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Jun 7, 2024 12:40:59   #
dbirch wrote:
Again with the pick and choose, you take the statement that you feel most makes your point and disregard the rest.

Typical empty headed Lib reaction.

Seen it dozens of times.
Why? Because there are no good answers that are reality based.


Gotta go now - wasted far too much time on this simpleton.

Have a good one my friend!
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Jun 7, 2024 12:37:03   #
publican wrote:
When all you can do is quote from screecher Mark Levin there is nothing worthwhile to respond to.

That's because YOU CAN'T.

Typical chickens**t Lefty response when cornered.

Seen it many many times Junior.

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Jun 7, 2024 12:35:33   #
publican wrote:
"Wh**ever it takes". Please be more specific.

Maybe we should let in 10 MILLION freedom fighters from countries that oppose YOUR Socialist dreamworld because they KNOW what it is??

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Jun 7, 2024 12:33:27   #
publican wrote:
When all you can do is quote from screecher Mark Levin there is nothing worthwhile to respond to.

Unlike you, I have my own brain and follow my own thought processes.

I don't desire or need anyone like Mark Levin or anyone else to do that.
It's perfectly OBVIOUS.

I ABSOLUTELY KNOW YOU CANNOT DO THAT as you parrot lines in Pavlovian fashion that were force fed to you by your "trusted" sources.

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Jun 7, 2024 12:29:41   #
publican wrote:
Guaranteed - you try taking violent action against the USA and you will be blown away before you even know what happened.

OK now you are (in typical Lib fashion) creating a circumstance out of thin air with NO ATTEMPT to counter what I said.

Your channel changer won't work on me Lefty!

I realize your entire narrative is just that, a NARRATIVE, that doesn't hold up after even a MINUTE amount of inspection.

Maybe that's what should have happened with your Dem sponsored Brownshirts during the summer of 2020?

That's why the channel changer is a must have for you deep thinkers.

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Jun 7, 2024 12:26:09   #
publican wrote:
Are you prepared to take up arms against "my" Constitutional Republic?

Instead of changing the channel, a more adult approach would be for YOU to defend against what I wrote.

Or maybe you can't??

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Jun 7, 2024 12:22:43   #
publican wrote:
Are you prepared to take up arms against "my" Constitutional Republic?

I am prepared to do wh**ever it takes to flush you evil Socialists down the toilet where you belong.

You probably don't want to encourage violence as you did with your B*M / A****a Brownshirts because it will surely end badly for you.

We'll play by YOUR rules - OK?

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Jun 7, 2024 12:18:46   #
dbirch wrote:
well said. I listened to Megan Kelly, which I haven't done for along time, say that you have to fight pain by causing more pain. Like the gun fight to a gun fight. We need to play it out. Thank you.


Almost forgot:

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Jun 7, 2024 12:18:01   #
publican wrote:
OK, have it your way. Here's my revised post:

So you are prepared to throw away our Constitutional Republic for the sake of lower taxes and grocery prices? Some patriot you are!

And when you say "this country used to be great" when, exactly, are you referring to?

YOUR "CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC" is my Socialist, Authoritarian, Unequal Justice, R****t, one-party rule nightmare.

We don't shred the constitution to protect it.

We don't IGNORE SCOTUS rulings and laugh about it when we purposely DEFY them.

We don't weaponize the "justice" system to favor Dems. You know, what BathHouse Barry encouraged??

We don't grant EXTRA rights to homos, t***s g****r dysphorics, and other mentally ill bigmouths.

We don't lie that the border is closed after waving in 10 MILLION+ UNVETTED I******S.

We don't lavish benefits on those same I******S, slapping our legitimate homeless population in the face.

We don't shamefully BUY V**ES using taxpayer funds from those that did not attend college.

The list goes on and on.

And you crazies don't seem to see it for what it really is.

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Jun 7, 2024 12:06:27   #
dbirch wrote:
I am having a hard time stripping all dignity from an undignified biden. biden is a failed man and a failed president, doesn't that make all biden supporters failures too? President Trump was a success prior to and as a President. biden's children are a mess and Trump's children are not. Help me understand why we always have to stoop the their level and doesn't that make us more like them than we care to admit?

Well, have you noticed that the common thread with FJB's "supporters" is NOT how competent and success oriented HE is (he obviously is not) but the palpable HATRED for Trump, usually NOT justified.

They don't hesitate to use ANY means to prop up the obviously senile FJB, which includes LYING, SCHEMING, UNDERMINING, CHARACTER ASSASSINATION, POLITICAL PERSECUTION, etc.

They've literally trashed our country and encouraged WARS around the world, with an emphasis on promoting unseemly behavior like insisting "BOYS CAN BE GIRLS", "CROOKS ARE GOOD PEOPLE", "TERRORISTS ARE WORTH DEFENDING", and "OUR SOUTHERN BORDER IS SECURE". There are many others.

So if an adult is incapable of seeing these horrific things for themselves, too bad.

So we need to fight fire with fire. Bring guns to a gun fight, NOT knives.

THEY started this horrific persecution bulls**t, so we need to play it out.

I suggest that when we gain control of all aspects of the government in November, we prosecute FJB for TREASON and let him hang.

Give 'em a taste of their ALWAYS wicked medicine.
Then we'll see how they like being in a game being played under THEIR RULES.

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Jun 7, 2024 11:05:02   #
slatten49 wrote:
Funny in that I see sensible people beating the crap out'ta you...and, deservedly so. Unfortunately, you appear incapable of recognizing it

FYI, plagiarism is the use of other people's words without attribution to them. I either use quotation marks and/or name the source of the quote. I even state when it is a paraphrase rather than a direct quote. Plus, the quote is almost always directed to the subject/topic at hand.
img src=" (show quote)

Funny that you consider Bad Brain Boob, PermaLost, Dashy, pegw, Kevyn and the rest of your gang of fools "sensible".

MOST participants on this site would STRONGLY DISAGREE.

You guys are America Last propaganda feeders that actually think that FJB is a functioning person capable of "leading" anything.

He's NOT.

Your entire charade of pretending FJB is NOT senile is gonna go up in smoke as soon as the FOI requests for the Hur AUDIO recordings get released and people HEAR for themselves what a doddering fool he really is.

Why are they opposing the release so much?? It's obvious to the most casual observer.

And let's not let your characterization of "choice" NOT being a******n get lost in t***slation.
Kinda like a kid who was told to say something and didn't question it.
Again, NICE.

Yep - we all certainly realize that you follow the HIGHEST ethical standards with the bulls**t garbage you post.

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Jun 7, 2024 10:29:43   #
slatten49 wrote:
Did'ya ever consider the high likelihood that those with functioning minds ignore your nonsense

Not at all.

But I surely see many sensible people beating the crap out of you on a regular basis.

And you deserve it.

You are the same "informed" one that thinks "choice" does NOT mean A******N.

P.S. Where's the quotes you are so fond of plagiarizing like your hero FJB did and does??

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Jun 7, 2024 07:29:11   #
slatten49 wrote:
Taken from Quora

I find it pretty morbidly fascinating how the Republicans shamelessly attack Biden and the democrats with exactly the kinds of things they are the most guilty of themselves.

It’s incredibly cringe- like watching a morbidly obese person on a mobility scooter riding around attacking mildly over weight people for being “fat”. There’s nothing funny about watching that level of poor self-awareness.

I continuously hear Trump call Biden “crooked Joe Biden” when it is he, and not Biden, who has been the one charged and convicted with a bucket of crimes.

He calls Biden “Sleepy Joe” when he can’t keep his own eyes open during his own trial.

He says Biden is senile and incapable of coherent speech when he was the one sent to take a cognitive assessment and his own speeches are borderline gibberish formed of rambling digressions set in the vocabulary of a slow 5th grader.

He calls the democrats “extremists” when he is the one who encouraged J*** 6th.

He calls Biden “the worst president in history” when, by any reasonable yardstick, Trump is the worst, most incompetent, mentally-unstable leader since Idi Amin Dada.


He accuses democrats of ruining America’s reputation in the world and turning the country into a joke, while the world remembers him making a fool of himself at the UN, making puppy-dog eyes at Kim Jong-Un (who he still can’t resist praising) and stuffing himself into the worst tailored tux seen since Laurel and Hardy parodied a night at the opera, to meet and disgust the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Honestly, everything republicans say is a poorly-disguised self-own. Almost all they accuse others of is an outrageous “tu quoque” at themselves!

People laugh but I find this level of mass delusion genuinely alarming.
Taken from Quora br br I find it pretty morbidly... (show quote)

To folks with functioning minds:

Ever notice how so many over the hill, best years were over 50 years ago, woulda, coulda, shoulda malcontents relate to FJB (like this guy, permalost, bad brain boob, etc.)??

It's almost like a way for them to self justify their own lack of achievement and built in reality blinders, relating BIG TIME to FJB's relentless pursuit of nothing tangible, except his great desire to grift for his family and friends.

Ignore them.

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Jun 7, 2024 06:57:26   #

Almost exactly 50 years ago, the Supreme Court ordered President Richard Nixon to turn over White
House tapes that he had refused to release for nearly a year, citing executive privilege. On July 24, 1974, the court unanimously rejected Nixon’s executive privilege claim. Sixteen days later, Nixon resigned.

Fast forward to this year, and President Joe Biden is refusing to release tapes of his interviews with Special Counsel Robert Hur about his handling of classified documents, citing, as Nixon did, executive privilege, with an added twist about the risk of “deep f**es.”

Biden is, in fact, so determined to keep the tapes secret that he’s willing to let his attorney general get slapped with contempt of Congress, a charge two House committees advanced on Thursday for Garland’s refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena.

The White House is also being sued by the Heritage Foundation, Judicial Watch, and a dozen news organizations – including CNN and the Associated Press – for access to the tapes after the White House refused to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests.

The CORRUPT NONT***SPARENT Biden administration argues that there’s no reason to turn over the tapes since the transcripts are already out.

But last Friday, the administration admitted that the transcripts had been altered.

That admission came in response to Heritage’s lawsuit. The White House told a federal court that the transcripts were “accurate … except for minor instances.”

In response to that, Heritage’s Oversight Project posted on X that: “After being forced into federal court by us, the White House admits they altered evidence to make Biden appear less incompetent This case has been blown wide open.”

The White House response was to label Heritage’s assertion a “total lie.” But Biden has already been caught lying about what he told Hur, so why should anyone trust this administration when it says the transcripts are accurate?

Indeed, the more the White House fights the release of these tapes, the weaker its case becomes.

If releasing the transcript didn’t fall under an executive privilege claim, how in the world does the actual recording?

The idea that AI is the reason for withholding this evidence is completely ludicrous. Anyone with sk**ls could use the transcript as the basis for “deep f**es.” If anything, releasing the audio would make it harder to get away with deep f**es because the actual recording would be widely available.

And if Heritage is lying about the White House doctoring the transcript, then prove it by releasing the tape!

The public’s right to have access to these tapes became more urgent this week after the Wall Street Journal reported that in small, private meetings, Biden’s mental acuity is often terrible – that he’s frequently inaudible, confused, and sleepy.

This is a side of Biden that the White House – with the willing participation of the mainstream press – has meticulously kept hidden.

As the Journal reports: “Americans have had minimal opportunities to see Biden in unscripted moments. By the end of April, he had given fewer interviews and press conferences than any of his recent predecessors … His last wide-ranging town-hall-style meeting with an independent news outlet was in October 2021.” The Journal further notes that Biden has also sharply cut back on small meetings with lawmakers.

So, getting access to these tapes isn’t just about embarrassing the president. The public has the right to know just how incapacitated Biden is before they decide whether to return him to office.

In the end, Biden, like Nixon before him, is likely to lose his effort to keep these tapes hidden from the public. In Nixon’s case, that sealed his fate. Will the same be true for Biden?

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board
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Jun 6, 2024 21:51:35   #
Bad Bob wrote:
Good, that places me at about a hundred IQ points above the trump morons.

Like I said you fit perfectly into your Bizarro World where opposites are worshipped to be true.

Dumb is smart.
R****ts are good.
Criminals are misunderstood nice guys.
Hamas terrorists are brave.
Barry is not a homo.
FJB is sharp.
Etc. etc. etc.

You and FJB are meant for each other. Both over the hill dummies who think they still have it.
And every normal person is laughing at them.

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