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Apr 19, 2014 08:43:21   #
I've read many articles on the treatment of muslim women. It's an outrage. They sometimes are married off at the age of eight years old, to some older man. They have no rights and have to wear clothes that completely cover them from head to toe. I say hooray for hirse ali for being brave enough to speak out for muslim women. I don't know how each citizen of this country feels about it, but it boils down to sharia law. Sharia law is being imposed on our country. It must be stopped. Oscandal is a sharia law sympathizer. It has to be stopped, because we have our own laws which has much more tolerance than sharia law. If we don't stop it now, then our children will have to endure these muslim laws and our daughters will be wearing that garb. Great britain has all ready allowed sharia law and it's starting to have big problems with the law. I say lets start praying it doesn't hit hard in our country. It's all ready hit detroit, michigan.
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Apr 16, 2014 10:55:04   #
Thanx Patti for the info about cell phones.
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Apr 16, 2014 08:28:39   #
Well, I tried it and it didn't work. I put a name, zip code and state. It said it found no results. The name I used was my own. Of course, it could be because I don't have a home phone in my name. Only a cell phone. Maybe it doesn't provide cell phone numbers.
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Apr 16, 2014 07:58:57   #
Great post. Every one of them is true. Oscandal is the worst president we have ever had. He's a crook and a huge liar. The liberals, of course, will defend him and say none of the post is true. For wh**ever reason, he is their God. They have been brainwashed and don't know it. I believe oscandal is gay and is a muslim. Two of the worst traits we could have in office. I received an email from a friend showing how Michelle is a man. It showed pictures of her/him and how masculine her physique is. It even showed her/him wearing a gown that showed a 'cup' protruding from her/his private parts. I realize this is a little far fetched, but I wouldn't put it past oscandal to actually have a male counterpart in disguise. I didn't know about 4 gay men being k**led after revealing oscandal is gay. I saw one gay man, in a post, that was speaking to an audience who described a trip he made to Chicago. In it he said that he asked a cab driver for a male escort and the man he called was oscandal. He wanted the male escort to be gay and be able to get cocaine. Well, oscandal fit the bill. This was before oscandal was a senator. He described how oscandal arrived with the cocaine and how they ended up in a room where they had sex. I just wonder if this man was one of the 4 that were k**led. At least he got his story out to the public. I put nothing past oscandal. He's a farce. He has no idea what he is doing as president. What is this country coming to? We've allowed him to stay in office, while continually changes things for the worst. He needs to be impeached and fast. If he isn't impeached, then we need a revolution. If something doesn't happen, I fear for America and its outcome.
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Apr 16, 2014 07:26:20   #
Great post. It definitely needs to happen. I feel for the Christians that are in muslim or c*******t countries. They literally have to hide to practice their Christian faith. And when caught, they suffer great persecution or death. It's coming to that in this country. And as long as oscandal is in office, it will get worse here in our country. Oscandal is a muslim and wants our country to be a muslim nation. He would love to have sharia law in place. Hopefully, he won't achieve that, before he leaves office. What worries me is him changing the constitution, so he can run a third term. He has changed so many of the laws, that it wouldn't surprise me if he did this. He cares nothing about the Christians being persecuted, because of his muslim beliefs. Muslims despise Christians. If he weren't muslim, he wouldn't have two muslim brotherhood In the Whitehouse. I really don't think that he will support the ending of Christian persecution.
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Apr 11, 2014 07:15:13   #
Off the subject, I just read an article, with many pictures, that Michelle is a man. If you look at her hands and arms and shoulders, you can see the masculinity in her/him. I've always believed that oscandal is gay. She/he also wears one of those cups, that hides her/his manhood. It shows through in several pictures of her/him in a dress. I wouldn't put it past oscandal to have a man cross dressing as a woman. His whole life is a lie. Why he hasn't been impeached is a mystery. Any other president would have been by now. It wouldn't surprise me a bit, if he were to change the constitution, so he could run a third term. He's all ready done so much damage to this country. I believe he has a lot more to do and needs a third term to do it. I also just read that, through obamascare, people over 59 won't be able to have certain procedures done. Instead they are taught about being peaceful with death. That's right in line with death panels. I just saw him on t.v. saying 'there aren't any death panels'. He's such a liar and con. I, personally,can't stand him. He's got demons in him.
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Mar 27, 2014 08:47:31   #
I'm totally against a******n. I believe God can make good out of any pregnancy. 50 million babies have been aborted since 1970. I just read where our population growth is declilining drastically. That hurts the economy in an extreme way. Oscandal doesn't care that babies are aborted. He'd like the population to be decreased, so he can better control it. I believe this Is why he supports a******n. He's lame in his thinking and is nothing but a con artist. Yes, he still has his faithful followers, but even they will see the end result of his policies and regret it. He doesn't care if babies are aborted. We need to turn this country around and get back to a God fearing one. And that doesn't include a******ns.
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Mar 27, 2014 08:25:58   #
I don't believe a word of the original post. Oscandal is ruining this country and wants to put sharia law into place. He's already thinking about changing the constitution, so that he can run a third term. His gun confiscations are outrageous. He wants to disarm us so we can't protect ourselves. His lavish spending on vacations is an atrocity. He has muslim extremist in the whitehouse. What is this country coming to? It's becoming a socialistic country and we're going to have to live in it, unless he is impeached. I say let's support any entity that wants to impeach him. The Tea Party is a good place to start. They uphold the original constitution. They want to impeach oscandal and get rid of his laws. I say let's start fighting against oscandal, instead of just talking about it.
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Mar 22, 2014 14:21:54   #
You are so right on every point! Thank you for your post!
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Mar 21, 2014 09:40:47   #
I didn't v**e for him either. He's a liar and has the mentality of a street con artist. Did anyone see the post about oscandal getting this gay guy drugs and allowing him to perform felatio on him? It was in a documentary. A man (can't recall his name), who is gay and went to Chicago on business. This was before oscandal was a senator. The gay man wanted some cocaine and someone to escort him around. He asked the cab driver and the cabbie called oscandal. Then, everything proceeded to go on. Oscandal comes from the streets and is also a muslim. He always went against the muslim belief system, by doing and selling drugs and being involved in gay activities. He should never have been v**ed as our president. The gay man that revealed his activities with oscandal was speaking in front of an audience of businessmen. He had to be brave to get up there and tell the t***h about oscandal. If only more people knew of this man and could have heard what all he admitted to doing with oscandal.
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Mar 21, 2014 09:16:56   #
Not anything was said, by Muchal, about oscandal being a muslim. He wants to birth sharia law in America. Not that it hasn't all ready started in certain cities. Oscandal is a die hard muslim supporter. He has muslim brotherhood members in the Whitehouse. Oscandal wears an islamic ring. His t***sformation of America is to turn it into an Islamic state. He's a liar and a farce. He was born in Kenya and should not even be our president. He has committed crimes against our country and should be impeached for his actions against our constitution. His wife is money hungry and power stricken. She has done nothing substsntial for our country. They both should be kicked to the curb for their outrageous spending on themselves - at the taxpayers expense. My hope is that the next three years go by quickly and we get someonw in the Whitehouse that can change everything he has done, including repealing obamascare. Obamascare is ruining the businesses of our country and causing jobs to be lost. I feel oscandal has more tricks up his sleeve. It wouldn't surprise me if he changed the part of the constitution, that says a president can only serve as president only twice. Therefore, he could run a third time. I pray that doesn't happen. My biggest problem with oscandal is not that he's black, but that he is a muslim and on the same level as a street con artist. He has street mentality and knows nothing about running a country.
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Mar 21, 2014 08:00:05   #
You're up awful early. I saw you on here and had to say hi. I've been doing good. It's all about accepptance. I have accepted my husband's death and have to move on. I've got three jobs now I housecleaning. I'm excited about them, because they pay well and I need the money. Well, I won't stay on here any longer, since it is supposed to be about politics. Just wanted to say hi! I liked your posts, too. Love ya' love from Houston. Debbie
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Mar 13, 2014 08:51:30   #
I think it's a ploy for v**es. Haven't you noticed? Oscandal always pulls a fast one right around e******n times. He's a con and knows how to play the game. He knows these lowly paid workers are chomping at the bits - wanting a raise. Even though I would like to see minimum wage increased, I know it's a game with oscandal. I don't trust him now and never will. He's the worst president we've ever had, during my lifetime.
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Mar 8, 2014 14:11:51   #
Yes, I've studied about the muslims and they aren't to be trusted. They have an agenda and they are fighting tooth and nail for it. They will go to any length to turn America into a muslin nation - oscandal included. Oscandal Is a muslim and very proud of it. He wears an islamic ring. The only problem is that he does not abide by their laws wholeheartedly. He thinks he can do anything he wants. As senator, he partook in homosexuality and crack smoking. He's not a role model and shouldn't be president of our great country.
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Mar 8, 2014 13:59:16   #
Well, I'm not being conned by him. I see right through him and his conning ways. I'll never support him. He is a disgrace to this country. We also need to make sure Hilarious isn't our next president. Shell just follow in his footsteps.
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