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Posts for: JustTheTruth405
Feb 10, 2024 14:25:45   #
That man does not know what the t***h even is anymore he has been lying so long
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Feb 10, 2024 14:23:28   #
Amen. Amen! And Amen brother! Someone speaking the T***h! The left lost sight of what that was the moment Trump arrived on the stage. They have given in to & helped promote outright c*******m (although they prefer to be called Cultural Marxists). The have pulled almost every play from the C****e Playbook in their push to take down America from the inside. I don’t remember if it was Stalin or Lenin who said to accuse the other side of the very thing you’re doing - that is all I have seen of the left in 4 years
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Feb 3, 2024 14:36:23   #
Biden does NOT need congress to secure the border! I am so tired of hearing this BS that if the house republicans would just pass the bill, he’d sign it & secure it today. He has the authority to do it now. It was his executive orders that stopped every single policy Trump had in place that kept our border more secure than it had been in decades. This lies squarely at Biden’s feet - he is responsible for this invasion that cost our national security - we are all going to feel it when the attacks begin from within by the very terrorists he has welcomed in.
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Feb 3, 2024 14:30:51   #
Thank you, sir - took the words right out of my hands.
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