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Feb 23, 2019 10:05:40   #
Kevyn wrote:
She represents the people in her district, and is doing a damn fine job of it. The green new deal is very popular among Americans not only the folks in her district, in fact it is much more popular than Trumpty Dumptys moronic wall. It is in fact so popular that the right has to resort to lies to oppose it, lies as nutty as suggesting it makes cars illegal and creates flying trains or the banning aircraft none of which are true.

$7.7 Trillion per year, and you think that President Trump is nutty?
Feb 23, 2019 09:32:58   #
nwtk2007 wrote:
This is what the woman "in charge" is proposing.

Co-sponsors of the Green New Deal resolution include Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Sens. Kamala Harris CA.
Elizabeth Warren MA.
Cory Booker NJ.
Amy Klobuchar MN.
Kirsten Gillibrand NY.

I can't wait to see the Socialist primary debates!
Feb 22, 2019 14:10:31   #
bmac32 wrote:
As it should be, add mail fraud, that's federal.

The "white powder" that he enclosed made it a "terrorist threat".

I would rather he spend 360 days in the Cook County Jail, that 10 years at a federal resort.
Feb 21, 2019 08:07:02   #
Sowing the Seeds of Hatred, Racism, and Fear, with plenty of help from the MSM!

Prosecute to the Full Extent of the Laws
Feb 21, 2019 08:02:58   #

Sowing the Seeds, with plenty of help from the MSM!
Feb 19, 2019 20:54:32   #
Smedley_buzkill wrote:
Actually, she is a rather convincing argument for retroactive abortion.

150th trimester abortion?
Feb 19, 2019 20:49:56   #
proud republican wrote:

Question!!!...Do you think we should let her in???

Yes, take her back, but give her a 6x8 cell for 20 years.

Her ISIS son, no way! He will be an adult long before she deserves to see the light of day!
Feb 19, 2019 16:41:05   #
trucksterbud wrote:
No, Baboobjob, BREAKING...!!! Rachel MadCow says America should be TERRIFIED that BadBoobJob is slowing down on his posts knocking Trump.

You seem to be slipping off the gas pedal on that HATE TRUMP, BASH TRUMP, DEGRADE TRUMP to every turn every day... BadBoobJob….

Whats the problem here bubba...?? I mean, I find only a couple of posts from you degrading Trump from every angle possible for the day. Usually by now you've posted at least 8.....

You're starting to worry me, Badboobie….
No, Baboobjob, BREAKING...!!! Rachel MadCow says ... (show quote)

America should be terrified that anyone listens to Rachel Maddow.

That woman would make the perfect "Poster Child" for Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Feb 18, 2019 18:06:41   #
Common_Sense_Matters wrote:

Your plan would require 20 Republican Senators to vote to overturn the declaration.

Fat Chance.
Feb 18, 2019 16:32:20   #
crazylibertarian wrote:


There has never been a starker example of the bias by left wing media than the coverage of the recent confrontation in Washington, D.C. between Covington Catholic High School (CCHS) students and some American Indians. The footage has been shown time & again.

The cast of characters had to have made liberals salivate. On the one side, there were these Christian, pro-life students from a Catholic school in Kentucky, in Washington. D.C. for the annual protest against the Roe vs. Wade decision. To boot, many were wearing Make America Great Again (MAGA) red hats, from Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign. Every true blooded American progressive knows that racism is in the heart of every Donald Trump supporter.

On the other side were some members of the approved, aggrieved minority, Native Americans, aka Indians. It was heaven sent.

We first saw a video that showed a smiling Nicholas Sandmann, a Covington student, wearing a MAGA hat, face to face with Nathan Phillips, an Indian, rhythmically banging a drum. After a time, Phillips turns to his left and walks on.
The media jumped all over it. It was played on the major networks but CNN & MSNBC showed it incessantly for the next several days. After a day or two of this, the rest of the video emerged, spearheaded by Tucker Carlson on Fox News, with a fuller video to give it some context.

To start, it showed a fairly large group of students at the bottom of the stone steps of the Lincoln Memorial. They were waiting for a bus. We presume they were mostly CCHS students. Many wore MAGA hats, not surprising since Donald J. Trump is the most pro-life president since the famous or infamous Roe vs. Wade decision.

Right after that, but before the Phillips-Sandmann face off, a group of Black Hebrew Israeites (BHI) harassed and called the CCHS students ‘racist garbage crackers,’ ‘incest babies’ with one saying to a black CCHS student they’d arvest his organs.

In that segment of the video, people clothed and looking like Native Americans can be seen interacting with the BHIs. The BHIs are loosely affiliated groups some of which are considered racist and homophobic.

Then the video focuses on Sandmann & his fellow students. Phillips with some other people, who seem to be Indians, somehow materialize among the students in the foreground. Phillips leads them, beating rhythmically on his drum. Among those behind him is another older male but younger than Phillips. We assume he is also a Native American. He walks behind Phillips and stands there as the face off with Sandmann ensues.

A few feet in the background, a darker skinned male, also likely an Indian, stands among the other students extends an arm, with what appears to be some kind of a recording device, toward the camera. Some of those students clapped in sync with Phillips’ drumming. The man presumed Indian was standing among those students and obviously did not feel intimidated.

Many of the students were smiling and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Some used the ‘tomahawk chop,’ a gesture used by the fans of at least two professional sports teams, the Atlanta Braves and Kansas City Chiefs, but that some Native Americans object to. Finally, Phillips turns to his left and walks on.

Sandmann was later interviewed on NBC by Samantha Guthrie and stated that he smiled because he was unsure of Phillips’ intention and that he was trying to defuse the situation. She asked him whether he felt owed Phillips deference due to his age.

Phillips was first touted as a Viet-Nam veteran but it turned out he was in the military during the last years of our involvement but never deployed there. Moments after the confrontation with Sandmann, he was stopped from entering a Catholic Church during a mass while still banging his drum.

The major networks were all over it as were some newspapers, such as The Washington Post which has lost all claim to legitimacy since Meg Greenfield’s departure. CNN & MSNBC had round the clock coverage.

The late night comedians were completely on board with the media. One said that Sandmann had the most punchable face he’d ever seen, which makes me think he’s not seen a face like his.

The Diocese of Covington, at first joined in the dramatics condemning the students but then muted their criticism as the full video emerged. A team of four licensed investigators spent 240 man-hours examining videos and interviewing witnesses including 13 of the 16 chaperones who accompanied the students. They attempted to contact Phillips but he did not return communications.

The Diocese has concluded that the students acted with restraint and did not mock nor taunt Phillips, as various media reported, nor any other Indians nor Black Hebrew Israelites. And what no one has seen fit to discuss is that the students were all teenagers which bolsters the conclusion that they acted with commendable restraint.

This report was barely mentioned on CNN but PBS’ Judy Woodruff did cover it, to their credit. Otherwise, there has been stone silence and many of the original inflammatory reports remain on-line and have not been corrected or retracted.

It is an honored tradition for Americans to journey to Washington, D.C. to register their opinions. Numerous demonstrations occur every year in the city on behalf of various causes. In fact, there is a good chance that one is going on there as you read this article.

No one has asked whether Phillips was being provocative. Given the circumstances right after the Black Hebrew Israelites, I think I would have thought he was.

Phillips was walking banging his drum. He walked toward Sandmann who stood still and, from what I could tell, entered what I would call his personal space. Personal spaces vary from culture to culture and circumstance to circumstance but, I thought he violated Sandmann’s who was certainly justified in being concerned about Phillips’ intentions. It might even have been justified for Sandmann to conclude that Phillips was intent on assault and try to defend himself.

Sandmann and his family received death threats. They have now hired a high powered slander and libel attorney to take legal action. I hope they get a substantial award.

CNN, MSNBC, those comedians, WaPo and the major networks have been completely discredited with this but they didn’t need any as far as I am concerned. They owe Nick Sandmann and all those students an apology. Don’t hold your breath. Such is the status of progressive journalism.

It is an undeniable fact that this story exists only because those kids wore MAGA hats!
Feb 18, 2019 15:37:55   #
slatten49 wrote:
SATIRE, from the BabylonBee

NASA Scientists Patiently Explain To Trump That World Does Not Revolve Around him...

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Meeting with President Donald Trump for an emergency briefing, top NASA leadership gently explained to the President that the world does not in fact revolve around him, sources from within the White House confirmed.

NASA scientists reportedly called the meeting after it became clear the United States’ top leader was operating on a faulty astronomical model, taking actions and making comments that indicated he felt the world actually revolved around him.

“See this big, yellow circle right in the middle of our solar system?” chief astrophysicist Virgil Cantano said slowly and carefully, according to those present at the meeting. “The world revolves around this actually.”

“That must be me then. I’m the big yellow circle? Not a very good drawing of me. Sad!” Trump reportedly responded. “Lots of bad artists in here, many people are saying! Not good!”

“No, Mr. President. That’s the sun. You’re not on this diagram, because you’re very small compared with the size of the world and the rest of the universe,” Cantano responded carefully.
SATIRE, from the BabylonBee br br NASA Scientis... (show quote)

Interesting, that the author chose NASA to lampoon President Trump with.
Feb 18, 2019 09:18:06   #
proud republican wrote:

How about these: The GAO’s numbers.

Crimes Per DAY committed by illegal aliens in just a few crime categories;

•Kidnappings: 9
•Murders: 15
•Sex offenses: 43
•Burglaries: 71
•Assaults: 131
Feb 18, 2019 08:34:43   #
Bad Bob wrote:

Donald Trump’s mental state has been questioned many times. Psychologists have analyzed his lack of mental health and raised real concerns about his stability. He has been diagnosed as a sociopath and a narcissist, and it seems that every day he demonstrates these psychological pathologies on Twitter.

This morning the president launched another unhinged attack on the late night comedy show Saturday Night Live (SNL). Not only did he rant about the sketch show as part of “Fake News NBC!” but he also suggested that there be ‘retribution’ against the news network for their ‘total Republican hit jobs.”
Just a short time ago Trump tweeted:

“Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC! Question is, how do the Networks get away with these total Republican hit jobs without retribution? Likewise for many other shows? Very unfair and should be looked into. This is the real Collusion!”

------MORE------ (show quote)

Unable to differentiate between a suggestion and a demand?

Even my cat can recognize that difference, clearly even he is smarter than you are.
Feb 17, 2019 18:53:54   #
Weasel wrote:
Mr. McCabe will be allowed to come before Jim Jordan's hearing voluntarily, or he will be subpoenaed.
Don't miss this one. Finally the truth comes out!
Mr. McCabe will be allowed to come before Jim Jord... (show quote)

Rosenstein will also be called to testify, should be interesting!
Feb 17, 2019 17:14:23   #
Airforceone wrote:
None of it is trash just right wing insults tell us what’s not true. That’s all you have is insults because you can’t dispute what comes out of his mouth. I didn’t have to do this (NATIONAL EMERGENCY) now during a national emergency I have a tee time.

McCabe and his wife are losers. After Flynn, Manafort, Gates, and now Roger Stone McCabe with have been derelict in his duties not to investigate these people. McCabe did not start this investigation into Trump he was investigating Russians hacking into to our election. As the investigation was ongoing everytime he found a Russian and he shook the tree a Trump advisor fell out. (MANAFORT) (FLYNN) (GATES) (COHEN) and now (STONE) then Trump fires Comey and that was it the FBI had to investigate Trump. (FOUND THE TRUMP TOWER MEETING ADMITTED BY TRUMP BUT LIED AND CHANGED THE STORY THREE TIMES) (FOUND 19 TRUMP OFFICIALS MEETING 100 TIMES WITH RUSSIANS ADMITTED BY TRUMP BUT TRUMP SAID HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THESE MEETINGS AND DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THESE MEETINGS)
But the toddler in Chief has been able to convince his base that lacks any common sense that it’s an by angry democrats that lost an election.

But Trump does not believe any of our 19 intel agencies our National Security Director’s all appointed by him that the Russians did hack our elections and they still are. But Trump told his own appointees that they are wrong they need to go back to school and I Donald Trump believes Putin. (IGNORCE IS A VERY HIGH MARKER WITH TRUMP SUPPORTERS)
THEN TRUMP REMOVES FROM THE BUDGET $395 million for state to hire professionals to upgrade cyber security to prevent the Russians from hacking again. ( ALL FACTS)

Now his national security directors told Trump and congress there is no national security issue on our borders but Trump declared declare a National Security Emergency and jumped on Airforceone and off for 5 days of golf. But before he left he said (I DON’T NEED TO DO THIS) like I said (IGNORANCE IS A VERY HIGH MARKER WITH TRUMP SUPPORTERS)

What amazes me the most of these ignorant Trump supporters is they avoid answering to what comes out of his mouth. They maintain a level of ignorance like none other.

Trump Tower Meeting never happened yes it did he admitted it did. FACTS

I have no business going on in Russia yes he did Trump Tower. (FACTS)

None of my campaign officials colluded with Russians. Yes they did Trump admitted but said I had no knowledge of these meetings. (ALL FACTS)

I did not have an Affair with a Porno star. I have no idea where the hush money came from. When Trump was asked he said you will have to ask Michael Cohen. Well the courts did ask him and now Trump is an un-Indicted co-Conspirator. Cohen headed to jail. (THESE ARE FACTS)

It’s amazing how Trump supporters do not address these admitted felonies and just call all these facts. Lies, Fake News, violations of the FISA warrants, angry democrats, McCabe denigrated, Comey Denigrated, Strozk denigrated, FBI corruption, DOJ corrupt. All national security directors are wrong they should all go back to school. When does any common sense kick in. Just a bunch of ignorant racist can ignore the facts. (THESE ARE FACTS)

All these investigations were done over 3 1/2 years by Republicans and Trump appointees. And 19 indictments 5 headed to extended jail time. (THESE ARE FACTS)

For three years the Republican held house and senate spent over $38 million investigating Hilliary Clinton and Obama. 398 subpoenas, all testified under oath on Benghazi, Emails, IRS, Clinton Foundation, all phony Scandals for political gain. Now how is it possible not one indictment. All that testimony under oath not one indictment for even lying. Nothing was found. Trumps own FBI Director Trumps own Attorney General opened these investigations , Independent council for the State Department nothing found (NO BASIS FOR INDICTING Clinton or Obama. (THESE ARE FACTS)

Hilliary Clinton testified under oath for hours with the Republican held house and Senate, the FBI, The CIA, State Department Independent council appointed by republicans, they found no basis for an indictment, not even for lying. (THESE ARE FACTS)

(BUT IGNORANT TRUMP SUPPORTERS CONTINUE WITH THERE FABRICATED CONSPIRACY THEORIES CREATED BY FOX NEWS, INFOWARS, BREITHBART, RUSSIANS POSTING ON FACEBOOK, YAHOO, GOOGLE, TWITTER.) the the same ignorant Trump supporters will ask where are the left wing facts. (ALL FAKE NEWS) Well how about 19 indictments, how about 19 intel agencies, how about our national security directors all testifying in congress during the government oversight process. How about the constant and endless lies and changing his comments by Trump.


That Trump supporters is ignorant and lacking common sense.
None of it is trash just right wing insults tell u... (show quote)

"how about 19 intel agencies" you ask?

What 19 intelligence agencies are you referring to? Facts really don't exist for you, do they?
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