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Apr 23, 2024 00:17:40   #
DASHY wrote:
Donald Trump's latest legal defeat in a New York court — a jaw-dropping $354 million judgment to claw back the proceeds of a decade of fraud, plus almost $100 million in interest — puts an exclamation point on an unprecedented losing streak in his home state.

Trump and his company have been winless in a series of costly, cascading high-profile legal battles in New York in the last 14 months. It has been a reckoning without precedent, with judges and juries alike concluding that Trump and his company have engaged in illegal behavior for years.

Trump's losses have come in state and federal court, civil and criminal, in rulings by juries and judges. A total of 30 jurors in three cases have unanimously ruled against Trump or his company.
Donald Trump's latest legal defeat in a New York c... (show quote)

A well orchestrated witch hunt, nothing more
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Apr 22, 2024 01:17:48   #
Coos Bay Tom wrote:
Amen and amen -- Without the love of God in me I am nothing. I was once a low down dirty sinner among sinners having the time of my life and I was miserable .One day I looked back at my wasted life and broke down in shame . I met Jesus and I straightened out and how . I was truly happy . I met a wonderful woman and we had a wonderful life . we owned 2 houses and had AAA credit . She was taken by a brain aneurysm in 1997 . I still love her and visit her grave . I crawled into the bottle once more and Betty came into my life and rescued me. The Lord took her home April 13th. Now it is me and our 11 year old grand daughter Louella Bliss . I call her Lulu or Ella which ever comes out of my mouth . She is my world and we are going to make sure we have a happy day every day -- I'm just going to have to teach her how to cook and do laundry and take care of a house in addition to telling her to brush her teeth
Amen and amen -- Without the love of God in me I ... (show quote)

Lulu is the luckiest little girl in the whole world to have such an amazing grandpa! Betty will help guide you from above .
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Apr 20, 2024 02:38:37   #
LiberalGrammyD wrote:
Fine TheSTATE has NO Right to tell any female what she can do with her body. People should be allowed to choose who they want to marry regardless of g****r and again the STATE has no right to legislate morals. I also don't need to be reminded with constant Bible references so LEAVE ME ALONE!

Unless they are being forced to get a v*****e then I guess your moral high horse doesn’t matter
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Apr 20, 2024 02:35:00   #
LiberalGrammyD wrote:
I will try to answer. My parents were JFK and then LBJ Liberals. I was 13 when my brother was k**led in Viet Nam( Dec 69) 5yrs later when I turned 18 I decided to v**e for Democrats because they favored peace. My first e******n was in 76 and v**ed for Carter. Ever since I saw the Democratic choice more interested in the people and not the millionaires. I also think you are right progressive issues are inclusive and that scares the Right and threatens their control. They are afraid of independent women, including all in our politics(ie L***Q members and often times Non W****s and workers who challenge management by organizing for fair pay,treatment and safe work environs). I saw Pres Clinton as a student of JFK and his ideas. After 8yrs of "W"s paranoia I also was glad to see Barak OBama elected and firmly believe that if SecClinton had won in 2016 we would not be in the situation we have now. I think Liberals deserve a voice and the Conservatives don't. They fear all deserving equal treatment and recognition. The current MAGApublicans see us as a threat to the American Dream. They want an authoritrian in charge despite the fact that their choice is an egomaniac and possibly a felon totally un worthy of being POTUS or any political office again....Well I gotta get ready for yet another round of ranting from the controlfreaks because I dared to call their "fearless leader" a possible felon and egomaniac.
I will try to answer. My parents were JFK and then... (show quote)

I think Liberals deserve a voice and the Conservatives don't. Wow you don’t deserve anyone giving you the time of day
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Apr 19, 2024 11:57:44   #
Lily wrote:
Hmmm…the fact is every negatiive was a result of C***D.

Nice troll effort, but fail!

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Apr 19, 2024 11:48:37   #
Kevyn wrote:
The Cheeto faced S**tgibbon keeps nodding off during a trial that has a good possibility of sending him to prison. Is this due to his age and slowing mental acuity or do you think he is taking barbiturates or other sedatives so he doesn't lose control and run his mouth and undermine his own defense?

Kevy has spoken it must be true
You’re so smart
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Apr 19, 2024 11:19:17   #
publican wrote:
In a bit of delicious irony, it has been widely and reliably reported that Donald nodded off several times during his trial.

If he can't stay awake when it is his own neck on the line, how is he going to stay awake when the security of the USA threatened?

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Apr 18, 2024 14:16:53   #
permafrost wrote:
Bird and AuntiE,,, are things truly is such crappy condition where you live???

Every day the OPP is full of weeping and dismay.. but none of it is in evidence in the real world.. inflation down, not out but down. jobs, wages, the economy doing great. What have I seen that is most increase.. Soda pop... by far.. and with spring gaining ground soon I may buy some... predictions to worry about.. chocolate will go sky high.. that will be a hardship for some I know..

Housing cost will stay high forever, it is what marketing does..

do you guys ever watch for sales,, my wife does, as she did for all our lives together.. and every week sales are going on for food and nearly any goods.. not houses, Phony if they mention cars.. but nearly everything else..

In Birds MEME the one that truly I never see is the electricity increase.. mine has gained about one cent per Kilowatt over the last several years.. it is now getting close to 13 cents/kilowatt..

gas for heating.. I even posted my contract which was 1.69 per gallon for LP gas..
Bird and AuntiE,,, are things truly is such crappy... (show quote)

When we left San Diego it was 27 cents/kilowatt and it has been raised 3 times since we left. I think 37/kilowatt or more. They are also penalizing people with solar. Tru up bill two years ago was $45. 00 dollars last year it was $868.00 and our renters used less electricity last year than the previous year. SDG&E are crooked as hell
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Apr 18, 2024 13:41:06   #
Jim0001 wrote:
YES, we are "indoctrinated"!
Because we believe in God.
Because we believe that government is not the answer.
Because we believe in freedom.
Because we believe in the Constitution and what it stands for.
Because we can think for ourselves.
Because we believe in a strong and prosperous economy.
Because we believe in American exceptionalism.
Because we believe in our military and preparedness.
Because we have a work ethic.
Because we believe in energy independence.

All of the above are things democrats / Bolsheviks do not believe in!
YES, we are "indoctrinated"! br Because ... (show quote)

🎯 well said
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Apr 18, 2024 09:56:22   #
Milosia2 wrote:
Lying about a blowjob in the Whitehouse is not a high crime or misdemeanor, it’s a lie even you would’ve told .
Like when you’re asked “ how’s it going”
And you answer “great !”
A lie.

Everyone is telling that lie just look who’s in office and screwing everything up
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Apr 17, 2024 18:40:03   #
Coos Bay Tom wrote:
I am a bad man --You don't wanna hang around with the likes of me . I'm bad news son and you have your whole life ahead of you .

I keep getting into trouble for calling two certain people i***ts so now I just tell them how smart they are
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Apr 17, 2024 18:34:02   #
JFlorio wrote:
It's obvious isn't it? I don't see a bunch of operatives out their changing unpopular courses. It's as if, they don't care because they know they have the e******n in the "bag."

That’s what my spidy senses are telling me too
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Apr 17, 2024 18:05:12   #
nwtk2007 wrote:
L*****t websites are now posting articles claiming polls showing Biden taking a commanding lead over Trump. I hope people ARE seeing things as you say.

The websites are there so that when they c***t again they can point to them and say see the websites said he was leading
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Apr 17, 2024 09:53:45   #
pegw wrote:
If Trump really wanted to go to his son's graduation, he shouldn't have delayed the trial date by his frivolous attempts.
Also, if that piece of paper is not photoshopped, It will be entered as evidence.

Sure it will same as the gage order is being applied to all 😜
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Apr 17, 2024 09:49:33   #
Milosia2 wrote:
Trump has never gone to any of his kids graduations.
Youz were set up again ,
Carrying around trumps nonsense again . Angry .

Proof ? Because your word means nothing
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