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Apr 18, 2024 01:17:17   #
proud republican wrote:
The only media is not fair are MSNBC and CNN!!.. Have you even watched Fox News before spewing your h**eful BS as usual??

I'm a lefty who watches Fox News on occasion out of curiosity. I've watched Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly. If you believe those guys that explains why you are so misinformed. When I was growing up we got our news from the local paper and our information from the likes of Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley and David Brinkley. We were divided on how to approach things such as taxes, social programs, military interventions, and emotions could run high. We bitterly disagreed on Vietnam, for example. The difference is that we all based our arguments on the same facts. There was one set of facts. Rush Limbaugh was the first to spew hatred and misinformation. Remember the "Homeless update" where he made fun of the homeless with the Frogman Henry song? Rush is the one who divided this nation and Fox News came along with their version of "facts" while spewing hatred against the liberals. Right wing media invented misinformation, division and hatred in this nation, at least in my lifetime. The left and the right disagree. Those of us on the left are as patriotic as any of you on the right. To say otherwise is childish and ignorant. I like to read the opinions on One Political Plaza, as I like to read opinions from both sides. However name calling and h**e filled rants seem to be more prevalent than ideas or opinions. That's a shame, as we can do better.
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Apr 18, 2024 00:06:11   #
proud republican wrote:
What facts???? Where is his proof to wh**ever BS he put it ??? I don't watch propaganda, the only propaganda there is, it's on CNN, MSDNC...

Ok, you don't watch propaganda. So where do you get your misinformation?
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Apr 17, 2024 16:10:26   #
proud republican wrote:

Instead of laughing perhaps you should check another source. Your source is misinformation. You're laughing at someone who stated facts. I suggest you find another source of information, as it seems you have been reading and/or watching right wing propaganda.
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Apr 17, 2024 00:41:53   #
RandyBrian wrote:
Ypu apparently are in love with fabricated conspiracy long as a Republican is the bad guy.

Conspiracy theories? What did I say that is not factual? The fact that you don't know something does not mean it's a conspiracy theory.
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Apr 17, 2024 00:39:15   #
biffisbuff wrote:
It's hard for me to believe how all you trumpers don't see the numbers with unemployment the lowest in our history..the stock market is higher than ever and keeps going up...our infrastructure is getting rebuilt and sorry that it takes awhile but when your not starting from scratch and first you need to tear down bridges and tear out old stuff...then put new in its going to take longer.we have a new central interchange being built in Ohio and it was estimated original at 5-6 years....some problems developed and now it's 2 years longer but also more work was added and its said that the new highway will last 2 times longer than the old one....IDK and I'm not an engineer but this project is stretching out in all 4 directions for another 10 miles so I'm reserving judgement till done.... contrary to most right wing opinions on here Biden has not started no wars and I don't know what the final answer is to Israel..but I've always felt a two state solution is only way to end the fighting....if you think Trump putting embassy in Jerusalem didn't piss off a lot of Palestinians then your only kidding yourself... Israel didn't win the war all by themselves back decades ago...if it wasn't for us then yom kipper would not be a holiday...only way this fighting ends is Gaza and negotiate west bank land into sovereign state for's a mess over there and we have to find a way to put Iran in shackles...I think h*****g a threat of elimination of the whole country and give it to Palestinians????.I'm just throwing up idea....I don't have answer
It's hard for me to believe how all you trumpers d... (show quote)

Very well said. I agree with all of it.
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Apr 16, 2024 22:31:10   #
4430 wrote:
You missed mentioning that Truman was in on it as well .

Truman? Didn't know that. Learn something every day, assuming you're correct.
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Apr 16, 2024 22:29:17   #
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Apr 16, 2024 22:23:25   #
fullspinzoo wrote:
No it's not. Policing the world's foreign relations is none of our business. All the founder's would have minded their own business. John Quincy Adams said " America goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy".We get involved in way too many wars. And when was the last time we were crowned the victor?

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Apr 16, 2024 22:04:08   #
Jim0001 wrote:
I didn't have student debt...until Biden!

Really? Were you a student before Biden? How long have you been in college? Are student loans available in high school?
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Apr 16, 2024 21:49:33   #
proud republican wrote:
Hey kitti, I suggest you shut up about something you have no idea about... He's an asshole who accused me if incest , so unless you read his whole pist... SHUT UP!!

So in order to state my opinion of a post I must first read all of his prior posts? I referred to one particular post and it was factual. He was attacked for that. I don't know anything about anybody indulging in incest and I don't care.
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Apr 15, 2024 18:04:13   #
okie don wrote:
Beats hell.out of sending borrowed funds to Ukcraine.
Ukraine will never reimburse us.

Reimburse us? Do you believe the Russians will stop at Ukraine? Supporting Ukraine is in our national interest.
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Apr 15, 2024 08:12:06   #
JFlorio wrote:
Another lie. Four Republicans signed off on a ridiculous 300 page bill that did not close the border. That’s not a large bipartisan anything. Trump can’t order anything at this stage. Republicans v**ed against the bill because it sucked. Biden could close the border with an E.O. tomorrow if he wanted. The democrats simply want open borders. They just can’t admit it. Ask yourself, if Biden and the democrats wanted to stop i*****l i*********n why did they fly over 350,000 i******s into the country? Try reading the parts of the bill that deal with immigration. The House passed a stand alone bill that’s been sitting on Schumer’s desk for months that would secure the border. Why didn’t he take it up? You’re either woefully under informed, a democrat operative, liar, or stupid.
Another lie. Four Republicans signed off on a ridi... (show quote)**l-border-bill-sign-trumps-strength-mcconnells-waning-in-rcna137477
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Apr 15, 2024 00:09:03   #
JFlorio wrote:
I’m not sure you’re being accurate. First off; is a Trumpster someone who v**ed for Trump? Most comments I have read said Trump is the first president who either did as promised or tried. You still believe Biden when he said he would bring Americans together? He hasn’t tried yet.

A bipartisan immigration bill was passed with large bipartisan support. Trump ordered the republicans to not pass it as it would deprive him of his major issue. Biden is ready to sign it. That bill would bring Americans together on immigration policy. I would qualify that as trying.
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Apr 15, 2024 00:03:32   #
JFlorio wrote:
It was a naive statement. Trump had no idea the swamp was as big and deep as it is.

But did try? You guys are still talking about the swamp as if Trump will drain it.
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Apr 14, 2024 23:35:56   #
Turtle keeper wrote:
Please explain why you said that

Actually I don't know why I said that as there are comments on this thread that are more ignorant than this one. But regarding this one? ok. You Trumpsters claim that Trump always does what he says he will do. In 2016 he said he would "drain the swamp". Yet you constantly refer to the "swamp". And referring to the "Marxist Demorats" and all the other name calling is third grade stuff. Here's a suggestion: Delete all the name calling on this 9 page thread and see what's left.
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