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Mar 15, 2019 23:06:11   #
proud republican wrote:
We respected Black Stain as President for 8 yrs...Its your turn to respect President Trump for 8 yrs whether you like it or not!!!

Black Stain? You're not a racist, though. I bet you have a black friend.
Mar 15, 2019 23:01:07   #
proud republican wrote:

I think he did a right thing!!!

No doubt he did the right thing. However the FAA was having talks with Boeing weeks ago and the government shutdown delayed those talks for five weeks. Think about that. Had the talks not been interrupted over the "emergency" of the Mexican border wall the planes would probably have been grounded five weeks ago. Before 350 passengers were killed.
Mar 10, 2019 23:07:44   #
Jean Deaux wrote:
Apparently more than Mueller was able to provide. Are you saying that it was obvious that Trump rigged or encouraged interference in our election? Perhaps you know something that Mueller failed to find?

How do you know what Mueller has found? Have you been talking to him? Has he said that he hasn't found anything? Where do you get this information? Is this common knowledge?
Mar 10, 2019 20:06:07   #
bylm1-Bernie wrote:
Welcome, Bob! Enjoy the ride. You ask a question that goes back a long time and I, for one, am not going to go into it but when you do investigate the Clintons, you are opening up a very long and complicated study. Also, before you attempt to respond to a post, be sure to click on "Quote/Reply." Otherwise we won't know to whom you are responding. Responsible posts are always appreciated. Bernie

Thanks, Bernie.

The Clinton impeachment is not complicated and it's relevant to what's going on today. Whitewater was investigated for over six years and cost over $70 million. The result was that the Clintons did nothing illegal. The President was impeached for lying about an affair that took place years after Whitewater. I don't remember any Republicans complaining that Lewinsky had nothing to do with the original investigation. That's what makes it relevant. Ken Starr set a precedent that everything is fair game.
In my opinion the Republicans will rue the day that they stood behind this President as anybody who has been paying attention for the past thirty years knows that Trump is at best an unethical, unscrupulous businessman who has exhibited racist tendencies in his business practices as a landlord. And at worst he may be running a criminal enterprise that has illegally avoided paying taxes on millions of dollars. Or we may find out that he's merely an incompetent businessman who has less money than he did when he inherited his fortune as a young man. We'll have to wait and see but we need to let the investigations run their course. One thing is for sure, this is no witch hunt as there have been and will be dozens of indictments. Bob
Mar 10, 2019 19:17:59   #
woodguru wrote:
I'm getting a little tired of the constant non stop rhetoric by people on the right where every time they try to make a point it involves the leftists hating our president and country by proxy.

Pay attention, the left rarely if ever uses the word hate, or makes associations to the right being ignorant about their hatred. We talk about racism and bigotry on the right which is in effect hatred. People who tell mexicans go home you aren't welcome here are obviously haters that hate a whole group of people whether they were born here or not. Blacks are often portrayed as being lazy and content to collect their welfare, never mind there are millions of white people on welfare.

FOX runs a non stop barrage of vitriolic hatred fueling rhetoric at you, they use the word hate, they use words that incite anger, enemy of the people, enemy of the country, associate hatred to the dems, the leftists, the communist socialists, which are words that hark back to a period where Russia, communism, socialism, were bad things that denoted an enemy of America. Dems are called murderers of unborn babies, often shortened to murderers, this subconsciously sets up a mindset where murdering them becomes justified. The left does not use these words of hatred and fear, these calls to action to rid this country of this hate filled vile enemy on the left. The left relies on democracy and the ballot to represent the majority of people and their opinions.

The left does not hate Trump, the constant barrage is due to the fact that this president keeps it coming, he should have been impeached for failing to respond intelligently to the threat Flynn posed to national security, if not for his own appearances of Russian conflicts of interest.

The constant use of the word hate, how dems hate the president, they hate the country, it's ridiculous and makes you seem even more out of touch than your ignorance already makes you. The right fueled by FOX is whipping themselves right into a frenzy that has a bad outcome.

Try to figure out how the left feels about those on the right who are being suckered into these feeling based on pure ignorance. Most feel sorry for you that people can be this foolish. When we manage to sort things out and restore democracy and order the left is not going to be persecuting those on the right who supported Trump.

Question for the right. What kind of place is your head at that you attribute feelings of hate toward the left that does not hate you? What do you think needs to be done to people on the left that takes them out of this country and a government that is all about being for the people?

Hatred is a word and a feeling used to justify taking things to dark places in response to perceived problems being blown way out of proportion. This is a dangerous place you are allowing yourselves to be led into.

Tone it down people, language is being used that does not apply to the people you are pointing it at, the anger and hatred is in your heads.
I'm getting a little tired of the constant non sto... (show quote)

Well said! I agree
Mar 10, 2019 19:07:03   #
kittibob wrote:
If I were you I wouldn't worry too much about being IQ privileged.

You're right and I apologize. I need to stick to the subject and avoid getting personal. Thanks for the advice, and thanks for being so polite about it.
Bob (of kittibob "fame")
Mar 10, 2019 19:02:20   #
You're right, it was not only rude but irrelevant. I should keep my comments on subject with nothing personal. Thanks for the advice.
Bob (the bob of kittibob fame)
Mar 10, 2019 01:14:19   #
If I were you I wouldn't worry too much about being IQ privileged.
Mar 10, 2019 01:00:45   #
I don't know. What was the crime in Whitewater?
Mar 10, 2019 00:58:26   # - Forum
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