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Jan 19, 2015 17:01:54   #
Then flap your gums! I am 100% disabled according to the VA. I can still flap my gums on the internet along with our elected officials. The elected assholes don't listen. What I am trying to do now is voice my opinion on every web site, news media as possible.
Hang in there my friend. I have your back!
Win of fail, join my flapping my gums to all that are out there.
Jan 19, 2015 16:35:16   #
I understand your frustration. Is frustration a reason or an excuse to stand back and watch it happen? It seems you are not sure if enough people feel like we do. If that man in the white house did anything he pissed off enough people to think about their country. Confidence in our Federal Government is at a historical low. That in itself is heart warming. This gives us opportunity to try to spread the word that WE can do something.
I was born and raised in Chicago where I had the opportunity to witness all cultures and learned to survive. The Military fine tuned my ability to hurt people and break things for what I believed in. I'm old, but I will not go down without trying to defend my beliefs.
Semper-fi my friend
Jan 19, 2015 14:51:02   #
Your point is well taken. The exact reason our Founding Fathers did not believe we would survive as the Nation they brilliantly put together.
If the American Citizen is pleased with the way things are, then so be it. For those that are not pleased and don't do anything about it, then shame on them.
I'm on my way out of this world so I should probably not care. That is not in my make up! I left blood in Vietnam, my father left blood on Guam. Those before us left blood and gave their lives back to the Revolutionary War.
I will be comfortable leaving this world knowing nothing more than, 'at least I posted an opinion everywhere possible.

Jan 19, 2015 14:00:31   #
It’s Time To Reboot

I’ve been on this earth long enough to realize how things have changed, for better or worse. I could bore you for hours on any topic. For many reasons, the internet is the greatest technology available to man. It seems that the ownership of a computer, telephone, satellite receiver, coffee pot, etc. requires the necessity of the infamous reboot.

When something wasn’t going correctly in my business, I would stop and analyze “What has changed?” Every time the answer was “We veered from our basic philosophy”. My correction was “Back to the basics”. That action worked every time. I also had the luxury of keeping the successful ‘tweaks’ made along the way. I guess I ‘rebooted’!

I sincerely believe, it’s time to reboot the United States of America. Ideally selecting a restore point of, at least, 150 years. This is doable. Who can do this? I suggest you look into a mirror. What you will see is a major shareholder in the largest organization in the world. That means that you have power of success and/or failure. Every America Citizen is a shareholder.

Our Constitution spells that out quite definitely. ‘We The People’ is boldly displayed on that document. We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Reading this document is very easy and understandable, unlike the Affordable Care Act and other legal documents enacted today.

There are many movements in our Country to do just that. Most of these organizations have no political affiliation, or personal financial gains to achieve. I would never expect every citizen to get involved but we need enough people to make a difference. What every citizen can do is ‘VOTE’. I would hope the majority of these voters do so with as much knowledge as possible pertaining to the people applying for the position.

This ‘Rebooting is not going to be easy due to Career Politicians (with their big special interest supporters), that we have hired and allowed to maintain their jobs without accountability. Our elected officials are no different or better than we are. Unfortunately, there are enough self-serving representatives to overwhelm the few that take their oath seriously.

Politics brings to mind a philosophy of ‘don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see’. As I mentioned earlier, the internet is marvelous. I can go to sites to find out most anything. The availability of voting records for our hired representatives is there. Our representative’s tax forms are there. Bills before Congress are there, unfortunately there is no way to see the amendments that include all the ridiculous legislation we have all heard about. There is no excuse for not being informed.

Our Founding Fathers did not believe our Country, according to the Constitution, would last as long as it has. To some extend they were correct but it is still not too late to “REBOOT”.

It’s time for us shareholders to consider downsizing, holding our employees accountable with consultation with replacement due to noncompliance. The job is permanent; the person in that job is temporary.

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