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Aug 20, 2019 20:30:56   #
Liberty Tree wrote:
You do not care who gets hurt as long as you can blame Trump.

Well lets look at small farmers that provide a lot of food,many going bankrupt,because they dont see any of the billions of the help money.But exactly who does it help? Of couarse it helps the big corprate farms take over a little more of our food production with their posion.xAnd yes these corprate farms are raking ing millions,which they dont need,but thats the republican way.And yes trump mite get relected in 2020,but by 2021 there is going to be a recession like we have not seen. Heres word of advice if you have a 401 and you are anywhere close to retirement get you money out.Because if you dont your going to lose it . This recession we will see in 2021,will be when you see the poor getting poorer,the middle class whats left of it joining the poorer class,and if your a senior citizen you better look out.Tell me im a crazy liberal but wait and see what happens.But this is what always happens with a republican admin. They have not learned their lesson yet.But in 2024 there will be a complete take over by democrates like it or not.
Aug 19, 2019 19:43:46   #
woodguru wrote:
"Dems" didn't admit anything, no dem speaks for the others. You speak like those who lump all people or ethnicities in one category...Dems"

You are correct,,maybe some should visit Isreal and see how they party on our money.But most here would not believe it.
Aug 19, 2019 18:14:41   #
Larai wrote:
Wow!!.. Great story on Richard and Ann Margaret Classy lady she is!!.. On the above with links, Thank you for the info, I will pass it along!.. No wonder we have a deficit!!.. & all those programs and money going to them could be better served for the US Citizens! Period... round up the ILLEGALS and deliver them from our country and back to their own!... If they want to come in, do it the right way, and learn english... a requirement of the process!.. WE the people, need to get rid of the parasites suckin off our resourses! Shared this post!..everyone needs to know this.. I may get put in facebook jail but Oh well... we shall see, If I do get FB Jailed I reckon I'd know for sure just how corrupt & liberal biased facebook really is!
Wow!!.. Great story on Richard and Ann Margaret Cl... (show quote)

I think if your on facebrook anything that happens to you is you own fault.
Aug 19, 2019 17:42:44   #
jim_shipley wrote:
Only the Clinton have the power to pull tis one off.

Why would the clintons even care,they probably hoping the dirt comes out on every dirty politican involved with this man. I MEAN how many people are involved with this man how much is being covered up.If anybody in their right mind thinks this guy commited suscide what could they be thinking. Im sure he kept dirt on every high level person that used his services.But the big question is whose going to try to have all this evidence destoryed,who
Aug 9, 2019 20:42:13   #
Carol Kelly wrote:
Nobody is doing a damn thing to regulate education. That’s why we’re at the bottom of the world’s list in education. I don’t agree with much else from you.

Who built general electric,who built general motors,who built all the companys we used to envy?We the american labor build them,they may had had the money but they could never had been great without the labor of many hard workers.what have most of the great companys done to the american workers,well they have basicaly shit on them .Companys used to care about people,now all they care about is their ceos,making a 1000 times more than their workers and if you think thats right you must be a republican.About education my state used to a democrate state till all these people started moving in then we became a republican state. Yes we are getting plenty of jobs thats why they keep coming,But now that we are a right state our roads that used to be some of the best in the country have gotten terrible,why it seems like the corprate wellfare sucked all the money out so much the no raise tax republican raised gas taxes to get money to try to get our roads back in some kind of decent shape again.As for education the republicans say what kids will learn and what they want learn,they come up with their own test for the kids to take to see how they were doing.So they put out a contract to one of their buddies to admin.the test i talking million of dollars,first year when it was time to take the test the computers wouldnt work,then the second year after getting millions of more dollars test didnt work,then the 3rd year same thing.Now we have a new republican governor so well see what happens on the 4th year.My state has brought in many jobs under the republicans but we were bringing in many when democrates were in controll.,but under republicans last count under republican each job has cost the tax payers 1.3 million per job,.Where republicans have turned my state into a right to work state,where people have the right to work for low wages hardly any benfits ,,and if you get hurt on the job at no fault of your own out the back door .You also have the right to work overtime without pay,you can have vacation time and it took away from you.But this is what republicans like i guess.This is just a little of what has happened in my state since republicans took over.Through my working life when we were a democratic state and more union,so many people made good wages good benfits and pensions,healthcare and the companys did good to,my how times have changed since republicans took over.
SO MANY PEOPLE SUCKERED ,hope they wake up some day.If you think liberals are sorry ,wake up the right is just as sorry or worse
Aug 9, 2019 19:54:53   #
Seth wrote:
No, they'll just deny everything, as they always do, since everything they purport to stand for (hell, they don't even stand for the National Anthem!) is based on lies.

Then they'll (except the hit n' run spewers) dig up links on far left sites that omit facts, cherry pick gems of conjectural innuendo or display false, biased graphs and charts, and they'll proudly crow about the linked fabrications while continuing their "racism" and "white supremacy" diatribes.

Personally, I enjoyed the &#π¥ out of the video.
No, they'll just deny everything, as they always d... (show quote)

Well you make these liberals sound just like the right omit the facts,cherry pick facts and everything else fits the right to a tee.And i stand for the national anthem anytime its played.Heres a question for you.What kind of man goes into a town where they have just had mass shootings,and goes to the hospital,where they tryed to save as many lives as they could,people are tramized the staff is wore out from overtime trying to save these people,and a politican comes in and starts talking about his rallys,how many people where there how many people where waiting outside to get in..What kind of person would do that even a politican?
Aug 9, 2019 17:52:25   #
badbob85037 wrote:
As a boy my vacations were either a deer camp or a duck lodge. My mother and father were both hunters. Not with just rifles but pistols and bow. When 12 every kid my age in the neighborhood went to the NRA safety classes held at our schools. Only when we passed that course were we given our first 22's. Mine was a semi-auto Marlin. From that time almost ever weekend you would find all of us out hunting rabbits or plinking at targets. This continued till we enlisted or were drafted. In all that time never did we act stupid or childish with our weapons. No accidents and no nothing but good memories. I didn't live out in the woods or out on a farm. I lived 30 miles North East of San Francisco in a city of 250,000. We carried our 22/s on the handle bars of our bikes through town to where ever we were going and not once did police question us.

Today liberals have kicked the NRA out of the schools and children have only two way to learn about gun safety, parents or the TV.. No longer is a gun a tool but something exotic and on every TV station made to look cool. Is it a wonder we always read of children getting a hold of some yahoos gun and shooting them self or another child. If you failed to teach your child to cross the street in a nation with over 270 million cars I would say that is totally irresponsible. No matter if you hate gun letting your child learn about guns through TV in a nation with close to 400 million guns is more than irresponsible. It's a death wish for your child as TV doesn't glorify the car.

I see these miss guided parents all the time trying to keep guns away from their kids. I had a mother go off on me last year from letting her kid shoot a BB gun. She learned fast this is not a subject I cave on. Weather she took my free advice or not I don't know.

Like I said democrats have taken away all aspects of safe gun handling from kids and it's all on the parent. Even if they never touch a gun again in their life they will carry the safety with them. If they decide to join the military they will be a step ahead of the game and may just save their life. Be responsible and be a good parent.
As a boy my vacations were either a deer camp or a... (show quote)

Funny my grandkids shoot every weekend when we dont have baseball or softball tournaments.Quit blaming liberals for everything that you think is wrong in your life,we like guns ,we have many guns and our kids and grandkids know how to use them maybe not the 3 year old yet,but she will soon.The thing the right doesnt understand because you listen to talking points from your party,is us liberal love our guns and there is nobody going to take our guns,we may not be the good nra members the right is but i dont like giving my money to a group that their leader lives like a king,on the members dime.There is as many on the right that want to take you guns as there is on the left. DO YOU GET IT
Aug 8, 2019 20:47:31   #
dtucker300 wrote:
There are nuts at both ends of the spectrum. You still haven't accepted that fact. Insanity is an equal opportunity condition the strikes the Far Left (socialists, progressives, antifa) and the Far Right (alt-right, neo-nazis).

You can tell who is on the FAR LEFT because they think Trump is FAR RIGHT, but he isn't. He is actually liberal on some things. He is more of a Democrat that Hillary and the rest of the far left.
He is even talking about finding some sensible gun regulations, something the far right won't accept.

If Trump is responsible for encouraging the shooting in Texas, then everyone in Hollywood, the leftists, Democrats and especially politicians, such as Biden, is just as guilty because of constant attacks on Trump as being a racist. The Democratic Party feeds on divisiveness This is how they keep each faction in their camp, claiming they will fight for them when in reality they are the one pitting each against the other. They need this divisiveness as something to blame on Republicans and Conservative.

Not every conservative is Republican. Once, not that long ago, there was a large segment of the Democratic party that was conservative. But the party has been pulled so far to the left that it is almost the Alt-right. Think of the political continuum, not as a line but a circle. A better representation.

There are lots of things wrong with America. What are you doing to improve it, other than bitching constantly about the other side? Both parties are equally guilty for what ails us. We have strayed so far from what the Founders created for us. We have strayed very far from what God created for us. With freedom come great responsibility. Much of it is moral. Ask yourself how moral are you when nobody is watching. The founders knew that America could not continue to exists without strong moral conviction and values.
There are nuts at both ends of the spectrum. You ... (show quote)

The best thing people could do is keep their mouth shut,people have a right to live or look or think like they want.It may not be right but they have that right.And what are you doing to improve it orther than bitching constantly about the other side.Yes both sides are guilty they just want to keep their chickens in a row.I know my party doesnt give a shit about me. Do you know or admit your party doesnt give a shit about you or are you still dreaming?
Aug 8, 2019 20:39:09   #
rjoeholl wrote:
You know it's fiction: libbies are afraid of guns.

I beg you pardin if you think libbies are afraid of guns,just come to my house just dont come in the dead of night unanounced.You all holler about the left want to take your guns,take this to the bank ,if republicans ever get complete control of our country you will loose your guns.Why because if they get complete control then they will not want guns,that mite over throw them,and im sure the right will be eager to turn over their guns if the right tells them to.
Aug 8, 2019 20:14:58   #
son of witless wrote:
Eventually they will be forced to remove the rats food source. In the meantime, if you need rats you know where to go. My brother used to have a python and he paid good money for lab rats to feed it.

All he has to do is move to washington and his python will have plenty of food.
Aug 8, 2019 20:12:47   #
Smedley_buzkill wrote:
Moochelle Obama..... A Wookie cleverly disguised as a human female.

But the only way you would know is if had been with her ,what kind of pervet are you?
Aug 7, 2019 20:07:02   #
Seth wrote:
Well, the "corporate welfare" of which you speak doesn't seem to turn cities into rat, squalor and crime infested shitholes that smell like excrement, whereas the Democrats' "formula" does..

Besides which, the "welfare" of which you speak, easing a corporation's tax burden, never fails to create employment and do good things for a community, while the Democrat Method® runs jobs out of town without even the benefit of a rail.

If the right pays alls this money out and no results only to enrich a buddie ,and they cant do their job what do you call it? And you tell me one city that republicans run that doesnt have rats homeless people,people with not enough to eat,that doesnt have crime,that doent have some unemployment..JUST NAME ME ONE.
Aug 7, 2019 19:51:15   #
Seth wrote:
The Democrats can deny it all they wish, but none of this s*** started happening until they'd ripped all mention of G-d out of the schools, declared war on Judeo-Christianity and begun promoting immoral and/or perverse conduct through legislation, movies & TV and, gradually, in the classroom, slowly easing the role of raising children out of the hands of parents and into the clutches of the political left.

Do you raise your kids or is the left raising your kids?
Aug 7, 2019 18:32:18   #
bahmer wrote:
And they blame the conservatives for instigating those shootings now that is rich.

If you listen to some of the richest people in this country,they will say why are they giving us tax cuts.No body listens. They say i mean the ones that have made their billions half way honest,that they dont need it.And the ones that are half way honest will tell you that trouble is country because of the big gap in wealth,which one party wants to keep up because they think they are superior.
Aug 7, 2019 18:24:46   #
The Critical Critic wrote:
A controversial movie about privileged vacationers hunting "deplorables" for sport is ruffling feathers more than a month before its scheduled release and after tragic mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

"The Hunt" is billed as a satire that follows wealthy thrill-seekers taking a private jet to a five-star resort where they embark on a "deeply rewarding" expedition that involves hunting down and killing designated humans. The Hollywood Reporter reported on Tuesday that "Universal is re-evaluating its strategy for the certain-to-be-controversial satire" following the shootings after ESPN reportedly pulled a trailer for the film that had been previously cleared to air on the sports network.

"The violent, R-rated film from producer Jason Blum's Blumhouse follows a dozen MAGA types who wake up in a clearing and realize they are being stalked for sport by elite liberals," THR's Kim Masters wrote. "It features guns blazing along with other ultra-violent killings as the elites pick off their prey."

According to the Hollywood trade publication, characters in the film refer to the victims as "deplorables," which is what Hillary Clinton famously dubbed Trump supporters during the 2016 election. The report noted that a character asks, "Did anyone see what our ratf--ker-in-chief just did?"

"At least The Hunt's coming up. Nothing better than going out to the Manor and slaughtering a dozen deplorables," a character responds, according to THR.

Read more here:
A controversial movie about privileged vacationers... (show quote)

Why is it that you on the right think that there is just nut job s on the left,are you so caught up in the right bs you cant se whats going on?Oh just wait till closer to the 2020 and see what the right wing nut jobs put out.And when they do you will lap it up like starving dogs,and it will be every word the truth in your sad.
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