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Mar 7, 2024 12:39:49   #
As we all know, or should know, History tells us that all Empires go through certain distinctive steps from birth to death. The average lifespan of an Empire is said to be about 200 years?

All things considered, where in the evolution of Empires would you think America is today?

Which of the seven Stages of an Empire best describes America today?

The Age of Pioneers (Outburst)
The Age of Conquests.
The Age of Commerce.
The Age of Affluence.
The Age of Intellect.
The Age of Decadence.
The Age of Decline & Collapse.

Why do you think that?

As a start, my thoughts are that America is ending its period as a Decadent Nation, and soon will enter the Decline and Collapse stage.

Beginning at age 18 in 1966, I was among the American Military who the American People considered Warmongering Baby K**lers, and who were responsible for the Viet Nam War.

Today, at age 75, I am now considered by the American People to be an American Terrorist just because of what I am.

In spite of what America thought of me, I managed to live a Law Abiding life, raise a Family, start and retire from my Profession.

The last nine years, in particular, but during the last six decades, the People of America have chosen a slow, then accelerated, break down of Unity, Lawfulness, Decency, and Civility.

Because America comes from We the People by Constitutional Decree, the decline of America, therefore, has been chosen by a Corrupted Decadent Society. In turn, the Peoples' Choice has corrupted every other aspect of American Life, including the subverting the Rule of Law and the whole of the Government.

It appears this Decline and Collapse of America may be about a decade until the End of America's Life. It could come much sooner given current American and Global Politics.

I do not believe the American People have the Will, the Knowledge, or the Courage to save the Republic.
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Mar 6, 2024 13:18:02   #
These are all nice goals. But, American V**ers are well known, globally, as Naive Fools. America is much closer than Partisan V**ers think to its own death?

Most people really can not accept the reality of what has happened to America these past decades. I lived the reality for more than 60 years. It is already possble that America as we knew it then and now may End, before the next General E******n? Here is why I think that.

Present Day America demands that V**ers must, first, reject the Democrat and Republican Parties. They both are corrupt beyond Repair. Everyone knows that.

Next, this Country must Drain the Swamp of all Incumbents. All of them must go, no matter who, which Party, or anything else. These Incumbents gave us today's America. Everyone knows that, too.

The next issue is electing a new American Citizen friendly Congress capable of Civilized Behavior, steadfast adherence to the Constitution, and representing American Citizens above all else. That's the peaceful Constitutional solution to replace the Government.

Electing Trump and giving him a Democrat Congress, guarantees continued Failure of the already corrupt and failed Federal Government.

The current Biden Federal Government has become useless, overreaching, corrupt beyond repair, and does not in any way operate FOR THE BENEFIT of the American People.

This Society will very likely fight a massive and deadly Civil War again. Likely getting serious this Summer. That is very apparent.

It will be because the Democrat and Republican Party V**ers are incapable of Civilized Behavior between them, American Unity, basic Maturity, and the necessary Critical Thinking Sk**ls necessary to see the T***h are absent.

Partisan V**ers are clearly not Responsible American Citizens and Good Stewards of this Republic. By their own Admission in recent Polls and Surveys. They are behaviorally Political S***es of the two Parties. Their V****g Results of the last 60 to 80 years proves it.

No matter which Party wins the e******n, be it Trump Republicans, or Biden Democrats, America is guaranteed four more years of the same crap as the last nine years. IF there is an e******n at all?

American Sovereignty as we know it could very easily end as early as this September. Do people know and understand the severity of that meeting?

Biden meets with the United Nations "Summit for the Future" this September. The major subject is the UN's "Global Emergency Powers Pact". Biden supports this Pact. He is expected to place America in this Pact?

If you have no idea what this is, look it up on your Cell Phones. In short, the UN will be given unilateral authority to declare a Global Emergency, the authority to inject itself into any emergency declared, and mitigate that emergency, solely on its own.

Examples are the American Constitution, and all its Amendments they don't like. They effectively insert the New World Order into America, and then make it stick.

Finally, the Democrats may never again have the tactical opportunity they enjoy right now to turn America into a One Party Political System? After 40 years of Indoctrination they now enjoy two American generations of V**ers prepared to junk American Freedom in favor of Marxist Socialism. We know these generations as Millennials and Generation Zers. The Entitlement Minded members of our Society.

They are only outnumbered by surviving Baby Boomers like myself, or those American V**ers who don't v**e at all.

Twice this Country made it very clear to me about my worth as an American Citizen times the millions of other Citizens in similar circumstances. The first time was the 1960s when I was a young Soldier protecting and defending this Republic. In the caveat of that, a decade after arriving back in America, I was involved in an American R**t situation as a Troop Leader of the National Guard. So, Yes, I have first hand experience of just how dangerous American Civil Unrest can be.

The second time was more recently when Biden made the announcement(s) about we Christian White People being "Terrorists". Having been a Delaware resident in the 70s, Biden is no stranger to me.

I have spent 60 years of my life watching this Nation slowly committing National Suicide.

We all may see America's Funeral later this year?
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Mar 2, 2024 10:53:29   #
Here are the EXTREMELY important dates for all of America. Mark your Calendars.

The most important question is, "Has America's Death Warrant already been decided?"

7/15/2024 The Republican Party Convention. The question for Republican Convention participants is, "Who replaces Trump?" Is there a replacement?

8/19/24 The Democrat Party Convention. Gavin Newsome, who is already campaigning in at least seven States in the shadows, replaces Biden.

9/2024 Biden is scheduled to attend and he supports the "UN Summit of the Future." Check out the "Emergency Powers Pact" very carefully.

Will America's Death Warrant be established by the UN? In plain language, "WHEN DOES THE UNITES NATIONS TAKE OVER AMERICA, using the Emergency Powers Pact?"

11/5/24 This is supposed to be America's 47th P**********l E******n year. IF IT HAPPENS AT ALL?

As one can easily see, America is already lined up for being inserted into the New World Order before 11/5/2024, isn't it?

As you can plainly see, your present Government, and the Democrat and Republican Parties, all acting in unison, have been very busy establishing the insertion of the New World Order for America.

Say what you will. But if you do not understand what is truly going on in this Country, then you will be Losing everything you have lived with all your lives.

Marxism is here in America now. Millennials and Generation Zers, both lean towards the Entitlement Minded Culture of America. Marxist Socialism. Everything for Free. So they have been conditioned for decades to believe.

Combined, these two generations are the largest block of American V**ers. They are outnumbered only by the surviving Baby Boomers.

During the 2020 E******n, 81 million v**ed Democrat. 75 million v**ed Republican. A couple million v**ed Independent Third Party. The rest of the approximately 260 million eligible V**ers did not v**e at all.

Mathematically, the American Republic could easily be put to death this Fall. Either by We the People? Or, by Declaration of the United Nations. Or, if it takes place, by the 2024 E******n?

Lest we all forget, the American Population was surveyed and polled for many months recently to determine their levels of American Citizenry and Patriotism. Three quarters of this population was determined to be less than Constitutionally Responsible American Citizens and less Patriotic to America.

The "UNITED" States of America is already dead. It officially was put to death on January 20, 2017. On that day, Trump was Inaugurated. The Democrats announced they were "THE RESISTANCE".

At that time, the unofficial 50 year old Psychological War between the Democrats and Republicans became "Official". We all remember what has happened in America since then. There are even quantifiable Body Counts and Battle Damages to prove it.

Presently, it looks like Trump #45, is likely the last Republican Party President in American History? Biden #46, is likely the last American President of this Constitutional Republic?

Newsome becomes wh**ever Title the UN grants him in the new America, wh**ever that may be? He will likely last for Eight years. His California becomes America's Fate.

So, the big question is, "How long will it take for We the People to surrender and settle into the new America?"
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Mar 1, 2024 14:23:04   #
There are a lot of reasons for every American to Stop, Think, Research, and V**e FOR America.

A lot of Democrat and Republican Party V**ers are still mesmerized by Biden and Trump, when there is no legitimate reason to be so channeled to their Political S***ery.

There are three to four other Candidates for President in the works, each of whom would be far better for America than Biden or Trump.

Biden and Trump are proven deadly and dangerous to America. Both are old and mentally deficient in their own ways. Both have been destroyed by Criminal charges and investigations. Both are responsible for deadly and destructive Civil Uprisings. Both offer nothing but more of the same, if elected.

Democrats and Republicans have been trading Power back and forth for over 160 years. Today's America is the result of their collective efforts. Today's America is the Legacy of both Parties.

There is no legitimate need or justification to reelect either Biden or Trump. There is no legitimate need or justification to even accept the Identity Politics that has already destroyed America.

America is now facing the Second Civil War. As a Society and a Nation, we are right back where this nation was in the last months of the James Buchanan Administration. The cusp of Civil War. For the very same reasons the first Civil War took place. Power over the Masses. Money. And the almighty Identity Politics and the whole gambit of Division based of Race, Religion, Color, Origin, and all the other bizarre Categories for the American Herd of Humans.

There is zero reason to believe that Democrats and Republicans are ever going to act civilized with each other, let alone work together and compromise. America is now irreparably divided into at least three new Societies, and as many as fifty new Nations. The "UNITED" States of America is gone, likely forever.

The Federal Government legally and Constitutionally proves every day that it is our Constitutionally defined Domestic Enemy. Our open, unprotected Borders, and all the Ramifications of that one vicious and evil Criminal Policy are the unabashed Indictment and conviction of the Federal Government's Criminality.

Civil War is a deadly, messy destruction of a Country. IF, and that "IF" must be considered immediately, we even have an E******n in November, will there even be a Peaceful t******r of P***r to the next elected President, and Congress?

That, alone, should force every American V**er to reject every elected Incumbent in office today. No matter who or what office they hold. The time has long passed for V**ers to Drain the Cesspool that is the Federal Government.

Do you still want to be a mesmerized Political S***e of the Democratic or Republican Parties?

That one choice is available to all of America's 260 million or so V**ers. If everyone v**es for America, rather than the Corrupt Democrat and Republican Parties, then the Two Party Political System that is murdering America suffers the appropriate, well deserved Death Penalty.

Should that not happen, America simply dies b Civil War. One can feel it deep down inside. There is something terribly wrong with America.

Being a Constitutionally Responsible American Citizen and Good Steward of this Republic can stave off War and Drain the Cesspool peacefully. Being a Democrat or Republican Party V**er will not do anything good for America.

Remember, in Civil War, you fight aganst Family, Neighbor, Friend, and endanger you, and your Family, your Home, along with everything else you have ever known, including risking your own life. No one escapes that danger.
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Feb 26, 2024 19:31:44   #
The interesting thing about Cowards is that the Lie. From Cowards come Little Cowards.

We had a lot of Cowards in the 60s and early 70s. Guess some of them figured out how to multiply?
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Feb 25, 2024 10:53:44   #
As we all know, there is a truism concerning Money.

"Money talks. Bulls**t walks." There is the fabel of the "Pied Piper" to consider? And, finally the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" to think about?

The Trump Story was bound to take place with devastating results for all Democrats. For all his Faults, Trump could be one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

I wonder how many People can actually fathom the simple t***h that Hatred is the driving force of Blind Stupidity?

As much as I dislike Trump, the man must be admired for his Courage and Tenacity.

Like everyone else in America, and the World, I was forced to watch this Civil Fraud Trial in New York. As a retired Financial Professional and Business Owner, with many Business Clientele, my interest was more about the blind Stupidity of the State of New York than Trump's welfare. Trump is but one man.

For 35 years working in Pennsylvania, when my Business Clientele would suggest expansion into New York State, I always advised against it. The reasons are, today, painfully exposed, and nothing new. New York has been a corrupt State for a very long time.

What really happened with the Trump Civil Trial is far worse than the average person can truly fathom or accept. Most people have no idea about the World of Business.

New York V**ers and Taxpayers are truly going to find out the harsh and vicious t***h about what the Judge and AG actually did to Trump, and many other victim businesses throughout the years. These two Clowns will not avoid that T***h.

Obviously, the State of New York and New York City have been publicly exposed for being the most dangerous places to Invest and to conduct Business in America. To the entire World, as a matter of Fact. As mentioned, some have known it for decades.

The Taxpayers and V**ers can thank the Judge and AG for establishing that Truism in this clearly Anti-New York act of blind Hatred and Stupidity. Yes, these two Corrupt Democrat Officials got Trump. But, at what cost?

The Moral T***h is that Trump actually won this case because he exposed the whole T***h about NY, NYC, and Blue America in real time, for the whole World to see, as it was happening.

Trump's criminal cases are doing exactly the same thing. Everyone in the World knows that, too. Only Democrats are so blindly stupid about the obvious.

Politically, Democrat V**ers are the exact same as Republican V**ers. In both cases, they follow their chosen Pied Piper. That is the V**ers' choice. As the Fabel tells, there is always a Price to be paid for following the Pied Piper, isn't there?

Every Person who deals in Finances knows all about what many of us knew for decades, Worldwide now. Everyone with a Business in New York now knows it. Every person who thought about starting a business in New York knows it, too.

In the cumulative, it all now shines a huge light on all of Blue America. The true cost of that is, for the time being, really immeasurable.

Remember, when Donald Trump was a Manhattan Democrat, he was the Go To guy for Democrat Politicians in New York for several decades. He even gave Senator Hillary Clinton a political donation. It was only $3500, when he wanted a political favor from her.

This guy, Trump, is a Global Player. He has dealt with Corrupt Politicians worldwide most of his Adult Life. US Politicians are just a necessary nuisance, too. Just Petty Thieves with their hands out begging for Money.

New York and the City will lose a very large chunk of their Economies over the foreseeable future. That is an absolute financial certainty.

Every Blue City and State in America is already losing Taxpayers and Tax Base. Red States are gaining those Taxpayers and Tax Base. Just Blind Stupidity at work.

If one pays attention to the Financial News, Investors and CEOs all over the Country and the World are now reexamining and starting to say "NO" to their financial interests in New York State. The Life Blood of the State is being drained by the State, itself.

Present reported projected losses to New York are already appearing to exceed Tens of Billions of Dollars. That will continue as long as the History of the Trump Situation remains.

V**ers will likely not be able to turn the tables on the Financial destruction of New York for generations now. New York is a dying State, k**led by its own People. Their fate was foretold in many other Blue Cities and States. The shear magnitude of what New York did rises above all the other Blue States and Cities, though.

New York was basically and deliberately murdered by Judge Engoron and AG James. Remember, there was no Fraud, no Victims, and no Losses in the Trump T***sactions. Just H**eful, Blind Stupidity by Democrats playing games with obscure laws they generated.

The true problem is, and always has been, that New York can not force Businesses and Investors to operate in or enhance the New York Economy. That must come from the People. The People must be able to Trust the Government. Otherwise, these financial people have no obligation to support the Government or their populations. They quit, or leave the kingdom.

New York State destroyed all of that because of Blind Hatred of one Man. Donald Trump.

New Yorkers played the Pied Piper game. Now, it is time to pay the Price.
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Feb 23, 2024 12:54:01   #
This year is already at the defining moment for the end of America as a Free Nation and a functioning Society.

Democrats and Republicans from Biden and Trump to their Partisan V**ers are lined up doing Combat in an Eight year old vicious and uncivilized Psychological War neither side will win.

It has quantifiable Body Counts, Casualties, and it has Battle Damages.

During the latter year of James Buchanan's reign as the Democrat President, the situation was the same. The first Civil War began after Buchanan was ousted from office by Abraham Lincoln. Today, we are at the point of doing exactly the same thing.

Biden wins, Civil War. Trump wins, Civil War. This broken, shattered Humpty Dumpty can not be put back together. The two Parties are Vinegar and Water.

It won't matter that you might be Democrat, Republican, or Non-political. You will serve and obey the Tyrant.

Oddly enough, the brute force of S***ery is one of the significant issues today. According to Democrats, you will surrender. You will obey. And, you will be grateful, no matter who you are. Sound familiar?

Republicans are as divided as Democrats. That is obvious. So, each side has a reduced Radical Compliance issue. When it counts, dying in combat, each has much fewer Radicals than their Lies tell.

There are at least 260 million Adults in America. The math simply does not support the intended Servitude the Democrats seek. Their reality is far less that they reveal.

Then, there are the Nonparty and Non-political people? Most are likely to turn on anyone who wants to deprive them.

The extension of the Psychological War is, therefore, completely unsustainable for either Party.

This is the situation even before you get to the Constitutional issues. For the moment, America is a still a Constitutional Republic. We the People rule this Nation. Not these insane Lunatics of the Democratic or Republican Parties.

Every person, no matter who they think they are, in America must choose sides. That is what these two Domestic Enemies, Democrats and Republicans, are pushing. Neither has the capacity to be Civilized, Mature, Intelligent, and Compromising Adults. It is all about the Corrupting Evil of Power and Money with both Parties.

My view is that Democrats and Republicans are equal and separate threats that together have already inflcted a mortal wound on the Republic. As a Veteran, my Oath is to Republic, Constitution, and Freedom. I have had the experience of facing both Foreign and Domestic Enemies with loaded weapon in hand.

I know exactly what War and Civil Unrest are, and what their consequences truly mean. More innocent Dead Bodies, and many more innocent people Wounded and Maimed until the Bullets stop flying.

I never in 54 e******ns v**ed for Democrats. I have not considered v****g for Republicans when there was a Third Party candidate for the Elected Office. I have no intention of changing that.

I stand by my Oath of Service, my Family, my experiences, and this Republic. It is just that simple.
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Feb 21, 2024 12:51:04   #
Every Lawyer in America will tell you that a Grand Jury could indict a Ham Sandwich. So, while it's a nice idea to cover the Butts of everyone involved in today's Political Climate across the Sepectrum, America's Politics is still Corrupt to the Core in its Entirety. Not just one or the other Party.

Democrats and Republicans have traded Power for over 160 years. Today's America is the Monument of their Total Failure.

Any V**er v****g for any Political Party Incumbent is committing a Mortal Sin. A v**e for Biden or Trump is a Mortal Sin.

Neither Party offers any Candidate for any Public Office who could claim to Repair America. That is an impossible dream of a Partisan.

The Partisan V**er can not be called a Responsible American Citizen and Good Steward of this Republic. They V**e Party over America. The proof is the results of E******ns.

As one retiring member of the House of Representatives put it, "America and Congress are broken beyond most means of repair,”" He also said, "He has come to the realization that the fight is not here within Washington, our fight is with Washington.”

If Votrrs insist on doing as they always do, America is on Hospice Care. It is dying.
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Feb 18, 2024 21:19:15   #
The "Prosecution of Donald Trump" will one day be a record breaking Box Office Money Maker for the Trump Empire. Did you know that? Trump's Legacy for Posterity, right?

If you know little or nothing about how Businesses and the Financial Sector of the American Economy actually function and work together, then you will likely have false hopes and opinions about what really happened in this Civil Trial on both sides of the Courtroom.

Donald Trump is not one Man or one Family. Donald Trump is a Global Business Empire. Has been for a very long time.

Three years to the State of New York acdually means the Trump Empire leaves New York forever. Any other thought is irrational. New York has proven itself a Hostile State for ALL Businesses. Not just the Trump Empire. That's the true statement of fact exposed here.

The Financial Sector in New York was hit hard by this Trial in several ways. New Yorkers, people and businesses, will soon begin to understand that as they try to apply for Financing for everything. Credit across the Sector will take a big hit by the absence of the Trump Empire, as Financial Institutions tighten their Credit rules in the aftermath.

Remember, there are no victims, and the Trump Empire made the Financial Sector a lot of Money. That all ends now. Where does all that lost Revenue and Profit come from now? The People of New York, of course.

There is exactly Zero reasons for the Trump Empire to return to or do business in New York State ever again. So, all of the Economic impact generated by the Trump Empire dies and disappears. Think Jobs and Economic Impact included for every business who did business with the Trump Empire? It's all gone. Who makes up those losses? The People of New York, of course.

The actual Court decision is a bit more intrusive and inclusive than People actually realize. It will be a few years before the People of New York fully realize just how screwed they actually got.

These stupid Trials cost big bucks, too. That is big Tax Dollars to the People of New York that now have to be made up, again from the Taxpayers of New York.

Meanwhile, as everyone was hating Trump and being distracted by the Crooked Politicians. Trump made another Deal. Trump just got his approval for his T***h Web Company on Friday, too. That Merger is estimated at $10 Billion. Trump stands to make Billions from that. New York won't see a penny of it. His Legal Bills for appeals just got funded, too, didn't they?

People forget two very important histories about Trump and his Empire.

He is obviously a former President and the current principal candidate for a second term. That Fox has already been allowed in the Hen House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. These several Trials likely will allow him back into that Hen House?

Who is Trump, really? After 50 years of watching this guy as a Financial Professional myself, I see the Business Tycoon he is. I don't like him. Didn't v**e for him. But, the man does WIN.

Trump has been a Manhattan Democrat and Party Donor for most of his Adult life. That is what Democrats absolutely h**e about him. He fired the Democrat Party and took his Influence and Money with him. It's all about Power and Money to Democrats. Always has been. The Party has run on Empty Promises, Fear, and Identity Politics since their creation. They were the S***e Owners of America. That never changed.

Trump makes his Money by unemotionally making Deals on a Global Scale. He knows the World of Global Business and Crooked Politics. Crooked Politics is just the nuisance of doing Business to people like Trump. It's why he has no respect for the Washington Crowd. They are just the Crooks who run the Corruption Game in America.

Trump didn't take over the Republican Party so he could become a Republican. He took over a failed political party and made it his own so he could run for the Presidency. He succeeded, didn't he? Now, as a Former President, he won't be so Naive, will he?

Trump is a colossal Royal Pain in the Ass. No doubt about that. He drives hundreds of millions of people to their limits of Sanity just by the mention of his name. Democrats h**e him insanely.

That is precisely what Trump expects from the Crooked Politicians. He is driving them insane right in front of the whole world. He is showing America exactly what America is and who these Crooked Politicians really are. That has been his goal for decades. He always said he would run for the Presidency if America really needed him, going back decades ago.

Trump will undoubtdly force the issue of making the Democrats try to put him in jail. Why not? He has nothing to lose, does he?

The Democrats are certainly blinded by their own Hatred for him. But, he is still a former President with Secret Service protection. Maybe an ankle bracelet and confinement to Mar a Logo, maybe? Trump canstill run the Country from his Winter White House, can't he? The bonus is that Democrats are exposed even more as Third World Marxists.

Trump even bought Senator Hillary's favor for a $3500 donation to her campaign while he was a New York Manhattan Democrat Donor.

Obviously, Trump doesn't need New York State. He doesn't even need the White House. So, why does he do it? Democrats actually remind the American People every day about why he does it.x

"Trump's Fault." Trump's record says he did it better. But, its still always "Trump's Fault." Trump doesn't let Democrats forget that, does he?

Ya can't make this stuff up, can you? Toddlers play better together than Democrats and Republicans do.

Populist Presidents are not very well liked by the Political Parties. Will Trump be the second one in my lifetime to be "eliminated"?
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Feb 15, 2024 19:39:23   #
I am neither Democrat, nor Republican. I am an Independent V**er. Never v**ed Democrat. Haven't done so for Republicans in many decades. I try to stick with the conservative Third Party(ies). I have zero use for Biden and Trump. My focus has been on this Republic. I was hoping Ramaswamy would have gone Independent like RFK, Jr. But, he didn't.

Frankly, I have my doubts that the November E******n will even take place? I came to that conclusion a few months after J6, when the Politics started getting really nasty and showing its ugly teeth.

With the threat of Trump being elected, and his Revenge for the next four years, it's basically a "Now, or Never" conclusion about what Democrats might do?

Trump obviously can not be allowed to see the inside of the White House again, "by any means necessary." That is a telling phrase?

He was the single worst President in American History. However, we have a replacement for James Buchanan in the White House now. Buchanan was essentially responsible for the first Civil War getting off the ground. Biden has several options for Warfare.

The one that I think is doable is Domestic. Remember Senator Chuck Schumer's public address to the Nation on January 20, 2017, Trump's Inauguration Day, when he stated that the Democatic Party was THE RESISTANCE? The "Call to Arms", if you will?

Democrats have been at this Identity Politics thing for well over 60 years that I experienced. They have been expertly Dividing and Angering America for all those years.

Their Behaviors for the last ten years, in particular, have been basically Uncivilized, and in some cases, just downright Illegal. They did an excellent job of blaming Trump and his Followers all these last ten years, too, and making people believe it was the fault of Republicans. Basic Psychological Warfare.

So, the conclusion is that Democrats know exactly what they want, and how they can achieve it.

I have experienced a long duration American R**t in a Troop Ledership position with Armed Troops. Remember the R**ts of 2017, 2020, and J6? My experience and training suggests that they smell a lot like Practice Runs for 2024 R**ts?

If the Democrats make the 2024 r**ts happen this Spring and Summer, it's over for America. They expose their true intentions the day those R**ts begin. It won't really matter who starts them. They simply need to take place. Then, the operations plan to o*******w of America becomes pretty certain.

Step 1. Democrats declare Martial Law, suspend the Constitution, cancel the November E******n. Total Control.

Step 2. Biden signs America up for the United Nations Global Emergrncy Powers Program this September. America surrenders Sovereignty to the New World Order.

Step 3. The UN unilaterally declares a global Emergency in America. The New World Order via the UN, owns America, and can unilaterally use global resources to "T***sform America" for real.

Trump, Republicans, and We the People all are effectively neutered by October.

There is the logical Tactical Operations Plan that could give Democrats their Utopia. It's logical, executable, and can be achieved relatively easily in this apparent docile divided Society.

Now, to have a real Civil War, the question is, "Who is going to protect and defend this Republic in America's forthcoming "Civil War?" Who will be the Enemy?

The logical analysis, the Estimated Enemy Resistance, is that many People in America have already admitted they are Afraid, barely Patriotic, and certainly not Responsible American Citizens and Good Stewards of this Republic.

I h**e to be cynical, but several years working in combat operations and intelligence gives me the experience of threat assessment and operational planning to eliminate the threat.

I pray I am wrong. But, my gut instinct tells me differently.
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Feb 14, 2024 10:13:57   #
Think about the History of America in just the last 60 years? Is today's America worthy of protection?

I began my Adulthood in 1966. I was 18 years old. Too young to v**e or drink alcohol. But, old enough to fight and die for my Country.

This was a Divided, Angry, H**eful, and Ungrateful Nation in 1966.

Today, in 2024, America is still a Divided, Angry, H**eful, and now Uncivilized Nation.

Those are the Bookends of my Life, that started as a poor White guy from a poor Family. Imagine what I have seen and experienced in all these years?

Those first three years, I was in the Army. How dare I enlist, let alone serve my Country. We who did serve were clearly ostracized and blamed for the Viet Nam War.

Coming back to America in 1969, I was finally old enough to V**e and drink alcohol. Wow! Big deal! Right?

For the next two decades, I was told things like "We don't hire Veterans.", You are this and that concerning my Military Service. and stupid stuff like that. It took me almost a year to even find a job.

I joined the National Guard just to associate with like kind humans again. Then, was able to get a Federal Civil Service job. There was Affirmative Action then. The Quota System was born.

As a White Male, I was a second class citizen forced to surrender to the Quota System. Three times I would run right into the Quota System concerning my job mobility.

In the early 80s, I finally said the hell with it, and created my own Business. I had worked in Government Finance for a decade. I spent the next 25 years successfully feeding my Family, succeeding at my Business, and taking as many tax dollars away from the Government as possible, using their own Laws and Regulations to do it.

I was even invited to teach at a major University. My students were 1200 practicing Accountants and Lawyers. I taught New Tax Legislation and Recent Court cases for four yeas, as part of their Continuing Education Requirements.

At age 60, I sold my Financial Services Business, and retired.

Since then, I have lived the life of retirement, worked a few Part Time jobs, and watched this Country self destruct some more.

This will be my 55th year of v****g. I have seen and experienced a lot of life in all these years. I have done a lot of living, too.

I have seen the destruction of the "UNITED" States of America. I can see the end of the American Republic, too. My total of 17 years in the Army and National Guard taught me a lot about Warfare in its many forms, and the twisted Politics of it all.

I would face and experience both Foreign, and Domestic Enemies. The last of which was the R**ts in South Florida in 1979. Ten long days of thousands of pissed off American Citizens wanting to do bad things. I was the Senior NCO of a Military Police Company at the time.

If you are a Democrat or Republican, then you are responsible for the last 60 years of America's History and its Teachings. Together the two Parties control America. Young or old, you have provided all or some part of this History of today's America.

"We the People" means something very important in America. Everything that is America comes from "We the People". You are not innocent of what is today's America.

I have watched and experienced the Democrat and Republican Parties from my point of view for 60 years. When I watched the Kennedy Assassination as it took place, that began my life long interest in this Republic.

Today, a man I once knew on an official level in Delaware, now designates me a Terrorist in his public speeches, in the name of "We the People", just because I am a White Guy who happens to disagree with his Politics. We are both Catholics. He is White, too. The man you elected as your current President.

My profession allowed me a substantial knowledge of the other guy, too. He was your President before the above guy was elected.

Obviously, neither of these men are or were ever worthy of being President. You Partisan V**ers want each to serve yet another term as President.

"We the People" clearly have no regard for the Sanctity, the Security, or the continued Life of this Republic, the Constitution, or Freedom, you criticized me and many other American Patriots for protecting and defending.

I submit, and the evidence suggests that "We the People" are not worthy of a Patriot's sacrifice and life to protect and defend your k*****g of this Republic. You refuse to use your V**e to protect and defend this Republic. Yet, you expect American Patriots to do it with bullets, bombs, and their lives? How dare you?

Be it Civil, Regional, or Global, today's America is facing some kind of Warfare. Today's America is and has been at War with itself for decades. You simply refuse to recognize or face that Fact.

If I sound like a pissed off America, it is because of the Book Ends of my Life in America.

When one looks back over the last 60 years, how did we get here?
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Feb 12, 2024 16:40:24   #
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Feb 11, 2024 15:14:22   #
No one in the two Parties really has anything of value to say. All I see from the Democrats and Republicans is more of the same crap they have spewed since I came back to America in 69.

I have never v**ed for a Democrat. Haven't v**ed for a Republican since Reagan. Flatly refused and will again refuse to v**e for Biden or Trump.

Staying with Third Parties. I'll v**e. But I have no more faith in the e******n process than I do in the Democrat and Republican Parties.
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Feb 11, 2024 14:13:55   #
Why would anyone not want to hear both sides of the story? That seems rather preposterous, isn't it? Even American Criminals of the worst kind get the opportunity to plead their case, do they not?

Our own Government has lied so much that it no longer has any Credibility. Hell, the last five or six Presidents have been blatant Professional Liars. There isn't an honest Politician to be found in all of America.

And, you Partisan V**ers want to, and likely will, reelect these Liars. It makes no sense at all. But, you'll likely do it anyway. Your track record is remarkably well documented over the last Century for doing so. That makes no sense either. It is part and parcel of how today's America was created.

It's as though Partisan V**ers have a terminal case of Stockholm Syndrome? There is no way to save you from your selves.
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Feb 9, 2024 13:36:06   #
Somewhere, deep down in everyone's Soul, they might think the two biggest whoppers Partisan V**ers ever committed were the elects of Biden and Trump, don't ya think?
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