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Mar 4, 2024 08:08:08   #
thebigp wrote:
February 10, 2024—printed off 2/29/2024
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ICYMI – Bill Stevenson, the ex-husband of first lady Jill Biden, made shocking claims about what he calls the “Biden crime family.” Stevenson’s allegations shed light on a dark side of the first couple’s past and raise questions about the extent of their influence and actions. Stevenson made accusations that Joe Biden’s administration is mirroring the actions the Bidens took during their divorce proceedings, targeting former President Donald Trump. According to Stevenson, he was threatened by Frankie Biden, Joe Biden’s brother, during his divorce, resulting in him relinquishing his house in the settlement. Two months later, Stevenson found himself indicted on tax charges amounting to $8,200.
The striking similarity between Stevenson’s case and H****r B***n’s ongoing tax case cannot be ignored. While H****r faces two misdemeanor counts for roughly $2.2 million in unpaid taxes, Stevenson suggests that he faced two felonies for a mere $8,200. The discrepancies raise questions about the power dynamics within the Biden family and their alleged influence over the Department of Justice.
Reports have emerged suggesting that Jill Biden wields substantial influence in her husband’s administration. She is said to be actively involved in vetting administration officials, participating in meetings, and shielding her husband from long events. It is believed that Jill takes on these responsibilities primarily to protect Joe Biden from potential harm or burnout caused by excessive workload. Financial Times and Politico have both reported on Jill Biden’s significant impact on decision-making processes within the White House. In jest, Joe Biden himself hinted at his wife’s influence when asked about running for re-e******n, stating that he needed to consult Jill before making a decision.
Stevenson’s decision to break his silence raises eyebrows and prompts speculation about his motives. Some may question whether he is seeking revenge or attempting to tarnish the Bidens’ reputation. However, it is essential to analyze the claims objectively and consider the evidence presented. Stevenson’s firsthand experiences and the parallels he draws between his case and the ongoing controversies surrounding the Bidens add weight to his allegations. Stevenson’s allegations shed light on the perceived power of Joe Biden and the Department of Justice. By claiming that he not only believes but knows that Joe ordered the actions against him, Stevenson implies that Biden has the ability to influence legal proceedings. The similarities between Stevenson’s indictment and H****r B***n’s case raise concerns about potential favoritism or selective prosecution within the justice system.
Jill Biden’s active role in her husband’s administration raises questions about the motivations behind her involvement. Is she genuinely concerned about protecting Joe Biden from excessive workload, or is there a power play at play? While some may view her actions as supportive, others may perceive them as an attempt to exert control and influence over decision-making processes. The t***h lies somewhere in between, and only time will reveal the full extent of Jill Biden’s influence.
Stevenson’s revelations challenge the status quo and invite a closer examination of the Bidens’ past and present actions. The allegations made by Jill Biden’s ex-husband cannot be dismissed without careful consideration. It is crucial to separate personal motivations from the facts presented and seek the t***h amidst the sea of misinformation and speculation.
February 10, 2024—printed off 2/29/2024 br Share o... (show quote)

Should we expect another "Epstein Shuffle" ?
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Mar 3, 2024 05:55:54   #
Canuckus Deploracus wrote:

Your first note,"Checking in," was nice. It's good to hear you're alive. I saw your name.
Then, you lit the Old C.D. Campfire, and we got "toxic". I see your SPIRIT. Thanks, Brother...keep it all together...
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Mar 1, 2024 06:26:34   #
saltwind 78 wrote:
guzz, If Biden is a president for stupid people, how is it that the large majority of college educated folks v**ed for Biden?

"College educated" is no longer the signature of "smart" people.
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Feb 29, 2024 07:07:24   #
This is just the upscale, dignified figurehead this Country needs to look up to...for stoic leadership, Spiritual grounding and an overall sense of well-being projected by our leaders...

Oh, spare the nasty comments. It's just been SO long since I've seen those actual words. 🇺🇲
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Feb 29, 2024 06:49:47   #
fullspinzoo wrote:

These four guys have been around long enough to give me confidence in their observations.
However, it's what is MISSING in the willis' presentation that gives me doubt. She is a PROSECUTER, for pete's sake. She shows no self-confidence, no sense of certainty. It is her JOB to accuse people of monstrous crimes against society...and she sits there, wide-eyed like a kid caught stealing candy. But, hey, I'm just a citizen, right ?
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Feb 28, 2024 06:27:21   #

...a phone-call to Child Services ?
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Feb 26, 2024 10:06:38   #
Weasel wrote:
Isn't it strange that we have to have this conversation in this day and time, as our fight to exist is threatened by Our Own President of The United States 🇺🇸?
I cannot wait for A State Of Union Address 😩 where President Biden will tell us that he is doing so much good for America?
Bottles of Snake Oil are FREE To Everyone.
Thank you Mr. President.
img src=" (show quote)

Weasel, Michael, myself and millions of other Americans spent LIFETIMES contributing to this Country. Good, productive, honest lives. Now, the evil that is our "government" is spitting on all those years. Wasting, squandering, gambling and enriching themselves. The invaders..."migrants", are being PAID with our dollars. How can these people live with themselves? I'm trying not to cuss here, but man, it's tough. Good Luck, America... 🇺🇲
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Feb 26, 2024 07:38:44   #
Weasel wrote:
We haved dumbed down America so much that even the Supreme Court Justices cannot/will not figure this out.

I'm not bragging, this is just how it went. At fourteen and fifteen years of age, I picked tobacco in Connecticut. When I turned sixteen, I worked in a shoe-store. Dad owned a sign shop, which led to other construction trades. Lots of miscellaneous gigs in between. I was hurt, and declared disabled at fifty-nine. Each of those forty-five years was on the books.
A lot of us know the difficulties of blue-collar work. Injuries, financial insecurity, the weather, etc.
I EARNED that Social Security money. It doesn't belong to the "government" to give to anybody who comes along with their hand out...
Now I'm old, and beat up. I shouldn't have to worry about "ten years out"...
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Feb 26, 2024 07:12:50   #
Coos Bay Tom wrote:
It would be really cool if all of you would agree with every post I make today -- Lol right that won't happen . I made my own birthday cake . I started with a yellow cake mix and dumped in a can of orange crush instead of egg and oil. Chocolate frosting . Vanilla bean ice cream . Hamburgers and french fries for dinner . My lil girl will like that . . I wish each and every one of you the best day ever and you really don't have to agree with me on every thing today. I still think you all are proud -patriotic and worthy of a slice of my cake . . Wow I made it to 70 .
It would be really cool if all of you would agree ... (show quote)

Your seventy years has trained your ears to recognize good music, which you share with us.
For that, Tom, Thank You...
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Feb 25, 2024 08:45:54   #
fullspinzoo wrote:

Hanson is one of a very few voices I stop to listen to. 🇺🇲
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Feb 25, 2024 08:18:22   #
Weasel wrote:

I'll take a President Reagan speech anyday.
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Feb 25, 2024 08:10:47   #

The lady in blue, a Chicago resident, NAILS it. If every American thought and v**ed American, we all might just take this Country back.
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Feb 25, 2024 08:00:28   #
Oldsailor65 wrote:

...still love George.
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Feb 25, 2024 07:57:52   #
Coos Bay Tom wrote:

Nine years old... I diddn't know what this strange feeling was..."Downtown" was the first piece of music that caught my ear, and generated joy.
It's been a long, strange trip.
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Feb 25, 2024 07:45:54   #
Oldsailor65 wrote:
Ohio mother who left 16-month-old daughter alone in playpen for 10 days so she could go on vacation pleads guilty to murder

FEBRUARY 23, 2024

An Ohio mother has pleaded guilty to aggravated murder after leaving her 16-month-old daughter in a filthy playpen at home for 10 days while she went on a vacation.
Kristel Candelario, 32, pleaded guilty on Thursday to aggravated murder and child endangerment. She faces life in prison after her daughter was found dead in her Cleveland home.

Candelario reportedly left her 16-month-old daughter alone at home in June 2023 as she departed for a vacation in Detroit, Michigan, and Puerto Rico. Candelario returned home from vacation on June 16, 2023 – 10 days after she left her baby alone at home.

Prosecutors said Candelario found her baby unresponsive at the home and contacted police.

The baby, Jailyn Candelario, was already dead when police arrived, and the toddler was allegedly found "extremely dehydrated at the time of death."

An autopsy conducted by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office determined that baby Jailyn had died of starvation and severe dehydration, according to KDKA News.

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office said in a statement, "Jailyn was discovered in a Pack-N-Play pen on a liner soiled with urine and feces with soiled blankets."

“This case is one of those truly unimaginable cases that will stick with me for many years to come,” said Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Michael C. O’Malley. “As prosecutors, it is our job to represent the victims and today we spoke on behalf of 16-month-old Jailyn — who is no longer with us — due to the selfish decisions her mother made. This conviction today, is the first step towards justice for Jailyn.”

A neighbor told News 5 Cleveland that this was not the first time that the mother left the baby alone in the house.

"We keep telling her not to leave her by herself, not just me, my friend across the street too, but she always leave her by herself," the neighbor said.

Another neighbor added, "There were so many people here; she could have knocked on any of our doors and asked us to take Jailyn."

Candelario’s attorney, Patrick Milligan, told, "This was a real emotional day for our client. She has taken responsibility for what she did, and she is remorseful. There will be mitigating issues that come up at sentencing that we will address. Hopefully, people will realize that she is not the monster that some see her as."

The attorney claimed Candelario suffered from mental health issues but did not provide specific details.

Candelario had no prior felony convictions.

The Cleveland mother's sentencing hearing is scheduled for March 18.
Ohio mother who left 16-month-old daughter alone i... (show quote)

Think of that little one's last hours. Starving. No water. The stench, and "Where's Mommy ?".
Society needs to create a new level of criminal.
A level where, like the offender, humanity gets put on hold. Bring in psychopaths to sit on a jury, and if not executed, a "house of horror" facility to make them suffer.
An entire generation is emerging that has no fear or respect of repercussions for their personal behavior.
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