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Nov 28, 2023 21:14:59   #
Just before the national e******n. Mail in b****ts will be put on the front burner once more!
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Nov 28, 2023 21:08:18   #
Every article in that left wing publication is a “H**e Trump” article. So much for you quoting an unfair and unbalanced publication. They lean so far to the left they go out of bounds. No news there! If you disagree, give me one article that leans right. You won’t find one. I rest my case!
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Nov 26, 2023 11:44:43   #
Unfortunately, he would have done no time had he not resisted arrest. So who’s at fault, the cop subduing the perpetrator or the criminal resisting arrest? G****e F***d’s behavior was excusable but Derek’s life was expendable.
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Nov 26, 2023 07:57:40   #
He received a seventy five year sentence which for him at his age is a life sentence.

This is a totally unfair virtual life sentence imposed on a police officer for the accidental death of a man of color is a total miscarriage of justice.

But it was believed to be absolutely essential by the prosecution, the jury, the district attorney, the judge, the political leadership, the news media, social media. For them, this man had to be the poster child, the brand, the example of police brutality.

The sentence for his actions on that sad night was virtually the same as the life sentence imposed on the likes of Geoffrey Dalmer, the serial k**ler and cannibal who consumed his victims.

Those involved in his prosecution and sentencing should “hang their heads in shame.” Their actions to charge, convict, prosecute and destroy his life without weighing the facts, causes and intent is sinful. A Justice system responding to the media calling for his head on a stick without concern or mercy is a grave and serious sin. May God forgive those involved in the conviction of this police officer, who having been caught up in the emotions and media mob mentality failed to recognize what they have done by imposing a severe sentence on a man trying to enforce the law and serve the best interests of the community.
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Nov 25, 2023 22:50:43   #
Derek was the victim because his offense took place at a time when social media was disrespectful of police officers and policing and social media was waiting to seize upon the first opportunity to charge someone for racially motivated brutality and make an example of that police officer.

The injustice was making G****e F***d the victim and celebrated hero while Derek was characterized as the villain who had to be punished. But it wasn’t enough to wrongfully imprison him, they had to place him in danger and add to his penalty by placing his life in danger. And as expected, he was viciously assaulted and seriously wounded. Do those who placed him in danger have any remorse. So sad!
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Nov 25, 2023 22:16:54   #
He was wrongfully judged and convicted for the accidental death while implementing an arrest procedure that was common practice in policing used to subdue a man twice his size.

The jury got caught up in an emotional, vigilante, mob mentality dismissing the facts in the case and sending this cop to jail for simply doing his job. This was a travesty of justice and he should have not been placed in a prison with hardened criminals.

Our police have a difficult job and this situation should have been ruled as an accidental death because G****e F***d was under the influence of drugs which caused him to resist arrest and weaken his health.

Derek Chauvin should have been placed in a prison cell away from the presence of the other hardened criminals who were led to believe the death of G****e F***d was racially motivated and the result of police brutality.

I pray for his recovery and the state placing him in protective custody. It is so sad that Derek was convicted of the accidental death of a black man while simply doing his job.
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Nov 20, 2023 07:46:41   #
nonalien1 wrote:
If the damn Jews would have obeyed God to begin with they wouldn't be fighting today.

They were more obedient to God than the rest of the population in the Old Testament which is why they were named in scripture: “God’s Chosen People.” They wrote the first books of the Old Testament: the “Torah!”

They mistakenly rejected Jesus Christ in his First Coming because they expected him to arrive and release them from the bondage of the Roman Empire. They were expecting Him to arrive in a “Char**t” or on a “Great White Horse” not ride into town on a donkey which fulfilled the prophecy of the old testament. They did not realize he came to this earth to save the souls of mankind and opened the Gates of Heaven to all believers in the laws of God and who accept Christ as their Savior

People have a Body and Soul. At the end of our life, the body goes into the ground, the soul lives on forever.

If a person is a believer, follows Christ and obeys the laws of God, upon death he will go directly to heaven. This will occur in a nanosecond. There is no purgatory, it will occur immediately.

If a person does not believe in Christ, mocks God, continues living in Sin, upon death will be sent to the place of torment. He will be separated from God forever. This to will occur at “the blink of an eye!”

Many Jews will come to realize that Christ came the first time to teach mankind how to live according to God’s Laws. He preached how we must live a righteous life in his sermon on the mount. A reading of the beatitudes is a record of that sermon which describes how God expects man to conduct himself.

On his Second Coming as we near the end of times, he will come to save the Jews from its enemies. It will be Jesus and his divine Army made up of the Angles and Saints of Heaven, the celestial army against the 200 million human Army of Satan. This will be the final war, Armageddon just before the final judgement where all sinners who are or were “Dead in Christ” will stand before God at the great white throne aka “Final Judgement Day!”
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Nov 19, 2023 19:35:19   #
The two supreme Commandments from Jesus Christ are: Love God with your whole heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as you would yourself. If this two commandments were embraced, there would be an end to all conflict and peace would abound around the world. Hatred results in rage, violence and vengeance. It results in lawlessness and chaos wherever it exists. Hatred by Hamas and supported by the z Palestinians has got us to where we are at today!
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Nov 18, 2023 13:32:25   #
The strategy for many of our young college students who don’t like this country is to get on the bandwagon and condemn this nation for supporting Israel. They will one day realize their foolishness becoming a “Disciple of Satan” using mob tactics in support of these savages. “A mob’s a monster, all heads and no brains!”
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Nov 18, 2023 13:22:54   #
Once they get those “so-called poor refugees” into this country and the young activist supporters from our elitist institutions giving themselves “Attaboys” will soon be uttering the words “Awschitt!”
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Nov 18, 2023 13:18:50   #
Those young foolish college students who support the Palestinians will one day realize they screwed up when they bring chaos, unrest and lawlessness to their future neighborhoods. “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubts.”
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Nov 18, 2023 13:03:39   #
So watch with glee when Joe Biden gives free immigration status to 500,000 refugees. Feel sorry for them and let these h**ers in. Joe Biden h**es the third generation Patriot so he will go out of his way to create frustration and chaos.

“Watch and See!”
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Nov 18, 2023 10:51:51   #
Most politicians line their wallets with green cash while they push for g***n e****y. They expense the taxpayer in the process. Many are unaware of the cost of these programs, but one day they will see the triple whammy, job loss, high inflation, high taxes to service the enormous debt.

The lack of wisdom and foresight of many American v**ers never ceases to amaze me.
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Nov 18, 2023 09:10:56   #
John Kerry had a seat at the table in the meeting with C*******t Party leader, “Xi Ping.” He is part and parcel in the big push for electric vehicles. The former director of OMB says that in order to purchase and operate an electric vehicle equates to the operation of a gas driven vehicle at the cost of $17 a gallon.

The Chinese are the beneficiary of the push for EV’s because they own 75% of the products used in the production of the lithium batteries. EV’s are not selling, yet the Auto Industry is being forced by the Biden Administration to produce them. This will k**l the auto industry or place them on the brink of bankruptcy resulting in another taxpayer bailout.

V**er’s really need to vet their politicians but they haven’t and they won’t.

This country is doomed because the v**er’s are just “plain stupid!”
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Nov 17, 2023 07:53:34   #

Finally something we can both agree on. Never liked his character, integrity or his shifty eyes!

Romney, the Son of Detroit, benefitted from the GM subsidiary,Delphi. He profited big-time from a bailout while shipping every single Delphi job to China. Just like Biden, China loves Romney. He’s a real scumbag!
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