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Jul 17, 2024 05:24:33   #
DK..... Moskau ( Disco of the 80's, Russia, 2011..German)
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Jul 16, 2024 23:11:53   #
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Jul 16, 2024 22:07:10   #
Happy Together... Turtles
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Jul 16, 2024 21:17:48   #
LogicallyRight wrote:
That was good.

She really got me...🤣👍🏻
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Jul 16, 2024 21:17:00   #
Jive Bunny and MasterMixers

Summer Nights ( from Grease)
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Jul 16, 2024 21:05:36   #
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Jul 16, 2024 20:53:44   #
Horoshshye Devchata ( Good Girls)

Strato Vani....Kazachok
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Jul 16, 2024 20:41:15   #
There's nothing better in the world..(with English subtitles)
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Jul 16, 2024 20:32:37   #
Milosia2 wrote:
Why is he winning ???
What has he said or done or promised to make your life in this s**thole country any better. ????
Anything ?????
Besides repealing everything Biden has done for you.
Like $35.00 insulin.
Caps on drugs.
The list goes on .
It’s a waste on deaf ears of the homeschooled maga.

He's done 💩 for me!!.. This country was Great under Trumpand now it's 💩hole under this POS...
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Jul 16, 2024 20:22:56   #
Turetsky Choir... School for ballroom dancing

Bella Ciao
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Jul 16, 2024 20:08:37   #

Shakira... Objection
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Jul 16, 2024 19:59:39   #
permafrost wrote:
difficult to say PR... I can not stop the remarks as long as trump threatens America and will clearly be willing to rule only over its ashes if he can not get his way..

As for others, I have no control at all over what they may do or say..

have to also say, I like your posts , admire you as a person, even while I know very little about you... you seem a remarkable person...

Stay safe and keep on posting..

Thank you, permy.. Appreciate this coming from you, but.... please tell me how Trump is threat to America???
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Jul 16, 2024 19:56:57   #
Gatsby wrote:
Biden is a dictator, he ignores SC rulings at will, and dictates law through EOs.

When the SC declared a******n regulation to be a "State's Right", Biden vowed to restore Roe v Wade.

Joe Biden should be driven into EXILE.

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Jul 16, 2024 19:52:37   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
Stuff that one down Kevyn and woody's throats.

Exactly why ive posted this article SHUT Kevyn UP!!..
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Jul 16, 2024 19:50:41   #
permafrost wrote:
from a level headed poster on Quora.


As of this writing, there is still no proof of Thomas Crooks’ motivation. When President Ronald Reagan was shot and seriously injured in 1981, it was by John Hinckley, Jr. Hinckley had the deranged notion that assassinating a President would bring him national attention and impress actress Jodie Foster, with whom he was obsessed. His attention was first on then-President Jimmy Carter, but when Reagan was elected, Hinckley thought the Republican would be “good for the country”. That did not stop him from stalking and making his assassination attempt.

Despite immediate efforts by many on the MAGA side of the spectrum to paint the mass shooting - Trump. Crooks, and one dead and two gravely injured rally-goers - as political, there is so far no evidence of that. Republicans from Senator JD Vance to Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene are trying to hang the incident on Joe Biden, Democrats, and the “left” in general. This rings hollow as Thomas Crooks was a registered Republican, a gun enthusiast who was wearing a T-shirt from Demolition Ranch, a popular YouTube channel dedicated to firearms and explosive devices.

By all reports, Crooks was quiet and shy, and like many other mass shooters, had been bullied and shunned in school. No one really knows what set him off on his deadly mission. He had the preferred mass shooter weapon; the popular AR-15 style gun. It seems that this incident was planned to some extent. Crooks apparently chose his spot with care. We know what he did, where he did it, how he did it, and when he did it. We just don’t know why he did it. Not yet. Maybe never.

Here is what we do know. The political temperature is not going down. Just today Donald Trump is crowing over his pet judge Aileen Cannon dismissing his classified documents case. He is continuing his baseless attacks on Democrats for investigating his criminal activities, charging him with those crimes, and easily proving him guilty on the first 34. Actually, Citizen Trump, it was grand juries and trial juries of your peers that charged you and found you guilty. You could take this opportunity to scale back the h**e and anger-filed rhetoric that has been your calling card. People have now been wounded and k**led just for being in your vicinity. Are you going to ignore that or let it show you that you need to be a better human being?
from a level headed poster on Quora. br br CUT T... (show quote)

Please STOP accusing Trump with h**e filled rhetoric when your side continously demonize Trump and his supporters by calling us N**is, White Suprecists, and Trump is hitler.. Not to mention biden called half if Americans threat to Democracy.. Even now, after Trump was shot, biden still calls Trump threat to Democracy... NO!! It's NOT Trump, it's Biden who is THREAT TO DEMOCRACY..
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