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Mar 5, 2019 08:55:44   #
Smedley_buzkill wrote:
Virginia's law, by the admission of it's author, allows the killing of unborns up until the moment of birth. It allows a fully developed fetus which can survive outside the womb to be killed. It allows the abortion of a human life, a fetus after it develops brain activity, a heartbeat, and the ability to feel pain.
Skipping about a little, if Mueller, (no saint himself) was not allowed to consider political affiliations, why is there not a single Republican on his investigative staff and why are most of them ardent Hillary supporters? He should have gotten one or two Republicans by accident.
Regarding the situation with wetbacks, they are somehow blameless because some of them committed multiple crimes? They are committing one by entering this country illegally. (8 USC 1325) A second or more reentry after being removed is a felony. I know, Liberal politicians in DC are far more qualified to assess the situation on the border than the professional law enforcement personnel of the Border Patrol who are actually on the ground and dealing with the situation every day. What do they know?
You worded your claims about unemployment quite carefully. You said they were no longer accurate but you carefully avoided saying that they were or were not accurate at the time they were made.
More Liberal cherry-picking and self-righteous condescension. If you were truly honest you would also catalog the so-called sins of your precious Liberal Socialist Democraps.
Virginia's law, by the admission of it's author, a... (show quote)

That is as crazy as tRump's 2 hour tirade.

Mar 5, 2019 08:27:40   #
snowbear37 wrote:
Trump didn't get a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card like Hillary did.

Trump didn't have the F.B.I. or the DOJ, or the MSM covering for him as Hillary did.

We all know that many things she did was against the law, however, the "law" was against Trump and for Hillary and just as guilty for sweeping her crimes "under the rug".

Is the trump FBI and the trump DOJ covering for Hillary?
Mar 5, 2019 08:18:59   #
plainlogic wrote:
Like a drowning rat, keep swimming til the last breath.

Mar 5, 2019 07:19:48   #

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) interview with Rachel Maddow made it clear that Democrats know what they are doing and they are setting up for a long investigation of Trump.
Nadler said that these are requests to help the investigation get going fast,

” In the initial Bach of requests we sent to the 81 people, we limited the requests to material they had submitted to other agencies to the special prosecutor, southern district so that they could respond quickly and there could be no question of privilege. We will follow up with some of them, maybe many of them with other document requests for documents they haven’t submitted but to get speedy compliance to start the work quickly, the initial document request was for documents they turned over to other people.”-----MORE-----

Rachel Maddow’s interview showed why Trump should be worried

The Judiciary Committee investigation is well planned and thought out. It is not a fishing expedition. The committee has clear areas of investigation and thanks to Michael Cohen, a path to follow.
Rep. Nadler said that the committee’s investigation is not in conflict with the Mueller investigation or any other investigations.

While all of the attention has been on Robert Mueller, the investigation with a bigger scope and the potential for political devastation was just rolled out by Rep. Jerry Nadler.
The Judiciary Committee investigation is big, and it isn’t going away any time soon.
For more discussion about this story join our Rachel Maddow and MSNBC group.
Mar 5, 2019 07:14:52   #
Mar 5, 2019 07:10:32   #
rumitoid wrote:
AuntiE, a post against guns? Truly shocking. It is either that or a non sequitur: 1 an inference that does not follow from the premises specifically : a fallacy resulting from a simple conversion of a universal affirmative proposition or from the transposition of a condition and its consequent.
But let's go with this straightforward definition: "a statement that does not follow logically from or is not clearly related to anything previously said."

Sorry, please explain the odd "You must accept us as such or you are a racist bigot." The top statement seems at odds with the bottom statement, if the poster is meant to approve of guns.
AuntiE, a post against guns? Truly shocking. It is... (show quote)

Mar 5, 2019 07:06:45   #
Kevyn wrote:
A weed with its roots in hell, it will drag you into the quagmire of degradation!

Mar 5, 2019 06:55:25   #
Geo wrote:
Accused of witness tampering, Trump congressional ally scrambles
03/04/19 12:44 PM

By Steve Benen
The day before Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony, one of Donald Trump’s most flamboyantly partisan allies sent the former “fixer” an unusual message via Twitter.
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) wrote, “Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. I wonder if she’ll remain faithful when you’re in prison. She’s about to learn a lot.”
Almost immediately, legal experts weighed in, suggesting the missive looked an awful lot like the Republican congressman was trying to influence Cohen’s testimony – which would be witness tampering, which is a felony.
In the face of difficult questions, Gaetz initially refused to back down. As Vanity Fair reports, the Florida Republican is now in full retreat.
“Mr. Cohen, this is Congressman Matt Gaetz,” he wrote in a text to Cohen. “I am writing to personally tell you I’m sorry for the tweet that I sent which many believe was threatening to you. It was never ever ever my intent to threaten you in any way.”
“While you don’t know me,” he continued, “that is not who I am and how I operate. I do not wish any harm to you or your family. I was upset at what was transpiring and chose my words poorly. I will work to be better, as I know you said today you will as well. Have a good evening. – Matt.”
For those keeping score, this was not the GOP lawmaker’s only apology. Gaetz also published a tweet last week expressing his regrets.
It’s possible, of course, that Gaetz, after having a little time to reflect on his antics, realized he went too far, and he’s now sincerely apologizing. It’s also possible that the congressman is scrambling because he fears the consequences of his actions.

The Florida Bar Association is now investigating Gaetz, and congressional Democrats have raised the specter of an ethics investigation.
I’m not saying Gaetz’s apologies are insincere, but I’d also be interested to know whether they were the result of recommendations from counsel.
Accused of witness tampering, Trump congressional ... (show quote)

Mar 5, 2019 06:46:52   #
Geo wrote:
I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Seven Deadly Sins. And if you follow social media, you’ve probably seen memes showing pictures of Trump living out the Seven Deadly Sins. These memes are indeed accurate. He has stated, himself, that he is “greedy, greedy, greedy;” he has expressed envy (such as his envy of Barack Obama’s inauguration crowd size); he inflicts wrath by means of Twitter on all who criticize him or stand in his way; he has been gluttonous, not only for fast food, but for all wealth and pleasure; he is slothful, in that he works less than any president in history; he has lusted for additional wives, playmates, and pornstars to the point of having sexual affairs with them while married; and, most of all, he is proud of all his sins to the point that he shuns repentance and, instead, doubles down on them.
It doesn’t stop there, however. Trump is the embodiment of something worse than the Seven Deadly Sins. I call it the Six Satanic Sins. You see, six of the Seven Deadly Sins are what you might call animal sins. These are things that animals do. But we often take these fight-or-flight/be-fruitful-and-multiply survival instincts too far to the point that we hurt others. That is indeed sin. But long overlooked are the sins that are the essence of Satan himself, sins that the animals do not commit to survive, but that people commit for love of sheer evil.
The first of these is pride, which is one of the Seven Deadly Sins and is the root cause of most other satanic sins. It’s the desire to exalt oneself above others. Trump, of course, has made a career out of exalting himself, claiming to be better than others, placing his name on buildings, and, as president, demanding praise from the populace.
The second is lying. As Jesus said, Satan is the “father of lies.” Not all lies are equal, of course. We’ve all lied (or deceived by omitting facts) to save our skin when in danger of getting in trouble for something, making ourselves look as innocent as possible when recounting what happened. That might be a survival instinct. But there are others who “love and practice lying,” as Revelation 22 says. Trump, of course, lies at a level no other president ever has, denying outright things that he recently said or did and making up events and numbers that have no basis, whatsoever, in reality.
The third is rebellion. Satan rebels against the one who has authority over him (God) and encourages others to do the same. Many who voted for Trump hate government, because they hate having authority over them (Paul wrote in Romans 13 that Christians should respect and obey the secular government “authorities” – all of them -not just the king or president). Likewise, Trump himself lashes out at all “authorities” in our republic who have the power to stop him from doing whatever he wants. He is a thoroughly rebellious person who loves to exert his power over others but will never willingly submit to those who have power over him.
The fourth is leading others into temptation, or as Jesus put it, “anyone who causes one of these to sin.” Of course, Satan’s first act was to lead Adam and Eve into sin. It’s a huge part of who he is. Likewise, Trump has tried to tempt many women into committing adultery with him, and he has enticed other men to copy his behavior by bragging to them about his exploits. Yet, what many of us overlook is that false teaching also leads others to promote and practice sin. Trump and the media that supports him encourage millions of us to hate and fear outsiders and the poor by misrepresenting what kind of people they really are, and they condemn programs and laws that would help or protect these people by falsely teaching that doing so is bad for everyone. He also encourages those who are greedy and dictators who are ruthless. Trump praises those who love sin (especially his sins) and directs his wrath toward those who condemn sin and call for righteousness (including the press).

The fifth is cruelty. Granted, there’s no Bible quote saying Satan is cruel. But if Satan tries to lead people away from God and toward punishment in the afterlife, that makes him cruel. Plus, many of the sins he wants us to commit are harmful to others and to ourselves. Satan especially loves cruelty when it’s inflicted on the innocent. Likewise, Trump loves cruelty inflicted on the innocent. He practices what I call lord-it-overism, where he loves to lord it over others and use his power to cause pain – from the pain of a contractor not being paid for all the work they did, to the pain of dreamers being shipped away from the only home they’ve ever known, to the pain of refugee children separated from their parents, to the pain of women who didn’t want him to kiss them, grab them, or see them naked in their dressing room.
And finally, the sixth satanic sin is unfaithfulness. Satan was unfaithful to God. Apparently, God gave him and all conscious beings life, thus making them family, in a sense. And in family relationships, parties on both sides have a responsibility to support one another. Yet, Satan abandoned God and tried to lead others against him. Likewise, Trump has been unfaithful to his wives, who were family. And, on a political level, he has been unfaithful to those who risked their reputations to support him, like Chris Christie and Jeff Sessions. He welcomed their support when it helped him and encouraged the nation to turn against them when he hated them.
So why am I relating the Six Satanic Sins to Trump’s behavior?
What right do I have to judge Trump? (That’s a question I’ve been hearing quite a bit from the Religious Right.)
My right to judge Trump comes from the authority given to me and to all citizens by the Constitution of this representative democracy in which we live. Just as a church’s council members or elders individually have the authority to each make a case to one another for or against firing, hiring, reprimanding, or instructing a church employee, so do we U.S. citizens have the authority to use our freedoms of speech, press, and assembly to make cases to one another as to whether we should vote for or against an incumbent or candidate, pressure our leaders to behave differently, or be wary of words, actions, and policies of leaders that will bring harm to others as well as to ourselves.
Our politicians are called representatives for a reason. They represent us! They work for us! We are their “authorities” that must be respected and obeyed. This isn’t an empire, like the one Romans 13 was written in. This is a democratic republic with a system of checks and balances accountable to voters. If the religious right doesn’t like it, perhaps they should relocate to a dictatorship. In the meantime, if they choose to remain in America, they should cease trying to silence us with guilt trips, and instead, preach against the sins of the Bible, most of which are embodied in the President they call “God’s chosen.”
– K. Scott Schaeffer
I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Seven Deadly Sins... (show quote)
Mar 5, 2019 06:41:06   #
Kevyn wrote:
From this mornings Guardian, our nations dystopian nightmare is finally confronted!

A House of Representatives panel sent document requests to 81 individuals and organizations associated with Donald Trump on Monday, in the most aggressive play yet by the newly installed Congress to investigate alleged wrongdoing by the president.

Democrats target Trump Jr, Weisselberg and more as investigations grow
Recipients of requests from the House judiciary committee included the president’s sons, Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump; son-in-law Jared Kushner; Allen Weisselberg, the longtime chief financial officer of the Trump Organization; former attorney general Jeff Sessions; former communications director Hope Hicks; the Trump inaugural committee; and former White House lawyer Don McGahn.

Also in receipt of requests were Cambridge Analytica, the now-defunct firm at the heart of the Facebook data harvesting scandal and Alexander Nix, who was its chief executive. Rob Goldstone, the British PR executive who set up an infamous meeting between Donald Trump Jr and a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower in June 2016, was also listed as a recipient. Requests were sent to Steve Bannon, Trump’s former chief strategist, and the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who remains within the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Recipients were given two weeks to respond, failing which they could be hit by legally binding subpoenas.
From this mornings Guardian, our nations dystopia... (show quote)

Mar 5, 2019 06:39:25   #
PeterS wrote:
So who do you think is criminally the worst since 1965?

Republicans 28 years in power:

120 indictments
89 convictions
34 prison sentences.

Democrats 24 years in power:

3 indictments
1 conviction

The numbers break down as follows...

Obama (D) – 8 yrs in office. Zero criminal indictments, zero
convictions, and zero prison sentences.

Bush, George W. (R) – 8 yrs in office. 16 criminal indictments. 16
convictions. 9 prison sentences.

Clinton (D) – 8 yrs in office. 2 criminal indictments. One conviction.
One prison sentence. That’s right nearly 8 yrs of investigations. Tens
of millions spent and 30 yrs of claiming them the most corrupt ever
and there was exactly one person convicted of a crime.

Bush, George H. W. (R) – 4 yrs in office. One indictment. One
conviction. One prison sentence.

Reagan (R) – 8 yrs in office. 26 criminal indictments. 16 convictions.
8 prison sentences.

Carter (D) – 4 yrs in office. One indictment. Zero convictions and
zero prison sentences.

Ford (R) – 4 yrs in office. One indictment and one conviction. One
prison sentence.

Nixon (R) – 6 yrs in office. 76 criminal indictments. 55 convictions.
15 prison sentences.

Johnson (D) – 5 yrs in office. Zero indictments. Zero convictions.
Zero prison sentences.

1 prison sentence.

Now note that Trump isn't included in this but he will no doubt be number one by the end of his first term.
So who do you think is criminally the worst since ... (show quote)

Mar 5, 2019 06:33:22   #
jSmitty45 wrote:
Thank you, you are spot on!

Mar 5, 2019 06:29:16   #
snowbear37 wrote:
The "collusion investigation" didn't work so now we have the "obstruction investigation" and when that doesn't work, we'll have some other "investigation". All of which will cost money that could be more effectively used elsewhere for our citizens. Change the name of the Democrat Party to the "Investigation Party" and be done with it!

Like Benghazi?
Mar 5, 2019 06:05:52   #
IrreverentOne75 wrote:
I have never made an asinine comment in my entire life Bob. My bad. I just did. Responding to someone as ridiculous as you is asinine. Have a great day living in the greatest country on the planet.

"ridiculous as you is asinine."
Mar 5, 2019 05:45:16   #

Just 41 percent of registered voters say they will “definitely” or “probably” vote for President Donald Trump in 2020, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released on Sunday. Forty-eight percent of those polled say they will “definitely” or “probably” vote for the Democratic nominee.

Overall Trump’s approval rating, 46 percent, saw a rise of three points since January. And his support from Republicans remains strong with 88 percent saying they approve of his job performance. Only 37 percent of GOP voters want to see the president challenged in the primaries.
Related stories
Three Revelations From the New Yorker's Explosive Fox News Story
Watch Fake Trump Supporters Get 'Dog Walked' in Anarchist Performance Art
Only Four in Ten Voters Would Re-Elect Trump, New Poll Says

Sixty percent of voters disapprove with Trump’s national emergency declaration to fund the border wall. And 58 percent say he has been dishonest about the Russia probe. However, 75 percent of Republicans polled say the president has been “honest and truthful” regarding the Russia investigation.

Although the percent of Republicans who believe in the president’s honesty when it comes to Russia may seem astounding, it should not be a surprise. Most, if not all, of the news that Trump supporters consume denies or deflects any and all allegations that connect Russia and the president. Just this morning,

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) jumped through hoops to defend Trump on the topic and claimed there is proof that the Hillary Clinton campaign colluded with Russia to “impact the election”—a claim that has been proven false time and time again.
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