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Dec 6, 2023 12:17:16   #
4430 wrote:
He does post a few good ones

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Dec 6, 2023 12:17:02   #
XXX wrote:
Finally a sensible meme!

Thank you. I pains me to see the negative military comments so often... We have many heroic events in our past, and it i think we still have men and clearly equipment to do so again..
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Dec 6, 2023 09:26:15   #
4430 wrote:
How would you know ?

You must be kin to milo and af1 you all seem to know exactly what the Trumps know and want to do .

Tell us all about the honest Biden family business .

I am a history buff and the trump family is filled with nothing but fraud , lies and whorehouses.. grampa got kicked out of two countries... nice achievement..

some Biden family members had a rent-a-ride business in China and that has truly inflamed you orange people..

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Dec 6, 2023 09:05:51   #
4430 wrote:
Joe Biden was a senator and now president and H****r was and was taking money from China and Ukraine and who know what other countries for political favors .

The Trumps kids were business people doing legal business in China we all can see you can't tell the difference between Joe and H****r taking money from China and other countries for political favors and the Trump kids doing business as business people do with no political favors being given.

You h**eful mind is so screwed up it's a wonder you are already in a mental institution .
Joe Biden was a senator and now president and H***... (show quote)

No trump family member ever did any honest business...
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Dec 5, 2023 22:20:44   #
Cornflakes wrote:
Where is your sign that states your undying love for everything Obama the first president of the United States that wasn’t born here and h**ed America only second to dementia Joe, and pledged his allegiance to China and a one world order 🤠

Good you bring up that name..

What our country desperately needs now is a man of Obama caliber who could work as hard, bring as much respect, be as well prepared, gain the goals we set in spite of the blockage and h**e driven by the right..

A fine man to do another fine job which we need so greatly..

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Dec 5, 2023 12:35:36   #
liberalh****r wrote:
Trump h**es homosexual Valor thieves.

That's why you H**e him, because he h**es you and your husband....we all see it in you, the coward anyways.

why are you such a lying d********g asshole.. you bring nothing at all to opp or anything else in the world but lies and h**e and more lies you stinking bastard gutless phony pile of scum ..

When you can offer nothing but insults and lies you should have some guts and remove yourself stop soiling the screen of OPP..

Get a life or end yours.. you miserable do nothing CS..

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Dec 5, 2023 09:43:03   #
fullspinzoo wrote:

Your link is a nothing burger... what is Abbot planning to do? When is Abbot going to do it? How is Abbot going to pay for it??

No meaningful information at all. Only more right wing running of the mouth..

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Dec 5, 2023 09:25:00   #
Milosia2 wrote:
A man who lied c***ted and stole his way to a point where it is inconceivable to have the wealth he says he does.
With $2.8 Billion amassed with lies and illegally inflated assets .
Just what is the true value of this man.
Not according to what he says but to what the actual books say ?
The IRS says ?
He is waiting at the moment for the New York prosecution to sentence him for The Fraud he has already been convicted of . The sentencing cones next . Sentencing will include a disGorgement of trump assets held in New York . Along with an abolishment of rights to conduct Any Businesses in New York. An alleviation of all permits .
I say trumpy is already in Prison. The prison of his own mind. He hasn’t been a happy man for a long time now. his family h**es him. His wife h**es him.
And trumpy is highly motivated to become a president , but , today mainly for revenge against his detractors as he has verbally and publicly stated.
Planning a destruction of this country .
MOM. Chevrolet and apple pie.
Burnt to the ground .
To rebuild a future country in the Name and image of Trumpy.
The United State (1) Of Trumpy .
One state
one government
One !
A man who lied c***ted and stole his way to a poin... (show quote)

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Dec 5, 2023 09:08:17   #
facts matter wrote:
Here's some of Bide's "boneheaded" accompishments:

Enabled medicare to negotiate drug prices.
Capped cost of insulin
Energy output highest in history
GDP rise of 5.2% this quarter
Rebuilding our Infrastructure, rather than just talking about it
Most people working in America EVER
Historic Expansion of Benefits and Services for Toxic Exposed Veterans.
Actually opening new factories in USA, rather than just talking about it
United allies to stop Russian aggression in Ukraine
Restored America's place as a leader on the world stage after years of buffoonery and lies
Didn't call for the suspension of the Constitution
Doesn't react like a spoiled child when he doesn't get his way
Surrounded by advisers that don't get jailed

I'm sure you'll let me know if I left anything out.
Here's some of Bide's "boneheaded" accom... (show quote)

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Dec 4, 2023 22:00:40   #
LogicallyRight wrote:
Replying in any depth, yet again, to a block of frozen brain cells, is a waste of time. The cops did not murder Floyd. That is a fact. Floyd k**led himself with an over dose 3 to 4 times what it takes to k**l someone. That is a fact. And you are a l*****t hack. That is a fact.

And I don't watch TV like you.

Wow, a real dingbat... I bet you also believe trump had the best policies for the USA..

It seems many are beyond hope and you are far past that stage.. are you planning a war to help trump take over the remains of what was the USA.. dork.

By your dumb ass comment about TV, I think you are trying to comment on news which does not come from an acknowledged right wing propaganda source..

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Dec 4, 2023 21:17:18   #
The focus of this thread has shifted a bit.

The 6 pm network news carried the story with more details..

3 commercial ships were struck by missiles from Iran.

The US war ship came to aid them, found minor damage to all 3. no fatalities..

drones came apparently from Iran. the Navy ship shot them all down.. no strikes on our ship.. the commercial vessels went or were towed to port, reparable and will be in use shortly..

Our ship returned to patrol and all is in order and quite... next strike will also be handled as needed.. USA>>>
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Dec 4, 2023 15:50:03   #
Ri-chard wrote:
What are they waiting on, Iran torpedoes.

If no one releases information, how is the news going to be broadcast...

I have not looked at my news lines this PM.. I gotta get on it..

I will post it if they have anything new...
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Dec 4, 2023 15:02:25   #
The network news had a report on this, but did not report on any damage. shot down some drones, I also am waiting to hear more details.. Video showed explosions but no damage to the ship...
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Dec 4, 2023 11:00:11   #
archie bunker wrote:
I didn't h**e you before Trump came down the escalator.
Actually, I don't h**e you now. I just want to d**g you through cactus with a horse. Then, pick you up, dust you off, give you a cup of coffee, and a nice, green, Rawhide hat, and let you sit in the sun to warm up.
I'm a nice guy. I don't h**e.
As bad as you want me to, I don't.

Good morning Archie.. I saw the mention of coffee and said to myself.. wow that Archie guy is a true good sumaritan.. but then I got to the rawhide hat and sun part and thought , nuts that would be no more fun than the cactus d**g... no fun at all.. So, nice guy that you are, I must go grab another cup of coffee...

Have a good day...

Oh about the previous mentioned Post office/amazon thing, If you run across it send a link, seems it could be correct, I get stuff from Amazon so fast, sometimes next day , sometimes a day or even two earlier than scheduled.. while mail is unchanged... not to belittle them at all . our letter lady lives on route and is a long acquaintance.. and a hard working gal.. the mail for us works fine..
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Dec 4, 2023 09:45:54   #
Ri-chard wrote:
NOGALES, ARIZONA — We know that illicit f******l is flowing into the U.S. from Mexico. Yet we rarely hear from the couriers who smuggle most of it through legal ports of entry. This is one of their stories.

Just before midnight on Aug. 4, 2021, Haley tried to cross the border from Mexico back into Arizona, where she lived. She was carrying 1,000 f******l pills inside her body.

"That was the first time I've ever done it," Haley says. "It was just a sudden decision that I made at the last moment."******l-smuggling-migrants-mexico-border-drugs
NOGALES, ARIZONA — We know that illicit f******l i... (show quote)

good post Ri-chard.. informative and timely..
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