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Dec 6, 2023 09:37:24   #
son of witless wrote:
You will notice that my words were carefully chosen. Thank you for the incite. I could have reported many on the Left over the years not only for their language, but also for the cut and paste images they posted with my name on them which were pornographic. I have never whined to the admin about anyone. I despise snitches. The thin skinned shouldn't be here.

I worked places where snitching was rampant.

Yes, Indicted used a body part about me but when I used the same body part back at him, admin came down on me and deleted my response with a warning. I know Indicted snitched and didn't like and couldn't handle my reply. Same for lib lilly.
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Dec 6, 2023 09:32:48   #
TexaCan wrote:
No worry! She will just reinvent herself and and comeback under another name…………But “Kitty Kitty” will always be the same d********g person!

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Dec 6, 2023 09:28:26   #
Justice101 wrote:
That would be Demonrats. Republicans are pure as the driven snow.

That is true except for Santos, but he is purer than Bob Menendez the demorat felon.
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Dec 6, 2023 09:25:50   #
XXX wrote:

img src=" (show quote)

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Dec 6, 2023 09:22:19   #
LostAggie66 wrote:
Actually My GPA was 3.5 for both my BA & MA(of course its been 30yrs or so since I got my BA and 25yrs since my MA). ALoha Oh BigK...I'm headed for the pier the Drum are running.

Yea, yea, yea and I was the Valedictorian of both my high school and college. A perfect 4.0!!! --- and I'm heading to the Cherokee Indian Reservation, the drums are beating for me to be Chief.
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Dec 6, 2023 09:14:21   #
biffisbuff wrote:
You are very mistaken on your talking points....Biden had papers but none were top secret...his people called the archives and handed over all....trump was given multiple chances to return papers and would not comply.....and it does not matter if declassified...he still can not keep come its ok to refer to biden as crooked joe.....but no chance for trump to be crooked don....I think you have been drinking to much kool aid

You might not be aware of this but Bribem had incriminating documents at his Penn warehouse. His staff sent a Fed-Ex truck to that locale "1 day before Bribem was to turn his illegal documents over". The Fed-Ex truck picked up 8 highly classified illegally obtained boxes of documents that showed slo joe should have been charged with another felony (one of many if mad merrick was an honest AG, but he is not). The next day the corrupt feds rolled in to pick up a few scraps that slo joe purposely left behind. Joe, the reprobate needs kicked out of office, Pronto, then Kamala can cough up her illegal documents and be charged with a felony too. Mike Johnson, our new great House Speaker,should be our President until Trump steps in in 2024.
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Dec 6, 2023 09:06:06   #
RandyBrian wrote:
Come on, LA. No one can prove a negative. The articles, all of them, are Trump's political opponents expressing opinions about what they THINK Trump will want to do if elected.
There are an equal number of people who express similar opinions about Biden's puppet handler's goals if re-elected.
The difference is that the accusations against Biden have current administration evidence to back them up. The accusations against Trump are pure speculation based on "what" they "think" he wants.
Sorry, my friend, but the actual evidence is severely stacked against your points.
Come on, LA. No one can prove a negative. The ar... (show quote)

Everything is stacked against Aggie, even his Grade Point Average!!
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Dec 6, 2023 09:03:36   #
padremike wrote:
After you wipe the spittle off your chin, tell us one J6 protestor who was charged with i**********n. You're brainwashed, you're simply not sharp enough to realize it.

The answer to the classified documents will be adjudicated in court. As president he had the authority to possess and declassify classified documents. Biden possessed unsecured classified documents he was 100% not authorized to possess. Why did the DOJ refuse to prosecute Biden but go after Trump for the same thing?

The 2-tiered Injustice Dept strikes again. I think we are living in a C*******t state right now and unless a tough Conservative minded President gets elected in 2024, Maoism will reign with this demorat party. Trump is our best hope to righten the ship.
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Dec 5, 2023 21:09:59   #
Justice101 wrote:
Blame that on the i**********nist Nasty Pelousi who told Congress that they'd have to pass the effing ACA in order to read it (2700 pages).

Most of our politicians can only read the vital statistics of Fang Fang Honeypot. She got passed around pretty fast.
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Dec 5, 2023 21:05:23   #
son of witless wrote:
I am so sad that you mistakenly believe I would have cult friends. I assure you that we 2 percenters do not associate with such riff raff. Whilst we are not at all snobbish, my kindness of talking to you proves that, cultists are crazy people we avoid. I know you know what I mean, as you guys have your share of crazy ass lunatics, whom you are forced to tolerate because they are the only energetic folks on the left.

As far as Biden staying out of legal difficulties, his flunkies at the DOJ are doing an absolutely stellar job of protecting him.
I am so sad that you mistakenly believe I would ha... (show quote)

Watch our for the snitch, Federally indicted. He will turn you in to admin when you blast him back for bad mouthing you like Lib lilly.
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Dec 5, 2023 20:50:02   #
LostAggie66 wrote:
No Not a FBJ Lover rather a disillusioned v**er. I am disappointed that the term has not turned out like I thought it would be....Another 4yrs of continuing the progress made by POTUS OBama from 2008-2016.
Ovommit did make a lot of progress on the 2020 P**********l e******n c**p.

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Dec 5, 2023 20:41:58   #
LostAggie66 wrote:
Interesting....Now who was delusional and paranoid skeered of their own shadows Oh Big Kahuna?....Tanks???? I don't recall seeing any tanks in the streets of the US at any time from 2008-2016.

You obviously did not read my post. You saw my name and just ran to your incorrect conclusions as usual. I said it is good ovommit could not pass his policies through or tanks would have been on our streets.
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Dec 5, 2023 19:07:39   #
Justice101 wrote:
He sure does. I think that the media and Demonrats accuse Trump of lying when he is merely embellishing the facts in an innocent sort of way to emphasize a point he is making. Even if he is off by a small number in his estimation, they accuse him of lying.
It shouldn't be ok to lie to the American people by ANY politician or bureaucrat, but they're never held accountable for their lies to Congress either now-are they?

Some politician lied big time when they said the new health insurance would cost all Americans $2500 a year less ( it didn't), you could keep your same health plan and coverage ( it never hapoened) and you could keep your doctor ( I got a new affirmative action Doc who was worthless). Should that politician be in jail for telling super big lies??
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Dec 5, 2023 19:03:09   #
federally indicted mattoid wrote:
Well good for you!

Go play with it now, little boi.

Editing my posting I see. I should not be surprised. Slo joe s***e the e******n and now your c***ting me of my entire quote. Just like all dems; corrupt, liars, c***ters, con men , dickless men and nothing but big pu$$ies.
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Dec 5, 2023 18:51:24   #
Liberal Lily wrote:
Stop being so rude..... ALL you do is g****r insult me.

It's your fault. You started the sexual issue by calling me a derogatory name but don't like it when you are g****r shamed. Step up to the plate lilly and take your balls and strikes. Your batting average for t***h telling has now gone down to .0000001%. That's lower than Slats now.
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