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May 24, 2019 02:21:14   #
maximus wrote:
I'm so glad you found what God freely gave you! Isn't it a wonderful feeling to KNOW that you are saved?

Know is the key, evidence by the Holy Spirit and the word of God.
Took me some growing to learn its not an emotion. Immature christen "feel" saved, then question when they don't "feel" saved.

More to your point. I can't imagine the empty existence believing that life ends like a candle being blown out, parties over, lights out. Instead living in this blink of an eye life and knowing there is an eternity that every moment will be a hundred times better, a hundred times my joyful, peaceful than my absolute best day in this tent. Living in this darken times in joy knowing the marriage supper in nearer than ever. Yes, it's great knowing.

God Bless
May 23, 2019 16:37:33   #
herbie wrote:
Trump is about as religious as a rock so HAHAHAHAHA to you as well and have a nice day

OK genius, you got me. Your reference and evidence were overwhelming vacant.
Like Kreskin, I could have foresaw your empty reply.

You go around like Helen Keller, deaf, dumb, and blind.
How embarrassing for you knowing everyone on this forum sees you for the fraud loser, just hating to hate because the news talking points tell you too.
May 23, 2019 15:28:04   #
herbie wrote:

Google Dr. James Dobson Trump saved.

What's your source? Or more leftist talking points with inability to answer in specifics? A quote pre President Trump going to his knees?
What exactly is you having the ability of all knowledge to be able to state 'BS', Dobson is of the utmost respect and credibility. And you, because you say so.. Ha, ha, ha
May 23, 2019 14:50:21   #
Abraham50 wrote:
God said He is ashamed He ever made MAN (that includes you and me and everyone) ALL have sinned and fallen short of His glory !! Get over yourself, TRUMP hasn't, He admitted he(Trump) has never had to ask God for forgiveness ! Sounds like something SATAN would say !! Life and Death is in the power of the tongue ! God will be your Judge and mine and it's coming soon !! Let man seek his own salvation (personal) between you and HIM (GOD). We all have a choice(free will) , so should a woman. God will judge her, between her and God, NOT YOU !! Jesus will say to all the Pseudo Christians, "Depart from me yea that do inequity, I never knew you"
God said He is ashamed He ever made MAN (that incl... (show quote)

Where does it God is ashamed of his creation?

On good account Trump went on his knees asking Jesus for forgiveness just before the election during a meeting with Christians.
May 23, 2019 09:17:40   #
elcobre wrote:
I would like to remind my christians friends that the devil exists!

The devil exists and he is among us.

Satan will not say who he is of course, however his actions will not accompany his deceiving words.

Because the Demon lives out of his “LIES”. He is a liar!

He is well spoken and people will like him, “he will not be the obvious hard or screaming type of person” as Mr Trump is!

He speaks softly and will offer you the World!

“Satan says, "All these things I will give you if you fall down and do an act of worship to me." Jesus replies "Get away, Satan!”

People follow the deceptions of Satan, they fall so easy to the lies and offerings..
Because he offers you the World!

But. how can you see he is the devil?

Because everything he offers is against the “good” however being the “wrong” “the inmoral” “the evil”, he still will put it as the “good for you” for the people.

Abortion happens and it is understandable in many cases how difficult situation or decision for some women is, however to give a choice of killing a baby and presented as “good for women” and then, attack good people that wanted to help or give them another choice, it is evil at the worst!

I saw clearly “the personification of evil” in one of the candidates for the democratic Party,
Mr. Pete Buttigieg is!

When Buttigieg lied about Mr. Pence who is a real christian!
Attacking him, calling him an enemy who said bad things about him! however the true being all the opposite of what he said!
On the contrary, Mr. Pence only praise him and never said anything bad.

Then, Mr. Pete Buttigieg showed me who he really is!

A person who lies the way he did, the way he does, and smile and presented himself so convincing to most people, can not be no other than the devil himself!

So, remember my friends, Lucifer exists and is among us, he will offer “free stuffs” and will present “bad things as good” and will speak in a convinced manner and many people will fall to evil!

So, the democratic Party will not always presented itself as convincing, however it seems like they are representing the “evil ways of the Devil”

And, I should say it again,

The personification of Lucifer is Mr. Pete Buttigieg.

Thank you,
Héctor Bayate
I would like to remind my christians friends that ... (show quote)

The left leaders, most of their followers are spiritually blinded, demonically lead, ultimately following the liar of liars.
The left unable to answer questions, Why do you hate Trump? Answer - because he hates women... Question, can you tell me why you believe he hates women? Answer - umm umm.
Why do you hate Trump?
Answer - Because he is racist
What has he done to make you believe that? Answer... Umm, umm

And the same answers but void of substance when they respond
He is racist
He is in cohoots with Putin
He is a natzi
He has told over 10,000 lies
He is destroying America
He is making our country weaker with other countries
He didn't win the election
He is mentally ill
He is only president to make himself richer
He is a criminal
He is falsely seeking investigations against Hillary
He is out to destroy the media
He is a dictator
He goes against the constitution
He is delusional, there is no deep state
And the answers to followup questions is always the same, no evidence, they cannot explain why they believe these things. And they eventually all become filled with anger, vitriol anger when they are not able to answer.
They March, they protest but are unable to give facts, evidence and details when asked why.

When +/- 80-100 million in sync melted down when Trump won the election, when all believers the same lies with conviction, it is demonic, it is spiritual blindness all by the liar of liars and God giving them over to their lust of the world for their rejection of him as we enter the last days of the church age, a stones throw from "The time of Jacob's Troubles" to begin. America is not falling apart, it's falling into God's time piece and God is in full control.

We as Christians need keep looking up for our blessed hope and put our spiritual houses in order, putting on the full armor of God and with boldness fulfill our call as children of God to the great commission of proclaiming the good news that Jesus bought and paid on the cross for man's death sentence because of sin and by faith alone can claim the free gift of salvation.

God Bless America
God Bless Israel
God Bless and protect President Trump
May 23, 2019 08:37:43   #
John King wrote:
Throughout history, mankind has fought for many reasons. For land . . . for honor . . . for pride . . . to protect their loved ones . . . or to just prove they are the better fighter!

But what is a truly worth while cause for fighting?

Today we see fighting breaking out for the supposed cause of shutting down fascism . . . by a group that declares themselves as anti-fascism . . . they even call themselves "Antifa"! Yet there methods of fighting fascism is done by using the very techniques or methods fascists use . . . they use any means necessary to silence or censor dissenting speech! This is an unworthy cause, in my opinion, and deserves to be fought against! For Antifa seeks to take away our freedom . . . our Constitutional right to free speech!!!

Why is certain local, city governments allowing for these kinds of actions to continue? In doing nothing to shut down these types of groups, these governments are condoning these fascist actions done by Antifa!!!

So, what cause is worth fighting for?

We have a federal government that is first and foremost suppose to protect the country from foreign invasions. We fight to protect what is our homeland! A truly worth while reason!

But what about fighting to protect your specific home . . . to protect your family . . . to protect your property, your very life? Surely these are worth while causes to fight!?! And in so doing, is not insuring our borders are firmly protected from outside intrusion part of protecting our homes and families?!?

What about fighting to protect our jobs? Is that a worth while reason to fight?

And then there is . . . how one fights! One may fight with words! One may fight using the law! One may fight with their bare hands . . . or with a lawfully owned hand-gun!

Or is there really no good reason to fight . . . for what one believes in?!?
Throughout history, mankind has fought for many re... (show quote)

Antifa is a lie brought on by the liar of liars. The spiritually blinded leftist in our government Condon, even applaud their methods only because anything that advances their agenda of tyrannical rule and not just eliminating conservative beliefs and values but eradicating them. The left is now a cheerleader for the Farricon, antifa, immoral anti-God for reprobate minds, murder of the unborn and selling out our treasured constitution to the One World Government. They Those in power) would die and kill for their socialist dream of a majority of Americans equally poor while they are the minority elite. They do not know hate in simple terms because they have nothing but vitriol hate, a vitriolic hate so deep that killing would be an acceptable means to an end goal.
Anyone believing this divide will pass and eventually common ground issues will in time ensue does not really understand their ultimate agenda has been masterfully executed over the last 70 years, we only noticed the radical shift and brazen advances of treasonous actions against our republic beginning in 08 to the intensity we see now.
May 23, 2019 05:40:34   #

Australia USGS 2 7 ESU 3.1 Magnitude
Here are the coordinates to plug into Google Earth
30.36 S 117.72 E

Indonesia multiple
Other agencies reporting multiple 2's
Over the next 48 hours look for 7-8++more 4.0 and larger

South America
Look for more swarm moving up 1.5-2.0 magnitude higher than the now combined total average.


2. 7
2.0 more on the way, I'll forecast increase in average magnitude up. .5-.75 higher


2.0 increase more a full magnitude

While looking these up a 6.0 just landed Alaska with a swarm 2.0

Geysers California as per forecast
11 so far, so I'll increase my forecast to 30 over the same period rather than17. The 6.0 Alaska will have more same magnitude or up half to three quarters of a magnitude will be sending a tremendous amount of energy per forecast to far Southern Oregon /California Border following a large northern edge of Juan D Fuca plate. As per forecast earthquakes are breaking accross to Utah which are coming down from Montana and also going into Nevada, soon to bend over to the east
And energy moving down california north to south from Alaska to the Juan D Fuca plate

Oklahoma 2.4

4 earthquakes have hit Hawaii average magnitude around 2.5, I'm expecting 5-6 more over the next 36 hours

I was in a hurry reviewing since I posted my original forecast and so far right on, but I'm concerned that if Alaska builds more pressure leading to more 6.0 and higher beyond my forecast that this energy will go from off shore Northern California to inland which could result in high 5- low 6's moving farther inland southern California which is large enough to cause damage to older brick building and older bridges. I'll inform depending on what happens in the next 24 hours at Indonesia and Alaska.

All earthquakes in my forecast can be verified by going to the usgs and ESU websites. After looking up coordinates in Google Earth, zoom in looking for drill pads within 14 miles of earthquakes and volcanic areas within 40 miles.
May 22, 2019 19:46:21   #
proud republican wrote:
I live in Southern California...So how strong of a Earthquake do you think its going to be here????..Are you a geologist???....Thank you for your post...

Southern California covers thousands of square miles, can you give a closer to 50 miles? In general I'm expecting some 3-4''s.
For the next two days I'm in Desert Hot Springs at the foot hills of the San Andreas fault. The part that is not slow slip, so within 30-40 miles I'm forecasting 2.0-2.7 *with most being in the mid 1-2 and only three or four in the upper magnitudes over the next 3-4 days.
If you live within 14 miles of oil and gas drill points or geo thermal drill points increase by a magnitude. Regardless of where you live in Southern California I'm not expecting anything big. Maybe in the lower 4's. If you see Alaska hit will big earthquakes (more than one) 7's or deep earthquakes in the 5's to 6's , you may consider taking a vacation Northeast of Colorado. Lol

No I'm not a geologist. I have studied earthquakes for over 20 years and found patterns that are about 97% consistent. Why the USGS continues following false university teaching is beyond me.
I can draw arrows on the globe and earthquakes "ALWAYS" follows the same paths, in the same directions. Deep earthquakes are "Always" in the same specific places around the globe. Energy does travel through thousands of miles like waves in the ocean dropping off equally spaced earthquakes in like magnitudes, slowly losing energy or causing larger quakes when they dead end into a plate.
Remember forecasting is not predicting. Like the weather there are specific things I look for. Think of earthquake energy being like a storm cloud that is moving along the jet stream. Assuming that the jet stream was static and didn't shift.
May 22, 2019 18:46:07   #
Greetings to all

There are global plate shifts, I'm putting a "Strong ' Watch on the Pacific Northwest.

Expect a larger than normal earthquakes on both ends of the Juan D Fuca plate. West of the Olympic Pennisula and the South end of the fault near the Oregon /California border, both near coast with the next 72 hours 5.0-6.1 magnitude.

Southeast Montana, down to Utah then accross to South Colorado, then Central Oklahoma, Iowa along the edge of the North American Creton can expect mid 2.'s possible to low 3.'s
As energy comes down from Alaska.

USGS does not report earthquakes out of Oregon... (Black opp' s stuff?) something coming from the Pacific Plate that would lower real-estate values /Economy? I'm expecting 4-5 magnitude that they will have to report.

California, at Geysers there will be a swarm of 15+-20+earthquakes 1.5-2.5's. Geysers is my pressure valve that tells what's coming into California headed south. Within 50 miles of the Clearlake Volcano there will be 3.5-5.+ dropping off 2.0'and higher 3.0's all the way down to San Francisco then LA and along the Northern to Central San Andreas slow slip part of the fault. The Elsanor fault, San jusento fault. Look at specific areas in California where man has drilled Geo Thermo and oil and gas to been the target areas of earthquakes and within 40 miles of ancient /active volcanic areas. Emphasis on drill points.
California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas will have earthquakes at drill points.

Japan 5.5-6.4

Alaska can expect a swarm of 4.1-4-5's with a few higher 5's

I have an,
80% accuracy rate with upwards in 90% for where, when and magnitude. With the deep earthquakes hammering up under the plates, these send energy accross the planet along specific lines in specific directions. Earthquakes are not random. Have you been taught the earth's core is solid... Ha, ha, ha that was a 1800's guess by scientists. The earth's core is Plasma. The most powerful energy known to man.

This is only a small list, part of the forecast.
Will there be an earthquake where I live? How big? Hit me up...or any other questions.

OH, the volcano in Hawaii that went off
And they say is safe, won't go off for several more years. Nope, the magma chamber is refilling and I'm seeing signs it's months for another eruption, not years.
I have been studying earthquakes for over thirty years and have met others who exchange our understanding of earthquakes. The USGS says we cannot forecast earthquakes along with other facts they claim are not possible.

If your in an area subject to earthquakes I advise you have a go bag prepared. Cash, flashlight, water, bandages, food bars, clothes that will get you through 3-4 days and several different exit plans from the city you live in with specific place you can camp or stay in a hotel untill things are restored. The huge increase of the number of earthquakes and increases in magnitude is cause for preparation.

Take care, be safe

There will be energy going from the Northern plate of China, into Iran, Greece, and Italy dropping off mid range 3.5-4.2's

The west South American plate is going to get hammered with 4.5 - 5.5 from Chili up to the Gulf of California.with emphasis on 5's

Indonesia multiple 4.9's - 5.2 and a 6.3

New Zealand off shore 3 6.0-6.5
Southern edge of Australia 4.5ish
May 22, 2019 00:02:31   #
JoyV wrote:
Investigating the abuse by the IRS is hardly the same thing as looking into the private life of someone from years before they took office. The IRS investigation did not dig into the private lives of Lois Lerner or Steven Miller?

By the way, financial records are NOT tax returns! Trump's taxes have been audited every year for about a dozen years. With IRS auditors specialized in digging up discrepancies, don't you think they would have discovered if he had been involved in tax evasion? This is just another witch hunt since the last one fell flat!
Investigating the abuse by the IRS is hardly the s... (show quote)

Trump used every possible "legal" loop hole to pay the lest amount of tax. Nothing wrong or immoral about that, unless your CNN or MSNBC. Trump knows that giving his tax returns, that the leftist media would spin, twist and turn his legal actions into a villain.
Think they would report the millions he has given to help people in distress that he doesn't even know? Rhetorical question....
Congress would then investigate what the Irs audits have already investigated in hopes something was missed, anything in more witch hunting.

At least that's my thoughts why Trump has not released any returns.
May 21, 2019 20:16:18   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
Congress does not have plenary power over the Executive Branch. Moreover, congress has no constitutional authority to investigate or subpoena a president's financial records or business transactions when he was a private citizen. Congress has only one option-impeachment. And the articles of impeachment must be based on actions the POTUS has taken WHILE IN OFFICE. If actions of the POTUS prior to taking office can be connected with sufficient legal proof directly to his actions while in office, these may be considered.

Bottom line, congress is not a law enforcement agency. Congress doesn’t enforce tax or business fraud laws. There are scores of executive branch agencies, federal and state, with that responsibility. What’s happening isn’t a constitutional crisis, it’s a HOR clown act.
Congress does not have plenary power over the Exec... (show quote)

Your right
May 21, 2019 20:14:55   #
JediKnight wrote:
At the risk of sounding intelligent in view of your ignorance I never said there was anything "requiring" the president to release his taxes, I said :"all presidents for the last 50 year have done so" - hopefully that's something we will see in the near future. Contrary to what you may believe, a whole lot of information is contained in tax statements from people like Trump who has millions of dollars -and claims to make large charitable donations. And if you were correct that would be even more reason for him to release them and shut people like me up right? I noticed you didn't even touch the fact that Trump himself lied and said "he would release his taxes if he won the election." Surely just another of his 11,000 and counting lies like Mexico paying for the wall, defeating ISIS, and that great new health plan ready to go on day one. Either come correct or stay out of grown folks' conversations. Now, how do you feel?
At the risk of sounding intelligent in view of you... (show quote)

Trump released what President Ford released. Education for you
May 21, 2019 03:10:27   #
PeterS wrote:
If the IRS was abusing power Republicans held Congress, therefore, had every right to investigate them. So did they and did the IRS refuse to answer any and all subpoenas? As for the Democrats going on fishing trips...where in the constitution does it say Congress can't go fishing if they suspect wrongdoing?

Show me the line and I will agree with you...

Remember Louis Learner.

Pete, it was proven that the irs denied tax exempt status to conservatives.
May 21, 2019 00:46:13   #
slatten49 wrote:
You may be right, as precedents are routinely being set. But, in this case, the Republicans used the same 1924 law in question to call out the Obama Administration's alleged abuse of the IRS.

Back in 2013, Republicans thought the Internal Revenue Service under President Barack Obama was mistreating conservative groups that wanted to be recognized as tax-exempt nonprofits. So they asked the IRS to hand over tax information for conservative groups such as Crossroads GPS as well as a few liberal groups such as Priorities USA.

Congress has the power to ask for copies of anyone’s tax return thanks to a 1924 law enacted as a check on corruption in the executive branch. The 1924 law gives congressional committees that set tax policy the power to examine tax returns. It was used in 1974 when Congress looked at President Richard Nixon's returns, and in 2014 when the Ways and Means Committee released confidential tax information as part of its investigation into the Internal Revenue Service's handling of applications for nonprofit status.
You may be right, as precedents are routinely bein... (show quote)

Hey Slatten, I think there is a glaring difference.
The there was smoking gun evidence that the IRS was abusing power.
The dems investigating are simply going on another fishing trip.

"Trump was found innocent of Collusion, he must be guilty of something" "

Personally I think his tax attorneys may have manipulated every possible loop hole and since Trump has been audited just about every single year, my guess is he doesn't want it made publicly how little taxes he paid. Does not mean he is guilty.

But when do the fishing trips end? Damn Mueller was the third investigation into collusion. First one innocent, second one innocent, so maybe a third one will surface a different crime. Anyone believing Mueller was investigating Trump for collision hasn't been paying attention. Mueller was fishing for something, anything, any wrong doing and found nothing.
The judge ignored the rule of law by not having a justified cause other than a fishing trip.
May 19, 2019 22:30:24   #
Auntie Lulu wrote:
Bravo! I am so glad that they came to their senses. This nonsense of allowing biological males to trample women in competitive sports is just plain hog wash! I just don't understand how any honest person could be pleased with themselves when they know that they used an unfair advantage to win against other people! It certainly shows that person to be dishonest from the get go.

Makes about as much sense as my 6 foot 5 inch 265 lbs identifying as a little person /midget.
Then soaking in the glory of out lifting them.
I don't see any difference, except the left would of they thought it would challenge their identity politics.
Spawned from the liar of liars.
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