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Apr 5, 2024 12:32:35   #
BIRDMAN wrote:

Amen, thank you Lord!
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Apr 2, 2024 11:38:38   #
kemmer wrote:
Man have you got THAT wrong!
Trump intends to replace the federal bureaucracy with flunkies loyal to him and working FOR him.
Ben Carson was a joke at HUD.

The "flunkies" you are referring to are trying to counter c*******ts!
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Mar 15, 2024 11:54:08   #
Ri-chard wrote:
How can humanity allow an openly ongoing continuous mass murder of children, captive children at that, for over four months' time, with the criminally insane maniac Netanyahu ordering the mass murder, promising the world he will not stop the k*****g for the foreseeable future.**ler-captive-children/5852000

God talks about devils,and you are one of his examples.
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Mar 14, 2024 09:57:07   #
billy a wrote:
The term "reborn" has become cliche', but it does suit a great many people.

there's only one who has been reborn, Jesus!
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Feb 23, 2024 07:02:34   #
How many people think they have been borne again?
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Feb 5, 2024 08:25:10   #
Milosia2 wrote:
This has to be the silliest thing yet .
He didn’t deserve a first term .
He was fired by the American People , so
No !

Hey stupid! he was fired by the c*******t- democrat party, not the american people, I bet you liked his tax cuts,and his gas prices,and other things that he did!
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Feb 2, 2024 09:01:45   #
Capt-jack wrote:
The BIC Pen Attack

Initially, last week a tech with a BIC pen pressed the reset button on the back side of the D******n ICX BMD for approximately 5 seconds, which rebooted the machine into “Safe Mode”. Dr. Halderman was able to do this without removing or breaking any of the safety seals that are installed on the machine to “prevent” tampering.

Once the D******n ICX BMD was booted into “Safe Mode,” the tech was able to launch the Android Launcher, which is a menu of different applications installed on the device. He noted that the Android 5.1 is severely outdated. Current Android runs version 14. When asked if Android 5.1 is still supported by the manufacturer, Dr. Halderman answered, “it is not.”

Counsel then asked the tech what he could do with this type of access, to which he responded. The transcript reads:

“Well, here we have the file manager. This is an application that will let me on-screen navigate through the files on the machine. You can use that to copy or delete files or to open them up in an on-screen text editor and edit or even change the contents of the file on the screen.

Here, we have the settings icon that allows you to change any of the operating systemwide settings or to remove or install software on the device.

So through the settings applications is one way that someone could directly install malware using this safe mode vulnerability.”

Dr. Halderman then discussed an application called the terminal emulator. He described it as “particularly powerful.” The terminal emulator allows you to run a command called SU, or “Super User”. This is used to bypass the operating system's security controls. Dr. Halderman said a computer would typically challenge you for a secret password to gain this type of Super User access. But utilizing this BIC pen hack, Dr. Halderman was able to simply gain that access through a simple prompt:

“Would I like to allow superuser access, allow or deny?”

Dr. Halderman described what he was able to accomplish with this type of access:

“Well, gosh, it — superuser access would allow me to — to read, to modify, or to change any of the data or software that is installed on the device.”

He was asked, “Are there any limits to what you could do to a b****t using this access?”

“To the b****t data on the machine? No,” he responded.

“Are there any limits to what you could do to the e******n software on the BMD with this access?”


But this hack wasn’t discovered by Dr. Halderman. And it wasn’t discovered recently. In fact, this critical vulnerability was published by the US E******ns Assistance Commission (EAC) on January 16, 2020, 11 months before the 2020 P**********l E******n. According to Dr. Halderman, it was the first month that Georgia deployed the D******n ICX BMDs.

Dr. Halderman previously received a D******n ICX BMD for his initial testing and subsequent report in August of 2020, almost eight months after this vulnerability was discovered by the EAC. It wasn’t remedied then and it doesn’t seem to have been remedied to this day, a full four years later. The machine Dr. Halderman utilized in the courtroom for the demonstration was provided by Fulton County’s e******ns department in the configuration used currently in e******ns.

This was just one of many vulnerabilities that were demonstrated in Judge Amy Totenberg’s federal courtroom.
The Smart Card Hacks For Just $30

The D******n ICX BMD has several variations of cards that are used to allow different functions. Among them, technicians have a specific card. Poll workers have a specific card. And v**ers, after they check-in, are given a “one-time use” card to v**e.

Next, Dr. Halderman demonstrated a vulnerability using a counterfeit poll worker card. For this ‘hack’, Dr. Halderman purchased some smart cards online for about $10 each. There are no restrictions from purchasing these cards online, as he noted. He then utilized a USB smart card reader for $20 on Amazon and was able to use that to create a counterfeit poll-worker card for the D******n ICX BMD.

Dr. Halderman then created a v**er card by utilizing his software and the same equipment mentioned above. This v**er card differed from the ones issued at a polling location in that it can be used an infinite number of times and in any location countywide for the same e******n. Typically, a v**er card issued to a v**er by a poll worker is a one-time use card.

The third type of card that Dr. Halderman was able to make was more significant. This card is called a technician card and it can be utilized to install malware. Dr. Halderman testified:

“So a technician card is the third kind of Smart card for the ICX BMDs. A technician card is sort of like a master key. It unlocks a technician menu from which service workers at the county or D******n personnel perform functions like loading the b****t designs before an e******n or performing software updates.”

He then inserted the technician card into the D******n ICX BMD and bypassed the pin prompt that appeared. Then a prompt on-screen appeared and said that the menu is unavailable while the poll is open. His counterfeit technician card was able to bypass that safeguard as well.

With this access, Dr. Halderman was able to back out of the application that runs during the e******n and access the Android desktop. He then gained Super User access, once again, but this time with a simple Smart card he created using items purchased online for about $30 and “without access to any secret information.” This would be undetectable as inserting a card into the D******n ICX BMD is a required function by the v**er when they use the machine.

Counsel then asked him:

“Can automated commands be used to cause the machine to print b****ts that do not reflect the v**er’s intentions?”

“Yes, they can.”

“Did you need any nonpublic information to make the technician card?”

“Remarkably, no,” he responded.

It gets worse. Much worse. Biden will win in 2024!
The BIC Pen Attack br br Initially, last week a t... (show quote)

If we continue using d******n machines, it don't matter how we v**e!!!
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Jan 31, 2024 08:59:54   #
TJKMO wrote:
He will need to do his work on the border through Congress.

That is the way our government works.


“ The people who are not loving it are the Saudis. U.S. shale oil is growing and making money at the same time, Blas adds, and “this is what really terrorized OPEC.””

“Is it possible that America is reducing reliance on foreign oil while also addressing the planetary need to move toward clean energy? It is possible, and it’s also happening. Biden’s America is enjoying a boom in both.”.
No need for Trump’s PROMISED DICTATORSHIP. br He ... (show quote)

We already had freedom from foreign oil under Trump, you have a short memory.
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Jan 31, 2024 08:54:47   #
TJKMO wrote:
That was before trump shut down the economy on 3/13/20.
More like 4 years ago.

It was the pamdemic from China!
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Jan 29, 2024 07:26:54   #
XXX wrote:
How many people will still say there wasn't fraud?

The answer is ALL DEMOCRATS !!!
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Jan 12, 2024 13:46:38   #
David L wrote:
What planet do you live on? Can you read or hear anything other than CNN and other proven to be F**e new outlets? Only two of your list fit Trump. The rest are totally opposite, and you would know that if you ever opened your eyes and ears.

I'm glad you put "is" in front of those statements, the answer is "no".
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Jan 12, 2024 09:16:27   #
Milosia2 wrote:
It isn’t the rest of the country .
It’s only the red states. When you’re given the tunnel vision of the south you tend to see it as the entire country
It is not the entire country..
It’s red states with Republican governors .
Pushing this h**x to rile up the base for trump .
Hoping for ttump to save the day !
A day that will be just fine.
Or better without Republican intervention .

You are evidently reading dems. side of the store only. try to judge both sides of the story. All the blue states are in bigger trouble.
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Nov 20, 2023 11:25:06   #

The Holy Bible is not called the Jewish bible, it is the Hebrew bible! It is all about the Isrealites .The first time Jews were spoken of is when Israel was at war with the Jews. 2kings 16:6
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Nov 13, 2023 09:43:41   #
Rinaldi wrote:
Contrast this with the party of the neo-cons, the neo n**is, and the r****t party, aka republican conservatives.

I think that all those benefits are given to the people to teach them to depend on the government for their future.
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Nov 6, 2023 08:08:27   #
Canuckus Deploracus wrote:
How many Of those Palestinians are Christians??


When the young man "David" k**led the "giant" the army of palestine should have taken the hint!
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