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Dec 10, 2018 18:45:03   #
It's no longer active but it is in the internet archive at this link. You have to copy this into your browser for it to work

Looks like a lot of info.
Dec 10, 2018 18:35:38   #
proud republican wrote:
I remember Susan Smith who put her 2 children in a car and pushed the car into the river drowning them both..And what did she get???..Fricking psych hospital!!! What a fing joke!!!!

I remember that one. Ugh. People have gotten worse for marijuana possession.
Dec 10, 2018 18:27:23   #
proud republican wrote:
Yes, i agree that there are a lot of evil in this world,but to kill your own children,your own flesh and blood should be considered the ULTIMATE evil!!!!

It sure is up there and the frequency of it seems to be increasing.
Dec 10, 2018 18:20:48   #
Zemirah wrote:
Here's another website I thought you might be interested in, Rose,

It's from 2002, so the website's referenced may not still be functional, but it is still online...

I am decidedly not a Calvinist (or a Wesleyan for that matter). Much of Calvin's theology was from Augustine, who in turn based much of his on Aristotle.

Thanks Zemirah. The website isn't functional but it may be in the internet archive.

I wouldn't call myself a Calvinist either. I've read some of his writings but not too many. I've read some of Wesley's - not many though I do like his sermon "The Almost Christian".
Dec 10, 2018 18:07:53   #
proud republican wrote:
SeriouslyRose,what could be worse then killing his own children and stuffing them in oil tanker...

That kind of evil is unimaginable and deserves severe punishment. So is hunting down innocent women and children and killing them because they're Christians (Paul of Tarsus). I've also heard the testimony of a former MS-13 gang member who enjoyed killing and even enlisted so he could kill more. How about Ted Bundy, the Green River Killer and more?

There's a lot of evil people out there but their time is limited. Evil will lose in the end.
Dec 10, 2018 17:58:15   #
Radiance3 wrote:
So, you know better than how I feel? You've twisted the facts.
Not the work of a Christian.

Jack is right Radiance. I've also read the Catholic doctrine and also defenses of it. You should read it to familiarize yourself with it.
Dec 10, 2018 17:53:54   #
pafret wrote:
They only get worked up because Christianity has a specific moral code, which is antithetical to their desire to be as debauched as they please. No symbols reminding them of their evil ways can be tolerated.

I once had a very interesting conversation with an atheist about where morals came from. How do atheists and agnostics explain that one?
Dec 10, 2018 17:51:57   #
padremike wrote:
I agree but rose packs her hatred with her every place she travels and I'm obligated to respond.

You can't try and cover one lie with another padre. I'm not the only one who's noticed you twisting people's words. Interesting you trot out a tired tactic of the far left with the "hate" label.

proud republican wrote:
This is not about how religious or not we are....This is about crime and punishment......I believe in death penalty..And if anybody deserves death penalty its this MONSTER.....He deserves to die a slow agonizing death.and not by a lethal injection...Its not slow or agonizing enough...I would agree to his limbs being tied to four horses facing in different directions and somebody make a shot!!!...That is good death penalty for me...

Being religious is irrelevant. Many a religious person has been evil. It's whats in the heart. If he doesn't repent nothing on this earth will come close to what's going to happen to him. I hope he does repent though that doesn't mean he doesn't have to face the consequences. Men who have done far worse than this man have repented - Paul of Tarsus is just one.
Dec 10, 2018 15:31:38   #
There are a lot of Catholics who don't believe various doctrines but they are loathe to speak out. Many are confused if they read for themselves.
Dec 10, 2018 15:21:03   #
padremike wrote:
I have noticed on numerous occasions that anything that does not conform to your personal Christianity is non-Christian. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, your entire raison d'etre is to show your love for Jesus by persecuting Catholics. Therefore you and Susan are made for one another. She'll give you an additional person to show how utterly obnoxious you are. Go for it.

I persecute Catholics? Not the first time I've seen you lie either. This is what pride does to you. Say what you will for though you can fool some you can't fool God.
Dec 10, 2018 14:53:44   #
padremike wrote:
Yes, you and rose need to get to know each other really well. Take it off the playing field into private messages though.

You reveal the state of your heart with such non-Christian statements. It's far from the first
Dec 10, 2018 14:51:28   #
tNotMyPrez wrote:
The bible was written, evaluated, and assembled BY men, FOR men. Certainly there can be some historical validations, but there are also cultural contexts as well as parables and metaphors.

The CLAIMS that the bible is the word of god is taken on faith by believers - - regardless of any "scrutinizing", it's still subject to the beliefs and interpretations of Earth-bound people - - no one can use the bible or scriptures to "prove" religion, the bible or scriptures.

As far as Christ - - please don't confuse history with belief. It's very likely that Jesus existed, but that doesn't mean that he was The Christ or the Christ Consciousness.

The inability to prove a negative absolutely does not prove the positive (reverse) premise.
The bible was written, evaluated, and assembled b... (show quote)

That is your belief. One day you will find out what is correct.

There is no plausible explanation for the complexities of the universe and life.
Dec 10, 2018 14:48:38   #
Only one thing to know - it's not true. Pope Pius XII made it up in 1950.
Dec 10, 2018 14:38:34   #
susanblange wrote:
I am not a Christian and I do not observe NT theology. How do you know Paul was forgiven? He tried to lead the children of Israel astray into idolatry. According to Jewish law he was doomed. I do not consider the NT to be part of the Bible, it is the doctrine of Satan. Job 31:35. "...behold; my desire is, that the Almighty would answer me, and that mine adversary had written a book". Satan means "adversary". The OT is complete from creation to resurrection.

One day you'll know the truth
Dec 10, 2018 14:22:54   #
susanblange wrote:
Murder is one of the seven deadly sins and it cannot be forgiven. There is a difference between murder and killing. Killing is acceptable in warfare, capital punishment, and self defense. There is no atonement for murder. Murder is defined as the intentional taking of an innocent life. I suspect this person was a Christian and believes all of his sins are forgiven. Murderers are guilty and will not be forgiven.

That's not biblical. Paul was a murderer and he was forgiven. He hunted down Christians.
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