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Sep 18, 2019 20:17:20   #
Canuckus Deploracus wrote:
Won't miss him...

You think he will lose???
Sep 18, 2019 20:14:38   #
Squiddiddler wrote:
Smile Guys & Gals

Sep 18, 2019 20:06:46   #
I still would like to know the opinion from the Left!!!
Sep 18, 2019 20:04:04   #

His reelection is coming in October of this year...Do you think its a coincidence that this photo surfaced at this moment????He is running against Conservative and is behind...Hmmmmm
Sep 18, 2019 19:55:16   #
useful mattoid 45 wrote:
Oh ye who have eyes yet cannot see.

That is right...You are blind for sure!!!
Sep 18, 2019 19:52:43   #
Lonewolf wrote:
Another trump suporter

No,more like Liberal supporter!!!!
Sep 18, 2019 19:21:50   #
Over 2200 fetal remains were found in home of this Monster......2200 little angels were butchered by this SOB...But i dont hear anything from Libs/Dems.....I would like to hear your opinion, if you have any...If you are not a coward!!!!
Sep 18, 2019 19:14:23   #
77Reaganite wrote:
How pathetic I left a stroll still living in mommy's basement whining and complaining about Hillary losing in 2016 Cry Me a River snowflake. And your baseless claims about Trump being corrupt you might want to take a look in the mirror and at your own party who not only tried to frame the president to get him thrown out of office after he was duly elected put on top of that everybody reads through y'all's lies. Your socialistic Utopia will be dashed again on November 3rd 2020 because none of the democratic clowns are going to be able to even lay a hand on that Donald Trump and you know it. When are you people on the left going to realize we don't care about your damn feelings especially in a debate are you there at mentally ill that you go into a state where you can't even hear other people's viewpoints. I think you just like hearing the sound of your own voice which most people on the left do and you can stop virtue signaling because you're not holier-than-thou now like you people in the left Think You Are you're the most defunct group of dumb criminals I've ever seen. You know how I know you're a troll because because you're too afraid to put your real name up here just like most people on the left you like to do hit pieces and then just drop out of the face of the Earth while I got news for you my friend we can have you doxxed in fact I think I will have you doxxed maybe I'll get you fired and your parents fired too so you'll be homeless. Two Can Play That Game sir yeah let's see how y'all like it
How pathetic I left a stroll still living in mommy... (show quote)

Bravo,77!!!!...Absolutely Bravo!!!
Sep 18, 2019 19:05:41   #
77Reaganite wrote:
Our country was destroyed once the Marshall Plan was enacted throughout Europe and Asia that brought in the globalism that you see today and that gave rise to the marxists that you see in the squad. Ayanna Pressley is stupid she knows that impeachment is going nowhere she just wants to keep the base riled up all the way until election day but I got news for you what she doesn't understand is that the Millennials aren't going to vote if their candidate isn't on the ballot they're going to be like little children and take the ball home when they don't get what they want. You know who we really have to blame for the destruction of the American ideal the CIA calls before the CIA was even the CIA it was the OSS for the operation of Secret Service that's what they were called during World War II. The CIA installed Chairman Mao in China and got rid of Shanghai shek and making him move to Taiwan that's exactly where the free peoples of China actually live because soon after we got the People's Republic of China. On top of that they tried to topple Castro not once but three times and failed all three times and under the Obama Administration the rebels that were supposed to be helping us and Syria all them weapons were going to Al-Qaeda al-nusra Isis and all the terrorist organizations so that lets you were no right there that our government has no intention on saving us in case something ever happens to us you can forget it. We'd already be dead if Trump wouldn't I have one in 2016 we're just basically staving off our eventual Doom the only way we're going to get this Republic back is by another Revolution that's the only way then we can start over from scratch again.
Our country was destroyed once the Marshall Plan w... (show quote)

Sep 18, 2019 18:08:21   #
Dwight Logan wrote:
It is interesting how so many splinter groups in congress are starting their own artoicles of imeachment when only the whole body can do so.

Sep 18, 2019 17:54:37   #
I hope he is in hell right now....I wonder what Dems will say about this monster...
Sep 18, 2019 17:45:49   #
woodguru wrote:
This week, and how about the end of the week? You get a bit ahead of yourself with a twitchy market that is poised for a hardcore fall.

I day traded in the market leading into 2007/2008 crash, it was no fun, but an up and down volatile ride it was. I was riding stocks bought at highs on Monday or Tuesday and selling them by Thursday before they went down again. I actually am setting some cash aside to put in the market, there is a lot of money to be made in the up and down fluctuations leading into a total dump, then when it takes a dump a pure hardcore fortune can be made when it's at rock bottom.

In the aftermath of 2008 I came up with four stocks that went from under 20 cents to over 20 dollars, one was making my investors over $200,000 on $2500 worth of stock.

My point is that today's "fine" doesn't mean a thing
This week, and how about the end of the week? You ... (show quote)

I bet you if it was under obama,you would be kissing his ass and sing praises to him....Hypocrite!!!
Sep 18, 2019 17:43:38   #
padremike wrote:
An asterisk? You know that's actually hysterical. Ouch, ouch, ouch!! I've got an asterisk by my name!! Somebody please erase it! What progressive congressman is going to be tasked to take a junket to Haiti and bring back a trunk full of voodoo dolls? - their last resort and final gasp when their impeachment attempts fail?

I thought it was weird myself....But she thinks it will make the difference....She is dumb ass idiot!!! And so is her lawyer for actually admitting it...
Sep 18, 2019 17:37:47   #
Lonewolf wrote:
Bibi and his wife are criminals same as Trump y'all need to go

You will go first....
Sep 18, 2019 17:34:26   #
useful mattoid 45 wrote:
Prove that he didn't, my dear.

Did you not read my post above...The whole circus was politically motivated!!!!..She (Ford) wanted asterisk next to his name in case he wants to overturn Roe v Wade.....Here is your prove!!!...It was all about dirty politics and it almost destroyed good man's life and career....SHAMEFUL!!!
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