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Jan 18, 2019 09:00:09   #
Judge: Government Has No Right to Know Who Is a Citizen and Who Isn’t
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The last two years have given us a stunning number of decisions from out-of-control federal judges who are more interested in #Resisting the Trump administration than they are in following the law. Between rulings blocking the Middle Eastern travel ban, rulings prohibiting Trump from barring transgender individuals from the military, and rulings blocking the administration’s right to withhold funds from sanctuary cities, we are living in the Wild West of judicial activism.

But even with all that said, Tuesday’s ruling from U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman is a bridge beyond. Furman ruled that the Trump administration may not inquire as to the citizenship of Census respondents in 2020, a huge victory for Democrats who want to disguise the number of illegal immigrants currently living in the United States.

From the Associated Press:

In a 277-page decision that won’t be the final word on the issue, U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman ruled that while such a question would be constitutional, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had added it arbitrarily and not followed proper administrative procedures.

“He failed to consider several important aspects of the problem; alternately ignored, cherry-picked, or badly misconstrued the evidence in the record before him; acted irrationally both in light of that evidence and his own stated decisional criteria; and failed to justify significant departures from past policies and practices,” Furman wrote.

Among other things, the judge said, Ross didn’t follow a law requiring that he give Congress three years notice of any plan to add a question about citizenship to the census.

The ruling came in a case in which a dozen states or big cities and immigrants’ rights groups argued that the Commerce Department, which designs the census, had failed to properly analyze the effect the question would have on households where immigrants live.

The judge did a nice job of couching her decision in terms that would make this appear as something other than left-wing pandering, but it should be noted that none of the issues raised by Furman were relevant to the case. The plaintiffs argued that Trump was trying to intentionally prevent illegal immigrants from participating in the Census, resulting in a population miscount that could allow the federal government to take back funds (and congressional representation) from areas with lots of illegal residents.

Judge Furman knew she couldn’t rule on such absurd grounds, so she found some procedural issues with which to block the question.

This won’t be the final say in the matter. The Supreme Court is scheduled to address this very issue in February. Hopefully they will reach a more sound legal conclusion.
Jan 18, 2019 08:50:24   #
FDA Warns A+ Answers Beef Formula for Dogs Distributed in Nevada May Contain Salmonella
By Jordan Upmalis Jan 14, 2019 | 2 Minutes

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is cautioning pet owners not to feed their animals A+ Answers Straight Beef Formula for Dogs because one lot has tested positive for Salmonella. The lot in question is 2018 02/08 20 and was found in Nebraska.

Salmonella is a bacterium that affects both humans and animals alike. It can cause illness and death, and those who are very young, old, or have weak immune systems are especially vulnerable.
Salmonella Symptoms

If infected with Salmonella, your pet may not always display symptoms, but signs do include vomiting, diarrhea (which may be bloody), fever, loss of appetite, and decreased activity level. If you suspect any unusual behaviors or sense that your dog may have consumed this food, consult with your veterinarian immediately.

Even though your pet may not always demonstrate symptoms, he may still be infected and could pass the bacteria on to you. Symptoms in humans include diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps. If you believe to be experiencing these symptoms and could potentially have been exposed to the bacteria, contact your health care provider.

Since Salmonella gets established in the animals’ gastrointestinal tract, your pet can shed bacteria when they have bowel movements, and the contamination can continue to spread. Because of this, it is imperative to clean up after your dog — especially in yards or public places where other animals and people can be exposed to the bacteria.
Steps to Take

Lystin, LLC (also doing business as Answers Pet Food) is the brand owner of A+ Answers Straight Beef Formula for Dogs. The company stopped distributing the lot in question and is working with retailers and The Nebraska Department of Agriculture to remove the product from retail stores. A nationwide recall hasn’t been implemented.

If you happen to own product from this specific lot, make sure that you throw it away immediately in a secure container (so that wildlife can’t get into it). Then, clean and disinfect all bowls, utensils, food prep surfaces, pet bedding, toys, floors, or any other surfaces that the food may have made contact with.

Do you have a pet food product you have concerns about? The FDA encourages you to report complaints through the Safety Reporting Portal or by calling your state’s FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinators. Your veterinarian may also use the Vet-LIRN Network to test pets from a household with a person infected with Salmonella.
Jan 18, 2019 08:46:26   #
Kevyn wrote:
Suborning perjury is a felony, Trumps bag man just fingered him for suborning perjury regarding a crooked deal with Vlad Putin for a Trump hotel in Moscow. We now have the smoking gun... Collusion, obstruction of justice, high crimes and misdemeanors! Muellers Gambino roll up is paying off, with interest.

As usual you play right into the Marxists hands by believing all of the DISINFORMATION they program you with.
Jan 18, 2019 08:43:35   #
Bcon wrote:
Socialism Isn't Coming to Pennsylvania, It's Already Here
On January 15, 2019, John Fetterman made history. He took the oath of office and became the first Lieutenant Governor in Pennsylvania history to openly adopt the label of socialism to describe his policy preferences. Fetterman, along with Governor Wolf and other Democrats, would probably be quick to point out that they aren’t “really socialists.” They support “democratic socialism.”

In a 2018 article, Democratic Socialism Doesn't Exist: Like the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot, Democratic Socialism Exists Only in Myth, James Davenport makes the case that democracy and socialism are incompatible:

“Equally important in debunking the democratic socialist myth, is the fact that no truly socialist system has ever been compatible (or even tried to be) with democracy…

“The need of socialism to control all aspects of economic activity will necessarily lead those in power to restrict the available choices and decisions of individuals. This course of action will also require them to reduce the political power of those individuals to protect the plans of those in charge.

“Again, history demonstrates this truth. No single country that has attempted to incorporate the abolition of private property and institute state ownership of the means of production has done so through democratic institutions and processes. In every case, this transition was not carried out through the peaceful means of debate, persuasion, negotiation, and votes but through the power of the gun. They literally killed millions of people (intentionally and unintentionally) to accomplish their socialist vision.

“Socialist revolutions have always advocated the abolition of markets and private property. The fact that this has always been forced on populations through violence rather than democratic procedures, and the fact that the people within these countries became impoverished, should tell us something about this system.

“Ultimately, socialism is incompatible with democracy because democracy, like market capitalism, allows power to flow to the individual. Democracy tolerates dissent, individual differences, and a multitude of different priorities. Market capitalism allows those differences to be managed peacefully through voluntary exchange”

We see evidence for the incompatibility between socialism and democracy every day. Think of the executive overreach we observe at the state and federal level and consider what types of policies an activist judiciary typically advances. Socialism and every other flavor of collectivism are fundamentally incompatible with individual liberty. This is a fact that has been born out again and again throughout history and around the world. When the central planners don’t get the outcome they want, the public is subjected to more and more heavy-handed regulation and an even more invasive government.

As Margaret Thatcher once noted, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” She was right then, and she’s right today. Eventually the bill comes due, and it’s never pretty.
Socialism Isn't Coming to Pennsylvania, It's Alrea... (show quote)

Excellent post. Thanks for posting it on OPP. Hopefully some of the progressives will understandit, if they even bother to read it.
Jan 17, 2019 15:17:52   #
Puppies are a lot of wonderful things – snuggly, playful, spirited – but sometimes they can be a little too curious for their own good. No matter how puppy-proofed a home is or how careful owners are, puppies have a way of finding trouble. We’ve chosen six pet health insurance claims from 2018 in which puppies (under the age of 12 months) managed to create some serious trouble for themselves!
Ingestion of Foreign Bodies

Most puppies are extremely food motivated, which helps make training considerably easier! Unfortunately, puppies tend to follow the mindset of eating first and determine if it is edible later. Some of the most expensive pet insurance claims come in the form of a puppy who has eaten something that he shouldn’t have. Foreign body ingestion is one of the top puppy claims every year!
Corn Cob Conundrum

One curious puppy was enjoying a fun night when she realized that a trash bag had been left unattended. Without hesitation, she began chowing down on the delicious-smelling corn cob sitting on the top of the trash pile. While several vegetables, such as corn, have nutritional benefits for dogs, the cob can be dangerous as it often will cause an intestinal blockage. When her owners realized their pup had eaten something that was causing her distress, they rushed to their veterinarian. Two X-rays, a surgery to remove the cob, and $2,400 later, their puppy was back to her normal self.
Toy Trouble

While many dog toys promote that they are “puppy safe,” it is important to supervise with any toy. One owner of a determined Golden Retriever puppy learned this lesson the hard way when her new dog ate the squeaker from a toy resulting in $5,055 in veterinary bills. The young puppy had been vomiting off and on for several days when her owners brought her to their veterinarian. An ultrasound showed an obstruction in her small intestine, and she was kept for observation for the following two nights. On the third day, another ultrasound showed the obstruction was no longer moving through the intestinal tract. Surgery was performed to remove the squeaker toy.
An Unexpected Snack

A 12-week-old Havanese was rushed to the emergency veterinarian after his owner suspected that he had eaten two of the metal letters off of the dishwasher. After his veterinarian performed abdominal radiographs and determined the letters should pass naturally, the puppy’s owner was able to take him home under observation. The young puppy passed the metal letters; however, his owner was left with a $441 bill for the radiographs and emergency exam visit.
Broken/Fractured Bone

Young dogs are seemingly accident prone, and some of the worst accidents result in broken or fractured bones. While many puppies take a tumble and shake it off, sometimes they end up injured. Because a puppy’s bones won’t reach maximum strength until after puberty, a sudden impact will often result in a fracture or break. This type of injury is costly between diagnostics to determine the type of fracture/break and providing the best treatment. Many dogs require some form of physical therapy after more severe breaks, which means incurring additional costs for complementary treatments to get a puppy back on his paws.
Misjudged Heights

A French Bulldog puppy was enjoying an afternoon snuggling on the couch when he saw his favorite toy peeking from underneath the coffee table. Ready to play, he leaped off the couch and immediately realized his mistake as he tumbled to the ground. Noticing that their new puppy was hurt, the owners rushed him to the veterinarian where he was diagnosed with a severe humerus fracture. The puppy underwent surgery and, after several months, was back to his usual playful self. His owners, unfortunately, paid a veterinary bill of $2,689.
Chewing Concerns

While puppies learn how to go up and down the stairs, they spend a lot of time playing on the steps. One unsupervised Collie was chewing on the spindles of the stair railing in his home when his tooth got stuck. In a panic, he yanked himself free, but he fractured his tooth in the process. His veterinarian extracted the tooth and provided medications for a total bill of $318.
Learning to Play

Toy Manchester Terriers are known for their spirited and athletic nature. This trait got a 7-month-old puppy in trouble when he was playing on the kitchen table with his family’s cat. When the cat decided she was bored of the game, she shoved the puppy off the table. The family rushed to the emergency veterinary clinic where the puppy was diagnosed with a severe break. Ultimately, he had a metal plate inserted into his leg. After several weeks of rest and physical therapy, the puppy was back on his feet; however, his owners were left paying off a veterinary bill for $1,709!
Jan 17, 2019 13:27:42   #
snowbear37 wrote:
The freshman Dem Rep Omar has been in Congress less than 3 weeks and she is already making "demands" on President Trump. This is the muslim way of doing things. This is just the beginning of muslim influence in our government (which is contrary to our Constitutional concepts). The more muslims in an population of any country, the more "requests" become "demands". They're slowly taking over.

Unfortunately I think you are correct.
Jan 17, 2019 09:57:10   #
GREECE under fire for doing what it has to do to stop the Muslim invasion from Turkey
by BareNakedIslam
Far left 'Human Rights Watch' is very upset that Greek law enforcement officers at the land border with Turkey in the northeastern Evros region are summarily returning illegal Muslim asylum seekers and migrants and not treating them very nicely while they are illegally in Greece.
(Last I heard, Turkey isn't persecuting its Muslim population, nor is it a war-torn country from which people are trying to escape. Greece is not obligated to give them asylum or anything else, and is right to send them back)

HRW “People who have not committed a crime (But they DID commit a crime by breaking into Greece) are detained, beaten, and thrown out of Greece without any consideration for their rights or safety,” said Todor Gardos, Europe researcher at Human Rights Watch.
“The Greek authorities should immediately investigate the repeated allegations of illegal pushbacks.” (Pushing back illegal aliens is every country's right)
Alleged abuse included beatings with hands and batons, kicking, and, in one case, the use of what appeared to be a stun gun. In another case, a Moroccan Muslim (Morocco isn't persecuting Muslims either) man said a masked man dragged him by his hair, forced him to kneel on the ground, held a knife to his throat, and subjected him to a mock execution. (Apparently, that's what it takes to convince Muslim invaders they aren't wanted in Greece)
Others pushed back include a pregnant 19-year-old woman from Afrin, Syria, and a woman from Afghanistan who said Greek authorities took away her two young children’s shoes. (Turkey is a safe Muslim country, why doesn't she stay there?)
Jan 17, 2019 09:44:07   #
Conservative Activist Hires Illegals to Jump Pelosi’s Border Wall – Epic!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has told Americans that a border wall is “immoral,” despite the fact that she has voted repeatedly to fund fencing and walls at the U.S.’s Southern border in the past. Newly-elected California Governor Gavin Newsom – who happens to be Nancy Pelosi’s nephew by marriage – stated in his acceptance speech recently that California is now a “sanctuary to all,” thereby inviting illegal aliens from every corner of the earth to breach our borders.

Conservative activist Laura Loomer decided to take them up on this offer and the results were truly epic. And there is practically a zero percent chance that any mainstream media outlets will cover what she did.

Loomer walked across the border in the non-walled section in southern California, hired some Mexican and Guatemalan workers, and walked back into America with them. That in itself should have been enough to illustrate the need for a complete and total wall protecting our southern border.

But Loomer was just getting warmed up. What happened next might literally be the best thing that has ever happened since Al Gore invented the internet.

For those who don’t know, Laura Loomer has been banned from most of the major social media platforms. Facebook and Twitter have deemed her stunts too controversial and in violation of their phony “hate speech” rules for pointing out obvious truths about illegal aliens and Muslims. She’s banned on both social media platforms.

After having her speech rights stripped away by those outlets, she decided she’s an American dreamer who needs SANCTUARY! And where better to find sanctuary than on the front lawn of Nancy Pelosi’s palatial vineyard estate in Napa Valley?

Yes. Laura Loomer took a team of illegal aliens to cross Nancy Pelosi’s border wall. After climbing the wall (and livestreaming it on YouTube, which has yet to ban her), her team of illegal aliens set up a big canopy tent on Pelosi’s expansive front lawn.

As an added touch, Loomer had her team of illegals put on yellow vests in solidarity with the protesters in France. She then spray-painted the word “IMMORALITY” in blood-red paint on the tent and hung up pictures of Americans who have been murdered by illegal aliens, including police corporal Ronil Singh and Kate Steinle.

The video becomes especially telling after the police arrive. Loomer and her team of illegals had been camped out on Nancy Pelosi’s front lawn for 90 minutes by that point. When the cops ask Loomer to show them some ID, she points out that she doesn’t need a driver’s license because Governor Newsom has called them a “form of profiling.” She also lets the police know that Governor Newsom and Nancy Pelosi have welcomed everyone here.

“What’s private property?” she asks the responding officers. “Is that sort of like crossing over the border?”

Any sane person watching Laura Loomer in action has to be impressed by both her guts and the hilarious way that she’s demonstrated the folly of the open-border position. Loomer’s team of hired illegal aliens calmly and smugly respond to police requests for ID, because they know that they cannot be deported from California even though they’ve been caught on Nancy Pelosi’s front lawn after scaling her wall and setting up a tent in her front lawn.

After arguing with the police for nearly an hour, Loomer and her team of Yellow Vest illegals were deported from Nancy Pelosi’s property with a warning. Apparently, Nancy Pelosi and her property manager believe that the wall around her palatial vineyard estate indicates that some people can be kept out.

Everyone is in fact not welcome on Nancy Pelosi’s front lawn. Although it wasn’t shown in the video, we also know from research that Pelosi’s estate is bordered on one side by the Napa River – so she has a wall and a moat to protect her land.

Nancy Pelosi says that walls are immoral, but she has a wall around her Napa Valley estate and around her home in San Francisco. She says that “anyone” has a right to come to America, no questions asked – but she polices her own property like some hillbilly from flyover country, bitterly clinging to her guns and her Bible. Three cheers for Laura Loomer.

You should check out her video before it gets completely scrubbed from the internet. It’s easily the most pro-American event that we’ve seen since the night that Donald Trump won the 2016 election.
Jan 17, 2019 08:55:52   #
2bltap wrote:
This my fellow patriots is what PROGRESSIVISM has brought to our Once great nation. I say once great nation, because this has been allowed by the Hope and Change couple that occupied THE PEOPLES HOUSE FOR 8 YEARS. Oh and just a reminder, when he was leaving Our House he was caught on tape actually saying "I CAN'T BELIEVE WE GOT AWAY WITH IT"!!!!!! For here on OPP that say where is your proof that he said it, do your own research using anything other than CNN Nad the rest of the MSM. If you really want the truth to what I'm saying you will find it just like I did when it first came out. Are there anyone here on OPP that is either happy or proud of this?
Semper FI

This my fellow patriots is what PROGRESSIVISM has ... (show quote)

I am waiting for the activists here on OPP for the LGBTQ behavior to demand that the adult male(I refuse to call him a Man) respond and demand that the adult male, the people from the magazine where the adult posed with the child, every adult in the homosexual night club all be arrested for child abuse and endangerment. It will be a long wait
Jan 17, 2019 08:15:16   #
School Board Removes Cops After Deporting MS-13 Connected Teen

The removal of a student with active gang ties and suspected gang activity should be seen as a good thing, but one school district seems to think the opposite.

A student with suspected MS-13 affiliations was removed from a Long Island school and then deported by ICE. The removal began when a school official voiced concerns and suspicions about the student’s activities and affiliations with MS-13 gangs in the area. Despite the student’s removal, which was done to keep students and faculty safe, the school board now plans to dramatically reduce the number of active officers in local schools because it doesn’t like ICE involvement.

At a recent school board meeting, President Jennifer Hebert spoke about the danger of deportation to students who attend the school.

“We need clarity and guidelines, and if we can’t get those, I’m not comfortable having officers in our building going forward,” Hebert said, according to ProPublica. “And many of these trustees feel similarly.”

At the heart of this case is a student who is attending the school while seeking asylum in the United States. Referred to as “Alex”, the 19-year-old was a student at Huntington High School. During this time, he drew images from his native Honduras alongside the insignia of criminal gang MS-13, and engaged in various activities that lead a resource officer to be suspicious. Alex was deported to his home country of Honduras this summer.

The resource officer served in the school for 14 years, and was removed from the school after the incident. There is no indication yet of the date of return of the resource officer to the school or of his current status. The school board continues to argue for the removal of safety and resource officers — or the purging of disciplinary records for immigrant students.

Echoing Jennifer Hebert’s sentiments, other board members recommend expunging disciplinary details and records, including suspensions for students who are immigrants and who engage in criminal activity. This would also include activity that profoundly breaks school rules (incurring suspension or disciplinary action). Prior to sending student records to ICE, board member Xavier Palacios recommended purging them of all recorded wrongdoings, disciplinary actions, suspensions or expulsions.

“We must make a wrong right,” Palacios said. “If our district needs to create a new policy to prevent this from happening again, then we must do so.”

About 500 citizens showed up for the session, which covered not the risks of having MS-13 activity in the school, but the risks to those student gang members who are reported to ICE and consequentially deported. Conversations continue as the school works to bar resource officers from the site and protect troubled immigrant students from ICE.

~ Liberty Planet
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Jan 16, 2019 14:28:05   #
Fit2BTied wrote:
Based on the video, I would agree that there were no "prayer rugs" involved. This story was not properly vetted and seems false. But before we convict the person who shared this, let's remember that when the President said he was not a puppet of Vladimir Putin, CNN, MSNBC, et al. were able to determine that it meant he probably is. The absurdity in both cases is incalculable.

Jan 16, 2019 11:38:28   #
eagleye13 wrote:
Fascism & Communism are both Totalitarian Systems of Government
Restore Our Constitution! Restore Our Liberties!
Expose International Banker’s NWO Bilderberg Agenda
Google: “CFR,Trilat,Bilderberg”
To preserve our liberties and our Constitution; the enemies within our republic must be exposed. If you do not know your enemy - How can you effectively fight the enemy?
The International Banker’s Globalist/NWO agenda is the greatest threat to our future liberty and prosperity. Both parties have been selling America out to the International Banker’s NWO agenda

Our Republic and our Constitution is at stake!

“An end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal attack" –
Richard Gardner ,Ambassador to Italy - quoted in Foreign Affairs, April, 1974

Zbigniew Brzezinski formed Trilateral Commission for David Rockefeller in 1970’s, and Jimmy Carter was made a founding member. Jimmy Carter later became President, & ZB was made Carter's National Security Adviser. ZB took off where CFR/Trilat/Bilderberger/ Republican Kissinger left off.

Zbigniew Brzezinski – Following are quotes from his book 'Between Two Ages' (1970)
“Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner passive man and a victory of reason over belief… and has served to stir the mind and to mobilize human energies purposefully ” (p.72)
Referring to the rivalry between the USSR and the United States – “The eventual outcome of the competition is however, foreordained, given the inherent superiority of the communist system.” (pp.146,147)
“This system to be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences.” - Insider, Professor Carroll Quigley – (Tragedy and Hope, p. 324)
“The Federal Reserve (privately owned banks) are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen.” – Senator Louis T. McFadden ( for 22 years Chairman of the U.S. Banking & Currency Commission) - Google his exposes in the Congressional Record

A great book on CFR/NWO agenda – ‘Descent into Slavery’ by Des Griffin at Amazon
Fascism & Communism are both Totalitarian Sy... (show quote)

a used paperback copy is available from BE books for $4.00 I was going to buy it, but right now don't have any extra money. One of the Cane Corsos has spent a lot of time at the vets. He has terminal cancer and we are trying to keep him comfortable, but there is no extra money for books right now. ABE has great service and the book sounds interesting.
Jan 16, 2019 10:51:31   #
TrueAmerican wrote:
Thank you --- well stated

I agree with you. Very well stated and put together.

Jan 16, 2019 08:26:46   #
Smedley_buzkill wrote:
“In a 56 minute interview, we discussed the changing use of language in political discourse,” King explained. “We discussed the worn out label ‘racist’ and my observation that other slanderous labels have been increasingly assigned to Conservatives by the Left, who injected into our current political dialog such terms as ‘Nazi, Fascist, White Nationalist, White Supremacist…’

“…Western Civilization, how did THAT language become offensive?” King asked the Times. “Why did I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history and our civilization?”

“Clearly, I was only referencing Western Civilization classes,” King continued. “No one ever sat in a class listening to the merits of white nationalism and white supremacy. When I used the word ‘THAT’ it was in reference ONLY to Western Civilization and NOT to any previously stated evil ideology ALL of which I have denounced.”

This is a clear and believable explanation that absolves King of any thought crimes for which Republicans might reasonably censure him. The explanation makes sense; frankly, much more sense than the other reading, which requires you to believe that King is not only a racist but also suffers from early-onset dementia
“In a 56 minute interview, we discussed the changi... (show quote)

Thank you for clarifying that. It makes a lot more sense that way. Steven King must be an honerable man for the progressives to hate him that much.
Jan 16, 2019 08:17:30   #
The League of Power

Calling the Media Circus a Circus is Insulting to Real Circuses

To the Cirque du Soleil, we’re sorry. Barnum & Bailey’s Big Top: Ditto, we apologize. And to any other real circuses out there, we offer our heartfelt apologies for referring to the media shenanigans against President Trump and America as a “circus.”

Real circuses are entertaining, and they wrap up after a couple of hours. There’s popcorn, peanuts and trapeze ladies in skimpy outfits. The ringleader doesn’t insult your intelligence by insisting that, yes, there really were 50 clowns inside that little car and you’re a mind-controlled Manchurian voter under Putin’s spell if you don’t believe him.

On the other hand, the Russian collusion circus is boring and harmful to America, it never ends, the dumpster behind the tent is on fire, we can’t get our money back, and the biggest clowns in the show are the ringleaders.

Absolutely no one in the country will be surprised if Special Witch Hunter Robert Mueller delivers his “Preliminary Report” on Russian collusion in October 2020, right before the next election. It will be filled with vague, ominous-sounding accusations that will hint at President Trump being “Putin’s puppet” while offering no evidence.

The implication of the “Preliminary Report” will be that Mueller has the real evidence, but you can’t see it yet, so Americans should probably just all vote against Trump’s reelection. You know, to be on the safe side.

Mueller’s October Surprise – sorry, we meant to say “Preliminary Report” – will also be filled with examples of nefarious Trump associates who “lied” to the FBI. Which is a crime that only goes one way.

In just one of the latest biggest bombshells in the history of bombshells delivered by the media clowns, Paul Manafort gave a printed copy of polling data to a suspected Russian operative in 2016. And THEN… well, that’s the whole story. The media is suddenly acting as if polling data is somehow Top-Secret information. It’s treason if that falls into Russia’s hands! Just ask Nate Silver of 538, Zogby International or Rasmussen. Imagine the damage that Manafort could have done to America if he had handed the alleged Russian agent a takeout menu!

But to tell you about the even bigger bombshell from last week, we need to set the stage a little bit. In early 2018, Deputy Attorney General and former Obama classmate at Harvard Rod Rosenstein told President Trump in a meeting that he absolutely was not a target in the Mueller Special Witch Hunt investigation or in the Michael Cohen case. That was reported by Bloomberg News in April 2018.

In a separate meeting in 2018 with former House Oversight & Government Reform Committee Chairman Try Gowdy, Rosenstein told Gowdy definitively that President Trump was not a target of the FBI or the Department of Justice in any Russia investigations. Gowdy relayed that information to Fox News viewers in May 2018.

Last week, the New York Times reported that after Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey, the FBI did in fact open an investigation of Donald Trump as a possible national security threat. Keep in mind that this is totally separate from any other investigation of the president or his campaign that we’ve heard about previously.

According to the Times, it was so bewildering that Trump would fire Comey that senior Justice Department officials pondered whether Trump was directly under the control of the Kremlin and acting against American interests. Firing federal paper-pushers just isn’t done, you see. Trump must be a Manchurian plant, sent by Putin to endanger America by eliminating the one obstacle to Soviet hegemony: Former admitted communist James Comey!

And as we all know, the FBI would never open an investigation under false pretenses to undermine a perceived political threat to its Deep State secret police power. Just ask Martin Luther King or Richard Nixon!

Looking at the way that the Trump investigation was categorized by the FBI, as compared to the Hillary Clinton treason server investigation, says a lot. The FBI has four different ways that it categorizes investigations: Single subject, Multi-subject, Enterprise and Foreign Intelligence Collection. The fake Clinton investigation, in which Comey exonerated Crooked Hillary without actually even questioning her under oath, was categorized as a “Multi-Subject” investigation.

The Russian collusion investigation, sparked by Hillary’s paid-for phony Russian dossier, was categorized as an “Enterprise” investigation. We know this because of the House Intelligence Committee report, which the clown car media has diligently refused to report on since its release last year. The FBI repeatedly refers to the multiple investigations of President Trump and his associates as an “Enterprise” investigation.

What’s an “Enterprise” investigation, you ask? Great question! That’s an FBI investigation into an organized crime family, such as the Cosa Nostra, or a drug cartel.

Isn’t it fascinating that the FBI didn’t consider the investigations of the Trump campaign, supposedly colluding with spooky Russian Facebook experts and the Kremlin, to be a “Foreign Intelligence Collection” investigation? Does anyone have an explanation for this?

How did the FBI end up categorizing it as an organized crime investigation, rather than a Foreign Intelligence Collection investigation? And did the FISA court – as in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court – know that the investigation wasn’t considered a foreign intelligence investigation? If Trump is really under Putin’s secret mind control rays, why was the investigation treated as a mafia probe?

Speaking of circus animals that just take a dump on stage and never learn any new tricks, CNN still exists. After seven Americans were killed in major winter snowstorms over the weekend, Brian “Tater” Stelter lamented the fact that media was not focusing enough on Russia for one day. (His real nickname is Mr. Tater-Head but call him “Tater” for short on Twitter. Trust us, he loves it.)

But back to our earlier point that lying liar Rod Rosenstein lied to President Trump and lied to Congress. Why does this little putz still have a job? We’re reliably told that lying to the government is the biggest crime in the history of crimes (Thanks, Tater), so why does Rosenstein get to lie with such impunity?

Maybe the whole Russian collusion circus wouldn’t be as boring if it weren’t so transparently partisan and predictable. We want our money back.


Mark Patricks
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