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May 23, 2024 12:11:53   #
DASHY wrote:
You prove my point. MAGAs have nothing to offer.

That's right, No Freebies to offer, No Giveaways to offer, No Debt Forgiveness to offer.

Ye Gads, you'll have to actually work!
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May 22, 2024 18:50:00   #
Milosia2 wrote:
Well ,
No not really !
But trump did offer to have Biden assassinated!
Is that ok with anyone besides maga ?????
Or is it only ok when Donny DollHands says it. ?

You are such a MANURE SPREADER!
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May 22, 2024 11:33:17   #
DASHY wrote:
Do you consider it a crime for a man to sexually assault a woman? I think you would if you were the woman.

Trump was not convicted of the crime of "sexual assault", why?
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May 22, 2024 08:52:49   #
Parky60 wrote:
Looks like 4.75 million v**es for corrupt Joe unless someone with intestinal fortitude can stop him... and from past experience, no one will although hope springs eternal.

4.75 million v**ers got their debts forgiven, 150,000,000 v**ers who did NOT get their debt forgiven,

now must pay for the $167 Billion in debt incurred by those 4.75 million v**ers.

BTW: That's about $1,000.00 per v**er, bilked by Biden.

Does anyone else see a problem here.
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May 21, 2024 19:45:09   #
Liberty Tree wrote:
I am not asking if you think he is guilty or not guilty or what you want the jury to do. I am asking what you think they will do. I say they will v**e guilty because of personal feelings and politics. Also, they are going home for a week and if anyone thinks they will not discuss it with friends and neighbors who are fellow Democrats you are delusional. What do you think?

Will Merchan accept a deadlocked jury, or will he keep the jury sequestered until they return a (guilty) verdict?
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May 21, 2024 19:16:01   #
DASHY wrote:
Did you follow the E Jean Carroll case?

If you had followed the E Jean Carroll case, you would know that it was a civil case, not a criminal case.

BTW: Thanks for displaying your IGNORANCE!
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May 21, 2024 18:53:02   #
Stephanie wrote:
Dismiss anything against Dumpy Trumpy would be ludicrous. You guys really need to stop drinking the Kool Aid man. He now makes me sick for all the Top Secret files he stole and destroyed. This is just another way he thinks he should get away with anything he wants to do. The only reason he is pushing so hard to get to the big house is so he can pardon himself from all the laws he's broken from prior his last fixed e******n till now. I sincerely hope he gets yanked out of a court house, (like the FBI should have done when he was spending billions of tax payers $ building the useless border wall) knowing that they already had the proof of his stealing and destroying those files. Film and testimony, thanks to those brave and wonderful maids. He was already losing my support prior to that because every single time he went off script on one of his speeches, he stuck his foot in his mouth and said the way he really felt. His poor speech writers had to scramble and write an apologetic and try and sound sincere speech the next day. Make him seem that he actually gave a crap about John Q Public, which he doesn't. So time to wake up everybody if you actually think he gives a sh_t about us or this country. He has to get in to pardon himself or he has to finally get what is coming to him. The sooner he's behind bars the better. Oh and someone commented on the judges, look at who actually appointed them. Yeah that's right.
Dismiss anything against Dumpy Trumpy would be lud... (show quote)

I reckon that you are really FUBAR!
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May 21, 2024 13:08:41   #
DASHY wrote:
It must suck to be living in the America described by chrisberg98. "What America has suffered every day since is testament of what Democrats and Republicans have accomplished all the years of their existence. Today's America!"

This post blathers on and on about the same laments expressed by the MAGA morons among us. The MAGA approach is to convince us that Trump will save us from our dreary existence. Are Americans really dumb enough to reelect Trump? It's possible. We all know Trump is a rapist, an anarchist, a s******nist, an habitual liar, is deceitful, a narcissist, c***ts in his business deals, is a sociopath, has 91 federal criminal counts filed against him, is an i**********nist. Trump made it clear that he despises "losers" and to him all the common folk are losers, especially loyal MAGAts.

In spite of this, it is totally depressing to see a psychotic man pull the wool over the eyes of so many vulnerable people. I look forward to the debates.
It must suck to be living in the America described... (show quote)

Do you lie about everything, the way you lie about Trump, and his supporters?
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May 20, 2024 20:33:36   #
Kevyn wrote:
The jury will decide

What if the jury cannot decide?
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May 20, 2024 09:23:51   #
Conservative Girl wrote:
It was an inside job..... two high ranking in the same aircraft. Lack of military jet cover.

Helicopters don't have tail fins like that, not much burning so it blew up in the air...

Can someone clarify whether it was a plane or a helicopter?

I reckon that the phrase "martyrdom of Raeisi and his team" seems a bit odd, if this was an accident.
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May 20, 2024 07:33:20   #
Ri-chard wrote:
Liberal insanity at its WORST...

San Francisco is spending around $5 million a year to give vodka shots and glasses of beer to homeless people with severe alcohol addiction in an effort to cut down on calls to police and hospital stays, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The city’s “managed alcohol program” started during the C***D p******c, but came under fire earlier this week after Adam Nathan, the chair of the Salvation Army San Francisco Advisory Board, posted a thread on X, saying he “stumbled upon the building where they have this program.”

“The location is an old hotel in SOMA,” Nathan wrote. “Inside the lobby, they had … kegs set up to taps where they were basically giving out free beer to the homeless who’ve been identified with AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder).”
Liberal insanity at its WORST... br br San Franci... (show quote)

I reckon that since the state collects taxes on liquor, this program actually increases revenue.
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May 19, 2024 20:39:25   #
Liberty Tree wrote:
Not if he is in jail

That is your only hope, and apparently you know it.
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May 19, 2024 16:56:53   #
Oldsailor65 wrote:
They should listen to her.

They can't, she's white, and they're r****ts.
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May 19, 2024 16:53:35   #
FallenOak wrote:
The American viewer of TV and the American v**er are enamored with movie or TV stars. Trump was a TV star of his own show. How anyone with any mental acuity at all could watch more than 15 minutes of his show is beyond mortal comprehension. T***p w*n because he was a TV Star as were Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold couldn’t run for President but he was a Governor of California.

I have the distinction of v****g in every P**********l e******n since 1960 and never once having v**ed for anyone who won. All better candidates who never became a President of the USA.

Do you truly think four more years of endless legal actions are really good for this country? There must be at least one viable candidate.
The American viewer of TV and the American v**er a... (show quote)

I too first thought "The Donald" was just a bad joke, until I listened to what then candidate Trump was saying.

Trump came through in spades on his promises to appoint strict constructionist justices to the SC,

Destroy ISIL, provide tax relief, and rebuild our military, while pursuing peace.

Trump damn sure earned my v**e, and my continued support. MAGA
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May 19, 2024 13:37:45   #
FallenOak wrote:
You are beating a dead horse here. Any sane and intelligent person can see the decline of the US has accelerated in this new century. The lackeys of each party will never see that there is no difference. It is a house of mirrors to entertain the masses. Sort of like when the Caesars built coliseums to blind the masses as their empire fell. The entertainment has gotten better is the only difference. The media is very adept and is like a wedge that splits logs into kindling. This nations solidity has been riven asunder.

The nations most impacted by US sanctions are coalescing and fighting back. It is called BRICS. I don’t know whether they will be successful or fall apart arguing among themselves but it an active entity. We have learned nothing since “The Ugly American” was written in the 1950’s. Biden as he swaggers about in public reminds me of a young grade school bully. I think that is how the world sees America. Biden’s boast to destroy the Nordstream Pipeline and then doing it exemplifies a dying empire ruled over by senile old men.

America’s destiny at this point in its history is the same as the destiny of the Indian Tribes America defeated. Perhaps not living on designated reservations but definitely not freely roaming the land as we have. We relegate our posterity to the life of a reservation Indian.
You are beating a dead horse here. Any sane and i... (show quote)

Trump is an excellent example of the v**ers ability to over ride party leadership, and elect their own candidate.

The GOP/RINO leadership did everything they could to over rule the Republican v**ers, and Dump Trump,

all to no avail. In the end, the Republican V**ers carried the day!
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