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Aug 11, 2019 21:28:51   #
tbutkovich wrote:
US Military needs to set up camp along the border, post signs saying: US TERRITORY, DO NOT ENTER! DEADLY FORCE AUTHORIZED!

A ABSOULATITY AMEM! It's time to get serious, sorry but it's past time. As they come to the border, give a warning to not approach any closer or you will be shot and if you do you will be shot. It's time to quit pussy footing around with this situation. In spite of his saying he could grab one, he is not pussy footing as far as the southern border goes. I'm hopeful he's paying as much attention to the Muslims. Mike
Aug 11, 2019 20:52:15   #

Though my wife and I would go there to eat a couple of times a month and we liked their food we will no longer be spending our money with them. This will back fire just like Chix- fley. I feel sorry for the people who work there. Mike
Aug 11, 2019 20:36:56   #
Kevyn wrote:
Very sorry for the loss of your dog, it leaves a bigger hole in or lives than we often care to admit.

You prove that you don't read anything dumby. Mike
Aug 11, 2019 20:32:48   #
teabag09 wrote:
Someone please call a vet. because we have one sick puppy here. Mike

Don't know why but that was directed at Kevy. Mike
Aug 11, 2019 20:31:56   #
Someone please call a vet. because we have one sick puppy here. Mike
Aug 11, 2019 20:30:08   #
Auntie Dee wrote:

"The prison guards tasked with monitoring Jeffrey Epstein were working heavy overtime hours when he apparently committed suicide, The Associated Press reported Sunday.

A person familiar with the Metropolitan Correctional Center’s operations told the AP that one guard on his unit was working a fifth straight day of overtime while another was working mandatory overtime.

Epstein was found dead in federal custody Saturday morning.

The alleged sex trafficker had apparently committed suicide when he was found in his cell.

The New York Times reported Sunday morning that Epstein was not being monitored in his cell as directed before his death.

His death comes just weeks after officials investigated a possible suicide attempt.

Epstein had apparently been taken off suicide watch before he died.

Epstein's death has left officials and lawmakers asking for answers." (show quote)

I really don't give a rat's ass. Not sure the guy is dead. Too many influential people involved and too much info he has to have left behind that killing him without destroying the info wouldn't help them. Mike
Aug 11, 2019 20:26:17   #
Airforceone wrote:
When I am elected president I will not be like Obama playing golf everyday. I will be to busy running this country.

I listen to the idiots on OPP that live in a bubble bitch Like children about Obama playing golf but in 2 1/2 not a GD word from these hypocrites. Not to mention complaining about the cost. But nothing but crickets now

And this trip was the day after the Walmart killings.

I didn't figure you would as you are probably not able to hit a whiffle ball much least a golf ball. Mike
Aug 11, 2019 13:06:23   #
teabag09 wrote:
I lift and put back down the seat and scour it, do the laundry and all of the cooking, take out the trash and get it to the street on garbage day and provide transportation for my wife as she no longer drives.

For her part she doesn't bother me whenever a football game or Nascar race is on. Pretty good deal I'm thinking. Mike

I forgot, she rinses and loads the dishwasher because she is better at loading than am I, I unload it. Mike
Aug 11, 2019 12:56:46   #
no propaganda please wrote:
You know, guys, if you can't figure out how to flush the toilet after using it, and actually do a load of laundry for your self, why do you think you can run a country efficiently?


I lift and put back down the seat and scour it, do the laundry and all of the cooking, take out the trash and get it to the street on garbage day and provide transportation for my wife as she no longer drives.

For her part she doesn't bother me whenever a football game or Nascar race is on. Pretty good deal I'm thinking. Mike
Aug 11, 2019 12:46:19   #
bggamers wrote:
I hate to say this wolf but in my 68 years I have heard more men make some of the most disgusting remarks about what they have done sexually and most I guarantee was to make them look macho they say a lot to look cool but in a free world I never would believe that someone SECRETLY taped someone YEARS before and then suddenly brings it out and by the by when did BRAGGING become illegal and I'd like any of you men on this site say you haven't made a slummy remark at some point in your life should we throw you all in jail ???? I'm a woman I don't appreciate the remarks but women brag about exploits and I can guarantee so do men I refuse to condemn someone for a remark I condemn them for their actions when they hurt people without a thought of the outcome to the people it damages
I hate to say this wolf but in my 68 years I have ... (show quote)

If the lonely one would go back to the tape he would discover that the President was speaking hypothecary. What he said is that being a rich star you could go up to a woman and grab her by the pussy, not that he had. Pretty much the same thing as him saying he could shoot someone in the middle of the street and not lose supporters. All bs talk but no action. Mike
Aug 11, 2019 12:35:24   #
badbobby wrote:
let's wait till the facts have been shown to us

let's not jump to conclusions
who knows
the facts may be stranger than fiction

Bob, we aren't going to see any facts. Mike
Aug 11, 2019 12:13:07   #
Pennylynn wrote:
On suicide watch the guards take everything, even shoelaces, and the cell is monitored 24/7. In those cells, even pillows do not have cases and sheets have alarms.... even when the inmate showers they are watched. Suicide...not likely!

He had been taken off of suicide watch. Mike
Aug 10, 2019 18:37:11   #
MR Mister wrote:
House and Senate Democrats introduced legislation Tuesday they say will allow victims of gun violence to have their day in court.

The Equal Access to Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act aims to repeal federal protections blocking firearm and ammunition manufacturers, dealers and trade groups from most civil lawsuits when a firearm is used unlawfully or in a crime.

Those protections date to 2005, with the passage of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.
Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., one of the bill's co-sponsors, said since PLCAA became law, state and federal courts have "dismissed numerous cases against the gun industry," adding that other cases were likely not brought at all.

Schiff, surrounded by members of gun violence prevention groups including Moms Demand Action, Brady and March For Our Lives, said the purpose of the legislation was to "correct the error Congress made" nearly a decade and a half ago.

"Responsible actors in the gun industry don't need this limitation on liability. And the irresponsible ones don't deserve it," Schiff told reporters at the announcement of the bill.
PLCAA was signed into law by then-President George W. Bush and championed by the gun industry, including the National Rifle Association.

Lawrence Keane of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a firearms trade association, told NPR his organization "will certainly oppose this legislation." He called the bill to repeal PLCAA "fundamentally unfair."

"You would no more charge or blame Ford or General Motors for drunk driving accidents," Keane said, adding that the current law is "working exactly how Congress intended it."
Keane and other supporters of the current law say it was passed as a way to ensure that manufacturers, dealers, and distributors had protections from what they call "frivolous" lawsuits intended to bankrupt the gun industry.

"All we're doing through this proposal is giving victims of gun violence their day in court," said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., a co-sponsor of the Senate version of the bill. "Every other industry has to pay punitive damages if it intentionally and purposefully violates [a] standard of care" toward the community.

"That will provide a powerful incentive as it has done in tobacco, in automobiles, in pharmaceutical drugs, for safer products," Blumenthal added.

In March, the Connecticut Supreme Court overturned a lower court decision, ruling that Remington Arms could be sued under state law by the families of victims from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
The court said that Remington, the manufacturer of the rifle that was used in the 2012 attacks in Newtown, Conn., could be sued on the basis of how the company marketed the military-style weapon to civilians.

They have convinced most American's you have no need to protect yourself. They think we can make everywhere a gun-free zone. Yeah, then it's like shooting fish in a barrow. That's what happened in Wal-mart, no one had a gun, no one could stop him.

Maybe we can sue the Mental Health Doctors for not stopping these nuts from running loose. s-to-sue-gun-industry?fbclid=IwAR1JyonBgAiGsucd0rQZJYQLwWIho3IVftC4BE5x7B1CBiA6Hq0x8bPri7s
House and Senate Democrats introduced legislation ... (show quote)

Maybe we can sue some of these dumb assed legislators for wasting our tax payers money on these stupid investigations instead of doing what we are paying them to do. Protecting the Constitution and Bill of Rights. On second thought, as long as they are chasing their tails over the President and everything else they are not passing more stupid laws and regulations. Mike
Aug 10, 2019 18:31:20   #
proud republican wrote:

Both are good BUT is Jeffery really dead??? In todays world what is to be believed? Mike
Aug 10, 2019 18:25:05   #
PeterS wrote:
Capitalism gives itself a bad rap because it can't apply to all situations of the human condition. In areas of infinite demand, it flails blindly, leaving the haves with and the have nots without. This is why capitalism and socialism are always going to be brothers and the government is always going to be the parent that keeps thems them together.

Then there is the wart on the end of the nose of capitalism it's a tendency to form monopolies and to encroach on the government in the form of corporatism as it has done under the republicans. If ours was not a democracy where all citizens had rights that would be one thing. But in a democracy, the loser has to be the people as is the case today.

Capitalism isn't the perfect system it claims to be and in a democracy where the people have rights, capitalism has to be balanced against those rights. Capitalism has never been able to regulate itself nor has it always worked for the benefit of all men. Because of that Capitalism will always need a regulator and socialism to provide for the areas of infinite demand such as healthcare, education, and at least partially life of the aged.
Capitalism gives itself a bad rap because it can't... (show quote)

I'm betting that your eyes are brown. Oh! By the way we aren't a democracy yet but not because you wouldn't prefer it. Mike
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