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Apr 23, 2024 22:37:17   #
PeterS wrote:
You MAGA cons check every box for being a cult.

Trump's misogyny is excused by you as "locker room talk" that ALL men partake in. Nope, all men don't treat women like they are a piece of meat. Only misogynists like Trump do...

Trump admitted to committing adultery on his first wife, his second wife, and now his third wife but you MAGA cons think none of it's true even though Trump admitted so on Howard Stern. And you think Trump has accepted Christ as his savior...he's on record for saying that he's never done anything that he needed to repent for. Doesn't he know that Adultery is supposed to be one of the big ten crimes against the god you all supposedly love? Apparently, Trump doesn't think sin applies to him.

You wouldn't overlook Donald's sins, and that is all he does is sin, if you didn't worship the ground he walked on you would have done a Liz Cheney and walked away long ago.
You MAGA cons check every box for being a cult. b... (show quote)

Here is a question. I dare you to answer. In your life have you never engaged in speech in a locker room, a bar, or in your own home, that if it was recorded and played back publicly would be as embarrassing as what Trump was recorded saying ?
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Apr 23, 2024 22:31:14   #
DASHY wrote:
How does the Titanic not hitting the iceburg relate to fixing Social Security by adjusting the funding formula? Even you must see your i***tic remark misses the point.

Unlike you, I can actually explain in detail what I find problematic with your words. If adjusting the funding with Social Security was as simple as you think it is, it would have been done decades ago. You suffer from that Obama consequence free syndrome where you assume that all you must do is wish something, and shazam it comes true with no costs. Barry Obama thought he would magically solve health care costs by willing it to be so. The economics of solving the problem meant nothing to him.

The taxes for Social Security have a cost on the economy. Why are the tax rates currently at 6.2 % for wage earners and the same for their employers ? Essentially 12.6 % in total. Here is another relevant fact. When Social Security began the tax rate for wage earners, in January of 1937 was 1 %, and employers also 1 %. Why was it not put up to the current rate at the beginning ? In 1960 it was still only 3 %.

You have no clue what I am talking about. You know nothing about history or economic consequences. The higher you put the rate up, the more d**g on the economy. Why do we even have other deficits ? We have them because actually putting the taxes up to a high enough level to have no deficit, would crush the economy.

Here is a thought, since you think raising the rate has no downside, why not raise it to 50 % ? Everyone will pay 50 % of their wages to Social Security, and their employers can kick in another 50 %. As that i***t Occasio-Cortez might say, gee that was easy.

I just explained why your thinking does not work. Instead of simply calling my remarks i***tic, as you have been, why not in detail lay out where I have it wrong ? I double dog dare you !
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Apr 23, 2024 17:46:32   #
DASHY wrote:
Much of what you say is i***tic.

If what you say is true, a smart woman such as yourself would have no trouble dissecting the things I say and proving them i***tic. In all of our conversations you have never attempted, much less succeeded, in doing that.

I hope the rest of your day is a pleasant one.
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Apr 23, 2024 17:41:33   #
PeterS wrote:
Can Trump or any of you Trump-worshiping Christians compare to Jimmy or Rosalynn?

There ain't no such aminal as a Trump worshiping Christian. These imagination figments are serious impediments to us normals taking your posts seriously.
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Apr 23, 2024 17:36:09   #
DASHY wrote:
Social Security is the most successful welfare program ever imagined. The funding method is brilliant. Seniors feel entitled because they made a separate payment into it during their entire working life. When it ever appears to be running out of money the fix is simple. Adjust the funding formula.

Wow. Theoretically yes the fix is extremely simple. In the real universe where I reside, simple doesn't come close to covering it. It is rather like saying, saving the Titanic would have been simple. Just don't hit the iceberg. I would detail it for you, but I perceive you already have closed your mind to my further arguments.

Boy am I an i***t. I thought I was debating a rational person. My mistake. Have a pleasant evening.
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Apr 23, 2024 17:20:33   #
JFlorio wrote:
DeSantis is the man. I still say these i***ts need beat.

Serious question. How did you find this topic ?
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Apr 23, 2024 13:02:34   #
DASHY wrote:
Are all MAGA i***ts "frightened" by President Biden's Earth Day announcement? The Biden Administration is a strong supporter of Social Security. The real problem of getting rid of the destructive anti-American Party of Trump is being handled.

" The Biden Administration is a strong supporter of Social Security. "

What a totally useless statement that is. You L*****ts are good with platitudes, but solutions that work in the real World are foreign to you. You are the archetype of the lemming who follows without question what the crowd is doing. And the crowd, or the herd, is stampeding because their masters have told them Mother Earth is in danger by those wascca we Wepublicans and the evil oil companies.

The world as we know will not end because of G****l W*****g, R****m, or Corporate Greed. The World as we know it will end if the Yellowstone Super Volcano ever actually erupts as predicted. Barring that our World will end when the US becomes too weak and too unstable because it selects and elects weak incompetent leaders such as Obama and Biden.

Social Security by 2033 will be running unsustainable deficits and benefits WILL BE cut then, no matter who the President is. Your side, as they always do, will blame others and exploit the crisis. The lemmings will do what they are told, r**t in the streets as the " peaceful Palestinian protesters " are now doing.

We will only wish we had the money then, that your two i***ts Obama and Joe Biden wasted on stupid G***n E****y !!!!!!!
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Apr 23, 2024 09:47:22   #
straightUp wrote:
Because there is a difference between attacking someone for his actions and attacking someone simply because he was in office when something happened.

" Pontificate all you want - It still comes down to the same two options. Leave peacefully or commit an act of war by refusing to leave. Trump would have either done the same thing Biden did or he would have done worse by committing an act of war. "

Failure is still failure. You guys give Biden credit for things that accidentally went right on his watch, such as low unemployment. Fine, I know the game. I say that Niger was in play for the last few years. The Biden team was in power as Niger suffered a military c**p, and the situation deteriorated to the US disadvantage. Perhaps nobody could have fixed it, but obviously the Biden Administration did not manage the problem successfully.

Trump had more foreign policy successes than Biden or Obama. Strength is respected. Weakness is not. Donald J. Trump cleaned up Obama's ISIS mess. He got the little fat kid running North Korea to settle down. He screwed over Iran by cancelling Obama's i***tic nuclear deal. He cancelled the Climate accords. Vladimir Putin was quiet during the Trump years.

Your boy Joe left Afghanistan with his tail between his legs and left $ Billions in military hardware for our enemies to take. He sent ca$h to Iran, and now they are attacking our ally Israel. Putin attacked the Ukraine during both Obama and Biden. Biden has mismanaged that war horribly. A two year bloody stalemate was thanks to Joe refusing to send enough weapons early on to Ukraine. Now US munitions stocks are dangerously low, as are our Emergency oil stock pile thanks to Joe's Politically motivated releases.

Joe Biden has always been a screw up. Even Barry the Obama knew it. " Never underestimate Joe's ability to f**k things up. " The only thing Obama ever got right.
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Apr 23, 2024 09:28:06   #
Blue States are in disarray. Not Florida. One man, Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, has figured out what every Democrat Mayor and Governor has not.**g-pro-palestine-protesters-who-blocked-traffic-off-the-streets

" We just had a week full of anti-Israel protests that crippled major arteries across the country like the Golden Gate Bridge, and made a mess at Columbia University.

" In most instances, those protesters were allowed to wreak havoc on traffic and bring an Ivy League campus to a halt.

" But not in Florida. Protesters in the Sunshine State were met with the full strength of the law. "
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Apr 22, 2024 23:17:28   #
youngwilliam wrote:
"Never underestimate Joe bidens ability to f##k things up."

Barack Obama

I have posted that one myself many times. Unlike Joe, it never gets old.
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Apr 22, 2024 23:08:33   #
Mogon wrote:
Wow! That was one hell of a crazy ride!!!
Hope you are well now!!

Not that much of a crazy ride. In t***h I have lead an extremely boring life, I think. Looking back, my childhood was pretty messed up so I intentionally played it safe. Part of the reason for calling myself son of witless. I did not have the extreme highs and lows that those who lead interesting lives get to experience. I didn't win the lottery, didn't get cancer, didn't get the trophy wife. My kids and grandkids are healthy. That is all I care about.

As far as my health now, I am in good shape for the shape I'm in. I don't know yet about my liver, but I am down 10 lbs. My cholesterol is at the lowest it has ever been. Starving yourself works. Tomorrow my Doctor should not yell at me, I hope.
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Apr 22, 2024 22:48:34   #
DASHY wrote:
I agree that there is no need for the courts to intervene on A******n.

Then why are the people on your side upset at the overturning of Roe verses Wade ?
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Apr 22, 2024 22:45:45   #
DASHY wrote:
T*****r Trump is about to find out if the evidence against him will stand up in a court of law.

Meanwhile, while Criminal Trump is all tied up in court, President Joe Biden is marking Earth Day by announcing $7 billion in federal grants for residential solar projects serving 900,000-plus households in low- and middle-income communities. He also plans to expand his New Deal-style American Climate Corps green jobs training program. Throughout Earth Week, the Biden-Harris Administration will announce additional actions to build a stronger, healthier future for all.

T*****r Trump promises 'ultimate and absolute revenge' if he wins.
T*****r Trump is about to find out if the evidence... (show quote)

" President Joe Biden is marking Earth Day by announcing $7 billion in federal grants for residential solar projects serving 900,000-plus households in low- and middle-income communities. "

The US is running unsustainable budget deficits. That you approve of your boy Joe flushing $ 7 Billion down the toilet on such useless, worthless, unnecessary, and harmful projects is frightening to those of us who are informed.

I assume you are younger than me. I hope you live to see the consequences of your actions. I figure I have at most another 20 years of life span left. I hope you are still around to see Social Security go bankrupt. I hope you live long enough to see services cut back because we can no longer borrow and print our way out of stupid actions.

I hope you get to see the freaking oceans not rise and flood the coast lines as your masters have told you. It is people like you who keeping putting fraudsters like Obama and Biden into positions of power, that are keeping America's real problems from being tackled.
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Apr 22, 2024 09:21:33   #
AuntiE wrote:
As ex SecDef Robert Gates said; Biden has never been right on a foreign policy. Why break his stunning failure record now?

I told this many times before. On an episode of the old TV show Hogan's Heroes, a bomb fell into Stalag 13. Hogan and Klink had to disarm it. Hogan got to a point where there were two wires. One would disarm the bomb and the other would k**l them. Hogan asked Klink which one he thought they should cut. Klink picked one and closed his eyes. Hogan cut the opposite wire and disarmed the bomb.

Klink yelled at Hogan, " if you knew which wire to cut, why did you ask me ? " Hogan replied, " I didn't know, but I knew you would pick the wrong wire. " President Biden is the Colonel Klink of Presidents. You can never go wrong choosing the opposite of wh**ever he says.
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Apr 22, 2024 09:03:58   #
Knightlady wrote:
You should go into a shop that sells bongs. There are some fantastic pieces of glass art. Some you'd want just to put roses in, it's so pretty.

Oh the government is already there. They'll find a way to regulate and tax the hell out of it very soon, I imagine.

I know that the majority of people are recreational users. I guess you could call me that since I don't have any problems that would require anything medicinal when I have a hit or two with MOHD on occasion.

The time I tried maybe 40 years ago was in the backseat of a car and I guess I didn't get enough of it to be affected. At my age I don't need to experiment with another vice. Alcohol, caffeine, and food are my addictions. Suddenly throwing up after getting drunk in my mid twenties kept me from following my family tradition of becoming an alcoholic. Now in moderation.

At fifty I had to switch to decafe coffee because my heart tended to race and I wanted to murder those around me who needed it. Food is the one addiction I have yet to conquer. I was the fat child in a litter of starving skeletons growing up. I think I ate one of the weak ones for a snack one day. Puberty slimmed me down. In my late twenties a co worker got me into running 10 k races. I ran 25 miles per week and could eat like a horse and have a beach body.

At 33 my body fell apart and I gradually had to stop running. 45 years and 45 lbs later my gastro doctor said, " you really need to do something. Your liver is too fat. " So now I am on a high protein powdered shake and pudding diet. It's a whole lot of fun going out to eat with friends and family watching everyone else stuff themselves, whilst I eat the microscopic side salad.

The diet, really a starvation diet, does work if you don't c***t too much. Now, if you want to talk gadgets, the fancy electronic scale that comes with the package, talks to my smart phone. It measures lbs, hydration, and % of body fat. It all goes to a nutritionist, who twice per month tells you if you were naughty or nice. So far I haven't been yelled out.
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