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May 25, 2019 09:21:31   #
kemmer wrote:
Har har---from the hippie "doctor" who wrote up Trump's physical results while Trump was sitting outside in his car?

You have an excuse for everything. The fact you refuse to look it up tells me you want information that alines with your liberal belief system and your unwilling to step over their line to get any information that doesn't line up with the liberal stand(what a waste of space you are ) just for your information DR's have nothing to do with IQ test those are gotten from schools people attend and the level of their learning AND often schools will give a test that test for IQ's as he was in a military school I would imagine they gave the test to everyone to see if any would be a good candidate for enlistment and what they would be good at
May 24, 2019 22:32:43   #
kemmer wrote:
There’s absolutely no way Trump’s IQ is 153.

look it up
May 24, 2019 19:38:51   #
kemmer wrote:
Trump's IQ is likely below 100.

Unfortunately for YOU, you would be very very very wrong
May 24, 2019 19:30:10   #
America 1 wrote:
Wonder what flag Kevyn is flying.

I dont think we want to know
May 24, 2019 19:24:51   #
America 1 wrote:
Love dogs as well.
Had many in my life.
Still, do.
However, I believe the post was concerning the lovely members of Congress.

sorry I may have hit the wrong person for reply though come to think perhaps we could throw congress at the dog-hating people in our country its a thought
May 24, 2019 19:14:03   #
kemmer wrote:
Hahaha... Years ago some stupid bishop said John Kerry should be refused communion because he is pro-choice. The bishop got his wrist slapped but good.

May 24, 2019 14:02:53   #
wolffy wrote:
Some archbishop is calling for her to be excommunicated!

Now someone with some sense comes into the game give that man a standing ovation
May 24, 2019 13:59:14   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
Statesville, NC filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction to require Gander RV to take the flag down. The city doesn't have and ordinance against flying the flag. The flag is flying over an RV campground, the flag has no message written upon it, it is just our nation's flag. I hardly think the owners put the flag up to "pimp their goods."

The American flag is a unique symbol, a national identity, it stands as a visual representative of who we are as a nation. True American citizens who are loyal to our country, who appreciate our way of life, and who honor all those Americans who have served and sacrificed themselves in defense of our country, see our flag for what it represents.

Then there are people like you. People who are so thoroughly brainwashed into hating America that you don't even know what country you live in. People like you are not Americans in any sense of the word, you are like an alien disease, a plague on our nation's right to exist. You are a disgrace.
Statesville, NC filed a lawsuit seeking an injunct... (show quote)

The people who own the rv business were immigrants who came to this country they are showing their support for their chosen home and country shame some people here can't do the same isnt it Bladerunner
May 24, 2019 13:52:58   #
bahmer wrote:
I love that idea can we start with the two congress critters?

You all are crazy I love it and love my dogs I trust their instincts better than mine they also hear better than I do. I depend on their ability to sense danger since I can't see very well without my glasses and have lost half my hearing and have a buzzing in both ears they come in real handy for an old woman they ARE my eyes and ears.
May 24, 2019 12:07:31   #
America 1 wrote:
My nerves are fine, it's comedy to me.

Good to know
May 24, 2019 11:11:03   #
America 1 wrote:
Hope you are RALMO and it's helping your figure.

Don't let them shred your last nerve everyone here ignores them. Go get you a cup of coffee take some deeeep breaths and come back in to fight the good fight and just ignore the trolls some times they do come up with a good point of view but not often
May 24, 2019 06:35:23   #
no propaganda please wrote:
Just how do you define an "operative"? Politicians and their staff usually have meeting with those people who are part of the government of any powerful country that they will have to deal with after their candidate becomes president.

That is ok for anyone else but Trump
May 24, 2019 06:16:36   #
America 1 wrote:
Lunatics, exactly.
A few years on the couch may help some.
Although doubtful.

new brain?
May 22, 2019 11:35:51   #
bahmer wrote:
The democrats are real slow learners as to what sells and what doesn't. Maybe they should read that book how to win friends and influence people. But then again we don't really want them doing that now do we?

SHHHHH don't give them any advice remember your an old uneducated deplorable don't ruin it
May 22, 2019 11:33:11   #
badbobby wrote:
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) on Tuesday castigated supporters of President Donald Trump by claiming America's problem with ignorance is "pervasive."

Omar appeared on the Nation’s "Next Left" podcast with host John Nichols to discuss various issues, including the intelligence of Trump supporters.

"So suddenly you’re elected, and you had this teaching moment. It strikes me that, in watching you, you are conscious of teaching moments and of that opportunity to say something that might cause people to think differently about what’s going on," Nichols said.

Omar said U.S. voters "have a misconception" about refugees and the process they face getting into the United States. She went on to specifically target Republicans in her criticism, saying they "are really good at misinformation and sort of really reorganizing facts to sort of paint a picture that really eventually is not rooted in facts."

She said Minnesota Republicans who want to stop refugees from coming to the state spread misinformation about how refugee resettlement works.

"There are agencies that run the resettlement program. This is a process that’s run through them. If you end that contract, it’s not that refugees are not going to be resettled, it’s that the state just doesn’t get informed," Omar said. "And so the only leverage you have is that you are part of this contract and you can be part of the negotiations on how many people get resettled in your state."

"And so it is not that they might not be knowledgeable about this, but they use it as a tool to stir up hate and division. And ignorance really is pervasive in many parts of this country. And as someone who was raised by educators, I really like to inform people about things that they might be ignorant to, willingly or unwillingly," Omar continue

Omar is far from the first to assert that Republicans gain support by taking advantage of the supposed backwardness of everyday Americans. CNN political commentator Kirsten Powers said last November that Trump's supporters were racist, and former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean equated his voter base to Neo-Nazis burning a swastika.

Rep. Hank Johnson (D., Ga.) said earlier this year that Trump supporters are "older, less educated, less prosperous, and dying early." Two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton also attacked Trump supporters during the 2016 campaign by saying half of them belong in a "basket of deplorables."
Rep. Ilhan Omar (D., Minn.) on Tuesday castigated ... (show quote)

Well I guess us older uneducated with one foot in the grave deplorables better start hobbling to the voting center early so we can make it in time so we can all vote for TRUMP AGAIN!!!!!!
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