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Jan 14, 2019 04:33:30   #
There was a Navy pilot who suffered a terrible injury when the catapult launcher on his aircraft carrier threw his plane into the sea. Due to the quick response of the crew and the ships hospital he miraculously recovered and was left only missing one ear. Since he was not disabled he returned to duty and eventually became an Admiral. One day he interviewed two Navy Master Chiefs and a Marine Sargent Major to be his chief of staff. The first Master Chief was being interviewed by the Admiral when he asked if he was able to hear on that side of his head. That interview ended promptly. The next chief went in to be interviewed and the Admiral discussed various topics with him about the position of Chief of staff. The Admiral was very sensitive about his appearance and the Master chief just had to say "sir how did you lose that ear?". Well that did not go over well and he called in the Marine Sargent Major. The interview went very well and the Admiral was quite impressed. He asked the Sargent Major if he noticed any thing about his appearance. " Well Sir I see you wear contact lenses". The Admiral was quite impressed at the Marines tactfulness and asked how he was able to make that observation. The Marine replied " Well it would be hard to wear glasses with only one fucken ear."
Jan 14, 2019 04:10:55   #
buffalo wrote:
None of them were a threat.
You are 100% correct
Jan 13, 2019 10:44:53   #
Canuckus Deploracus wrote:
There is no guarantee that the oppressed of today won't become the oppressors of tomorrow...
That would just end up like the middle east... Pointless, never ending conflicts....Whose victors would more likely than not turn on the US...

Secure your borders and put your own house in order... The wall, E-verify, more stringent enforcement of existing laws, tightening of loopholes, even Baffalo's idea (I heard it First from him) concerning a military presence on the border...
And find politicians who are willing to represent Americans first...

Agree... No more aid to dictators and failed/ corrupt governments...

Disagree... br There is no guarantee that the opp... (show quote)
Seems reasonable. My border here is the Pacific Ocean-- believe it or not we have Bulgarian and romanian sailers jump ship here
Jan 13, 2019 10:40:19   #
buffalo wrote:
Albert Einstein once said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Security, my ASS!

Why would the US interference in sovereign countries internal affairs be any different now than the disaster for not only the native populations of those countries while supporting and enriching brutal dictators but also to the American taxpayers as well as history has shown? The US needs to mind its own fv(k!n9 business!
If what they do affects us it is our buisness
Jan 13, 2019 10:38:51   #
buffalo wrote:
The US has wasted TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars on "nation building and attempting to spread democracy" in South and Central America for years and has failed miserably.

Rember Chile and its democratically elected president Salvador Allende in 1970? Using $10 million of taxoayer money, the US financed the CIA to help oust Allende and install its puppet Augusto Pinochet as president, ushering in 17 years of brutal repression, state-sanctioned torture, and government-run death camps grinding people to dust in the empty wastes of the Atacama Desert. Over 3,000 Chileans lost their lives, some 35,000 were tortured, and the country was set on a long and bloody course, the effects of which can still be felt today.

Remember the hurricane that devastated Nicaragua in 1988. Reagan refused to pledge a single penny in relief because he was to busy trying to crush the communist Sandistas in power then by illegal arms deals to do anything to help ordinary, non-communist citizens facing starvation.

Imagine being a poor farmer in Columbia in the 80s. Besides living in a country torn apart by civil war and terrorism, you’re constantly crushed by corporations like Walmart selling the same stuff as you at a fraction of the price—unless, that is, you grow coca. Since the US (and Nancy Reagan's just say no campaign) took the eradication of crappy party drugs very seriously, that meant coca had to go, too. But wait—since most coca is grown by these dirt-poor farmers on tiny patches of land, how do our governments avoid collateral damage? The short answer is: They don’t.

The anti-coca spraying wiped out entire communities, forcing people already on the breadline into severe poverty—even those who weren’t growing the plant themselves.

In 2009, Honduras went from being a Latin American backwater country troubled by cartels to one of the most unstable states on Earth. Following a violent coup, the country descended into a chaos marred by extreme human rights violations. The homicide rate leaped. Journalists and activists were murdered. LGBT people were targeted while lawmakers looked on. Police units began operating unofficial kill squads, executing suspected gang members in the dead of night.How did the Obama administration respond? By pumping in millions in aid and openly supporting the emerging Honduran dictatorship. When the Organization of American States wanted to impose sanctions in an attempt to restore democracy, the Obama administration stepped in and said “no.” When reports of the kill squads started coming in, the White House brushed them aside and kept offering assistance—leading to ridiculous situations like US DEA agents being implicated in the murder of a 14-year-old boy. The list goes on, but one thing’s for sure: If Washington keeps playing favorites in Honduras, chaos will follow.

Then there is Haiti. We been screwing them over since the late 502 when the US (CIA) supported the brutal dictator Papa Doc supposedly as a bulwark against communism. When the US tired of him they supported his son Baby Doc and funneled millions in taxpayer dollars in supposed aid which he promptly pocketed. Fast-forward to 2004, when a messy web of GOP stalwarts and elements of the Bush White House kicked off a coup that ousted the elected President Aristide and replaced him with a band of violent guerrillas.

In 1976, the military junta in Argentina was taking a beating on the international stage for its lackadaisical approach to human rights. The US's official line was that these murders were a “bad thing,” so when Argentine foreign minister Cesar Guzzetti was forced to meet with Kissinger, he expected a thorough chewing out. Instead, Kissinger offered his approval of Guzzetti’s tactics, along with recommendations for staying on the right side of Congress. Since Argentina was then dependent on American aid, this amounted to a blank check for Videla’s thugs to do whatever they liked. Had Kissinger threatened to withdraw aid instead of offering his support, 30,000 people might still be alive right now.

In 1979, El Salvador embarked on a long and bitter civil war between a right-wing government and communist guerrillas. Perhaps secretly hoping that this would be the Latin American campaign that went right, Reagan’s White House threw their backing behind the right-wing government, sending over $4 billion in “aid.” Know what the Salvadoran government did with that money? Yep: It financed death squads.These death squads didn’t just target communists, not by a long shot. In 1981, for example, an entire village was massacred, with around 1,000 people—including children—tortured, raped, and arbitrarily murdered. Another squad was responsible for nearly 1,200 human rights violations, including torture, the massacre of civilians, and the mysterious disappearance of children.How did Washington react? That’s right: They claimed the abuses were no such thing, praised the human rights record of the Salvadoran government, and continued to pump money into the murder squads until the war ended in 1992. But hey, at least the commies didn’t get in, right?

After nearly 40 years, Mexico’s tiny neighbor, Guatemala, suffering coups, military juntas, a bloody civil war, and genocides, aided and abetted at every step by a US that was simply trying to do the right thing.

Then Ríos Montt came to power in 1982, and things got even worse. Agasin Ronnie decided to win over Montt with military backing, even as his army began a spree of genocide. Over the next few years, the CIA aided Montt in a war that killed 200,000 people—a policy that forced Bill Clinton to personally apologize to Guatemala in 1999. All in all, hundreds of thousands lost their lives, millions were tortured, and America made to look idiotic, all because the CIA once wanted to save Guatemalans from a relatively nonthreatening communist dictator.

Finally, remember Operation Condor? It condemned thousands of innocents to death, and helped seven rogue states create one of the most complex terror networks ever devised as the CIA ignored it publicly and probably participated in it privately.

Yep, the US has really been successful at nation building and interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign Central and South American countries in the name of spreading democracy and making life bearable for the masses.

The US would be better of and the taxpayers a little less in debt if it would mind its own fv(k!n9 business and just stop the invasion of the US by illegals, criminals, terrorists and gang members at the border with the military. Period!
The US has wasted TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars on... (show quote)

Get them before they even get close
Jan 12, 2019 21:10:21   #
buffalo wrote:
Ah, more US spreading democracy and nation building for the benefit of the military industrial corporations and banksters.

Build nations that don't have their people fleeing for their lives for the benefit of keeping them in their own country where the belong.
Jan 12, 2019 21:04:05   #
archie bunker wrote:
This message came via PM from a poster here who, apparently has me blocked in some way that I can't respond. So, I'll respond this way.
Can anybody guess who the drunken babbler who sent this to me is?
This is the disgusting left in America. Right here for everybody to see.

Archie I don’t hate you I have a lot of pity and empathy for people like you. Your racism is who you are as a person you can’t help it it’s you and your not capable of any empathy what’s so ever. All racist are the same. Trump just spoon feeds you and you reach out and except it.

This message came via PM from a poster here who, a... (show quote)

Seems rather harsh. I think you have plenty of empathy and concern for others. I know I disappoint you at times with my Liberal views but you still stick up for me when I am ridiculed. That's a friend. Anyway I don't think much of sneaky blockers. They should have the guts enough to identify themselves.
Jan 12, 2019 20:38:31   #
Coos Bay Tom wrote:

Idaho- thanks for the info. I guess you probably know of the giant earthquake that happened here in the 1700s. It is said to have killed thousands of natives. There are fossil clams and fish at 500 feet or more elevation in Coos county.
Jan 12, 2019 20:35:13   #
Idaho wrote:
My degrees are in Geology and Education. I can still remember the impact on my thinking in my freshmen year when they played for one of our lessons the full length documentary “San Francisco: The City That awaits To Die”. I think “live in San Fran or LA, are you kidding me?”

You can monitor day by day, seismic activity and volcano activity along the Western seaboard of the US from any number of sites. I can clearly recall my first trip to Portland and the realisation that Portland is built on the flanks of Mt Hood, last major eruption being late 1700s, last significant eruption was mid 1800s. In its pattern it’s overdue. My first impression was “are you kidding me?”.

Then there is the Cascadia subduction zone. OMG - Really... live on the West Coast?

These three catastrophes-waiting -to-happen are intimately linked, with well overdue pressure release events in the future - possibly the near future.

I’m sick of the liberal attitude. If they want to secede, let it come before the rest of us have to foot the bill for the future disasters.

Living along a subduction zone is a lifestyle choice. My choice of Idaho has taken into account a lot of factors. I have studied Yellowstone and have good reasons why I think the sensationalists are making the wrong predictions.

On the balance of risks, I believe West Coast disasters lie within my span of years and a Yellowstone super eruption does not.

You would be safer moving back to Idaho.
My degrees are in Geology and Education. I can sti... (show quote)

Jan 12, 2019 20:27:26   #
Lots to say about the benefits of a wall but it seems more of a bandaid type fix that doesn't correct the problem of why those people are coming here in caravans. Their home countries have become un livable for them apparently. Why not teach these people how to fight Give them arms and support hell send some of our troops with them and take their countries back from the gangs the corrupt police and politicians then help them set up a government and turn their homelands into a peaceful prosperous naion that they want to live in. The way it is now we give aid to dictators to prop them up and corrupt police who prey on the people rather than protect them. These people live in our hemisphere and it seems to me we need to strengthen all of the Americas so we don't have hoardes of desparate people fleeing to us that we just plain do not want here . My opinion is probably radical but say we do build the wall and they still come here it will be a failure.
Jan 12, 2019 09:03:28   #
Idaho wrote:
The seaboard halves of Oregon, Washington and California are welcome to secede without a civil war taking place.

Then if it is the creater’s will, everything West of the SAN Andreas falls into the Ocean, the parallel chain of volcanoes start gong off, burying much of what’s left under lava and triggering tsunamis to take out anything left.

Let the articles of succession be consummated well BEFORE the rest of us get obligated to pay for the emergency relief funds.
I went to south junior high in Boise. I was always amazed with bread loaf rock and I went to camp Tapawingo on Payette lake got my drivers license when I was 14 and loved swimming in the hot springs in Idaho city. I would hate to see Yellowstone erupt and destroy it all. God Bless Coos County my home.
Jan 12, 2019 01:01:51   #
Wolf counselor wrote:
It would be great to hear 'less' about that Jones character.

I've considered him off plumb since the first I ever heard him squawk.

Jan 12, 2019 00:07:48   #
slatten49 wrote:
Admiral McRaven, along with his many accomplishments, is an amazing speaker

Yep He is a good one.
Jan 12, 2019 00:06:13   #
AuntiE wrote:

Takes me back to basic training. I still make my bed first thing each morning. I set goals for myself each day and the satisfaction of meeting my daily goals encourages me to keep soldiering through the next days work. I can drive all over my county and look at what I have done and it is incredible the amount I have accomplished through the years. It might rain on me and the sun might scorch me but I don't snivel. See the job do the job --get it done. I can feel proud because I did what I said I was going to do and that is my main goal.
Jan 11, 2019 23:53:20   #
It was the right thing to do.
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