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Mar 22, 2019 12:35:16   #
BigMike wrote:
Busy, ma just lost a foot to peripheral artery disease and diabetes and she's going to lose the other in two weeks or less and I'm doing the caretaker thing.

Ma is something of a collecter, meaning if it can still be used she won't get rid of it so the house is cluttered up with all kinds of stuff, most of it pretty cool, but what a handicapped person needs is space to move in with walkers and wheelchairs. I'm switching bedrooms with her because the master, which I'm in, is bigger and has a bathroom with a wider door. It also has a huge corner bath that I plan to take out and install a wheelchair shower. The bath is a waste anyway. The water heater in this house isn't capable of filling it.

Getting ready for spring!

Time to clean...

Time to till...

Thank you for asking. I feel much better!
Busy, ma just lost a foot to peripheral ... (show quote)

So sorry to hear about your mom...You are being a good son..Good for you,Mike!!!..I hope your mom feels better!!
Mar 22, 2019 11:39:50   #
Canuckus Deploracus wrote:
Hi Lonewolf...

Been a while since we crossed paths... Hope all is well with you....

Israel was an ally before Trump and will be after Trump (2025 Nikki Haley)

He has demonstrated that he is a strong ally to Israel (think embassy move to Jerusalem and his stance on the Golan hights... Which I hear has become official)... And I doubt very much that Israel is no longer sharing intelligence with the US...

As for classified information... He aided a potential ally in the war on terrorism... I would hope both Israel and the American public could understand the value of those actions...

I am honestly hard up to think of a single action that he has taken that would jepordize the US's relationship with Israel... Although his comments on the 'One Nation / Two Nation' stance probably raised some eyebrows

You stay healthy and keep a smile on...

Your friend, Kyle
Hi Lonewolf... br br Been a while since we cross... (show quote)

Mar 22, 2019 11:38:07   #
okie don wrote:
Can you say: " Sanctuary Cities".

Or Sanctuary States
Mar 22, 2019 11:35:41   #
Morgan wrote:
You do know and understand the meaning of "to incite?"

Oh,you mean like Maxine Waters did???Incite violence against Trump and his supporters!!!
Mar 22, 2019 11:26:01   #
Kevyn wrote:
In rural areas there are no sidewalks so they just make do.

Mar 22, 2019 11:24:00   #
Lonewolf wrote:
First the republicans need to remove the shit stain TRUMP covered their party in.
And the party of the 1% won't fly anymore Americans are tired of subsidizing billionaires

Shit stain is no longer in the office for over 2 years....
Mar 22, 2019 09:19:20   #
Mar 22, 2019 09:10:05   #
Even though its an old article, nothing have changed....Liberals still think of rural America as "stupid and bigoted"..Read the article and see what you think.....
Mar 22, 2019 08:40:50   #
Canuckus Deploracus wrote:
How did the Ukraine help Hillary?

Ukraine Gov official sent damming info about Manafort to Obama DOJ to harm President Trump and to help Hillary thus interffering in our election....Sounds familiar????..Anyways,read the whole article and listen to the video...
Mar 22, 2019 08:25:34   #
Kevyn wrote:
The idiot Pumpkinfuhrer just made it impossible for Howard university to refuse a Klan rally and cross burning on campus. Now every college and university in the country will be forced to host nut job hate fests put on by crackpots from groups ranging from the American Nazi party to ISIL supporters.

Repeat after me..FREE SPEECH!!!..FREE SPEECH!!!...If BLM that is spouting hate against Police Officers is ok with you on the radical left ,then take it in you know where about other hate speech.....
Mar 22, 2019 02:37:28   #
Mar 22, 2019 01:54:18   #
Mar 22, 2019 01:37:18   #
Mar 22, 2019 01:31:35   #
Canuckus Deploracus wrote:
I may have ingested a bit of dirt back in the day... Can't say as I have partaken in it lately...

Could be worse...
He could have blamed the Russians and started a witch hunt.... Or the Canadians Anyone who is decent at hockey really
I may have ingested a bit of dirt back in the day.... (show quote)

Did i also tell you that he made his family eat it too???..How bizzare is that???
Mar 21, 2019 21:59:12   #
acknowledgeurma wrote:
Now that is really funny.

Ohhhhh,he speaks!!!!!
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