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Feb 22, 2019 20:17:47   #
Canuckus Deploracus wrote:
Rednecks aren't a race... Yet

God bless the rednecks e hah
Feb 22, 2019 09:36:14   #
Love ur use of con Canuck! Notice I didn’t say con-Uck! Have a blessed day y’all! Was that racist? Lol
Feb 22, 2019 08:32:16   #
Coos Bay Tom wrote:
good luck going forward TDS is real

Don’t believe in luck! Luck didn’t put our president in the White House! God did! I will pray for you and the rest of the people that cannot or will not recognize this!! God bless you
Feb 21, 2019 23:38:20   #
Coos Bay Tom wrote:
You seem like a reliable judge of Charector. Would you with certainty conclude that Donald Trump has never ever told a lie the whole time has been president?

Can not compare the two! The Bible says you will know them by their fruits! Donald trump loves and supports America! He has kept his promises in spite of the garbage he had had to contend with! Ovomit failed at everything and lied about everything! Cash for clunkers, Obamacare, you can keep ur doctor, and so on and so on! Open ur eyes and heart to the truth!
Feb 21, 2019 23:21:57   #
Bill gates promoted common core! Nuf said
Feb 21, 2019 23:17:22   #
How ironic ! Bezos started his biz in new york
Feb 21, 2019 23:16:41   #
Feb 21, 2019 23:09:58   #
Didn’t get a job until he was 40! That’s why millennials like him
Feb 21, 2019 22:47:10   #
Coos Bay Tom wrote:
You and others like you were the division. You hated him from the start.

Because God gives some of us discernment! Recognized a liar when I first heard him! That’s all folks!
Feb 21, 2019 09:28:47   #
Feb 21, 2019 09:28:20   #
He didn’t ask them, they were smart enough to acknowledge real leadership
Feb 21, 2019 09:26:17   #
You forgot biggest fraud ovomit, ain’t an appropriate list without him!
Feb 21, 2019 09:22:49   #
Feb 21, 2019 09:18:16   #
Send the drones to take pics hack the alphabet networks to show the truth!!
Feb 21, 2019 09:18:15   #
Send the drones to take pics hack the alphabet networks to show the truth!!
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