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Apr 16, 2024 14:40:54   #
Ri-chard wrote:
The Israeli government has supposedly already approved a response to Iran’s direct attack on the Jewish State. However, it is not clear to what extant Israel will retaliate.

President Biden, has been calling on Israel to restrain itself after being attacked by Iran and not attack back out of fear it will spiral out of control and bring the region into a war. Despite the pressure, Israel appears to be readying itself to retaliate in one form or another.
The Israeli government has supposedly already appr... (show quote)

Ri-chard, Israel has already said it plans to retaliate. I think I would take the advice of Biden, to take it as a win. I Think it is extremely important to their credo, " never again ". They feel compelled to take no bs from anyone, especially a country that makes no secret of their hatred for Israel and it has said many times they seek the destruction of Israel.
Netanyahu may be many things but he is the brother of the only soldier to die in the rescue of many Jewish hostages in Uganda. He believes that you can't give an inch to an enemy, seeking to destroy you. I can understand Israel's position. I'm not sure I would go as far as an eye for an eye. Before you know it, the entire world would be blinded.
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Apr 16, 2024 14:26:13   #
crazylibertarian wrote:
Why Christianity Must Be Destroyed
And Why Liberalism Must Do It

Christians accept that we are all flawed. As part of our flawed status, we realize that at some point we will have to face judgment for our offenses. Those offenses range across the full spectrum of human sins, from taking the Lord’s name in vain to murder.

Progressives labor under no such illusion. They know that they are beyond reproach; their hearts are so good. Since Progressives have no flaws, they face no judgment and have nothing to answer for. They are entitled to reject our forgiving Christian God because they have no sins. They are their own gods & that entitles them to despise Christians.

It also entitles them to their intolerance, judgmentalism and self-righteousness. They have relied on satire and ridicule and their condescension turns to outrage when it is turned around on them. Hence their hatred of Donald J. Trump, Rush Limbaugh & Joseph McCarthy.

Joseph McCarthy investigated the extent of c*******t penetration of the American government. Extreme left-wingers and outright c*******ts had been shepherded into The Franklin D. Roosevelt administration throughout his twelve-year presidency. Joseph Stalin had wanted them in the administration to influence decisions and as sources of information. It wasn’t hysteria. There were c*******ts.

During World War II, it had become clear that there were many N**i sympathizers in the United States. There was concern that the same mistakes not happen again with the new Satan, c*******m. McCarthy became a point man for the new efforts. The American Left, realizing that the c*******ts were fellow ideologues in the movement to replace the worship of God with the worship of government, defended them and started the anti-McCarthy hysteria, just like what is going on today, with Donald J Trump.

In retrospect, it was kind of odd anyway. On the one hand, American progressives would say there’s nothing wrong with being a c*******t then rail at being called one or if one of their own was. William F. Buckley, Jr. once remarked that he never heard McCarthy say anything that matched in viciousness the things that liberals said about him. I have never heard of Trump saying anything that matched in viciousness the things his opponents say about him.

Rush Limbaugh was another example. The Left always thought that satire was its sole province. They relished subjecting religion and conservatives to their satire that was often mean & sacrilegious. Rush turned it around on them & they howled in furious indignation. They accused him of the h**e that they harbored, something the Left has always done. How dare anyone use their methods against them? Rush was never mean nor vicious but the liberals certainly were and as Buckley had said about McCarthy, Limbaugh never said anything that matched in viciousness the things that were said about him.

Bill Raspberry was a great liberal (in every sense of the word) columnist. He’d been saying the same things about Rush as other liberals when someone challenged him as to whether he ever had listened to him. He admitted that he hadn’t, and to his credit, he did. In a subsequent column he said that Rush didn’t satirize women and minorities; that he was an entertainer and that he satirized liberals. Then as now, liberals can give it but they can’t take it.

And now we have the case of Donald J. Trump. Whereas Ronald Reagan also espoused conservatism, he nevertheless believed in making nice with liberals. They did not care. They were constantly hostile to him & did everything they could to block his moves. The take home lesson is that you don’t make nice with liberals. Liberals do not reciprocate. Their agenda to direct society remains and anything is permissible to achieve that goal.

Donald J. Trump must have gotten that message somewhere along the line. He never even tried to get along with them. They are outraged. Hell hath no fury like a liberal scorned and they’ve reacted. They tried to impeach him twice, once meaninglessly and was a complete waste of time.

They have now unleashed a barrage of legal actions against him without precedent & unjustified. What they don’t realize is that it can be turned around and used against their own, such as Joe Biden. These new precedents, if left unchecked, will likely result in permanent damage to the office of the presidency that will resonate to the detriment of the country & possibly lead to its destruction. It is that serious.

Understand, that the thought that we will eventually face judgment is a brake on our worst impulses. We know that we will be called to answer for our sins. By thinking there is no God, liberals get off that hook in their minds. Wh**ever system they foist on the public, they can just walk away and think there are no repercussions.

And that is what leads to their excesses. C*******m, F*****m & German National Socialism are ultimate progressivisms and all were & are atheistic. As Mussolini said, “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state,” and that included churches. Gulags, K*****g Fields, Auschwitz and the Cultural Revolution all targeted religion and churches. It is no accident that church attendance is much lower among progressives.

They can conceive of no power in the universe that is beyond their comprehension. They have no God but themselves; they are their own judges, juries and executioners and they have executed; 21 million under National Socialists Workers’ Germany, 20-40 million in the USSR, 65-75 million in China, 1.5 million in Cambodia. They were all atheistic, either officially or functionally.

And so it continues. Liberals have been the driving force in moving America to secularism, a very dangerous journey.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn was the most prominent Soviet dissident. He’d published several books with the horrors of Soviet Socialism as a background but when he published The Gulag Archipelago in December 1973, he was stripped of his Soviet citizenship and forced into exile. It the emergence and horrors of the Soviet political prison system. He first went to Germany but came to the United States, Vermont, in 1978. Under Josip Stalin, he would likely have been executed but the Soviet government of the 1970s didn’t chance it. They knew it would cause an international uproar.

After the Soviet Union collapsed, Solzhenitsyn returned to Russia in May 1994, and said that he could not recommend American society because we had lost our spirituality. John Paul II said much the same thing. So do I.

Christianity has been our salve. Secular liberalism, whether f*****m, socialism or c*******m, needs the populace to replace Christianity with the worship of government. They need to destroy it. They are succeeding.
Why Christianity Must Be Destroyed br And Why Libe... (show quote)

Crazy, Comparing Christianity, which is a religion, and liberalism which is a political ideology makes no sense to me. I know plenty of Protestant Ministers that are liberals. I know a few people that tell me that they are atheists but conservative politically. It runs the whole ideological and religious beliefs.
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Apr 16, 2024 12:22:25   #
Proud American Patriot wrote:
D********g. These Obama era muslims need deporting. They said they will infiltrate and they are. Barak Huessein Obama, aka Bathhouse Barry, should also go back to hell.

Proud, As much as you and/or I may disagree with them, they are entitled to free speech, and freedom go religion. It may interest you to know that the name " Allah " is the Muslim name of the same G-d that you and I worship.
Freedom of speech is meant to protect unpopular speech since speech that few disagree with popular speech.
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Apr 16, 2024 11:44:36   #
Ri-chard wrote:
From the beginning it has been completely clear that the criminal and civil indictments of Trump have the purposes of using up his energy, money, and time so that he cannot campaign and of discrediting him with the insouciant part of the population that is stupid enough to have faith in the “justice system.”

The trials themselves and the words of the prosecutors and judges prove it.

The black Democrat New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg, put into office by anti-Trump billionaire George Soros, who Elon Musk says h**es humanity (which means gentiles), has concocted a criminal case against President Trump for “falsifying business documents” that legal scholars dispute. Apparently, Bragg cares not a whit about his reputation, only about preventing Trump from campaigning. Bragg contends that Trump should have reported his $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels as a campaign contribution to himself and not as legal fees. But, of course, it would have been one of Trump’s lawyers or CPA who filled in the form. A person of Trump’s wealth leaves such decisions to professionals and does not himself navigate complicated and risky forms. Regardless, there is nothing illegal whatsoever in making extortion or bribery payments to a porn star so that she doesn’t make harmful accusations. It is a much cheaper solution than suing for slander.

You should understand that there is nothing illegal about Trump’s payment to the porn star. The payment is perfectly legal. Trump is not charged with making an illegal payment. He is charged with reporting it differently than a black quota hire, clearly incompetent, George Soros DA alleges Trump should have reported it. The whore media has not made this clear to the public. Instead the presstitutes have planted the idea that it is the payment that is the criminal action.

In law the charges against Trump are misdemeanors, not crimes. Trump’s black enemy has in an unspecified way elevated the charges to a felony. Increasingly prosecutors do this. They create felonies out of thin air by stretching the interpretation of law beyond its meaning. Prosecutors know that by the time a wrongly convicted defendant reaches the point that he can appeal the wrongful conviction to a higher court he will have run out of money and energy and will make a plea to a lessor charge. In Trump’s case, the black DA knows that given the slowness of the system Trump will be in court for years appealing wrongful decisions. As corrupt prosecutors suffer no punishment for their crimes against defendants, there is no barrier to their legal abuse of law–particularly when they are in court with a biased judge and have a biased jury.

This first of 4 criminal trials began yesterday. Estimates are that the show trial will keep Trump in court for four days a week for the next six or more weeks. Clearly this is e******n i**********e and nothing else.

The other criminal trials are in various stages of disrepair. Fani Willis, the black Democrat Atlanta DA who has brought RICO charges against Trump and his attorneys is in trouble herself for paying her lover $700,000 of taxpayers’ money and using the money for vacations. She apparently is another George Soros plant and is shielded by the Democrat machine. She has had to remove her lover from Trump’s case, but is unlikely to suffer any consequences other than embarrassment.

A New York civil case orchestrated by a black Democrat attorney general and a Trump-hating Democrat judge confiscated Trump’s NY real estate empire. In order to delay the confiscation until his higher court appeal is decided, the two required Trump to post a $500 million payment that would have depleted his cash for his political campaign. The payment was seen as a form of extortion, and the corrupt AG and judge had to reduce it to $175 million.

Clearly, these are not normal trials or normal charges. The law schools, bar associations, Congress and the whore media don’t even raise questions about the show trials that clearly constitute e******n i**********e. As I have said many times, the system will not permit Trump’s return to office.

Americans need to understand that their country has been stolen from them and that the ruling elite are not going to permit Trump to give it back to them. However, they seem to be more concerned about the European jews in Israel.
From the beginning it has been completely clear th... (show quote)

Ri-chard, These civil and criminal indictments are the real deal. The reason why so many of them are first coming to court is because Trump and his legal team has done everything they could to delay these trials. The chickens are at last coming home to roost! If Trump is innocent as he claims he is, he has nothing to worry about. He should be happy that he is being given the right to prove hid innocence in a court of law.
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Apr 16, 2024 11:38:05   #
JFlorio wrote:
We know the Democrats plan on c***ting. Just not sure how.

JFlorio, As usual you know nothing about Democrats c***ting, because they don't. We know that Trump tried everything he could to overturn a fair, and legit P**********l e******n. His record on doing so violates several laws for which he has been indicted for. The claims that Democrats c***ted in the last e******n has been thrown out of over eighty courts by both Republican and Democratic judges for lack of evidence. I think that says it all.
Conspiracy theories, and flat out unt***hs just don't count!
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Apr 16, 2024 11:30:34   #
keepuphope wrote:
Just a few years back that would be called treason.

keep, I have absolutely no respect for anyone that supports Hamas. Burning the f**g is a terrible thing to do. It is however protected by the law.
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Apr 15, 2024 13:40:54   #
fullspinzoo wrote: In 2016, he couldn't make enough glowing remarks in favor of Trump. I mean it was over the top...on and on about what great he was. I haven't heard a more professed glowing qualities or attributes about Trump!!! Now, he thinks Trump is scum. Make up your mind, michael cohen. Crediblity, shot to Hell!

full, Trump hired Cohen as his fixer to take care of his business and sometimes personal problems anyway he wanted him to. There was no such thing as ethics involved. For his absolute loyalty to Trump, he was sent to prison and home arrest for two years while Trump did nothing to help him. Every lie that Cohen said was for Trump, not himself. It is fair to assume that Trump knew about and approved of everything Cohen did for him.
Can you blame Cohen for trying to get back at Trump? I doubt very much if Cohen will lie again. I don't think he needs to. He was there when Stormy and the Playmate were given a hundred and fifty thousand bucks to keep their mouths shut. Karma is a b***h if your name is Donald Trump!
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Apr 15, 2024 10:38:18   #
fullspinzoo wrote:
Jonathan Turley knows his "stuff". ..."Alvin Bragg putting Michael Cohen on the stand as his star witness." Probably the biggest circus, show trial since OJ. They figure a couple of weeks just to find 12 jurors who might not have a bias, which might be the biggest conquest of the entire trial. It will be a circus. And from all points of legal interest, this judge and his rulings are "on thin ice".
Jonathan Turley knows his "stuff". ...&... (show quote)

full, Michael Cohen was Trump's fixer. He was the guy that carried out fixing Trump's problems, in to say the least was unethical actions. Everything illegal he did was to help Trump out. It is reasonable to assume that Trump knew what Cohen was doing, and approved. Trump awarded Cohen by standing by while Cohen was tried for what he did to help him, by standing by while Cohen was sent to jail and disbarred.
Sure, Cohen h**es Trump. That doesn't mean he won't tell the t***h about him.
I think everybody has strong opinions about Trump. The question is, will the jury members be willing to put their feelings about Donald aside and judge this case strictly on the evidence.
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Apr 15, 2024 10:04:59   #
There are several options for Israel following the massive attack by Iran. I am watching the news on television and was amazed to hear several high ranking retired generals say that Israel must answer the attack by doing likewise to Iran. This is in total disagreement with President Biden's policy that Israel should take the incredible failure of Iran to attack Israel proper with over 300 missiles, and drones as a win, and not retaliate.
The generals all said that Israel was far more powerful than Iran. The newest Jet fighters from the US could hit any target they want to in Iran and completely destroy it. I thank G-d that I don't to have to make a decision like that. If Israel does decide to stage an air attack against Iran, I would hope it would be the atomic bomb labs and factories. That would guarantee Israels superior military power, and stop another crazy dictatorship from acquiring atomic weapons. I remember when Israel bombed the atomic bomb facilities in Iraq. Everybody cursed Israel for aggression, but sure were happy when we went to war with Iraq that we didn't have to worry about a nuclear exchange with Iraq. Now we know that Israel did the world a favor. In any case, Israel has already said that it will attack Iran for attempted mass murder. It's just a question is when and how much.
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Apr 14, 2024 16:13:29   #
jim_oldman wrote:
Your opinion is that "fighting back" is adding "fuel to the fire." My opinion in this case is that "fighting back" is"Throwing Fire R****dent on the fire." Political Hot Air" (carbon dioxide) will never work with Iran.Their BS will go on forever.

Jim, Israel has a remarkable technology for such a tiny country. There very well may be a war with Iran, especially if this continuing escalation after escalation continues. Too many people have died in the Mideast. Israel has made its point by shooting down 99% of the missles, and drones. The less bloodshed the better. Who knows, maybe peace will break out one day.
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Apr 14, 2024 16:06:42   #
Darling Mary wrote:
The Supreme Court Could End Most of the F**e Trump Prosecutions This Month
The political candidate who has been dubbed a “threat to our democracy” by the establishment somehow just made the biggest fundraising haul in American history over the weekend. He sure seems popular for a guy who is going to cancel all future e******ns and declare himself Hitler for Life if he wins.

The anti-Trump rhetoric and f**e political prosecutions are at a fever pitch right now, and we haven’t even reached the 2024 r**t season yet! The good news is that the US Supreme Court will begin swatting down the f**e prosecutions in just a matter of days—and we can’t wait!

Next week, the court will hear oral arguments in the Fischer v. United States case. This is the case over whether federal prosecutors can use the Enron document-shredding statute (USC 1512c2) to prosecute the J****** 6 protesters. More than 300 J****** 6ers have already had their lives destroyed by the misapplication of this statute, and at least one has committed suicide.

The whole thing is absurd. The Enron statute was designed to penalize people on Wall Street when they shred documents or destroy evidence that is under a federal subpoena. No J****** 6er did anything even vaguely close to that. Yet US Attorneys have successfully prosecuted J****** 6ers by arguing that they “corruptly” interrupted an “official proceeding,” which are some words used in the statute. Two of the four counts against President Trump in Washington, DC, are based on the Enron document-shredding law.

If the Supreme Court rules against this obvious misuse of a federal law, hundreds of J****** 6ers will be exonerated and two of the four counts against Trump in DC will be nuked from orbit.
The Supreme Court Could End Most of the F**e Trump... (show quote)

Darling, I was interested in what you had to say up to the time I read the first sentence. The idea that this indictment was false, and that the s*******s invasion of the Capitol was just a protest would be laughable if it wasn't so serious. I'm no lawyer, so I won't criticize your assertions. I'm certain that the courts can make that decision.
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Apr 14, 2024 14:54:43   #
F.D.R. wrote:
NEITHER ! Electing who runs this country is a RIGHT granted only to American CITIZENS. Only fools would want non citizens to select who runs our country because it could allow them to 'legally' wipe out our treasury.

FDR, I couldn't agree more, Only US citizens have the right to v**e in federal e******ns. The point I'm making is that in reality, it's such a tiny percentage that it just isn't necessary to get yourself all riled up.
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Apr 14, 2024 14:50:00   #
Proud American Patriot wrote:***is-hidden-connections-to-cia-before-c****-**/

Proud, This is just another conspiracy theory. Dr. Rand Paul is a huge presence in spreading horse feathers!
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Apr 14, 2024 14:46:01   #
Ri-chard wrote:
Axios reports that Biden told Netanyahu he won’t support retaliation against Iran.

Washington is reportedly worried about a major escalation fraught with “catastrophic consequences”

For many years Israel has been pushing Washington to attack Iran, and neoconservatives and Congress have been chomping at the bit to do so. If this report on Axios is correct, it suggests that the power of neoconservatives over US Middle East Policy has been broken. I cannot help to be a bit suspicious of the report as it attributes more sense to Biden and his regime than we have previously seen any sign of.

And there are what seem to be conflicting reports. For example: “US sends reinforcements to ‘defend Israel’” and “Biden has been clear: The United States will stand with the people of Israel and support their defense against these threats from Iran,” US National Security Council spokeswoman stated.

There are also differing reports as to the success of the Iranian attack. As I have previously written the attack and the risks of it could have been prevented by the announcement of a Russian-Chinese-Iranian mutual defense treaty, but the political vision was absent.

The attack could also have been prevented if Syria had been permitted to use Russian air defense systems in Syria to prevent the Israeli attack on Damascus that provoked the Iranian retaliatory response.

If the Axios report is correct, the downside is that it is likely to convince Putin and Xi that Washington has finally come to its senses, and they will put their guard down and be tricked into more deceiving agreements like the Minsk Agreement resulting in even more distrust.

It has taken a long time for Z*****t Israel to discredit itself. It did so with Israel’s declared policy of genocide of the Palestinians. As it was our bombs, missiles, and money that Israel used, America was also discredited.

The self-inflicted diminution of American prestige and its isolation as the supporter of Israel’s attempted genocide of Palestine has altered the balance of power and influence in the world. With the impoverished Houthis standing up to mighty America and Israel, and with Iran finally standing up to Israel, it is possible that the American-Israeli aggression leading to nuclear war has been tempered. The recent firing of Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland is another possible indication.

Haaretz, the only objective Israeli newspaper, says Netanyahu should accept that the Iranian response was a limited attack provoked by Israel’s attack that murdered Iranian officials in Damascus and refrain from further military action. US bases throughout the Middle East and Israel’s Dimona nuclear arsenal are easy targets for a heavy Iranian attack. If Israel pushes further, a major war will erupt.

Perhaps it will dawn on Putin and Xi to stabilize the Middle East with announcement of a Russian-Chinese-Iranian mutual defense treaty. It is the absence of countervailing power in the Middle East that has made the region a tinderbox for possibly making sand into glass..
Axios reports that Biden told Netanyahu he won’t s... (show quote)

Ri-chard, This attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria, is nothing more than a military post for Hezbollah. The back and forth attacks and threats have been going on for a long time. Let's not forget that it is Iran that wants to destroy Israel, not the other way around. Many of the Muslim Arab states are afraid of an Iranian invasion. As long as there is a non nuclear Iran, coupled with an advanced technological defense system, the Middle East will be safe from Iranian aggression!
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Apr 14, 2024 14:39:22   #
jim_oldman wrote:
Iran telegraphed the attack, why the hell didn't Netanyahu fight back IMMEDIATELY. Missiles should have been on their way to every possible location for Ali Khamenei. Then Iran wouldn't be able to threaten to "strike again with greater force if Israel or US retaliate." Fighting Back is not retaliation.

JIM, There is much t***h in what you say, but the idea is to limit the war, not add fuel to the fire.
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