuation of the Shoah of the Jews in Europe. The demand for the "liberation of Palestine" also means the desire to make the territory "from the river to the sea" judenfrei. Beneath the slogans of freedom for Palestine, the N**i calls for judenfrei are poorly concealed.
The struggle for "justice" and the "liberation" of Palestine is based on a false game that combines deception with self-deception, in which antisemitism fuels the struggle for the "just" destruction of Israel. To this end, the image of the "victim", the Palestinian Arab people oppressed by white capitalist invaders, Jews alien to the Arab East, who came from Europe to steal other people's land and hurt the "victim", has been created. And "victims" are entitled to sympathy and compassion. Moreover, it is sometimes (wrongly) assumed that "victims" - traumatized by their suffering - are not morally responsible for their actions. In such a moral universe, terrorist acts against civilians are justified as the actions and voices of the desperate.

Out of resentment, the "victim" can k**l the "predator" in a state of "self-defense". In a state of "affect" the "victim" can rape, k**l, terrorize, torture, but everything can be forgiven, because she is a "victim". In this description of the oppressor-victim relationship, falsehood is piled on top of falsehood. The Jews lived in the disputed territory before the Arabs, they are not aliens but natives. They are not only white, but colored natives of Arab countries, and even b****s from Ethiopia. The Arabs attacked the Jews in 1948 at the time of the establishment of the Jewish state, when there was no occupation yet, because the Six Day War of 1967 was still 19 years away, and the disputed territory of about six thousand square kilometers was in the hands of Arab countries, which for some reason had not established a Palestinian Arab state.

In 1948, the Palestinian Arabs received a Palestinian state from the UN, but they were not interested in it at that time, because their goal was not the creation of an Arab state, but the destruction of the newly created Jewish state. Seven armies of all the Arab countries that existed at that time attacked Israel. For a number of years, the numerous Arabs suffered defeats at the hands of the few Jews.

After these military defeats of the Arab armies against little Israel, the Arabs changed their image: instead of an annoying little Jewish "predator," they turned an undefeated enemy into a big offender of the little Palestinian people. In order to get "progressive humanity" to support their "just" struggle against the Israelis, they created an image of a small Palestinian people strikingly similar to the Jewish people: a small, scattered "Palestinian people" in different Arab countries, whose homeland has been taken away from them.

In reality, the Arab state of Palestine never existed. You couldn't occupy something that never existed. The Palestinian Arab people are not small, they are linguistically part of a multi-million Arab nation, possessing 23 countries with an area of 13 million square kilometers.

The murder of Jews was not carried out in a state of passion, but through well-organized terror generously fed with money and weapons by the oil-rich Arab countries. The struggle is not for the self-determination of the Palestinian people, but for the elimination of Israel.

"Progressive humanity," which accepts the false tune as true, does not want to notice the antihuman and antisemitic terror of the "victims". Beneath the struggle for "justice" is a poorly concealed plan to eliminate Israel.

The brutal actions of Hamas on October 7, 2023 are the actions of the N**is. The "liberation" of Palestine is the realization of the N**i plan of judenfrei. If Hamas behaves like a N**i, it is a N**i. This conclusion is being challenged by antisemitic mobs of pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Europe and at American universities and colleges, supported by left wing extremists in the U.S. Democrat party and the current American administration's fear of N**i sympathizers.
b The False Premise of the Struggle for the 'Libe... (show quote)

Hamas supporters have close to zero knowledge of history in this conflict.
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May 23, 2024 13:25:18   #
American Scene wrote:
Present and possibly future maga 'leaders'

What is it trump likes to say? 'A disaster, a major disaster'

Better than..

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May 23, 2024 13:11:30   #
American Scene wrote:
There are still i***t magas out there who complain about Colin Kapernik, but these same i***ts and more

now suffer from lock-jaw, as well as being totally stupid.

Because his speech was given at a private college for an event he was invited to speak. He did not do this while on the job.

Any individual with a scintilla of thinking ability would understand the difference.
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May 22, 2024 14:54:07   #
Peaver Bogart wrote:
Anything after two syllables, I'm lost.

On this Wednesday afternoon, I know, even if they are three or four syllables, you have a strong ability to understand the gist of the big syllable words.
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May 22, 2024 10:47:07   #
JFlorio wrote:
Because he's a far left loon.

That goes without saying; however, besides being a well known actor, one wonders why Kevyn thinks he should be President.
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May 22, 2024 10:16:18   #
Kevyn wrote:
He would make a damn good p**********l candidate!

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May 22, 2024 09:38:31   #
ExperienceCounts wrote:
Remember to wear red on Fridays to honor those serving our country!

I often post a R. E. D. même on Fridays.
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May 22, 2024 08:33:33   #
Big Kahuna wrote:
1st of all we saw the Clooney's throwing a bash of millionaire celebrities to raise money for the corrupt Slo Joe, a criminal and warmonger in his own life, while trying to get him re-elected to continue to destroy the U.S. Now we learn that George's Islamic wife, Amal, was in on the International Criminal Court's decision to brand Bibi Netanyahu as an international terrorist who needs to be arrested for war crimes. The Clooney's are so d********g and they use their millions for destructive purposes. They should arrest slo joe for starting 3 wars and being the real war crimes Mongerer that he is.
1st of all we saw the Clooney's throwing a bash o... (show quote)

Before marrying George, she was an attorney practicing international law, hence unsurprising she would be part of the fiasco.
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May 22, 2024 08:28:40   #
Lily wrote:
There aren’t Palestinians. They are Arab descendants of the Philistines.

I see you have been reading your history.
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May 22, 2024 08:24:49   #
slatten49 wrote:

One would think after almost 11 years you would have learned how to post an entire article.

Trooping the Line [Archive] - Marine Corps - USMC Community
A Memorial Day article... well worth reading

by: Edward B. Meyer, Brigadier General, United States Marine Corps (Retired.)

Each of our Armed Forces has a ceremonial process called, Trooping the Line, wherein the inspecting dignitary walks the length of each rank/file, with his/her head visibly bobbing up and down, inspecting each member from head to toe, and occasionally stopping to ask a question or sometimes to make a comment or voice an observation. A part of the ‘Trooping the Line' usually has the inspecting dignitary asking questions of some of those being scrutinized. "Where's your home?" "How long have you been a member of your unit?" "Do you have any problems/complaints?" These are popular questions. "When did you last get a haircut?" "When did you last polish your boots?" These are unpopular questions, and usually have unpleasant consequences. General Patton, on occasion, had a reputation for questions more petrifying penetrating than any of these.

One day, a few weeks ago, as is my annual ritual, I drove out to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. I choose to ‘Troop the Line' each year before Memorial/Veterans day. I have myself convinced that such a preliminary visit conditions me emotionally to be more receptive and attentive to the ceremonies and speeches that accompany these formal occasions. I tabulate some of those many veterans laid recently to rest. I feel comfortable amongst and with those who have served our Nation in the past. The VA has recently issued a statement that we, as a nation, are losing fourteen hundred veterans a day.

With the help of the Director of Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, I selected at random in this garden of stone, a row within one section in perfect alignment of 120 headstones, some in the shadow of the Bennington Memorial.

I selected this particular row because it was close to the Memorial, a tribute to those lost as a result of shipboard disaster in 1905. This was a tragedy that happened while this Nation was at peace. There was no war. World War I was yet to come, 1917 1918, actually 1914 1918. For the past one hundred (100) years, we have laid our veteran dead to rest at Rosecrans National Cemetery. History is told on the headstones of our warriors, veterans of WWI WWII Korea Vietnam Desert Storm – Afghanistan – Iraq, and the many global ‘police Actions' and conflicts that produce veterans.

On my ‘Trooping of The Line' there would be no questions and no responses. The only information gleaned came from those biographical summaries entered on each headstone Name Date of Birth State Date of Death Service. With only the sun as my companion I quietly walked the sod dividing the straight lines of tomb stones, stopping occasionally as if on parade, but instead of asking a question I silently read the biography dedicated to that particular veteran. As I read each headstone I calculated that ‘this person would be ‘wh**ever' years old this year'. As a person, what would he be like? What would his interests be? Might we have been friends?

I finish my trooping; many memories have been rekindled; the emotion of the moment forces an involuntary quiver of my lower lip; with my head bowed I mumble a quiet prayer heard only by them, my God and me. For uncounted minutes I am lost in thought. A lifetime of good times and bad times rush through my memory bank. Friends long gone, some more recently, pass in front of my remembrance and a great feeling of patriotism and p***e builds within me as I raise my eyes and gaze towards the tall pole and see our f**g fluttering in the gentle breeze that is ever present at Fort Rosecrans the permanent national home of our warriors.

There is a strange inward relaxed feeling settling within me. But also a feeling of sadness as I stand surrounded by my peers, gone before me. That old habit of nearly four decades of service to my country is stimulated as I raise my hand in salute, this truly is hallowed ground and we truly did make a difference. Together we ensured freedom from tyranny. Together we endured hardships that are unimaginable by those who were not witness to them. Each year we die at a faster rate and soon only the written word will bare testimony to our sacrifices for the glory of victory. If the future can be built on the shoulders of the past then the price paid was a bargain. Our legacy to the future is "those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it".

There is a brotherhood of service in these straight lines of tombstones. They lie side by side, not knowing in life the comrade that lies beside them, but now together for eternity. There is no rank in this field of brothers. They are soldiers or sailors or marines or airmen/airwomen. They are tall, short, fat or skinny. They are brothers because they all answered the call. Brothers in arms. They have earned an honored place in our nation’s history that will be remembered for time immemorial. They are gathered and laid to rest in this most hallowed place partly so that we can enjoy the privilege of paying our respects to them, and say ‘thank you for your service' on Memorial Day, the special day set aside for our memory of them.

We who still survive have a solemn duty to ensure that those who pass on each day do not go quietly into the night of eternity unnoticed or without fanfare. Even today, young service personnel are sometimes asked to pay the ultimate price for our security and freedom. They do what has to be done for little reward. It is therefore fitting that we put them on the pedestal of valor, for it is a place they so richly deserve to be. On this Memorial Day, as on Memorial Days of the past, we will gather in those national hallowed places all across America set aside for our veterans where, in honored tradition we will perform rituals of remembrance, and each of us will remember a particular ‘brother at arms' or perhaps several, and we shall see their faces, and we shall remember them then, for they do not grow old as we grow old, but remain forever young and vibrant.

On this Memorial Day, May 29, 2000 our Nations tribute to those faithful Americans, from all wars or conflicts, to include both the wounded and the deceased, who, when entrusted with the lamp of freedom, shed their blood; even paid the ultimate price with their lives. They have constituted a worldwide trail of graves. Let no American forget the sworn obligation to defend the rights that they who went before and served, gave their lives to protect and preserve.

Every day has become Memorial day!

Edward B. Meyers, Brigadier General, United States Marine Corps, (Retired.)
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May 22, 2024 04:58:48   #
PeterS wrote:
This was over turned by a federal judge...******n-law-ban-food-water-v**ers-line/index.html

As per usual, you missed the point.
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May 21, 2024 22:04:42   #
How Collins and F***i Shattered Our Trust in Public Health
Wesley J. SmithMay 21, 2024

The C***d p******c was devastating, not only for society generally, but also to the reputations of our once-trusted health agencies. Two of America’s once-leading public-health officials bear great responsibility for this debacle — former National Institutes of Health (NIH) director Francis Collins and Anthony F***i, who led the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases between 1984 and 2022.

When the p******c first struck, I held both in high regard. Collins successfully led the Human Genome Project that sequenced the human genome. F***i had contributed greatly to ameliorating the AIDS crisis. So, there was reason to trust in their leadership. Alas, both squandered the opportunity.

Let’s start with the cause of the p******c. Early on, F***i insisted in a press conference that the overwhelming evidence — based on a peer-reviewed study, no less — pointed to the v***s leaping from animals to people instead of being a lab leak from the W***n Institute of V******y. What F***i failed to disclose was that the “study” — such as it turned out to be — was his idea. Emails obtained later showed that he not only prompted publication of the paper with the apparent purpose of discrediting the “lab leak” theory, but also helped edit it and had final approval of its contents.

Yet today, we know that the lab-leak hypothesis is a highly plausible explanation for the p******c, a fact that even Collins recently admitted. Could F***i have been more disingenuous?

And remember when we were told by Collins and F***i to practice “social distancing” by remaining six feet apart at all times? That guidance was responsible for school closures. It deprived small businesses — particularly restaurants — of their profitability. It kept people from visiting hospitalized patients, holding the hands of dying loved ones, and attending funerals. It increased social isolation, led to suicides, and made life miserable in myriad ways, large and small.

We were assured that the directive was based on well-researched scientific studies and understandings. In actuality, there was nothing “scientific” about it — as revealed belatedly by F***i, who reportedly said in a deposition the social-distancing guidance “sort of just appeared.” What?

F***i’s shocking admission was confirmed by Collins in a just-released deposition transcript provided to National Review wherein he admitted that he did “not see any evidence” supporting six-feet distancing. Asked if he has ever seen any evidence supporting the six-foot-rule, the former public-health leader simply said, “No.”

The duplicitous duo also worked behind the scenes to generate “a devastating takedown” of the expert opinions of three leading epidemiologists publicly published in October 2020, known as the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD). The GBD argued that mass shutdowns were an epidemiological mistake and that the far-better approach to the dangers posed by the p******c would be “focused protection” of the vulnerable, allowing the rest of society to return to normal functioning.

There was nothing wrong with Collins and F***i disagreeing with the GBD. But rather than engage with its contents in good faith, both sought instead to discredit the GBD’s authors as “fringe,” a patent falsehood given that its authors were medical professors in elite medical schools with hundreds of published papers among them. Because of F***i’s and Collins’ behind-the-scenes efforts, the GBD’s authors — Sunetra Gupta of Oxford, Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, and Martin Kulldorff, then of Harvard (he was subsequently fired for refusing to be v******ted) — soon found themselves subjected to media scorn, accused of being indifferent to C***d deaths, their reputations tarnished in the most public ways. (To hear Bhattacharya’s first-person description of that emotionally searing experience, hit this link to our interview on my Humanize podcast.)

Why do that? Collins — who, unlike the GBD’s authors, but like F***i, is not an epidemiologist — stated in the deposition that he was worried because the proposal had been “presented to a cabinet member” and could become policy potentially causing (he believed) tens of thousands of deaths “without opportunity for any scientific debate.”

Then have the debate, which was precisely what the GBD authors wanted! But that never happened, I suspect, because neither official wanted his great sway with government officials threatened.

F***i and Collins also undermined the reputation of public-health officials by obfuscating NIH’s funding “g**n of f******n” research at the W***n Institute of V******y, from which the v***s might have escaped. Indeed, F***i denied outright approving funding such experiments when questioned by Senator Rand Paul (R., Ky.).

But now we know these denials were false. An NIH official just spilled the beans under questioning at a congressional hearing. When asked if the NIH funded such experiments, the official replied, “It depends on your definition of gain-of-function research. If you’re speaking about the generic term, yes, we did.” Busted.

F***i and Collins are not solely responsible for the C***d-policy debacle. They could not have so dominated public responses to the p******c but for the mainstream media’s abandoning all skepticism, the meek acquiescence by a myriad of elected officials, enforcement by corporations of authoritarian policies such as v*****e mandates, and the duplicity of teachers’ unions that insisted on school closings and sought to use the p******c to achieve their overarching social agendas, among others.

Little of that would have happened if Collins and F***i had approached their work in a humbler manner, welcoming the give-and-take of open scientific discourse, and honestly admitting when answers were unknown.

Yes, they were under great pressure because of the suddenness of the p******c, the worry over public panic, and a desire to save lives. But by seeking to hoard influence unto themselves, repeatedly misleading the public by omission and commission, and stifling opposing ideas, Collins and F***i did a disservice to the country, shattering the credibility of our public-health systems.

The more appropriate term is p*******c as F***i stood in Georgetown University, in January 2017, and stated there would be a major health crisis” in 2020.

Further, it would be interesting to see how much of their personal investment portfolio is in P****r and other pharmaceutical industries.
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