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Jul 20, 2019 21:36:33   #
slatten49 wrote:


The women are to be “believed”! Ask any leftist!
Jul 19, 2019 16:52:45   #
Lonewolf wrote:
It is spelled right migrate

Migrate? spelled it, but certainly didn’t capitalize the the correct letters.

OMG! Why am I conversing with a Troll?
Jul 19, 2019 16:32:18   #
lpnmajor wrote:
you gotta be kidding!

Common sense and logic kinda’ messes with your mind, doesn’t it.
Jul 19, 2019 16:19:09   #
Jul 19, 2019 16:18:07   #
Lonewolf wrote:
It's not Trump's falt that he comes from a long line of cowards , trump as we know ignored his countrys call 5 times ,finally get a Dr to falsely write he hand bone spurs!
But to his defence his father was also a coward and dodged the draft in Germany, do you see cowardice is in his DNA!!

Does he love his country maybe I know he doesn't care at all about its citisens!
An example his epa just approved the use of a pesticide that has been proven to cause cancer, while the rest of the world outright baned its use! Even third world countries
Have baned it! .
Wonder how much money was spent at mar largo.
It's not Trump's falt that he comes from a long li... (show quote)
Jul 19, 2019 16:16:43   #
Lonewolf wrote:
I'm a united States marine

Nope....,that’s a bare-faced lie! If you served, you would be able to spell it.........TROLL!
Jul 19, 2019 16:13:51   #
Larai wrote:
Snowflakes get most everything backward!.. turned around and twisted to suit their Ideals.. I was amused at how surprised they were that their idol was the one the quote came from.. But then they back stepped to say, that Obama was more compassionate and humane.. regarding deporting people..families...what a Joke!!..

Mr. Trump should switch parties after the next election......stupid dems would run, ranting and screaming, into the oceans like Lemmings!
Jul 9, 2019 22:49:59   #
factnotfiction wrote:
The conspiracy about the Seth Rich murder was all over rightwingnut media and fox, expecially by the always lying hannutty.

The only good thing is that now the criminal russians will have a more difficult time in stealing another election because of the exposure, but they are still active, and some reside right here on OPP

Wow! You’re right! The Hildebeast conspired with the Ruskies to kill Seth.

What great insight you possess.
Jul 7, 2019 10:55:07   #
factnotfiction wrote:
Pretty much sums up how conservative, white, christians are able to accept the obvious corrupt flaws of trump, but whine, snivel, cry and become the very epitome of "snowflake" whenever any of the myriad flaws and lies of trump are pointed out.

Sad to watch so called christians lie and deflect and distort facts.

Are you “whining, sniveling and crying”?

The point of your post is:___________.
Jul 6, 2019 22:17:53   #
Larai wrote:
here here I second that!!.. yep their socialism looks pretty shitty from here too..and they want the rest of us to capitulate.. I doubt that will happen.. Hopin more folks get to the polls this year.. so there is NO doubt that it was a freakin landslide.. again.. popular vote my ass.. lmao.. Poor Hillary and her minions heads about exploded when they got the poll results..

Meh....crickets from “rumi”.

BTW....look up “rumi”; then the urban definition of “toid”. Pretty much says it all about.......oooops.....can’t say that word.
Jul 6, 2019 22:01:05   #
proud republican wrote:

So, let’s hear from Kevyn. About how this is the pumpkinfuher’s fault. And the right-wing nutters too.

How about that other fool? The one who thinks the POTUS is “potato head”.

Those leftists apparently enjoy living in a world of sh!t!!!! That’s what their mode of governmental leadership seems to perpetuate.

C’mon leftists. Let’s hear how socialism engenders that utopia!
Jul 6, 2019 15:31:43   #
Kevyn wrote:
Did you read the article? If you did please dispute the points that were made.

Alrighty.....drivel, blather, and bare-faced lies.
This would apply to every sentence. One would have to have infected puss for brains, to read and believe any of it!
Jul 4, 2019 16:39:32   #
Lonewolf wrote:
I think after 22 women acuse you that's more than enough and if you throw in the 13 year old certainly makes trump a predator.

Answer yes or no:

Twenty two people and a thirteen year old, here on OPP, accuse you of being a moron. Does this mean, without a shadow of doubt, that you are a moron?
Jul 4, 2019 16:30:04   #
Lonewolf wrote:

and you know this will continue trump is pooling 41 so basically, all he has is base


Wow! “Pooling” at 41......damn good number!
Jul 4, 2019 16:28:21   #
archie bunker wrote:
Spamming Russian troll!

Yepper! Ol’ Tom Steyer.....the billionaire who hates capitalism and America in general. I’d follow him.....well.....absolutely nowhere!

Tom’s the worst kind of hypocrite.....uber rich and more dangerous than a basket of vipers!
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