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May 24, 2019 23:55:33   #
There Will Be Wailing, Gnashing Of Teeth
Sack-Cloth And Ashes Nov. 4, 2020 !!

You Folks Better Find A Platform....
May 24, 2019 23:45:58   #
byronglimish wrote:

He Let's The Leftist Media Types
That Confuse Treason With Patriotism
Be His Moral Compass
Dissent And Hyperbole For The Sake Of Noise
Troll As A Lifestyle

May 24, 2019 23:33:20   #
Link Some Info

Instead Of Blazing LWNJ Op-Ed, America Bashing, Trump Hating Histrionics ??
May 24, 2019 23:20:13   #
Coos Bay Tom wrote:
Nothing mentioned can be banned-- It would be against the constitution.

Courts Can See Things That Aren't There
They Can Refuse To See Things That Are
Note How Separation Of Church And State
Has Been Turned On It's Ear

Laws And 'Rights' Are All Gray
And Open To Interpretation
Unanimous Decisions
Are Only 36% Of Supreme Court Rulings
If It Were Really Based On Constitutional Law
Those Rulings Would Be 100% Unanimous

And The Editorial Clearly Mapped The Prog MO
--- With Examples
May 24, 2019 23:08:32   #
Constitution ??
We Need No Stinking Constitution....

May 24, 2019 06:21:12   #
DogLover99 wrote:
Like the conversations she had with her Driver, who was a Chinese Spy, for 20 years. Why wasn't that investigated? How about all of the business transaction she and her husband did with China, which made them a lot of money?

Need To Examine Her Income Taxes Too
May 23, 2019 21:56:05   #
son of witless wrote:
Nancy Pelosi on her meeting with Trump.

“Again, I pray for the president of the United States, I wish that his family or his administration or staff would have an intervention for the good of the country.”

I think that statement is astounding. The leader of the Biggest Atheist organization in America, the Democratic Party, is praying for our President. Who knew that this late in life, Speaker Pelosi would find religion ?
She's A Professing Catholic

But If You've Noticed
A Bunch Of Candidates From The Party
That Banned The Mention Of God From Their Convention
Have Been Invoking Their 'Faith' On The Campaign Trail

Pandering To That Evangelical Boogie-Man ??
May 23, 2019 19:59:44   #
archie bunker wrote:
He's an imbiber. Corn prices worry him. And if the cost of tofu goes up much more, he might have to eat meat. That terrifies him.

May 23, 2019 19:47:28   #
Even Republicans Are Cringing At The Stable Genius's Ranting About Pelosi
We've All Seen Her Glaze Over At The Podium
Stammer, Stutter, Forget The Day Of The Week
Plus Walk Into Things And Call Trump Bush

Pelosi's Family Needs To Stage An Intervention

Maybe We Should Examine Her Income Taxes
May 23, 2019 16:51:18   #
Alger Hiss Was Never Charged With Espionage Either
May 22, 2019 15:51:46   #
May 22, 2019 15:49:55   #
Kevyn wrote:
The act doesn’t preclude her from having a conversation with officials from foreign governments, besides she is an elected official on the Senate subcommittee on defense and the Senate subcommittee on crime and terrorism and as such is fully authorized to converse with Iranian officials.

May 22, 2019 15:37:28   #
My Wife Grabs The Cold Stuff At Quik-Rip
I Told Her We Have Coffee, Creamers And Ice Cubes
May 22, 2019 15:17:12   #
woodguru wrote:
I don't care what he's done nobody can repeatedly violate the law and not be held accountable.

Could You Site Which Statutes ??
May 22, 2019 15:04:05   #
Google Earth
La Plata High School in Maryland
Such A Bucolic Setting For Jihad

Their Residential Streets
Don't Even Have A Google Earth Ground View
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