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rumitoid wrote:
You folks have to stop poking your eyes out to have a leader.

Christians believe that good things are of God and bad things are of Satan, the deceiver, right? Which "deity" is the one most likely to attempt to deceive, God or Satan? Which is most likely to "use" a deceiver for their bidding, God or Satan? Is Trump an instrument of God or of Satan?
May 24, 2019 18:01:32   #
working class stiff wrote:
Excellent! Think the Dems give a damn?
They will make pretense thereto.

Huh! Seems to me that you and Noraa brought politics into this thread.

Damn, you beat me to it.
May 24, 2019 17:59:45   #
AuntiE wrote:
I find it beyond reprehensible that so many of you would choose this thread to play politics.

I would appreciate it if you would remove your reprehensible selves to somewhere else.

Interesting timing, a Trump supporter insinuates that Democrats don't care about vets, not one word from you admonishing them, as soon as it is pointed out that Trump is the one that disrespects vets AND active duty and suddenly it is reprehensible "to play politics"? I was merely pointing out Noora's hypocrisy.

Did you not see Noora post this, "Excellent! Think the Dems give a damn?"? I think not, to Noora you posted this reply:

AuntiE wrote:
They will make pretense thereto.

Go ahead, try to deny it. If you disapprove of "playing politics", you need to disapprove to ANYONE doing it, not just those that disagree with your own politics.
May 24, 2019 16:46:12   #
May 24, 2019 00:12:39   #
whole2th wrote:
China has a business strategy that may even include spending some of their surplus trillons of dollars on keeping the U.S. afloat--keeping their customers solvent. Paying tariffs may be one price for keeping the customers buying and for avoiding world war.

I'm typing on a MAC and enjoy the utility of my iPhone --hardly "cheap garbage". I have what I paid for.

While common sense matters, obvious exaggeration to make a point while omitting other very relevant details put your credibility in question.
China has a business strategy that may even includ... (show quote)

I was referring to the majority of their exports. Apple products are hardly cheap, in fact, they are the most expensive smart phone and discounting specific gaming PCs they are likely also the most expensive computer and I think their tablets PCs are also likely the most expensive on the market. They have quite the fad following, I don't bother with fads, nor do I spend more than I think something is worth so that explains why I don't have ANY of the latest Apple products. In fact, the only Apple products I own are an iPod given to me as a gift by a friend and a computer and a couple OSes I bought and used to familiarize myself with macOS to help me trouble shoot issues with one of my parents mistakes. Less than $100 and I was able to save my parents from ever having to send their mistake into the shop to have it repaired.

I am not a fan of Apple products, I consider them to be over priced. I did however enjoy a few aspects of macOS but then it is basically based on Unix like Linux is as well and their sound scheme is somewhat novel, better than Windows' sound scheme. The unit and the OSes I bought were somewhat snappy at starting up, shutting down and navigating the internet with a fresh install, the machine slowed down over time even with clearing cookies and internet related files and only one additional game installed on the machine, Diablo, the Original Diablo with no expansion pack.

The G3 with a 300 MHz proc and 768 megs of ram was running OS9.????? and the original Diablo was a small install and didn't require many resources yet the entire machine slowed down greatly over time with no OS updates being installed, unless the machine was doing it without my knowledge. I had a very old IBM upgraded to a 200 MHz proc and running 512 megs of ram that out performed that G3 while running windows 98 SE.

The Power Mac G3 was manufactured from November 1997 to August 1999, macOS 9 was Introduced on October 23, 1999, the G3 was fully capable of running macOS 9 and several sources recommended 9 for a G3. The IBM I had was manufactured in I think it was Sept. of 1995 and interestingly enough, came preinstalled with Windows 95 and when it was built, it had a 133MHz proc and 32 megs of ram, I personally upgraded it to a 200 MHz proc, 512 megs of ram and Windows 98 SE. It had a smaller proc, was older, had less ram and it still out performed a newer computer with 1.5 times the proc speed, 1.5 times the ram and a comparable OS. That is quite telling. Perhaps things have changed at Apple but...

Of course neither of those units were my primary or even secondary computer, they were for kids to play on as I wouldn't care if they got destroyed. I have no faith in Apple and do not think their name is worth the extra money and limited usability to bother with Apple products. My old smart phone took far better pictures than much newer iPhones, my new smart phone, I don't know yet how it's pictures compare with iPhone pictures but...
May 23, 2019 22:58:40   #
son of witless wrote:
I remain unconvinced. If you were truly what you pretend to be, then I could expect at some time soon a very strong attack on Democrats, past and present. You came after me very vehemently, which is fine because that is one reason I am here. I love speaking to those who disagree with me. It builds character, and I like to think I am quite the character.

However, the only people who go after me like you did are hardcore liberals. You were not polite, you were the opposite. I hope you can understand my confusion ? I say the jury is still out on you.

Maybe you could be specific as to the policies a centrist wants from his government. I am only trying to learn.
I remain unconvinced. If you were truly what you p... (show quote)

Yeah, color me surprised, you doubt, I am truly heartbroken. Sarcasm aside, I really don't care that you don't believe. Can you give me a reason why I should concern myself with what a right wing nut job thinks?

As for the Democrats... Tell me, what have they done in the last month that has harmed anybody? They draft bills that go no further than the senate floor and a dead stop. To be totally honest, I haven't even bothered reading one of their recent bills since they will never see the light of day under current circumstances. As for the current presidential candidates, until we see who gets the nod from DNC, I really don't feel like doing any research into that many candidates, if any of them had any idea that I could stand behind and they weren't given the nod from the DNC, I would be heartbroken.

I have of course made it perfectly clear that I won't be voting for Trump haven't I? As I don't find it likely that any other Republican will get the nod from the GOP, we can assume that it will be Trump versus DNC chosen candidate and since it won't be Trump getting my vote and there will only be no other option (Libertarians, Independents and non-party affiliated candidates stand no chance to win), that leaves me voting Democratic this next election. Any vote for anyone other than a Democrat this next election is essentially a vote for Trump.

As for being polite... Considering all the times I have seen you going off on those you disagree with, I should give you consideration why?

As for centrists political views, each one has their own, I have favored some policies of some Republicans, Democrats and some that weren't at the time party affiliated. It seems you have no idea what being a centrist is. There is no such party as "centrist". No party line to follow. Each "centrist" is their own person, they each have their own preferences, they each will decide what platforms from which party/candidate they identify with on an individual basis and they will decide what candidate from what party they align with best on an individual basis. Centrists aren't likely nor do I really think they ever vote a straight party line ticket normally as they consider each candidate for each position on their own merits and that pretty much eliminates the option of voting a straight ticket.

I wouldn't think anyone would have nearly the trouble understanding what a centrist is but damn... you have proved me wrong. Your IQ must be astonishingly low. To most people, understanding what a centrist is, is quite easy to grasp, for you, a herculean task trying to get you even to understand what one is much less convince you whether I am one or not, not that I should really care what you think and I don't really...

Since I don't really care what you think and am getting tired of trying to help you to understand what a centrist even is... Perhaps you can ask someone else to explain it to you, I can't dumb it down any more than I already have.
May 23, 2019 22:29:12   #
silvereagle wrote:
China is going to hurt.they have to eat.Guess where their food comes from?

We are not the only suppliers of food and they have already switched up to other sources. These tariffs haven't hurt them one bit.

As for the trade imbalances, as they have sought out and found new sources for some of the goods we typically supply them with, mainly food, and we are still buying the same items we normally buy from them, the trade imbalance has grown substantially. The only ones being hurt by this trade war is Americans, both consumers and producers.

The trade imbalance wasn't government created, it was consumer created. Our own consumers were more interested in all the cheap garbage their producers were producing even though the old adage stands, "You get what you pay for" and since the cheap garbage that our producers couldn't compete with kept being bought even though you would get more for your money if you paid the extra money to buy our much better quality products, our producers had to cheapen their processes in order to compete and now we too produce garbage and nobody is getting their money's worth. This current trade imbalance is nobody's fault but our own consumers, well... That and Trump's trade war.
May 22, 2019 20:42:20   #
son of witless wrote:
You have spent an awful lot of time telling what you are not. I know it is just me, but I judge people by their behavior. You attacking me for my sarcasm on Socialism gave me the false implication, apparently, that you were defending Socialism. Then your other opinions confirmed my false impression that you were a hardcore Liberal Democrat.

Now I know all of this is false because you have told that. So once again I know what you are not. What you actually are, continues to escape me. I am not seeing the light of you.

I realize that it is not your communication skills that are at fault. It is me. I am locked in on 6 decades of judging books by their covers.
You have spent an awful lot of time telling what y... (show quote)

I have said it before, I am more of a centrist without a party, no current party quite suits me so... You have likely confused my distaste for Trump and the majority of his supporters for partisan leanings.
May 22, 2019 17:24:40   #
woodguru wrote:
Care to look at the numbers? Every aspect of the economy showed slow consistent growth and positive direction.
...unemployment from 11% to 5%
...stock market from gutter to record highs posted before Trump took office
...home prices recovered from where they were, softer now than when Trump took office
...interest rates at lower points than now
...a fraction of the foreclosures there were when Obama took office
...gas prices lower than now
...deficit from $1.4 Trillion to a third of up under Trump
...inflation headed for the moon

The state the country was in from Obama is idiotic rhetoric, it's shaky at best now, definitely not stable

Trump took a stock market with record highs and that kept going for awhile, now it is a touchy unstable market at best
Care to look at the numbers? Every aspect of the e... (show quote)

...Interest rates were lower because we were still in recovery mode, current interest rates not Trump's fault.

...Gas prices CAN be influenced to SOME extent but not entirely, at least without eating through our reserves too quickly.

...Inflation can be a tricky beast.

I have not researched your facts as I am working on other things at the moment but I had to correct some misconceptions.
May 21, 2019 22:31:17   #
son of witless wrote:
The originator of this topic said " I had hoped that the racism that prevailed throughout this country had faded but with the election of Barack Obama and then Donald Trump it's clear that the racism that so defined this country is alive and well and lives in the Republican Party..."

I then sarcastically responded that to be against Socialism was to be a racist. You then strongly attacked me. You are now claiming that your attack was not because you favor Socialism or even favor the Democrats. It was merely because you are a non political lover of truth. Do I have that right ?
The originator of this topic said " I had hop... (show quote)

Never said I was non-political nor political, just that I do not back any one party. I see some positive aspects of the Democratic party, I see some positive aspects of the Republican party (right now, not so much), I even see some positive aspects of the Libertarian party, I am not happy with the Independent party as they have robbed me of an easy way to identify my political leanings, calling myself an independent, I can't do that any more and I am not happy about that so I have issues with the Independent party right now. Other than that, I think you are finally seeing the light in regards to me, I hope.
May 21, 2019 19:20:02   #
son of witless wrote:
I already answered you. You attacked me when I equated Socialism with calling anyone who was against it to be a racist. To me that was defending Socialism and attacking one it's attackers, me. But it is not all about me. You also ran your big mouth with this statement. "
True, but during the 60's the Democratic party turned into the party of progression and decided to embrace inclusiveness and that is when the south bailed the Democratic party and allowed the Democratic party's new found inclusivity to flourish. Now the party of racism and resentment IS the Republican party. "

There you made false accusations of racism against the Republican Party which is the chief opponent of SOCIALISM in America. Then you defend the Democratic Party which is the strongest supporter of SOCIALISM in America. While you are at it you use the word " progression " . That means to move from one state to another. Kinda the way the Village Idiot Obama liked to use the word " change ". Without context it is a meaningless word. I can only hazard to guess that you meant Progressivism, which goes hand in had with SOCIALISM.

You can disguise your meanings and lie to yourself that you do not favor SOCIALISM, but I can rip your fantasies apart, with little effort. Very little effort.
I already answered you. You attacked me when I equ... (show quote)

That is NOT supporting socialism, it is correcting ignorance. As for any support I have shown to Democrats, I am allowed to stand up for the truth WITHOUT actually being a member of or even supporting a party. Of course I couldn't expect you to know this, any time a true Republican shows any backbone and integrity, they get accused of being a "rino" by you and your ilk. By all means, continue with you ill conceived prejudices, it is you and your kind that will destroy the Republican party. Hopefully after that destruction, it can rebuild WITHOUT the likes of you and your kind and be the better for it.
May 21, 2019 15:46:17   #
son of witless wrote:
I am one of the people who do answer questions on OPP. If you will restate your question I will give you my best answer. The ball is in your court. Put up or shut up.

I have stated it plenty of times, point out where I have SUPPORTED socialism.
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