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May 21, 2024 14:09:06   #
Does it really matter?

All America gets is the Shaft, either way.

True Party V**ers are the Radical die hard. Democrats will v**e Democrat. Republicans will v**e Republican. Just like they always do. Hit that old Party Box on the B****t and get the hell out quick.

But, what about all the other eligible V**ers in this Country? There are more of them than the two parties combined. Many, many more disgusted with Radical Democrats and Republicans.

Besides, Biden could have us in a Civil War or WW III long before then?
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May 19, 2024 17:22:13   #
What Poitician will disobey a Billionaire Donor?
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May 19, 2024 13:18:26   #
Nothing is over. Democrats want Trump destroyed by any means necessary. Assassination is not out of the question at this late date, either.

The Democrats are making Donald Trump more popular by the day. Trump couldn't ask for better at this point. He is in the News every day.

The Democratic Party inner circle is a practicing group of complete Morons.
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May 19, 2024 13:06:37   #
If the Evidence is there, why not?

Don't Democrats preach that no one is above the Law?

Right back at ya, Democrats!

The very old but familiar game of Tit for Tat that Democrats and Republicans always play.

Here we go again!
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May 19, 2024 10:49:17   #
That's true. The choices have already been made by the two Parties.

The Independent Candidate exists as a Liberal Alternative.

The Libertarian Party offers a alternative Conservative Candidate.

Why not one of them?

Why are Democrats and Republicans so afraid of disobeying their Party Masters? The Two Party System has not worked for decades.
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May 19, 2024 09:33:40   #
Actually, these debates are insults to the American People by the Two Party Political System. They won't be worth the time of honest Americans.

The Democrat and Republican Parties have proven the Corruption beyond a shadow of a doubt. Biden and Trump were bad enough their first times in the White House.

Then, the two Parties have elected to repeat their Corruption. Everyone in the World knows much more about these two old men.

Partisan V**ers have shown their true colors, too. Be they Blue or Red, they followed their Party Masters, just like always.

There is no excuse for what has happened in this Country. Democrats and Republicans have shared Power since the first American Civil War.

Today's America and Politics are the results of what Democrats and Republicans have accomplished.

What America has suffered every day since is testament of what Democrats and Republicans have accomplished all the years of their existence. Today's America!

All that remain of the Democrat and Republican Parties are their Radical Followers and Leaders. The Moderates of each checked out already. Some even created a new Political Party. That makes six Political Parties in total. Not two.

How many People have run for President in this e******n cycle in all those Parties? Biden and Trump are the best of that whole Bunch? Really, America? A choice of two Evils, by the few? Really?

As Liberal as RFK, Jr. and his Running Mate are, they, too, were rejected by their own Party, in favor of Joseph Biden.

Think about that, People? How insulting is that to you Democrat V**ers? On RFK's worst day, he is a much better choice than Biden.

Republicans also had some potentially better candidates than Trump. Vivek Ramaswamy was a polite, younger version of Donald Trump who had a solid vision for America. He was solidly rejected by Republicans.

So, neither the Democrat, nor the Republican Parties gave one ounce of consideration to this Republic, our Constitution, Freedom, or the continuance of America. They chose Evil over Good.

Both chose the two known Evils to repeat the destruction of America.

If there ever was a better time for Decent Americans to reject the Democrat and Republican Parties, it is the 2024 E******n Cycle. It is time for real Americans to purge the whole of the Two Party Political System.

Even Democrat and Republican Party Radicals can redeem themselves. All that need take place is to reject Democrats and Republicans at the B****t Box. Don't remain Political S***es of the Democrat and Republican Parties.

If ever there was a time for America's "Sleeping Giant" to wake up, it is the 2024 E******n Cycle.
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May 18, 2024 16:44:17   #
There are already tangible replacements. They get ignored all the time. There are five P**********l Candidates, did you know that?
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May 18, 2024 14:11:37   #
If you are a Taxpayer, you have most likely been thoroughly victimized by your elected Politicians?

When you spend time in Government Employment, you tend to learn much more about the Government than you wished you had. The decade I lasted was in the Finance sector.

All things being what they are, the lawyers on the jury should guide the other jurors about the law and the convolution of this case. If it all comes to the Jury actually doing its appointed job? The Verdict will be Political, no matter what it is, though. The intentions of the Government Employees has been paramount throughout.

Anyone who has ever worked in a large scale business knows that CEOs are oblivious to anything that goes on day to day in the business.

It's why CEOs have staff Attorneys and Accountants and their underling personnel to do the day to day stuff.

Michael Cohen is a legally proven Liar with no regard for himself, his profession, or his own source of Income. He is a professional Whore doing the bidding of the highest paying "John".

On the other hand, I have spent some time in my government career doing compliance auditing of Government Employees' Behaviors. My take on this whole situation surrounding Trump is a tad different than an average V**er or Taxpayer.

Merchan may be lucky to keep his job? I'm pretty sure he has stepped past the Line of Honesty and Integrity more than a couple times in this Trial.

Tucked away in the Government Employee Rules of Behavior there is an interesting regulation about "Politics" in Government Employment. It's simply not allowed at all. Government Employees work for all Taxpayers. Playing Politics on the job can be a firing offense.

People should think about that for a few minutes? It applies to elected officials, too, once they accept their government jobs.

So, for all the Taxpayers and V**ers in America, were these potential "Political" trials, etc., nothing more than Government Employees and their Proxies committing Fraudulent spending of Taxpayer Dollars? I would suggest that they are?

At this point, Trump would be a damned Fool to testify in any of these trials. All of the Government Employees involved are, at best, potentially C*********d by their own Behaviors as Government Employees.

Every aspect of Government Funding is infested with Fraud, Waste, and Abuse of Taxpayer Dollars in mind boggling amounts.

Now you know why America has the National Debt it does. Victimized Taxpayers and V**ers completely failed to be Responsible American Citizens and Good Stewards of this Republic.

Politicians, meaning Government Employees, have been robbing Taxpayers for a very long time, and V**ers routinely failed to Fire them over many generations.

Now, they are doing it right in your faces, and you still do not get it, do you?
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May 18, 2024 10:33:50   #
Big Kahuna wrote:
It sounds like you should be touring the colleges in our country lecturing on positive thinking and dropping their "victimhood" card.

Liberals of any claim or kind wouldn't let me anywhere near a college today. I don't have a single Check Mark on their list of qualified Humans. I'm one of those real nasty "American Terrorists" that Liberals loath. And damned proud of it!

Besides, I am an Old Man.
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May 17, 2024 14:13:01   #
fullspinzoo wrote:
Greed is a funny thing, but that's all this is. Must have been so easy to get $20, so let's go for $30. Raising the minimum wage to $20 hasn't done enough damage, especially fast food joints.

I see a different America from most people, I suspect? I see a Dependent America with a very high degree of Opportunity. IF People can get past their Dependency and Entitlement Mindset. Those are roads to Failure and S***ery.

During my working life, I had nonunion and union jobs. I then started my own business from scratch. I sold that business to an employee and retired at age 60.

NAFTA and out of control Unions k**led America's manufacturing commerce. America globalized. It now produces very little of its own Consumption needs.

That means that America can be great again if that capacity to be self reliant is rebuilt and restored into an Independent Nation again.

Socialism in its many forms is chosen Failure by the People. I had the opportunity of the Viet Nam War and an assignment in South Korea to observe the tortures and atrocities of two Socialist Countries. North Viet Nam and North Korea. At the time, America was the Land of Opportunity.

S***ery gets no one anywhere. Dependency and Entitlement are programmed S***ery. The American People have chosen both as their mainstay Society. Today's America!

America must reject Democrats and Republicans if it is to survive. Both are destructive Socialist bodies who prey on the weak to join the Masses of Dependency and Entitlement Mindsets. There is no Freedom in that to Succeed.

Real Life is a progression of Successes and Failures. Mine was a business in Finance. I hired Professional and Non-Professional People. Apprenticeship was the name of our game. From Filing Clerk to Staff Accountant or Financial Planner, everyone had the opportunity to progress in our Company. If you had the desire to succeed.

As an Employer, I started employees at a fair wage for a beginner. As my business grew, so did those employees who wanted to succeed. If they worked hard and grew in qualification, their success was up to them. I supported my workforce by promoting from within, first.

$30 Minimum Wages will k**l the Minimum Wage Jobs. It already is. So, where do People go to learn their Apprenticeships? Because, all jobs of any kind have the ever perpetual Apprenticeship. Success is real life. Success is Progressing and serving your Apprenticeship to reach the next level.

My most valuable Apprenticeship was serving in the Military after high school. That was 1966. I was no Draft Dodger. I was an American Citizen. It required becoming an Adult Male. It required Learning way beyond my own Naivete. It required learning and beccming a Leader. It provided the benefits to succeed for the rest of my Life.

Above and beyond the popular Politics at the time, to which I refused to subscribe, America, the Land of Opportunity, was very good to me.
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May 13, 2024 13:28:10   #
Democrats and Republicans have a real problem on a couple levels, perhaps? On one hand, they do the deed. On the other, they let it happen. Their constant Tit for Tat games. They just fumble around instead of doing what's Right.

It's looking like it's too late to think about the continued existence of the American Republic, Constitutional Rights, and Freedom?

From a tactical political point of view, the cards appear perfectly aligned to allow the Democrats to fulfill their One Party Power Dream by September 2024?

The average Partisan American clearly refuses to see things for what they are. They appear so mesmerized by their own Hatred and lack of Civility that Democrats will likely succeed. Republicans responses seem at best to be weak and fruitless.

Democrats control most of the key Government elements. They have created the issues that will continue and expand the current Civil Unrest.

So, Democrats would be Fools to not declare Martial Law, suspension of the Constitution, and cancellation of the E******ns this Summer. Who would stop them? Republicans?

Of course, that is all backed up with Biden's support of and intentions to include America in the United Nations "Global Emergency Powers Program" in September. Again, who would stop Biden and his Democrats? Republicans?

Once America gets out of control, the UN could and may unilaterally declare America a "Global Emergency", and unilaterally make sure America surrenders to the Will of the New World Order.

"Revolution?" Try it, America? The conquering of America has been a 60 year endeavor by Marxist Democrats and the New World Order.

Like many in America, I have seen every day of the Democrats' Deceit, Lying, Scheming, and Uncivilized Hatred of America and Americans in the last 60 years.

Democrats and Republicans already destroyed the UNITED STATES of America. That is pretty obvious these days, months, and years. This Country is in the same split Hatred situation it was in April 1861, just before Fort Sumter and the Civil War.

The wholesale Fear, lack of Citizenship and Patriotism in America today has already defeated America as we know it. 70 plus percent of the People already admitted their sins in subject specific polls and surveys.

As a Veteran, and American Citizen, I made my decisions long ago. My allegiances are to Republic, Constitution, and Freedom. I don't apologize for that. I saw and experienced America's attitudes about all of this History.

I have zero allegiances to Democrat or Republican Parties when the shooting starts in earnest. In these last 60 years I have gone from Warmongering Baby K**ler" to today being an "American Terrorist", just because of who and what I am.

I'll be Standing with American Patriots. I may be old. But, I have forgotten very little about my Military Training and Experiences. And, I can still shoot straight. I made my promise to this Republic 57 years ago.

I know exactly what it's like facing Angry, Out of Control, Americans, too. I was a Senior Leader in the Military Police response during the 79 Civil Unrest Crisis in South Florida.

Now, the big question is, "Am I correct in my analysis and conclusions based on what I have seen and experienced over a lifetime?"
This next nine months will answer that question, won't it?
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May 12, 2024 11:14:36   #
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May 10, 2024 13:44:35   #
Strycker wrote:
You are correct, however, what would you do if the v**ers choose to eliminate the constitution and grant the federal government all the power the politicians desire? What if the people v**e to eliminate capitalism and liberty and replace it with c*******m? Would you accept the left's view of what they want the country to be rather than what the country is designed to be if the v**ers were to choose it? Is it still up to the v**ers if they choose, by ideology or ignorance, a course differing from yours? How do you prevent it?
You are correct, however, what would you do if the... (show quote)

Yes, it is up to the V**ers. Or, is it? The big question is "Will we have another e******n?"

There is a vicious, uncivilized hatred existing between Democrats and Republicans. They will never again be able to jointly do anything FOR the American People.

Democrats control key Government elements. We all know that. We also know they are doing very poorly FOR We the People.

Democrats are already behaving like a Third World Country. That started eight years ago. I believe they will do wh**ever is necessary to end Trump's threat of defeating them in the November E******n. Anything!

Observation: The R**ts in the last eight years have been in Democrat controlled Cities. There was nothing peaceful about them. Those were Democrat Constituencies who suffered in those R**ts.That was their own People.

There is already Civil Unrest, and Summer is still coming. Would Biden declare Martial Law? Suspend the Constitution? Cancel the E******n?

I lived in Delaware until the early late 70s. I met and observed Biden on a number of official occasions. I served on the Governor's Military Honor Guard. I believe Biden will do wh**ever his handlers tell him to do. The term is, "Plausible Deniability." "Biden did it."

Biden is scheduled to be at the United Nations in September. If he enrolls America in their Global Emergency Powers Program, the UN has unilateral authority to declare and take unilateral control anywhere in the World. Pretty damned important I suspect? I suspect every V**er in this Country better check this out very carefully? The New World Order.

I know exactly what Comminism looks like. When you see it up close and personal, you get a real good dose of Reality and T***h.

But, no matter the quality of the V**er, they will surely choose wh**ever happens next, when they v**e again.

If the Democrats and Republicans escalate their War with each other much more, or the e******n is canceled, everyone will be rethinking everything about their lives and allegiances.
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May 10, 2024 09:26:04   #
In 1966 I was 18 years old. Three years an Active Duty Soldier. 14 years a National Guard Soldier. And, 25 years a Business Owner in the Financial Profession. I have seen a lot of Politics in my lifetime.

As I look at America today, there is really only one Group of People to Blame for what is today's America. That is the Party V**ers.

The Democrat and Republican Parties are the largest V****g Block in America. Has been for the better part of 165 years.

One Party does. The othere plays the Tit for Tat game when Power changes. Been that way for a very long time.

Biden, Trump, Democrats, and Republicans means only one thing. America will continue its decline and self destruction. The insane Hatred for each other guarantees that. Habitual Behavior is very hard to change.

The Party V**ers have consistently refused to impose Term Limits and to Drain the Swamp. These are indisputable facts in the many E******ns this Nation has had. So, too, are the long lines of Career Politicians.

Say what you will. Criticize however you choose. Get madder than hell, if you want. V**ers consistently refuse Accountability, too.

But, in that V****g Booth, it is just you, your own knowledge, and your very own decision. It is no one else's. It is yours alone.

Today's America took many hundreds of millions of v**es, and many decades to get here. Politicians come and go. But V**ers are always in America. Generation after generation, Families follow their Habitual Behaviors.

I saw the first inklings of the nonacceptance of Responsibility and Accountability is my early teens. It was called "Not my Johnnie" and "Not in my Backyard" syndromes. Those have grown like weeds in a garden.

The Viet Nam War years truly saw the beginning breakdown of the American Psychy. I went through those years of America's chanting "Warmongering Baby K**ler" by the American People. We would go on to seeing the Democrat led Senate Nullify and Void everything the American Military did in the two decades of the war Lyndon Johnson escalated after John Kennedy's Assassination. I saw that event, too, as it actually happened. And, everything that is now part of American History since then.

Today, knowing what I now know, I would not repeat my Military career. I am now a P**********lly labeled "Terrorist". Because I am a White, Conservative, Christian Male.

So be it!

How the hell does that happen in America? Why do you, the V**er, think I am a "Warmongering Baby k**ler" and a "Terrorist"? You are not an American at heart. You are a Democrat or Republican at heart. One does the labeling, and the other let's it happen.

Why do the Democrat and Republican Parties still exist? This Country knows they are the most corrupt organizations in America. Yet, they still exist.

In November, Democrats and Republicans will duke out another e******n, maybe? That jury is still out. If V**ers have the opportunity to V**e again, what will they do?

The Primary E******ns decided that America will repeat yet another E******n between two failed P**********l Candidates, and two failed Political Parties, with all their associated failed Elected Politicians.

Who in this Country has actually seem and experienced the miseries of Civil War?

V**er History says that V**ers will do what they always do.

So, America, who is to really blame for that? Who is in the V****g Booth with you, the V**er?
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May 9, 2024 13:13:50   #
Trump Trials and Biden Scandals! So what? Third World Countries always put the Opposition in Jail, or worse.

More of the twisted Humor of today's America is being demonstrated in Trump and Biden, isn't it?

For example, why the hell would a Country intentionally have Open Borders? Obviously not to protect its Citizens or Way of Life? Right?

This is just an example of America being bitten right in the Ass by Americans.

No one cares about the Constitution or the Rule of Law in this Lawless, Immoral Society anymore. That's why V**ers have the Government and Society America has. It's the product of Freedom of Choice, isn't it?

Why the hell do people think the V**ers of this Country elected the Corruption that is the American Political and Governmental Systems, and the Society we have today?

Because they are the largest combined V****g Block in America, Democrat and Republican V**ers spent many decades meticulously constructing and completing this corrupt System. It's the collaborative efforts of Democrat and Republican V**ers to enjoy the Sins of Humanity without Consequence.

Criminals of all kinds, origins, and descriptions are America's prized Citizens. They are adamantly protected by our Governmrnt and Society. They can do no wrong. All their Behavior is excused with no appreciative consequences.

What are Biden and Trump?

America's reputation of Naivete, Foolishness, destroying the Rule of Law, violating the Constitution, Drug and Sex Trafficking, and purposely fighting Wars for Profit only to capitulate to America's Enemies are pretty obvious Anti-American Behaviors, don't ya think?

It took over forty years for American V**ers to convert the Public Education System to a Political Indoctrination System to turn America into the Third World Totalitarian Nation it is now. Anti-American, perhaps?

America, by its own Freedom of Choice, is exactly the way V**ers wanted it to be. Today's America, no matter the cost.

Just look at these two principal P**********l Candidates? Will Biden, or Trump change or save America from itself? Does not each guarantee more of the same nonsense we are going through now?

All of this is courtesy of Democrat and Republican V**ers, who are still the largest combined V****g Block in America.

The t***h is in America's E******n statistics.

America is not getting out of this hole it dug for itself any time soon. Certainly not with Democrat and Republican Party V**ers, right?
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