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Jul 22, 2019 00:08:00   #
EmilyD wrote:
Really? Trump has studied Hitler? And it's starting to show at his rallys? That's rich, Lonewolf, even from you. If anything, Hillary studied Hitler. But she lost. She couldn't apply his tactics...thank God!
Hillary studied Saul Alinsky, Communist rabble rouser. Even did her senior thesis on him.
Jul 21, 2019 22:15:36   #
PeterS wrote:
The question begged is...can Trump succeed where Hitler failed and why?

Adolf Hitler Really Said He Would 'Make Germany Great Again' and he would kill all the Jews to do it.

Shame, shame on you, Pete.
Jul 21, 2019 22:11:56   #
son of witless wrote:
Let us folks in the peanut gallery know if Trump burns down the Reichstag.
Have you heard anything about gas chambers and crematoriums?

Me neither.
Jul 21, 2019 16:33:33   #
Jul 21, 2019 16:12:42   #
factnotfiction wrote:
Your self awareness of your faults is commendable

You leftist progs are suffering a chronic case of hydrophobic myopia.

When President Trump told die Gruppe that if they hated America so much then leave, go back to where they came from, you screamed "Racist"! "Hater"! "Nazi"! "Hitler"!

You people are so obsessed over Trump that you missed what he had actually done, what he did went way over your heads.

There is an election coming and there are like 22 socialists, Marxists, and commies out there who threw their caps in the democrat circus ring vying for POTUS, yet look who now is getting all the face time on TV, look who has the bullhorns.
Die Gruppe

Jul 21, 2019 13:38:31   #
Canuckus Deploracus wrote:
Just stumbled upon this... It was excellent


Check this out, Kyle. The Space Shuttle (Narrated by William Shatner)
Jul 21, 2019 13:29:18   #
Canuckus Deploracus wrote:
Snort... That was pathetic...

A cracked-out, eubonics speaking hobo, locked in a rat infested dumpster, with nothing but a scabbies infected , half-used tube of purple lipstick, could have written a better script...
And it would still be a load of bullshit.
Jul 21, 2019 13:25:52   #
factnotfiction wrote:
Answer, of the 88 embassies that are in Israel on 2 are not in Tel Aviv.

What did trump actually accomplish by moving our embassy to Jerusalem, other than pandering to netanyahoo, and taking still another opportunity brag and boast about what is meaningless in world diplomacy.

What a real fraudulent POS
Duh! If you had more than one or two brain synapses firing at any given time, you might, just might, understand what is really happening in "world diplomacy."

Here is a Geo-political quiz for you:
1) Why is America the FIRST nation to move its embassy to Jerusalem? What is the significance of that?
2) Why did Guatemala follow suit?
3) Why are some other countries considering doing the same?
4) Why are so many countries refusing or reluctant to do so?
5) What countries have no embassy or consulate in Israel?


Jul 21, 2019 12:55:29   #
Kevyn wrote:
I want Trump out of office before his moronic actions end up getting a US city nuked.
Then why are you so head over heels in love with the Death to America crowd? You know, the ones who have US cities on their target list?
Jul 21, 2019 12:37:02   #
factnotfiction wrote:
Despite the explanation of Nasa experts on the hows and whys the space program sees the Moon as the first step to Mars, the un-stable genius is unable to grasp the facts of space travel and exploration, not to mention the trillion dollar costs, however, trump and his fiscally conservative republicans do not care about deficits and the national debt.
So with that said, let trump push his Mars program, Artemis, forward, and let his dumb ass be the first former president in space, taking his whole family with him, never to return.
Despite the explanation of Nasa experts on the how... (show quote)

Tour the International Space Station with America's steely eyed missile man Steve Swanson
Jul 20, 2019 20:35:57   #
factnotfiction wrote:
Wonder how many in the survey voted for trump?

Getting exactly what they wanted and deserve

US National Debt: real time. I hope you don't believe this debt suddenly appeared on Jan. 20, 2017.

This is not "trump's America", it is our America.
Jul 20, 2019 20:29:00   #
Singularity wrote:
The audience may judge.

Doesn't concern my ass at all. Yours is your own concern.

Continue in your ignorance that hilarity may abound!

Not taking the bait gets YOUR goat and frees me!?!

Who wouldn't accept a free twofer!!!
So say you. Interacting with you is toxic. You choose the win without winning.
Jul 20, 2019 20:20:16   #
permafrost wrote:
its truth is self evident..
There's anyone's truth, then there is THE TRUTH. Take your pick.
Jul 20, 2019 19:23:08   #
Singularity wrote:
Certainly. Stomped your ass!
So you say.

No cigar, baby. Taint my ass out there to be stomped.

Scientists have calculated the probability that random natural selection could produce an organism of such complex precision as a bacterial flagellum and the odds against it are astronomical. In terms of time, such an "evolution" would exceed the age of the universe by powers of ten.

I'll leave it at that. The wall between us is impenetrable.


Jul 20, 2019 17:36:44   #
Singularity wrote:
This will do it. You can add to it or object or rebut as you please.

Sorry for manufactured answer rather than a home baked response. I gotta get the grass mowed before it rains, AGAIN. I really like this little guy, Stephen. Makes me think of PeterS.
You call that a rebuttal???

Does your little hippy bud have a doctorate in molecular biology? Has Stevey ever peered at any thing through an electron microscope? Has he dissected a living cell to study all the moving parts? Can he articulate the incredible complexity of a DNA strand and explain its coding?
The Bacterial Flagellum

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