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Apr 18, 2024 10:15:10   #
DASHY wrote:
President Biden's competition was totally destroyed when the v**ers kicked T*****r Trump out of office in the 2020 e******n by 8 Million excess v**es.

"Biden’s margin of victory over Trump in the nationwide popular v**e was 4.4% (51.3% vs 46.9%). However, his margin of victory in the ‘tipping point state’, Wisconsin, the state that put Biden across the line in the E*******l College race, was a much narrower 0.6% (49.4% vs 48.8%). Biden did manage to increase his E*******l College victory by winning a further two states by narrower margins, Arizona by 0.3% (49.4% vs 49.1%) and Georgia by 0.2% (49.5% vs 49.3%)."

In which States are v****g irregularities seriously questioned?
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Apr 18, 2024 10:06:42   #
LiberalGrammyD wrote:
Good point publican. He is also a Bitter OldMan threatening anyone who doesn't kowtow to his religious views to fire and brimstone. He would have made an excellent inquisitor during the Albigensian Crusade. Screaming Heretic from the city square.

Stupid old l*****t woman. I don't give two hoots in hell if you ascribe to the Christian faith but I'm bloody well not going to sit idle while you L*****t promote agenda in direct opposition to it.
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Apr 18, 2024 09:29:30   #
federally indicted mattoid wrote:
Better a l*****t dyp, than a conned rube.

To adequately describe how much you cultural Marxist Democrarts have promoted evil and discord in America is to liken it to trying to drink from the powerful flow of a 6" firehouse. Everthing you touch becomes corrupt. You destroy not build. You bring death, never life. You pervert, never righteous or virtue. You lie and are highly allergic to any application of objective T***h. You're giddy about destroying traditional American morals, values, faith, the nuclear family and patriotic love of America. In short, you are domestic enemies.
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Apr 18, 2024 07:57:58   #
publican wrote:
Linda, you being a regular on OPP should know by now that Padre is a screaming lunatic.

Actually in decent company I'm very soft stoken and respectful. However in the company of assholes I am an asshole too. Now you should begin to understand how others respond to you and why.
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Apr 18, 2024 07:41:58   #
AuntiE, that meme needs to be stored as treasure in a museum. Wonderful!
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Apr 17, 2024 21:42:53   #
federally indicted mattoid wrote:
And another shows their fear.

You poor jackass. You do not know the goodness and strength found in Conservstive women. How could you, The Squad, is your icon for good women...gag.
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Apr 17, 2024 21:39:21   #
Lily wrote:
Why do we have to put up with one of your diatribes here? Rhetorical question.

Can’t you go create your own boring garbage as a thread?

I really feel dirty after any dialogue with him. Seriously!
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Apr 17, 2024 21:35:22   #
federally indicted mattoid wrote:
We know why you didn't read them

Your fear of information shows clearly in doing that.

Join the minority who believe that jackass ever has anything worthy to contribute. You can make up anything you want in your own feeble mind, and you do, but note that the majority of folks are full up and overflowing with disgust at Straight-up. I simply do not find him worthy of any extended conversation. There is nothing, not one single thing we share in common. So what's the point of dialogue with someone I find utterly d********g?
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Apr 17, 2024 21:24:35   #
billlingle wrote:
Thank you for the suggestion to hold one of Fat Donny's balls. I think that I'll pass. It's surprising that he can even find them given his panniculus. You say that they are steel. I hesitate to ask you from where you came upon this remarkable bit of news. Are you sure that the report didn't mention lead. I don't know who Larry Seidlin is but if someone said that about me I would have a real tendency to avoid him in the future. The smell that you're sensing is flatulence. It is a real problem with fat people as is the stink that they generate in their butts from bacteria and a lack of oxygen that does a lot to keep the bacteria under control. Not much oxygen getting to a fat man's butt crack.
Tigers have yellow eyes. If this is a problem that the Fat Boy is facing he should really get his liver and kidneys checked out.
I noticed after he was humiliated during the jury se******n by all the people who said that they would be incapable of putting aside the general disgust that they felt for the dolt and couldn't help but be disgusted myself listening to him whine about how he was being picked on during the whimper fest that he attempted to bill as a commentary on his state of affairs.
Your projection about Prozac is not very arguable seeing that no president in the history of the nation has ever been indicted let alone four times, not to mention a double header impeachment.
It is very difficult when the Fat Rapist goes on TV to try and explain what he is up to. He tries to make his word salad more palatable by applying a thick opaque Ranch Dressing. I sincerely hope that you can figure out what the
dementia plagued bucket of blubber is trying to say. No one else can so they just laugh. I would say that he concocts his disjointed rants to obfuscate but don't as it is obvious that he is not bright enough to come up with that strategy.
If you want him in your foxhole I suggest you stick the trench. Fat Donny in a foxhole is far too tight a fit for two. My money this November is on how much of an increase we're going to see above the 8,000,000 v**es that he lost by in 2020.
Thank you for the suggestion to hold one of Fat Do... (show quote)

Did you wipe after just s**tting all over yourself? Forget 8 million v**es. Bet your miserable worthless life. I'll put up a new penny against it.
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Apr 17, 2024 21:13:29   #
federally indicted mattoid wrote:
The millions you speak of are the dupes he's pickpocketing.

It's second nature to him to know a good grift when he sees one.

Spoken like a typical l*****t dypchit that gets all his talking points solely from the DNC State Controlled Marxist Media Propaganda Bureau's. You all speak the very same language. Duh!
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Apr 17, 2024 19:49:10   #
straightUp wrote:
OK, well... first, I'm gonna compliment you on your poetic approach to insulting me. I'm being serious btw "laugh, giggle and blow snot bubbles"... Awesome.

Now let me just respond to your thing about "my sort". I'm assuming that's a reference to a nebulous category of philosophers and ministers that you don't agree with, probably associated with the "left", progressive policies, socialist economics, secularism, stuff like that.

I'm wondering why you think these systems have failed.

First of all the largest socialist system in world history is currently thriving as an integral part of the US. We are a hybrid economy (heavy on the free-market).

Secondly, every other developed nation in the G7 is also a hybrid economy. Socialism is what turned the iron of 19th century capitalism into the steel of a hybrid economy, which is what we mostly see today.

Socialism didn't fail... Some of it's implementations did; Russia being one such example. But even Marx would have told Lenin, "dude, you guys aren't ready" (but in a German Accent). Marx was very clear about allowing capitalism to thrive and develop first, THEN socialism, THEN c*******m. Russia went from agrarian to c*******t in one revolution... oops. Not that it mattered because dudes like Stalin were just assholes anyway; They were just using the revolution to push their own agenda and that's what makes it such a bad example. Which is why the free-market fanatics keep using it.

One final thing on that... The prevailing conclusion across many recent studies show that Americans are not as happy as the Northern Europeans are. Standards of living are actually quite lower in the US and stress is elevated. Hence the running joke about Trump saying he wants people from "nice" countries like Denmark... As if they would want to come here.

But here's my point... All of those Scandinavian countries which btw, TOP the lists are like us... they run on hybrid economies but... (heavier on the socialism). Not National Socialism, Democratic Socialism... Massive difference... think - Evangelist vs Roman Catholic. Democratic socialists were the ones that Hitler had executed.

To me this is what matters... Happiness is the bottom line and migration patterns tell us where the happy places are. We have migrants knocking at our door, or maybe jumping our fences BECAUSE we are a happier place, BECAUSE we have socialist parts in our engine AND because we are on the way to Canada, which is even a happier place with more socialist parts in their engine. In Europe... it's the same thing - different continent.

As for progressive politics, that will always be resisted by cultures that feel threatened by social change, but it will also be the most reliable ally for the worker well into the future. BTW, those northern countries are very progressive as well. I don't see a failure here either. Some setbacks perhaps with a more aggressive alt-right making advances in recent years, but certainly not a failure.

Of course, the American Left, is intermeshed with socialism and progressive policy because they give workers a greater share of the value they create and because they try to break social barriers between workers and jobs.

But the left by virtue of it's principle of inclusion, also invites the immigrants. So it's critical that they be assimilated into the hybrid economy quickly so that they can produce value (work) as soon as they take value (receive handouts). The problem is that the right, by virtue of their principal of exclusion, tries to obstruct this process and it's when immigrants get stuck in the middle of this tug-of-war that they become a drain.

In any case, the left can't fail anymore than the right can. They are not systems, they're human biases.
OK, well... first, I'm gonna compliment you on you... (show quote)

So I scrolled down to the bottom of your comments without reading them because I know, as we all know, you're full of more Bull S**t that a 3000 lb Brahma bull. I tell you this for one reason only, to let you know you're held in disgust and disdain.
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Apr 17, 2024 19:40:40   #
publican wrote:
Nice deflection, Porky. I am still waiting for Matsy to provide a definition of what he means by "Marxist Democrat" and you talk about the conspiracy theory known as "cultural Marxism", as well as ordinary C*******m. Try again. Or, better yet, don't bother.

I just Googled "Cultural Marxism" and true to their biased reporting they listed page after page of L*****t articles claiming Cultural Marxism to be a right wing conspiracy theory until finally, in obscurity, they began to be t***hful. Those who know, know this is precisely how the DNC State Controlled Marxist Media Propaganda Bureau's acts.

Cultural Marxism's agenda intentionally destroys a nation's morals and values, especially those that are Christian.

Cultural Marxism gains control of all levels of academia and indoctrinates young people.

Cultural Marxism in the beginning is not the same as Soviet Marxism although we're witnessing the FBI is using tactics similar to the KGB and the courts are using the same Soviet tactics against their political enemies.

My recommendation, Lady, is to get off your dead ass, stand up on your sinking dying feet and do your own research. Having said that, we know you won't.
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Apr 17, 2024 18:19:36   #
federally indicted mattoid wrote:
He knew he lost.

He's just a spoiled brat and sore loser.

There's millions who don't believe he lost. The antics you Marxist are going thru, continuing unabashedly to use every filthy trick to destroy Trump, is proof there is nothing whatsoever you'll not do to win. You do not care about appearances, you do not care about the rule of law, you do not care about the Constitution. All you care about is defeating Trump and continuing with the stupid, ignorant, incompetent and criminal SOB, and worst POTUS America could ever dig up out of the sewer, spray him off at the car wash, put him in a suit and paste a silly grin on his face. Your champion.
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Apr 17, 2024 16:53:59   #
Milosia2 wrote:
Two dummy posts in a row !

As critiqued by an asswhole! 🤫
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Apr 17, 2024 16:48:19   #
EmilyD wrote:
I don't think he understands his aşş from his elbow, and will come up with something even more asinine to show that he only got as high as third grade in school.

(And I believe this is a "she"... but I could be wrong. It just "fits" with things from the past, imo...😏)

From what we've seen of the "crazy woman" in the past neither of us would be surprised.
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