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Aug 15, 2019 13:51:53   #
Louie27 wrote:
Trump is only a nightmare in the eyes of all progressives because he has squashed the attempt for this country to become another third world country. Where only the rich are powerful, influential and control the country. The rest are scum and have no legitimate thoughts or purpose except to be the worker bees of the elite..

crips louie,,, under trump, who got the tax gift of a mountain of cash? Who got appointed to cabinet level jobs because the contributed hugely to trump campaign?

Who is getting billions in taxpayer money because the US has lost decade old customers.. for keeps?

Who is no longer the world leader that we had been for decades..

Who is in control now and in process of fighting unions and the rights of labor?

Who is dictating the non-enforcement of EPA, disregarding local needs and workers rights in new mining operations?

The republican party has never stood for the welfare of the middle class..

How many of those corporations in Mississippi have been charged with hiring illegal workers?

Aug 15, 2019 12:46:45   #
ABSOLUTELY....and it really is not as big a deal at it appears to be, but off course the Fake News runs their BS 24/7 and the weak of mind minions believe everything they want to hear and see!! Next stop blashing away on social media...Soros' puppets Obozo & Holder have already been meeting with media giants in their plans to get 40 million voters lined up and re-registered under gerrymandered districts ~~ FACT: Google and Facebook are already in on this scam...

You guys in the orange cult will never have a life as you wish it.. America is stronger than you and the useless self serving mongrel you put in our white house..

read what one thoughtful person sent me a while ago...

Your potential leaders are supposed to explain their policies, and you are supposed to consider whether you think they will work or not and vote based on that determination. What isn't supposed to happen is your potential leader stands up and says, “Hey, guys! I'm going to fix all your problems with my amazing plan. I'm not going to tell you what it is but trust me, it's the most amazing plan ever” and you then vote based on the fact you just think they are trustworthy, irrespective of the number of previous falsehoods. People keep calling Trump supporters a personality cult and this is exactly why: This man is literally asking you to support him on the grounds of blind faith, like a penny-ante cult leader.

This should look especially ridiculous given that Donald Trump made the same promise during the last election and despite controlling the house and the senate presented no plan beyond destroying the ACA and has never presented any plan whatsoever to replace it. But you'll still vote for him, of course, because St Trump has told you he's going to Make America Great Again, and who needs reality when you've got a bumper sticker?

And of course Fox News and Breitbart have warned you about how the Democrats will destroy America. They are going to turn it into a communist country (they aren't) and every country that has introduced any of the Democrats proposed socialist policies has collapsed (they haven't) and America will become Nazi Germany because the Nazis were also left wing (they weren't). The Democrats are going to take all your guns away (they aren't) and take 70% of your tax (they aren't) and ban planes from flying (nope) and cows from farting (nope). And they hate America (they don't) because anyone who criticises your amazing (he isn't) President's ideas is an enemy of real Americans (Just no).

Nobody on either side of the political divide should be asking anyone to vote for them on the grounds of secret plans they won't reveal because you can trust them, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Both parties should be telling you the truth about what they stand for, not transparent lies about what their opponents stand for.

The whole world is hoping that America sees the obvious reality. But huge swathes of it won't because Trump wants them to accept another reality. He won't tell them what it is, but you can trust him, right?
Aug 14, 2019 19:42:23   #
D. Plorable wrote:
My replies are right on target and it pisses you off. You really think it’s all about Trump? We don’t need Trump to think like we do. I felt this way long before Trump came along. So there you go again making assumptions, weakling. I use insults to copy your style. Got your attention didn’t it? That’s all you lemmings have.

LOL,, If you had said anything which was on target, I would not have made any reply..

If you think you got something correct, I missed it..

I do realise that the right wing has its agenda and trump is the figure head..

But as you post, I feel that is what you are championing, IE, you are a cult member of the lowest order..

Rant on fellow keyboard warrior... it all part of the OPP process..
Even the name is coming down..

Aug 14, 2019 19:36:44   #
Tug484 wrote:
I just know the left believes in things I don't believe in and they force those things on us.

trust me, I have no desire to force you into doing any thing.. live your life with no interference and be happy.

Yet on the other hand, I also want to live as i wish and not be hobbled by restrictions on my rights or opportunity..
Aug 14, 2019 19:33:40   #
dtucker300 wrote:
"preventing one mass shooting would make it very worth while.. "

And how would you measure that so that you would know one was prevented? Lots of mass shooting have been prevented.

"No reasonable person is trying to repeal the 2nd amendment.." But there are plenty of unreasonable people who would like to.

So you see, I didn't misunderstand anything about your message.

I would say you do.. you seem to want the staus que.. let it alone, the price we pay to stay as we are..

I do not want to have conditions remain the same.. I want fewer, much fewer shootings of every type.

can not measure when a shooting is prevented? I would not agree with that, most often it would be obvious. some not reported, some glossed over. But the men on the ground would know what they have done. very well.

Not sure if you understand or not.. one way or the other though, it does seem you do not wish any effort to be made..

You worry me.. we all should be involved in problems such as this..

I should add, I do not care much about the bronze statue.. very much a minor thing..
seems foolish to damage any statue..
Not a huge loss if one of a chain is gone..
Aug 14, 2019 19:27:08   #
dtucker300 wrote:
Because they tried to pass the small arms treaty, but Congress was having none of it, but you already knew that. I said the U.N. because you said no one is trying to take our guns away.

Sharia law? Never say never. Maybe not in our lifetime but there will always be those who will keep trying.
Seventy years ago everyone thought socialism would never rear its' head in America.

You sorta have a point... Sharia law, course someone in the country would like to use it.. but never going to happen.. even when our great grand kids are running this hunk of rock..

Small arms treaty.. you are correct on the out come, but I will add that it concerned manufacturing not ownership..

And also, sure, in our country of over 300 million, we also have people who would like to remove all guns. and that is a thing which will never happen either..

Socialism had a day in this country as well as so many others.. back in the 30s the movement was found in every nation of the world i am sure..

even in the 50s, they had a free socialist/communist newspaper given away near the University of MN..
Aug 14, 2019 19:19:03   #
son of witless wrote:
I have a 1999 Hyundai Accent that I am still putting money into, but at some point it won't be worth it. A water pump just went. I bought the Versa as a backup. In the spring the car dealers were especially hungry. I think they still are, so if you have the money it is not a bad time to shop. I got all kinds of rewards, mostly in the form of free maintenance certificates and I also got one for an extra hundred dollars for sending a friend of mine to the dealer and he bought a car.

A young guy from Puerto Rico sold me my car. He needed the sale and I needed a car as cheap as I could get one. Incentivized salesmen are great. I even got a free full tank of gas 4 weeks after I bought the car, which considering there was no longer anything in it for him, was a nice thing.
I have a 1999 Hyundai Accent that I am still putti... (show quote)

Sounds like a guy to see the next time also..

I have done a little looking, sorta convoluted, the wife wants what she had, but also would like a compact PU truck..

Will be a couple days yet before we get the last of the paperwork done, then will look for real..
Aug 14, 2019 19:15:40   #
dtucker300 wrote:
"You want to see something tried...even if it is not the end all,..."
Well, naturally, it won't be the end-all. It never is with the left.

Here's one to try on; approve more concealed carry permits in gun-free zones. There are hundreds of thousands of qualified people who can handle a weapon. Retired law enforcement. Off duty law enforcement. Some military, who are now in other professions; teachers, airline pilots, etc.

Some Democrats have suggested repealing the Second Amendment. If that isn't trying to take guns away then I have a beachfront lot in the middle of the desert you might be interested in buying.
"You want to see something tried...even if it... (show quote)

so of course you chose to misunderstand my post..

Gun nuts like to say no to any regulation.. they say no law will stop criminals or solve the problem of the killings..

they are correct.. but I am fed up with refusing to try anything because it will not be 100% effective..
Nothing is.. but let us give some sort of effort to finding a few things which could help.. preventing one mass shooting would make it very worth while..

Guns in every pocket does not seem a reasonable idea.. in mpls we had an armed guy try to help the cops in a bar room shoot out back in the 70s, ended up shot by the cops. they had no idea he was a good guy..

No reasonable person is trying to repeal the 2nd amendment.. right wing/left wing... we will not allow such an action to happen..
Aug 14, 2019 19:08:33   #
Mikeyavelli wrote:
I wasn't the killer, but the lefties want to take my guns away from me for someone else's crime. The lefties really don't give a nadler about the crime, they just want to take everyone's guns away, and a registry or red flags or background checks is a big step in taking my guns away.

Your fear that someone may take away your guns is very unfounded..

Liberals own guns as well.. and no one will be taking my guns..
Aug 14, 2019 19:06:47   #
dtucker300 wrote:
Not even the U.N.?

why do you fear the UN, they have no more ability to impose laws then the Sharia law which some fear for no reason..
Aug 14, 2019 19:03:01   #
Tug484 wrote:
Democracy is supposed to be a form of government that is run by we the people. It isn't.

We may not be perfect, but we are better then turning all the power and wealth over to only a small part of our society..
Aug 14, 2019 19:00:45   #
Larry the Legend wrote:
How can anyone possibly know that? If the border patrol knew drugs were being smuggled and how much, why would they not intervene to apprehend the perpetrators? That statement is indefensible. Show me the source and I might be persuaded, but there are no credible numbers because drug smugglers don't send in a report detailing their activities.

Follow the link, I took a few parts to post, but more in the article may interest you..

n their ongoing push for $5.7 billion to expand the border wall, Trump administration officials have repeatedly pointed to the flow of drugs across the southern border as proof that such a wall is needed.

President Donald Trump has used that line. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has, too.

But an analysis of data from the southern border indicates that the vast majority of narcotics enters through U.S. ports of entry, not the wide swaths of border in between where additional barriers could be erected.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection statistics, 90 percent of heroin seized along the border, 88 percent of cocaine, 87 percent of methamphetamine, and 80 percent of fentanyl in the first 11 months of the 2018 fiscal year was caught trying to be smuggled in at legal crossing points.

While those numbers deal only with drugs that are caught, border experts say the data accurately reflect the way drug cartels successfully smuggle narcotics into the country.

Democrats have rejected Trump's request, instead preferring to invest more heavily in ports of entry. The Democratic-led House of Representatives passed a spending bill Jan. 3 that includes $8 million to hire 328 new Customs officers and $225 million to purchase equipment used to screen trucks and vehicles for contraband.

In December, Border Patrol agents arrested two men after an ultralight aircraft flew over the border wall in California and dropped $1.4 million worth of methamphetamine and a getaway bicycle. And last year, a man was sentenced to 12 years in prison after he was caught picking up a package with 13 pounds of methamphetamine that had been dropped by a drone that flew over the border wall near San Diego. Border Patrol officials say such airborne smuggling attempts are only expected to increase as drone technology improves.
Aug 14, 2019 18:00:49   #
D. Plorable wrote:
I read both sides loser. So like a typical arrogant liberal gas bag, you rendered an opinion on me that has no merit. That is how I am able to make decisions. Common sense went out of decision making with liberals. The news is skewed and biased and you know it and love it. But my opinion of you as a loser is based on fact.

Put your opinion in one hand and crap in the other, see which is brown..

I know from your expected reply that it is true you depend on the fish wrap/bird cage liner media to
tell which foolish things to say each week..

Weak mind, weak replies..

You have nothing without the insults the right depends on for decades..

The world knows and only the foolish join in the orange cult you people have found refuge in..

Aug 14, 2019 14:48:44   #
D. Plorable wrote:
What legitimate media? Read Levin’s book if you really need enlightening, and you really do.

I know, you only read the right wing fish wrap alternative press and any thing which is critical to your orange cult is "fake news"...
Aug 14, 2019 14:46:34   #
Larry the Legend wrote:
Those are two entirely separate issues. First, drugs. I disagree. Drug traffickers love the desert, where they can send people across with 60 or 70 pounds on their backs, straight to the drop-off and back again with the cash in their pack. Putting a wall in their path would force them to rethink their strategy and make them easier to detect.

As for asylum-seekers, they have nothing to do with either illegal immigration or illicit activities.

wall, estimates all over the place, I have seen from 25 billions to 60 plus billions and add in upkeep..

Most drugs by far come in via commercial loads on the high ways.

recent headlines have been about speed boats and the famous submarine the coast guard captured on the east coast..

Only small amount via the desert mules..
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