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Dec 6, 2023 09:55:03   #
RascalRiley wrote:
Projection, especially the first one. Trump uses fear mongering in every speech he makes and it works.

You all h**e any that are not loyal to him.

Magas projects on to the others what they are doing in an effort to normalize such tactics.

Fraidycat's b.s.
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Dec 6, 2023 09:53:14   #

Find this article interesting.
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Dec 6, 2023 09:34:29   #
TexaCan wrote:
No worry! She will just reinvent herself and and comeback under another name…………But “Kitty Kitty” will always be the same d********g person!

The next name will be "Woke Wendy"or something like that.
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Dec 6, 2023 09:32:52   #
Kevyn wrote:
While Republicans seeking the nomination debate, one of them tucks tail and runs. His failed ideas, lies and criminality would be front and center so he refuses to present his ideas, policy and vision with others from his own party. Realizing he would get his clock cleaned. Instead he is attending a fundraiser where the self proclaimed billionaire can fleece the MAGA fools that make up his cult.

Yeah yeah yeah ..... you don't even have a normal democrat nominee. They all to scared. Ahahahahahahaha tell it to the wind.
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Dec 6, 2023 09:28:11   #
permafrost wrote:
I am a history buff and the trump family is filled with nothing but fraud , lies and whorehouses.. grampa got kicked out of two countries... nice achievement..

some Biden family members had a rent-a-ride business in China and that has truly inflamed you orange people..

Finally a sensible meme!
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Dec 6, 2023 09:25:21   #
Big Kahuna wrote:
Yea, yea, yea and I was the Valedictorian of both my high school and college. A perfect 4.0!!!

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Dec 6, 2023 09:22:35   #
DASHY wrote:
Is there any part of the Immigration Debate that you agree with?

I agree with legal immigration. Deport all i******s, secure the border. And k**l whoever tries to come across.
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Dec 6, 2023 08:47:55   #
JFlorio wrote:
You could start a factual thread about all the things that corrupt POS Biden is already doing to ruin the country. For example; 12,080 i******s crossed the southern border yesterday. Most, military age men. That's just one fact that i***ts don't want to acknowledge

Problem is when you start factual thread liberals hardly respond. Their only hope is arguing opinions right now. Even though i know lossaggie is not very happy with Biden.
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Dec 6, 2023 08:44:21   #
proud republican wrote:

Why not cancel violent pro- Hamas events instead, COWARD!!..????😡🙄

Bass terd!

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Dec 6, 2023 08:43:02   #
proud republican wrote:
Just saw CNN i***t panicking: 'OH no he said he'll be a dictator on day one'.. 🤣🤣🤣 These people are so predictably stupid!!! .. I thought it was funny what he said!!..

The problem is their little peabrain can comprehend only half of what's said.
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Dec 6, 2023 08:37:39   #
XXX, We wish you and your crew the Best... and Godspeed. 🇺🇲[/quote]

Thank you. For now we will wait pray and hope.
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Dec 6, 2023 08:35:43   #
This whole thread is a s**t pile of opinions started by an opinion which we are supposed to prove wrong. Tell me how do you prove an opinion wrong? We could start an opinion about what Biden might do to screw the whole country if he wins again. Could anyone prove it wrong? No! Hell no! All this is is opinions. People trying to scare others with their opinions. Get real. Opinions help nothing.
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Dec 6, 2023 08:23:56   #
kemmer wrote:
So your boyfriend does like you rimming him? Ewww......

Your link don't work .....
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Dec 6, 2023 08:18:10   #
ACP45 wrote:
Donald Trump, George Bush, and Joe Biden were set to face a firing squad in a Central American country.

Donald Trump was the first one placed against the wall and just before the order was given, he yelled out, "Earthquake!"

The firing squad fell into a panic and Donald Trump jumped over the wall and escaped during the confusion.

George Bush was the second one placed against the wall.

The squad was reassembled, and George pondered what he had just witnessed.

Again, before the order was given George yelled out, "Tornado!"

Again, the squad fell apart and George slipped over the wall.

The last person, Joe Biden, was placed against the wall.

He was thinking, I see the pattern here, just scream out something about a disaster and hop over the wall.

He confidently refused the blindfold as the firing squad was reassembled.

As the rifles were raised in his direction, he grinned from ear to ear and yelled, "Fire!"

And this story my friends reflects the true intelligence of the guy now living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
Donald Trump, George Bush, and Joe Biden were set ... (show quote)

It wasn't a disaster as Biden intended . Good ridiance!
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Dec 6, 2023 08:14:16   #
Marty 2020 wrote:
Hope we don’t have to wait 50 years to bury Clinton!

Oh man some people on here would be 120 to 130 years old.
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