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Feb 13, 2019 15:53:23   #
Bernhard wrote:
Okay, that might be serious, the lying part if not the rest.

He exaggerates, in his confession, "harmless exaggerations".

Like a lot of people successful in business, he uses ABC -- Always Be Closing.

Recently maybe he has run up some trial balloons.

But lies? Again, what are your three most significant examples, sure, with credible, objective references with solid data, e.g., exact quotes of what he said, with references, and why it was a lie.

You have at least three examples, right?

We're talking lies? Okay what about what Obama said about ObamaCare before the law passed? Easy enough to find on Google (a lot of politicians will come to HATE Google!) is at

awash in statements by Obama that now commonly are regarded as not true, especially the one

"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan."


"The only change you’ll see are falling costs as our reforms take hold."

One that I always liked was his statement about the costs of an amputation. His cost figure was wildly too high, and right away the American College of Surgeons slapped him down hard with IIRC "uninformed, misinformed, just plain wrong, dangerous". The associated Web page is down now, but I still have a copy and can post it if needed.

As long as you are shooting at Trump not just on "lies" but possibly everything else, what about what Obama did giving money to Iran that is still shouting "Death to America" and "Death to Israel"?

What about how Obama dumped on our two best allies, England and Israel?

What about Obama's IIRC "You can tell Vladimir that after the election I'll have more flexibility." Now that's REAL "collusion with Russia".

We can also count Hillary with her famous lie about Benghazi and "That awful Internet video." -- a total lie; in fact, it had nothing to do with the attack.

Let's see some Trump lies. You have some juicy ones, right, not to compete with Obama or Hillary but still juicy, right? So far, as an obvious Trump hater coming up with no evidence, you are just giving Trump a very clean bill of health.

You talk the talk. Now lets see you walk the walk. Or time to show your cards, face up on the table, to put up.

You don't have to give us your long, full list of Trump lies. Three of the worst will do.

Since I don't want to be wrong about Trump, I'm eager to learn about your list of Trump lies.

Once on the comments at 'Breitbart' I had a very similar exchange. Their main response was that they had too many Trump lies to post any -- gee, I only asked for three! Their next response was that they were too busy.

So far you could be the same person.

So, let me ask, as inquiring minds want to know, what is the going rate, say, in posts per hour, for paid Democrat Internet fora spam workers? In round numbers, per hour?
Okay, that might be serious, the lying part if not... (show quote)

Are you one of those Obama haters?
Are you one of those Clinton haters?
I don't hate President Trump, I pity him. Who would want to be a six year old boy stuck in a 72 year old body. But as for lies, listen to this:
Feb 13, 2019 15:14:30   #
Sicilianthing wrote:

I could give a rats A.. about a guy named Roger Stone or the others...

My focus is on a larger picture, one that you can’t grasp obviously.

How high does one have to get to see that big picture?
Feb 13, 2019 14:10:19   #
LLJINTL wrote:
With so many Americans listening to so many different news sources, many purposely misleading the sheeple, how can we get more truth out to more people. Many do not know who Soros is, or that the Deep State exists. If we listen to lies, we become the victims of incorrect thinking. G Edward Griffin, CRTV are great sources, but few are aware of them.

Feb 5, 2019 19:17:11   #
Wonttakeitanymore wrote:
Bible study is not boring! The more we seek a God the wiser we are, although not in our own eyes! Try it sometime! The closer we draw near to God the closer is draws near to us! Resist the devil and he will flee from you!

That raises a question: how can one know the God one approaches is not a devil?
Jan 27, 2019 14:40:35   #
Sicilianthing wrote:

It’s long past time for Trump to use the Marines and loyal Authorities to RAID The FBI and CIA headquarters and lock it down, arrest the senior officials who are aiding n abetting the enemies within.

Do you agree ?

Nov 4, 2018 19:14:37   #
karpenter wrote:
The Gov't Already Does

I Want To Know Who Decides What A 'Fact' Is

I think it's obvious, "Who Decides What A 'Fact' Is". People do. And different people have different criteria. I think most rely on various authorities and the criteria recommended by various authorities. I know I rely on the teachings of my two primary authorities: my Mama, and my Daddy. My Mama taught me to trust in people's good intentions. My Daddy taught me to question everything. Quite a quandary.
Nov 4, 2018 18:09:52   #
debeda wrote:
They do cover them. To complain, belittle the attendees and critcize them and our President.

Hmm, maybe I'm switching too soon.
Nov 4, 2018 17:57:33   #
proud republican wrote:
Why????.....I have NEVER seen CNN or MSNBC show President Trump's rally!!!!!.....This is the second Obama's rally that FOX is showing...And DemoRats dare to say that FOX is NOT Fair and Balanced!!!!

Of course you would first have to watch CNN or MSNBC for more than the few seconds it takes for you to get depressed by all their "negativity". I have encountered live coverage of President Trump's rallies on CNN and watched for at least a few minutes until I had to switch to a more optimistic [fictional] view of the dangers facing America (e.g. The Walking Dead).
Nov 4, 2018 17:41:00   #
debeda wrote:
AGREED. ALL news agencies should be licensed as such and held to fact standards.

So who do you want issuing these licenses, the government?
Nov 4, 2018 17:38:51   #
Seth wrote:
FOX also has more viewers/followers now than CNN or MSNBC because people have grown wise to the fact that CNN and MSNBC report "news" that doesn't reflect the reality that under the Trump Administration things are improving 100% yet constantly "report" negatives, ignoring positives.

The Democrats think the American public is stupid and won't eventually notice that they really ARE getting fake news from the "progressive" networks.

I like to think that the leftie posters here are smarter than to really believe half of the CNN propaganda, but the way they defend it into death, I don't know....
FOX also has more viewers/followers now than CNN o... (show quote)

If "[t]he Democrats think the American public is stupid" why are they the party that tries to get more people to vote? It is the Republicans that try to suppress the vote?
Nov 3, 2018 21:21:19   #
proud republican wrote:
Yes, but FOX does not divide as much as CNN and MSNBC does!!!!...FOX invites all sides not just Democrats like CNN and MSNBC does!!!

My guess is, you don't watch CNN much. Of course, about all the FOX I watch is from replays on CNN. I get most of my news from Dallas Morning News (paper).
Nov 3, 2018 21:04:28   #
proud republican wrote:
According to recent Gallop poll 64% of Americans think that MSM is very divisive to America...Only 18% of Americans think MSM is not divisive!!!......MSM should be banned!!!

Of course, you realize, FOX is a part of MSM.
Sep 26, 2018 08:46:23   #
eagleye13 wrote:
Or , she is just a Democrat activist, trying to subvert the process.

What process is that, the process of putting a Republican activist on SCOTUS?
Sep 26, 2018 08:29:54   #
eagleye13 wrote:
I think the most important question to be asked the accuser is;
What was your motive?
The timing is the clue to all of this.

What do you think would be the motive of someone who believes they would have been rape had they not escaped? What would your motive be, if this happened to you, and your attacker was about to join the SCOTUS. I assume your motive would be a desire to stop the perversion of justice.
Sep 26, 2018 00:49:19   #
eagleye13 wrote:
A patoff?
Will it show up on her income taxes.

If it shows up on her income taxes, we won't know, unless she runs for President and promises to show her tax returns. Oh wait, never-mind.
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