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Mar 26, 2019 08:18:43   #
cbpat1 wrote:
I like you!

Thank You..🌹
Mar 25, 2019 23:16:22   #
zillaorange wrote:
Considering the fact they're supposed to take care of our Republic, considering they've done nothing but attack Trump, all responsible should be brought up on charges of obstructing JUSTICE !

Obstruction, fraud, framing, lying, tampering with witnesses and evidence.. Intentionally withholding known facts, spying, judicial abuse and intentional misrepresentation regarding the dossier,?lying to the majestrate to fraudulently and purposefully misdirect for purposes of wrongfull securement of the FISA warrant.. Overly broaden scope of investigation beyond the pervue of the warrants...Suppressing witnesses of interests, etc....
Mar 25, 2019 09:56:17   #
Mikeyavelli wrote:
Mueller stretched the limits of his own conscience in manufacturing a crime to remove Trump from office. His motivation was the destruction of evidence that could incriminate his boss hilliar and take down his god obama.
As soon as mueller knew that the kommiecrats were in a good position to continue the coup, Mueller stepped away, as if that could give him leniency later.

Righhhhttt!! Nailed it!!!
Mar 25, 2019 09:44:18   #
Mikeyavelli wrote:
Bravo! ( Brava!)

Thank You, Mike... Very nice of you to say and obviously believe the same..👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🌹
Mar 25, 2019 08:59:34   #
moldyoldy wrote:
Trump will never be exonerated, there will still be law suits 20 years from now for this criminal cabal.

Utterly ridiculous...
Mar 25, 2019 08:58:37   #
CounterRevolutionary wrote:
LindaJoy, you responded above with "Agreed but I question it all being for “peace” as much as control..”

Things are out of control, we are becoming surrounded by an armed madhouse.
America is a benevolent nation, probably to a fault. We send more aid to international disasters, actually as first responders, than any other nation on earth and we are hated for it. Nevertheless, we do the right thing. And, I am OK with that.

It is the foreign aid and first nation trade status given to communist nations running slave labor factories to compete against our own market that is immoral, when the commies take the profits and build up monster militaries that we end up fighting. Even the commies know communism is designed to implode but pitch it to the Third World to entice them into death. If we stopped trading with these monsters, the cruelty would end pronto.
LindaJoy, you responded above with "Agreed bu... (show quote)

Hate to repeat myself, but I agree again..

Everything you say about us ventering Or creating conflicts is true and even when asked to help them we are the bad guys...

I say pulll our troops out wherever they are and let these nations fight their own battles... When and if our country is threatened then we kick butt as quick and efficiently as needed and end it right there...

We stick our nose into too many other nation's all For the purpose of control and getting who we believe is best to handle that nation..

The socialist movement right in our country needs to be dealt with immediately yet criminal hills only concern is to remove President Trump, the hell wit our country not to mention those that support changing it to full socialism!!!
Mar 25, 2019 08:46:42   #
debeda wrote:
I am SOOO ready!! I had a bad bout with the flu. Not 100% yet. Also been really busy with the anti late term abortion sruff, as well as ongoing education. BUT all I need is spring and I'll be great!! Starting to plant soon will be happy and soothing☺☺☺. Hope you're doing great and not working too hard💖🥂

Let mevknow if I can help you with the late term abortion.. Will gladly do so...

Yes, Spring in the air, new lufe to everything too..

Glad to see you hope that flu is gone!!! ❤️🌹

Mar 25, 2019 08:28:05   #
alabuck wrote:

Actually, lindajoy, there have been 13 presidents who didn’t serve in the military. They are: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, Grover Cleveland, William H. Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert C. Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, William J. Clinton, Barack H. Obama, and Donald Trump.

As to what you identify as “deferment for schooling,” they were known as “student deferments.” In order to get them, one needed to be of “draft age’ (18 to 26), be enrolled in a tech school or accredited college/university and have a GPA that is considered to be “passing” by the institution.

“Student deferments” were different than physical disqualifications, such as being almost blind, hard of hearing, or having physical deformities. However, there were some people who managed to convince a doctor(s) that they were unable to physically preform military duties by lying about their ailments. Trump comes to mind here. He claimed to have painful bone spurs that would disqualify him from military duty. Of course, those same bone spurs didn’t keep him from playing intermurial sports in college.

Additionally, and regarding the academic aspect of getting and maintaining a student deferment, there have been several comments by former college classmates of Trump’s who claim that he paid others to take his exams for him. Add to that the fact that Trump had his attorney, Michael Cohen, threaten legal action if the schools he attended ever released his transcripts only adds credence to the claims by his former classmates.

Now, why would he not want his transcripts released? According to Trump, he’s the smartest person in the world. No one knows more than he about anything. In fact, according to him, for someone who never spent 1 day in the military, he claims to know more about the military than even the generals. He claims to know more about business than anyone, too. Never mind that he bankrupted several times, leaving hundreds of contractors, sub-contractors and private citizens screwed out of their rightful earnings. His Trump University was forced to close because federal fraud investigations were going to bring charges against him and his underlings.

Finally, Trump has done his dead-level best to make medical care worse for the military and our vets. VA hospitals, as a whole, have some of the worst records for medical care. Now, Trump says he wants to make medical care more accessible to our vets. His solution is to allow vets to go to private health care providers instead of making the VA better. By allowing outside medical providers to care for our vets, he’s allowing higher costs to be charged to the VA without any guarantee of better healthcare.

Now, Trump’s wanting to take money away from military projects the Congress has approved and budgeted for and divert their monies to build his “vanity wall” for his made-up crisis.

What’s my point, you ask? I’m a vet. You figure it out.
—————————— br br Actually, lindajoy, there have b... (show quote)

First, Thank You for your service.. Little in exchange for it but meant most sincerely..

I knew other Presidents did not serve the number escaped me when writing.

As for the bone spurs hindering his ability to serve he very well could have problems enough not to be enlisted.. Student deferments just as obtruse, and the fact is those who used that as a reason was no different.. They used it instead of going in to serve, by choice..

Trumps records not disclosed is no different than BO’s records not only not disclosed but many an interviewed person who attended the schools bo claims to have attended had no knowledge of him being there..He certainly had no worthy writings as” that Constitutionist “ he claimed to be either..
Trumps school records don’t matter either as everyone claimed about bo’s..Right???

As for the VA, this one breaks my heart!! Prior Presidents did near to nothing to resolve the many issues and inequity shown to all you vets who served snd then got the finger when you needed medical care.. As far back as the agent orange denials Vets were left to fight while many passed away before the VA finally agreed to treat...

The months waiting to see a Dr. horrendous and no one cared that records were being falsified etc..The only time a president got involved is when the atrociousness of care hit the news.. Then it was appoint yet another sub committee to find out what was wrong and as the news coverage dwindled so did the action of corrective measures.. If we have to pay more for you soldiers to get adequate timely care I don’t give a damn!!! We can send bilions to foreign nations including terrorist countries we can damn sure spend what is needed to help you soldiers!!!!! I donate not near enough time at VA hospitals over the years and know just how hard it is for you to get even a wheelchair that many have waited months on as an example ..

Trump didn’t have to have a news coverage issue make him aware. He took action and changed Heads of depts firing some and said get our men treated. As soon as possible open up public hospital care etc.. He walked into a hornets nest of years of mismanaged dictions and lots of fudging of records..antiquated computer technology and not enough of anything from Drs down to give our soldiers adequate care...I believe him to be working in the interest of our soldiers and he can’t fix over night what has been years of abuse by politically placed idiots that knew nothing about medicine or management..Your complaints of the VA mismanged, poor treatment etc were present years before Trump jumped into it..And what did any of the prior presidents do?? Take friggen tours of different facilities always saying yes, there is a problem, not doing a damn thing but change ranks of the heads of the VA....

Business you say?? Trump has over 500 businesses and yes there have been bankruptcies, five out 500 is nothing... Not pay his debts is mo more than recitation of the lying media if you ever went checking them out...

As for the wall, Pentagon would fight using funding if they truly needed that money.. the better answer is Congress approved funding to Reagan, Clinton And Bo yet for Trump its not needed why is that ??? Invasion is a serious threat yet the dems deny there is even a border issue?? WTH???
Mar 24, 2019 23:24:47   #
Mikeyavelli wrote:
If the Pederesta Brothers go down, they get hilliar too.
Ain't gonna happen. Hilliar is above the law.

Which is why there’s been nothing but cover up.. Exactly what Mueller was sent in to do...
Mar 24, 2019 20:16:45   #
archie bunker wrote:
One with Mother Nature.......

I peed outside a few minutes ago. Does that count?

Well of course, did you spit too???
Mar 24, 2019 19:59:10   #
byronglimish wrote:
Greg Craig, probably an expendable.

When Podesta is indicted, then I'll believe that the wheels of justice are moving in the lawful direction.

Don’t disagree at all byron
Mar 24, 2019 17:11:09   #
TommyRadd wrote:
Agreed! It is like giving them enough they did with Kavanaugh, etc, etc.

Mar 24, 2019 17:10:20   #
TommyRadd wrote:
Except they had two plus years of constant propaganda brain-washing so the idea is already deeply implanted in the leftist psyche. Unfortunately, that isn't going to go away with a Tide stick!

Not at all, they have opened investigations almost the day they took congress..

What it boils down to is fabricate as they may the best evidence the Trump attornies will Have is Muellers report and findings..

And you can bet there is much more to this as we just read about with Criags involvements and being looked at for probable charges too..

What a sham and the stigma of idiocy shared around the world...

Embarrassed an understatement.. Mueller said two years ago Trump was not involved.. As have others yet it did not matter and still, even with Muellers report the left will continu the charade, if for no other reason then to try to save face. Unfortunately they are well beyond that ability!
Mar 24, 2019 16:45:23   #
Common_Sense_Matters wrote:
Primarily because "leftists" get their news mostly from sources that put the information out there, good or bad and I have noticed that right wing sites tend to avoid news stories that may not be positive about Trump and/or spin their stories. At least that is what I have noticed. Of course you will say that MSM does that too, but in reverse. You may or may not have a point when talking about cable news. I wouldn't know, I don't watch cable news so I couldn't say one way or the other. What I can say is that the televised news I watch, it doesn't appear to place spin, they typically report it neutrally and let's their viewers decide if negative or positive. I can also say that I haven't noticed too many "surprises" when I read the news on the internet or newsprint (stories I was unaware existed due to not being televised), a few but not many. Say what you will about MSM (and I KNOW you will), but they don't typically show much if any bias (Mind you that I only refer to over the air televised and "center-left"/"center"/"center-right" print/online news) according to my experience.

During the period when the news was breaking about the lawsuit brought against Trump and Epstein, over the air news broadcasts chose NOT to run the stories while they DID choose to run the breaking news about James Comey telling the world that they were further investigating the Hillary Clinton E-mail scandal, RIGHT before elections, the investigation that went nowhere. It could be speculated that James Comey did that to sabotage Hillary Clinton's campaign as it isn't something that the FBI typically announces during an investigation. Based on what I have seen, it would seem that if they showed bias, it favored the Republicans, at least at that point.

I have also noticed that far too many "conservatives" tend to prefer their news from far right sources, sources that ONLY present one side of the story, sources that don't run negative content that might paint their party in a bad light, sources that demonize the opposition, stories full of spin, propaganda, conspiracy theories and lies. Misinformation/disinformation is worse than no information at all if you ask me. Of course, as I have seen your posts, seen your readiness to demonize Democrats, progressives, liberals and even centrists that don't agree with you while appearing to be buying into obvious propaganda and conspiracy theories. I am well aware that you will likely choose to argue or ignore the facts so of course I will just have to accept that fact and move on. I offer you the chance to prove me wrong, prove that you will at least consider the facts, prove that you can question the propaganda from the right, determine for yourself what is truth and fact and what is not. Shouldn't we ALL want ACTUAL facts, not just what supports our agendas?
Primarily because "leftists" get their n... (show quote)

Thank for sharing with me the reasoning...

Believe it or not I am not rooted to either party and yes, lean right because I align myself to fiscal first in country and everything else secondary absent defense of our great nation...

I quit voting party some time ago and go with those most aligned to my beliefs..Centrists I’ll take note of as I would rather have more centrists than progressives or liberals.. Plenty of dem friends that I love for them but boy we argue Politicians and issues almost as passionately as it gets in here.. Just not the name calling part...

I don’t watch any news media regardless of the MSM, Fox, etc.. unless as I’m getting ready to change the channel when the news comes on and I happen to hear something.. Typically takes me all of three minutes to dismiss them in their take of something..I do listen to radio talk shows that have guest speakers and questions or comments of their listeners..I also search the web for comparison articles.. It seems anymore one will come out with a story that is then just adopted by another media source saying almost verbatim what the first published..Reddit and Twitter along with Facebook that I would never join are slanted as the day is long and do groom a certain base..

There is a movement to silence the conservatives and I find that not only dirty pool but an horrendous invasion of the First Amendment..

As for my local news its boring and slanted as well.. Not as bad, granted, but they all have an agenda depepending on who owns them.. Politico, Snopes etc are flagrantly oppressive and full of sh** most of the time..CNN is nothing but a bitch channel of hostility to the emph degree and I wouldn’t waste a second listening to the BS...

I come in here to get differing views that may just have some objectional news sources or post a cite New to me to check out ... Also have many discussions with my clients given their position, many very involved to the point of not only lobbying but great networking and yes includes republicans, dems, independants as well..

Most discussions in here go quick to name calling and lies based on the propaganda cite(s) they favor..Human nature for sure..

Do I believe either party at face value, heck no.. I spend more time vetting than enjoying..
Do I support either party, NO, I don’t ..If I have to label myself I guess I’m a right leaning Independant in belief..

I have read many of your posts and find agreement with a good bit because you are objective and throw out things that make me go looking for accuracy.. Thank You for that too.. I learn every single day and can change my mind if convinced and admit when I Know not enough, which is always...
Mar 24, 2019 15:46:08   #
emarine wrote:
No worries buddy... it takes two to tango ...

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