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Dec 6, 2023 08:58:07   #
Proudconservative wrote:
That is funny... 不不不不不She's just so braindead. Like my dad used to say to my little brother. If your ass cheeks flapped as much as your mouth does you would chew all hole right through that seat your sitting on.

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Dec 6, 2023 08:44:01   #
albertk wrote:
For an enema? OUCH!!!

That's awesome! I needed a good laugh this morning...LOL
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Dec 6, 2023 08:39:08   #
XXX wrote:
Oh man some people on here would be 120 to 130 years old.

OMG...I can't even imagine being that old! EEEKS!!
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Dec 5, 2023 20:39:14   #
David L wrote:
Makes sense that her last act in life was to steal something.

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Dec 5, 2023 19:48:56   #
ACP45 wrote:
Donald Trump, George Bush, and Joe Biden were set to face a firing squad in a Central American country.

Donald Trump was the first one placed against the wall and just before the order was given, he yelled out, "Earthquake!"

The firing squad fell into a panic and Donald Trump jumped over the wall and escaped during the confusion.

George Bush was the second one placed against the wall.

The squad was reassembled, and George pondered what he had just witnessed.

Again, before the order was given George yelled out, "Tornado!"

Again, the squad fell apart and George slipped over the wall.

The last person, Joe Biden, was placed against the wall.

He was thinking, I see the pattern here, just scream out something about a disaster and hop over the wall.

He confidently refused the blindfold as the firing squad was reassembled.

As the rifles were raised in his direction, he grinned from ear to ear and yelled, "Fire!"

And this story my friends reflects the true intelligence of the guy now living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
Donald Trump, George Bush, and Joe Biden were set ... (show quote)

Nice analysis Although it a oldie it has a nice twist.
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Dec 5, 2023 19:40:49   #
dtucker300 wrote:
'Spotless' Christian teacher fired for spilling school's dark secret
Accused of 'conduct unbecoming,' she's now suing for $10 million
By Bob Unruh
Published December 5, 2023 at 11:11am

A school in Ludlow, Massachusetts, now is facing a $10 million lawsuit brought by a teacher who was fired for talking with parents about their child, actions that school officials wildly claimed was "conduct unbecoming a teacher."

It is the organization Mass Resistance that has the latest report on the war by the school against traditional ideas and morals.

"Bonnie Manchester had a spotless record in 23 years as a teacher at Baird Middle School. She laid it all on the line when she saw what was now happening to vulnerable children," the organization reported. "Bonnie Manchester is a Christian middle school teacher who was fired from her job in 2021. Her 'crime' was informing a father and mother that school officials were referring to their daughter as a boy and keeping it secret from them."

The situation is becoming more and more common these days as Joe Biden's agenda to push the t*********r ideology on Americans becomes more and more aggressive. He's often used the bureaucracy to create "rules" requiring such indoctrination for schools and others.

The Mass Resistance report said Manchester's $10 million lawsuit is against the town, the town's school committee and multiple school employees "who were part of the effort to fire her," including the former and current superintendents, former Baird Middle School principal, former counselor and former librarian, a t*********r who is accused in the filing of pushing that ideology onto children.

The parents of the child involved earlier had filed a lawsuit against the school, which already is at the appellate level.

Mass Resistance explained it has monitored that school situation for a long time.

"The sexualization of middle school children in the Ludlow schools goes back nearly a decade. Objections from parents and school staff were rejected or dismissed. The 65-page lawsuit filing describes in detail how the 't*********r' middle school librarian (a woman who dressed as a man) allegedly began g***ming children with graphic sexual, homosexual, and t*********r-themed books and other inappropriate material starting in 2014. The books were not only given to children directly in special 'individual reading time' sessions, but also brought into the classrooms," the report said.

According to the filing when parents complained school managers refused to act, even demeaning the parents.

Manchester was shocked that school officials were delivering explicit sexual content to children and was subjected to "harassment and intimidation" because of her objections, the report said.

Even worse, "The lawsuit describes how the school counselor and others maliciously coached troubled children to take on 't*********r' identities with opposite-sex names and pronouns," the report said.

In the specific case involving the young girl, the parents had instructed the school managers not to have any private conversations as she was already in counseling.

They ignored the request, the filing charges, and "secretly persuaded the daughter that she was really 't*********r' and encouraged her to use a male name and 'pronouns,'" the report notes.

Incidentally, the report explains the lawsuit explains the counselor had few, if any, professional qualifications in child psychiatry and child development.

Then the school used deception, instructing school officials to call the girl "he" in school, but "she" when talking with her parents.

Manchester, who previously had been asked by the girl's parents to help her with various school projects, was sent the school's instructions to deceive the parents, and told the father.

The school retaliated, the lawsuit charges, by claiming that what was contained in an email sent to the school in general was "confidential" and dismissed Manchester.

The lawsuit notes that Manchester didn't violate any school board-approved policy, any ordinance or any education standard, any state law or regulation.

And, in fact, the parents had previously asked Manchester to talk to them about their daughter.

And, the report notes, "Moreover, the school had always encouraged communications between teachers, students, and their families. In fact, since 2013 the school had made communication with parents and families an important criterion of the teachers biennial performance evaluations. In the past when Bonnie informed parents on other issues, she was given accolades."

WND reported when the firing occurred that "B.F.," the daughter, was coached by the school to be t*********r.

A commentary at PJMedia described the situation as a "g***mer school" where officials coached children into t*********r ideologies while hiding their actions from parents.
'Spotless' Christian teacher fired for spilling sc... (show quote)


This kind of behavior coming from the schools and the school boards is so d********g!! The schools and the government have no business whatsoever sticking there opinions and agenda on our children!!! This needs to stop! This has nothing to do with academic learning. Its social, and is up to the parents how their children are raised. NO one else's! The ones pushing this agenda can "g***m" their own children.

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Dec 5, 2023 18:56:02   #
dtucker300 wrote:
I know for certain OPP has notified the FBI about some accounts. For all you know, I may be FBI. And with your ass sticking out you speak in raspberries and dingle-berries.

The difference is that I have nothing to be ashamed of that I have ever said on OPP whereas the l*****t dumbasses say stupid things every day and will continue to say stupid things to appease the woke masters, because they will never wise up. But wokeism will eventually fade and give way to the t***h. You'll never eliminate the first amendment except through the pointed end of a gun, and there are more of us who believe in the second amendment that there are of your ilk. Everything the left touches turn to crap eventually. That is why they're ass up in the ground. They're such as easy targr their controllers to screw them.

I hear your mother calling you from upstairs above your basement room. It's time to take your meds.
I know for certain OPP has notified the FBI about ... (show quote)


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Dec 5, 2023 18:46:15   #
liberalh****r wrote:
Then you should love my company...... this is something new included in all contracts if other companies want to do business under our umbrella.

No boycott of Israel, gun and ammo makers along with energy companies......... where woke not only dies........ but is held in contemp without mercy.

Read it, you'll love it

That's fantastic!
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Dec 5, 2023 18:30:24   #
proud republican wrote:

I'm beginning to like Sen Fetterman...

Isreal is doing what they must. Hamas started this. Now they are crying unfair? War crimes? How come we don't hear any of this out of Ukraine? Haven't they lost children and families? What about Russia's war crimes?


I watched a PBS program last night. These two woman one from Isreal and the other from Palestinian are trying to figure out how to make a peaceful resolution. They are looking to make two states under one government. That would allow peace and prosperity. I wish them luck. Women don't really have much of "say so" in each of the cultures. But these woman do have a common goal. To stop the k*****g of the children. Woman in general will stop at nothing to save their children. I wonder how long it's going to take for the mothers on both sides to join forces? It's possible. They are already starting to talk to each other.

Just thought I'd throw this out there and see what might stick to the walls. Men do have a different point of view.
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Dec 5, 2023 17:36:03   #
fullspinzoo wrote:
He has depleted our oil supply by diggin' into our emergency reserve. Has this guy done anything right?

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Dec 4, 2023 18:26:50   #
EmilyD wrote:
That was a response to kemmer....when he responded to you with his ridiculous "conversion therapy" comment. Maybe read back for context??

I know you know what I wrote, I was kind of adding to what you wrote...

(And believe me, I have responded to the wrong person enough to be embarrassing!! It's easy to do when there's a "live" conversation going on! )

I've done that myself. No worries. I need to feed the troops here. These pups are hungry! I'll be back later. Carry on...
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Dec 4, 2023 18:15:51   #
son of witless wrote:
And morally sick.

I forgot to add that one.
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Dec 4, 2023 18:06:03   #
EmilyD wrote:
He's not talking about conversion therapy. He's talking about you and your free will...the choice of the lifestyle you've made. The gift that God gave you so you can choose Him - or not - when you die.

I know.
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Dec 4, 2023 17:44:33   #
kemmer wrote:
Now youre just beginning to talk stupid like Emily.

Says the pot calling the kettle black filled with cherries.
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Dec 4, 2023 17:32:18   #
kemmer wrote:
Theyre obviously smarter than you; they know once youre born straight or gay, thats the way youre gonna stay.

You cherry pick . Then a quick sassy comeback. You choose to speak for all gays. Are you afraid your going to loose a playmate?
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