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Jan 13, 2019 05:01:16   #
Here is your memory alert... the bill that was not signed off on by the Republicans did not contain funding for border security. And it was a CR, not a budget. Last January the President made it clear.... he would not sign a budget that did not contain funding for border security.

truthiness wrote:
Memory alert: where was the compromise in the $20B for Dreamer guarantees? for recent diminution of ACA? in the tax "reform" issue?
"Had they fulfilled the promise they (Democrats) had made last year..." is nullified by 'had the Republicans
passed the bills they agreed to two weeks ago to keep the government running...'.
No question that many people are hurt when there is no compromise on issues. Let's face it: when either party has political power, they tend toward non-compromise and people are hurt, although trump is taking the heat for this (except for Republicans, as you said, who are in the minority of the electorate).
He probably won't cave. He will try the "emergency powers" gambit; it will go to the courts who will reject it. Then he will complain of terrible courts as he has in the past when things haven't gone his way.
... br Memory alert: where was the compromise in t... (show quote)
Jan 13, 2019 02:24:33   #
When sending an email, you must use a town that is in district 12 of California.
Meaning the zip code for San Francisco... see this site for your selection... the higher the rent district, the more probable you will receive entry.
proud republican wrote:
That mailbox is also full and doesnt accept any messages....And i tried to email to her,but im outside her district so it didnt go through...She is a fricking COWARD!!!
Jan 13, 2019 00:59:17   #
President Trump is taking his share of the blame. However, the real people who should be held responsible are Democrats. If they would come to the table with a compromise then this partial shutdown would have ended before it started. Had they fulfilled the promise they made last year at this time... an improved immigration policy, then there would not have been a partial shutdown. Time to own up.... Democrats will try to hold our nation hostage until they get their way. Well, I don't think that is going to happen... if you think President Trump's favorability rating is low now... if he caves, it will hit rock bottom.
And by the way, his rating among Republicans holding onto an 80 percent.

truthiness wrote:
After publicly being willing to personally take any heat for the shutdown, Trump the Generous, is now letting us all have some piece of the blame.

Metadata, Trump approval ratings: Protrump: 41.0
Antitrump: 54.0
Jan 13, 2019 00:29:05   #
They never check their messages and their interns, who has to filter those messages, do not work on the weekends.... they are strictly 9 to 5 with an hour lunch and a break every 2 hours..... So, not many messages are actually listed to each day. But, we can fill up their Twitter accounts and email boxes. use her other telephone number Pelosi's district office directly at (415) 556-4862. email... pretend you are in her district at

proud republican wrote:
We all should try to call them and demand for them to do their job....You know if their mailbox is full that means they dont check their messages..They really should be fired,because they dont give a crap about US!!!!
We all should try to call them and demand for them... (show quote)
Jan 13, 2019 00:13:43   #
Let's try Monday...

proud republican wrote:
Surprise!!!...Surprise!!!! Both mailboxes are FULL and CANT accept any messages,,,,,,,
Surprise!!!...Surprise!!!! Both mailboxes are FULL... (show quote)

Jan 12, 2019 18:04:14   #
I don't think any of these address the fact that trespassers are entering our country, these trespassers are trafficking humans and some are mules. Whereas it is true, a fence or wall will change the migration of four legged animals, those animals simply adapt. It happens in nature, a river changes course... an earthquake or even volcanic activity. I doubt that any will go extent due to a fence. However, there is one concern that is not addressed enough... the separation of tribal lands. The US government can not erect a fence in that area because Native Americans have sovereign rights. In such case, a less invasive method of security must be employed with the cooperation of the Nation. I admit I do not have a solution to this part of the problem. However, the others who admit that they are simply holding out for more money.... not much I can say about that.

Jan 12, 2019 15:59:41   #
Some of the "farmers" on the border get quite a nice kick back from coyotes--people smugglers and mules--drug runners who pay a healthy price for access to crossings without authorities being alerted. And as a side benefit, their homes and property is not raided by those same individuals returning to Mexico and points south. While other ranchers who do not have a "working" relationship with coyote or mules, like Mike Landry, are routinely targeted. Same area, difference... Mr. Landry calls authorities when he finds uninvited "vacationers" on his land. I am not saying that Mr. Bishop has such an agreement, but if you read his comments in Marfa and Presidio County, Texas 2009, you will find that he is in favor of open borders and he speaks out often, railing against border patrol and the Rangers... I do not know if he enables the "runners" by allowing them easy access to the US... but, as they say, follow the money.

slatten49 wrote:
Jan 12, 2019 15:20:39   #
I am glad you are feeling better... and my friend, do pick at me..... I do not mind in the least!!!
old marine wrote:
I figured it was a cut & past and I started to correct it, but thought it would be more fun to pick at you about it.

I like your post Pennylynn and agree with most all of them.

But sometimes when I feel good I like to pick at my favorite posters. 😁😘😎

Jan 12, 2019 10:54:36   #
My friend, I do not believe that I referred to our President as "her" although the source I used did... and it was concerning ..... I think that the "research" may have been done when the Democrats had been promised Killary as the next President and they "expected" that a National Emergency measure might be necessary because many worried how Conservatives would handle the loss. I may be over thinking this... but that would be my best guess.
Personally, I think the Democrats will scrape the barrel to find a minority female to oppose President Trump (should he decide to run) in 2020.

old marine wrote:
I totally agree with you. Pennylynn but,

I do have one small question. Why did you refer to "the President" several times as "her"?

Ha ha ha ha, I got no problem with a lady being President. I would have ssid Hillary but she's no lady.

I totally agree with you. Pennylynn but, br br I ... (show quote)
Jan 12, 2019 10:11:25   #
So.. how many did you buy? Democrats must be begining to worry, the go fund me has raised over $20 million and still growing quickly, so they put out disinformation that the site has been taken down or the veteran, without an arm or his legs, must be running a scam.
And how dare he have Angel Moms and Dads helping to keep track of the money or explore alternatives to build a wall. No.... he has to be up to no good....

Is he and many of us saying to Democrats... WE CAN GET THIS DONE without you. Go ahead, hold the nation hostage for years if you want.... Many of us are saying... we do not need some of these overpaid government workers. So... go ahead and show us how many we can function quite easily without. Keep the government closed... Soon we will realize that those Democrats are indeed nonessential. I hope when the government is reopened, our President does not make their pay retroactive.... Perhaps the next time, they will pass a budget that is more than what they want, but what the citizens need.

lpnmajor wrote:
Sounds like my business to help drought stricken Texans a few years ago: for $19.99, you could get a dozen packets of dehydrated water, just put one packet of the powder in a gallon container, add water and BOOM - a gallon of water!
Jan 12, 2019 08:40:42   #
The go fund me is still up and raising money. He is offering an option.. we the people can raise the money and build the wall if Democrats are so intent in keeping the government closed. If you wish to read his alternative, go to

TO ALL... THE GO FUND ME FOR BUILDING THE WALL canceled or taken down.
Your donations are still welcome and needed.

slatten49 wrote:
Washington (AFP) - An Iraq war veteran canceled his plan to crowdsource $1 billion to help President Donald Trump build a wall on the Mexico border Friday after raising only $20 million and drawing questions about his online activities.

Triple-amputee veteran Brian Kolfage launched a GoFundMe account in December, quickly piling up donations as Trump was unable to get Congress to fund the wall -- leading to a now three-week-old partial shutdown of the government.

But donations slowed and Kolfage said the group had concluded that the government won't be able to make use of them in the foreseeable future.

In addition, Kolfage was put on the defensive late Thursday by a BuzzFeed News article that raised questions about his use of funds from a previous GoFundMe campaign, and alleged he ran an operation to fabricate fake news against liberal groups and politicians in order to generate traffic and profits from advertising.

Kolfage said on his GoFundMe page that he will refund donations or, if donors agree, will put them toward a new company that will build sections of the wall itself on private property along the frontier.

"Our highly experienced team is highly confident that we can complete significant segments of the wall in less time, and for far less money, than the federal government," he wrote on his fundraising page.

The non-profit company, We Build the Wall, Inc., is led by Kolfage and other prominent anti-immigration activists including private security expert and regular Trump consultant Erik Prince; David Clarke, the former Milwaukee sheriff and a favorite of Trump; and Kris Kobach, the conservative secretary of state of Kansas.

Kolfage announced the move Friday after condemning the BuzzFeed article as "absolute lies to trick Americans" to not support the new venture.

BuzzFeed noted that Facebook had cancelled accounts he had for pages that promoted right-wing views that Facebook deemed "inauthentic activity," its term for spam and click-bait focused pages, often known for fake news.

BuzzFeed also said that a 2015 GoFundMe campaign started by Kolfage raised over $16,000 for a veteran mentorship program.

But it reported that three military hospitals named by Kolfage said they never received any funds from him.
Washington (AFP) - An Iraq war veteran canceled hi... (show quote)
Jan 12, 2019 01:38:09   #
Yea.... Republicans just like John McCain. Just because a person registers, for the purpose of gaining votes, as a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or whatever.... does not make them a 100 percent supporter of their party. Also, when these people were nominated, they were selected on one factor... who could be approved. Many are unable to stand up to the selection... Kavanaugh is the only one I can remember who thumbed his nose at the committee and was seated regardless of his opponents. We would like to see people who do not play the game for election, but rather stay true to their convictions....but, that rarely happens. It is not until they achieve their goal, a seat or official position, do we (US Citizens) find out what they truly believe or think.

at41 wrote:
You are aware that Roe vs Wade was decided in a SCOTUS that had a 6 Justices appointed by Republicans and Republican appointed Justices have been in the majority for the last 40 years. Seems the Republicans . the ones who favor abortion
Jan 11, 2019 20:41:48   #
You are right, but he also extended many that were declared by other presidents... one dating back to 1979. Perhaps these were included in Vernon's count.
working class stiff wrote:
Did you know you are spouting a gross falsehood?

He declared a national emergency 12 times. Two were domestic focused: concerning the H1N1 flu virus and malicious cyber activities. The other ten concerned the persons and properties of foreign nations.
Jan 11, 2019 20:28:40   #
Bob is so much fun to mess with... he is so uninformed and he refuses to do anything about it. I like him... so my exchanges are not personal, I just amuse myself with watching him having to resort to his funny little pictures and memes.... I don't really expect too much from him.

Comment wrote:
Penny: My advise is to engage BB is an effort in futility. I am far removed from being a teacher. I am retired. Furthermore, is it possible to teach A ???????
Jan 11, 2019 19:57:29   #
You are right, I am way too smart to believe the Washington Post, Politifact, New York Times or a group of lay people who writes for Wikipedia. Do you expect any of these people to be unbiased or report real news? They are so Liberal that they can no longer discern their feelings from facts. You, I like but, your sources are not creditable in my opinion. The two sources I listed actually examined the crime scene.... I think that the individual who arrived at the scene, saw the body, put his hands on the wounds... would carry more creditability than a news (and that is questionable) reporter that is promoting their career and therefore reports what they are told to...

LAPhil wrote:
Penny, you're way too smart to be gullible enough ... (show quote)
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