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Posts for: Floyd Brown
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Aug 21, 2018 16:16:45   #
badbobby wrote:
just consider

We all could use something or other to bring out the best in our self.

Being on this site seems to bring out those that fail to see what it is others have to say.
(At least by those who think only they know what they say is right..)
I would say that covers all most every one.

The trick is trying to find if there is some one here who may know what they are taking about.
Aug 21, 2018 16:04:03   #
Mikeyavelli wrote:
Trump won't stop tweeting and making comments. He's a fighter. He's fighting back. And, it's effective. It was supposed to keep him from the nomination, then the presidency, now he has to shut up and smile while the deep state works to remove him from office.
Bullmueller. Trump is winning because of his mouth and his tweets. Very effective, don't you agree?

The fall is not going to be pretty or soft.

Hard & fast I would say.

Trump is just full of hot hate full air.

He has spewed it every where.

It will be his undoing.

Like the emperor with out cloths it will be the president with the shorted out brain.
Aug 21, 2018 15:54:33   #
pafret wrote:
"MAGA: Mission Accomplished?"

"MAGA: Mission Accomplished?"
by Bill Bonner

POITOU, FRANCE – "Well that was easy! After less than two years in office, Trump says it’s “mission accomplished.” A presidential tweet: "I have already MADE America Great Again, just look at the markets, jobs, military – setting records, and we will do even better."

Hey, hey… we used to think a nation was made great by its hard-working people… its sturdy institutions… its capital formation… its art and culture… and its vernacular of unwritten rules and manners. But now, we see how all it takes is one man…one genius… one brave patriot… one tireless advocate for all that is great.

Poor Herbert: Poor Herbert Hoover. What went wrong for him? If a great man can single-handedly make America great, how come Hoover – who took office shortly before the 1929 stock market crash – failed? Unlike Mr. Trump, who inherited a fortune from his father, Hoover was orphaned at nine years old. He got himself through Stanford by working odd jobs… and became a mining engineer with projects in Australia, China, Russia, and South Africa.

While in China, he and his wife learned the language, and later used it to have private conversations in the White House. In China, too, he was besieged in the Boxer Rebellion. Mrs. Hoover used a .38 caliber pistol to fight off the insurgents. In Burma, Hoover survived malaria.

In less than 20 years, Hoover rose to become a very wealthy man, helping to put in place major new innovations in metallurgy in his mining interests all over the world. He gave lectures at Columbia and Stanford, wrote a textbook on mining, and even translated the 16th century classic, "De Re Metallica," from Latin.

During World War I, he managed the food program in the U.S. and the food relief program for victims of the war in Europe. After the war, there was mass starvation in Russia, naturally, after the Bolsheviks had taken over. Working 14-hour days from an office in London, Hoover met the challenge as he always did, as unstoppable in his public service career as he had been in business. Rejecting appeals from Congress to let the Bolshies die, he replied: "Twenty million people are starving. Whatever their politics, they shall be fed!" And fed they were.

So if there was anyone who could Make America Great Again after the Crash of ’29, it was the man in the White House, President Herbert Hoover. He promised as much (but did not presume to be able to do it by himself): "We shall soon, with the help of God, be in sight of the day when poverty will be banished from this Nation."

Alas, even Herbert Hoover could not do the trick. The Great Depression began on his watch. It did not end until World War II. Maybe Mr. Trump is smarter, more dynamic, or just luckier… Possibly. But the gods lay traps for those who think they are… and laugh at them later. But let’s do as we have been bid to do. We will look at markets, jobs, and the military.

Inflating Employment: First up, jobs… Our colleague and President Reagan’s budget advisor, David Stockman, writes that, while the official unemployment rate has gone down, the number of full-time, “breadwinner” jobs in America, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in July, was 73.83 million. When the century began 18 years ago, the number was 72.73 million. Only 1 million decent new jobs have been created – while the U.S. population has grown by 48 million people! Almost all the rosy jobs numbers are traceable to 1) people dropping out of the workforce, 2) low-paid, part-time jobs in the leisure and medical service sectors, and 3) inflation.

More than 50 years ago, a sharp French economist, Jacques Rueff, noted cynically that the reason inflation seemed to boost employment was that real labor costs declined as the currency depreciated. Labor was cheaper; employers bought more of it. In other words, it was a way to rob the working stiffs without them realizing what was going on.

That is what is happening now. The inflation reading for July was 2.9%. Officially, wages are said to be increasing by about 2.8%. This means the typical worker is now getting poorer. His main asset – his time – is losing value. How does that make America great again?

Extra Sugar: Next up, the military. When America really was great – the 1950s – President Eisenhower was cutting military spending, not adding to it. As a soldier himself, Eisenhower knew the Pentagon operated like every other Deep State bureaucracy – gathering power and money to itself… while neglecting its core mission. Trump’s extra sugar for the military will make America poorer… and weaker.

Finally, the markets. To cover some old ground… the Fed is predictable. It is always making one of three mistakes: Mistake #1: lending too much for too little for too long… Mistake #2: raising rates to try to correct Mistake #1… or Mistake 3: cutting rates in a panic after Mistake #2 causes a crash.

After the crash of ’08–’09, it made the biggest Mistake #3 ever: pumping nearly $4 trillion into the credit markets through quantitative easing in order to get interest rates down to zero. Real rates (after inflation) were even lower. And even after being in “tightening mode” (Mistake #2) for the last two years, the fed funds rate – the rate at which banks lend money to each other – is still below the level of inflation.

The biggest Mistake #3 of all time produced the biggest stock market rally of all time… which finally peaked out on January 26 of this year. Since then, we’ve been waiting to see how and when the stock market will get down off the ledge.

So far, it has failed to take the leap. In addition to the Fed’s negative real rates, buybacks – when a company buys its own shares and “erases” them from the board – have held it back. Goldman Sachs says buybacks will hit $1 trillion this year. A stock buyback is an odd thing in a great economy. It suggests that the managers of companies can think of nothing better to do with company money than buy their own shares. Buying your own shares makes your business look more valuable… But it doesn’t increase sales or profits. And it doesn’t add jobs, productivity, wages, or anything else that might really make America great.

Capital investment – building new factories, offering new jobs, doing more training, research and development… is what brings home the bacon. But capital investment has been in decline for 50 years. In 1968, the U.S. devoted 24% of its GDP to capital investment. In 1988, the figure was 22%. In 2008, it was 20%. And now, it’s about 17%.

By most measures, stocks are way overpriced. And sooner or later, we should see the kind of crash that wrecked Hoover’s reputation. Then, we’ll see what it does to Mr. Trump’s reputation, such as it is."
"MAGA: Mission Accomplished?" br br im... (show quote)

All in all I would say that is what we are seeing happen.
Aug 21, 2018 15:41:10   #
son of witless wrote:
Your concern for those who have less than you is duly noted. I am sure that when you can, you share your good fortune through charity giving as you can afford, as I do. The problem with that is, the more you give, the more they want.

Where we disagree is with taxes. To me, taxes are a necessary evil. As such they should not be one penny above the absolute minimum to get the job done. Redistributing the wealth is in my opinion always a horrible idea.

I agree that having assets is good and that many do not. Of average working Americans there are three types. Spenders, savers, and investors. Spenders believe in spending every cent they make as fast or faster than they make it, because "you could be dead tomorrow and wouldn't you feel stupid if you did not have that extra ice cream cone, beer, or buy that brand new car before you died ". You cannot argue with that statement and win. I tried.

Then you have your savers. They are afraid they will never die, which is bad because it means they might run out of money if they lose their job. That fear in moderation is good. Lastly you have your investors. Those are savers who have mastered their fear of losing even a penny in order that they can make some real money at investing. They are not the ones who get suckered into get rich schemes. Those tend to be spenders who come into an unexpected windfall.

Except when the bottom drops out, none of those three groups does better when the government takes from the rich and gives to them.
Your concern for those who have less than you is d... (show quote)

Well have it your way but I will say you are living with yesterdays game plan.
There is a new game plan & it has changed.

It has been my objective to point out how & where the changes have taken place.

All I can say is hanging on to yesterdays game plane is not going to get us where we would like to be.
Aug 21, 2018 15:27:09   #
Mikeyavelli wrote:
You may not like a better picture, Mr. Brown. You know as well as anyone that obama and his cabal are engaged in bringing down a duly elected President.
Treason and sedition are the charges.
Unprecedented corruption in America.

Trump is his own worse enemy.
He is not the bright person he says he is.
He lacks the insight of keeping his mouth shut.
Live with it.

When you go back & want to check out what people have done wrong.
You may find that you may find more than you want to find.

Looking at past crimes to distract from present crimes will on delay the prosecution of present crimes.
We as a nation have arrived at a point in time where we will be looking much closer at the qualifications of our elected officials before the elections.

The old tenet has moved out.
If we want to look back at what has gone wrong It will only open the door for more looking.
How far & how deep do we look.?

The person living in the house now is hoping to use the actions of prior tenant as a reason his actions should be over looked.
A plan to divert attention away from actions by the present occupant.

That need cleaning up today.
Aug 20, 2018 19:20:45   #
son of witless wrote:
Just when was it different ? I say it is pretty much what it has always been.

I would say that you are nearing the end of your dream of what is truly going on around you.
Aug 20, 2018 19:11:00   #
Mikeyavelli wrote:
You know what happened. Obama and the intelligence agencies set up to keep Trump from winning the presidency and then they set up to remove Trump from office and they're still doing it.
Nothing like this has ever happened in America.

Our country is in a screwed up mess.
Things are only going to get worse.

For how bad & how long we should be getting a better picture before too much longer.
Aug 20, 2018 19:01:07   #
son of witless wrote:
So what is the problem ?

It has helped Big Money to get Bigger & allows them to buy more of the country.

It is good old capitalizm allowing some to get back more than they put in.(Much More)

I have some oil stocks. & get a decent diividen.

I wish that people would get it that I am not looking for what is good for me.
I say that there needs to be more peole that are as well off as I am.

It has to do with having assects.
Having no assets leaves a person in bad shape.
More people are having this problem every day.

I would say that there are many who lean to the right think just because they become self emplyed they are intitiled to have the tax laws favor their situation.
Not stoping to realize that it is the general public that needs more money. Money to spend to at small buisnesses to make them a better profit. (Not some bankers.d
Aug 20, 2018 18:48:33   #
son of witless wrote:
That is great theory. Every time what you propose gets put into action it is disaster. Capitalism is not perfect. You want perfect. Socialism fails. Cuba, the Soviet Union, and Venezuela are failures of what you believe. Give me examples of your successes.

Capitalism was great in this nation for a while.
But the wealthy have used their gains to buy out government.
I say that was taking capitalism to an extreme.
It leaves us no longer being any thing like a democracy.
Aug 20, 2018 18:32:03   #
son of witless wrote:
That is great news.

It is if you invest in oil.
Rather than just buying it.
Aug 20, 2018 18:18:11   #
son of witless wrote:
Why do you lump all of the rich into the same pot ? Why do you assume that all of the wealthy are all Republicans. Democrats have more than matched Republicans in Rich Guy support for at least the last decade.

Why do you assume that Obama and Hillary voters are not just as stupid as Trump voters ?

If we are going to support a system that is fair in having potential for all to have a fair chance to have a fair share in things.
It is only fair to have a system that sees there is some money in the pot for every one.

The more players in the game with a chance to have a winning hand once in a while is better than the house taking out money from every hand,
Leaving smaller pots & less winners the longer you play.
Aug 20, 2018 18:00:51   #
son of witless wrote:
Of course it is class envy. Someone must be blamed for the ills of the nation. Why not the rich ? I do not say you are wrong in bashing SOME RICH. What I dislike is the blanket approach. The rich are like everyone else, they come in all flavors. What you dislike, I applaud. The rich should pay the same rate as you or I and that does not include capital gains.

To me the best way to control the rich for the greater good is to allow them to be them. Let them compete against one another for my services and yours. They do a far better job than some closet Communist bureaucrat in Washington DC directing the economy. Does it ever occur to you to wonder why so many rich give money to Socialists like Bernie and his young lady side kick Ocasio-Cortez ? Why they are for higher taxes ?

Those rich have made their money. Either they are retired or their money is in tax shelters. Those are the evil, worthless rich I hate. What they do not want is the new rich having the same money as them. In my vast experience in this state called life, class envy is destructive. If some guy bets a lot of his money on a total crap shoot and finds a great new oil patch where everyone else thought he was nuts, why would you punish this guy ? WHY ???? He bet the farm and won. He just found new oil for a needy country, provided well paying jobs for a bunch of people, and made himself and a few others filthy rich.

This is capitalism at its best. To lump this guy in with the rich parasites who bribe our Senators and Congressmen is not right, but that is what you are doing ! ! That is the Venezuelan model of hating the rich. This is the difference between the risk takers of the real world and those whose only risk is that the politicians they bribe will be voted out.
Of course it is class envy. Someone must be blamed... (show quote)

You picked the wrong topic to show case your view.

Oil companies get to deduct all cost spent in seeking & drilling for the oil.
Then get to write off 27 1/2 % of profits before paying any taxes.
Aug 20, 2018 17:55:15   #
buffalo wrote:
I am not bashing the rich out of class envy. I am bashing the rich because They exist in both parties, yes. But THEY are problem is in DC and statehouses. They have (with their money) bought control of both houses of Congress and the legislation the is puked from those halls is every bit slanted to help them get richer and maintain their power even if at the expense of the middle and poor classes.

The latest example of this is the repulsive and trumpy's tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations accompanied by a revised lies of the trickle down myth and increased federal revenue.

Now trumpy is contemplating capitial gains be indexed to inflation. A $10 MILLION dollar stock purchase held for, say, 3 years and inflation is 5% during that period then sold for $12 MILLION instead of a capital gains tax on the $2 MILLION profit there would only be a capital gains tax on $1.5 MILLION. Bingo and automatic bonus of $500,000 TAX FREE!

The same would hold for real estate investments. Trumpy and his kiddos would benefit MILLION from this sham!

The next thing the repulsive are going to do is throw the elderly and poor under the bus by cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to OFFSET the RISING federal deficit caused by their tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations.
I am not bashing the rich out of class envy. I am ... (show quote)

The message is getting wings.
Fly baby fly.
Aug 20, 2018 17:43:13   #
Mikeyavelli wrote:
I'm waiting for Nunes and Tom Fitton to take down the obama Clinton cabal. If Trump declassifies the redactions on the documents received by Nunes and Fitton, lots of lefties are in deep trouble. And you know Trump will declassify those incriminating documents. They include obama, your god.

I say we need to put it all out on the table & let the chips fall where they may.
If what was done is wrong we need to see that no one gets a Get Out of Jail card.
But we should deal with the current situation first.
We need to cut the problem off before it gets a start nest time.

If we mess up with the problem before us now.
Our problems will keep getting worse.
Aug 20, 2018 12:12:01   #
Sicilianthing wrote:

PASS Wrong Answer

Again: I an not wish you well.

If my answers are wrong.
Well yours are much farther wrong.

You speak of an armed revolt.
A frontal attack on the government as it stands.
It is domed to fail.

There is no winning when you deal with those in power.

I will not take up arms in any exchanges with any one.
Once it all starts there ending is only bad.
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