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Aug 22, 2019 12:18:48   #
fullspinzoo wrote:

For years we have been supporting Billionaires and millionaires .Now we working people have to get the living wages we deserve.Thats happening under Trump and it has to continue if we are to remain free people.
Aug 22, 2019 12:11:52   #
Seth wrote:
"Riding bicycles and eating rice."

And you have the nerve to call anyone else a racist?

Man these demoRATS are racist to the extreme. But they accuse others of exactly what they do.
Aug 22, 2019 11:55:55   #
slatten49 wrote:
Thank you, Vernon, but I tend to think putting articles like this online exhibits character. Pat Buchanan, Rod Dreher and The American Conservative magazine did not consider it "trash". Neither do many others.

I don't consider Pat Buchanan any type of good republican and I don't read a rag that is nothing but rinos,and they are not with the republicans of the day.
Aug 22, 2019 11:50:49   #
Rose42 wrote:
Interesting article. But what's next? There's Trump vs one of the horrific democrat candidates. All I see are articles that criticize Trump yet everyone seems to ignore the abysmal state of the democrat party. Both parties are in a sorry state. People want change? Nothing is going to change unless its demanded and its not demanded as seen by the lack of a standout democrat candidate. By the look of things the democrats will change nothing if they win.

Nikki Haley should run.
Interesting article. But what's next? There's Tr... (show quote)

It doesn't matter who runs Trump is going to be elected and by a landslide .
Aug 22, 2019 11:38:25   #
moldyoldy wrote:
A visionary article, the predictions were accurate. But they did not count on Russian intervention.

You are really a nut case. when are you going to admit that the hillery hired a a spy to do a number on Trump,and they failed .
And Slat you are to well educated to put trash like this on line under your real name,I thought you had more character.
Aug 22, 2019 11:24:15   #
byronglimish wrote:
You people have a distorted perception of the President.

You people denounce anything the President says.

You aren't even close to being original.

I thought he was speaking of Biden and Obama.
Aug 22, 2019 11:21:35   #
tommsteyer wrote:

The Washington Post just published a laughable bit of disinformation. Ever since Trump got elected _, Bezos put 20 reporters on nothing but "anti Trump" content production.

This drivel's source was " according to thise familiar with his thinking" Evidently WaPo now has sources with esp. They KNOW what Trump thinks.

Then how do they get it so wrong?

More likely it was just the reporter spiking an essay about his company's own projections of how Trump thinks.

Maybe I have insight due to someone who is familiar with how Bezos thinks. See what I did there?

The piece also quoted one of Barack Obama's ministers saying Trump's take on Jewish voters was mistaken.

One spokesperson was quoted as saying 'We Jewish voters are not one issue voters".

well, no duh.

Trump was getting cynical about how he was handling the Israel issue. (According to those familiar with this
ex Obama flack's way of thinking) .

Allegedly Trump's remarks were not really founded on anything but election year posturing. President Trump caring about locating the embassy in Jerusalem was just an agenda.
Tsk Tsk using Israel to corral voters in an election year.

Um hello isnt that what Tlaib and Omar are doing for PALESTINIAN voters?

And don't think all those feisty reporters haven't been asking any of the dem Pres candidates about this, by mistake.

According to those familiar with reporters' thinking, they only want to be spoon-fed leads about climate change, trillion dollar "plans", and racism , racism , racism.

Uh folks Trump was hiring Blacks , Asians , Puerto Ricans, and Chinese employees in hotels before any of those reporters were born. Eszpo forgets to bring that up.

Maybe those familiar with Tlaib's thinking might question why her repeated sympathetic statements to the Palestinian cause are so broadly ignored by the press.

and other govt. representatives.

In Obama's, Bushes , or Clinton's time any Congressional representative calling for cessation of aid and support to Israel would be censured.

Jewish relations with Israel is an issue that Americans care about.

If there ARE Jewish voters out there dumb enough to vote for a party to take the White House, when they already show that party is unable to control the vocally anti-Semitic figures in their ranks. Maybe those voters get what they deserve.

Maybe those Jewish voters can cry into their pillows when the "occupiers" are told to leave. But the article doesn't mention that President Trump's Jewish grandchildren might be impacted negatively.

I guess that would be too "cynical_" to mention.

Obama favored Palestine and flew over Israel and snubbed Netanyahu visits while he was in the region. Obama didn't bother to land and get off the plane.
Any heir to Obama policy, like Biden, would be too weak to firmly prop up relations with that legacy.

Causing more photos for the press to serve up of exploded wedding halls, besieged villages, and stricken women and children.

If a neutral candidate on Israel gets voted in, decades of progress will be stripped bare.

They are looking at another genocide. Because if Palestinian terrorists sense that America doesn't have Israel's back, the next bombing will be 109 times worse.

And ppl like Tlaib and Omar will be more than ready to provide strategic intel and resources to their Hezbollah friends.

Oh but I guess that's too cynical and real world for the WaPo. . (show quote)

Well said. I hope somebody is listening or reading in this case.
Aug 22, 2019 11:13:57   #
peg w wrote:
There are all kinds of very inane things Trump has done, but the most ridiculous is the attempt to purchase Greenland from Denmark. The Danes are not stupid and think of Greenland as a state, as we think of Hawaii. Would we sell Hawaii to China,?

I would sell Hawaii to somebody, not really interested in selling it to China. Now as far as fact is concerned just think back to how all the fact creeps howled when we bought Alaska and the Louisiana purchase .
Aug 21, 2019 19:12:26   #
factnotfiction wrote:
Of course, if trump is really offended, he can always attack Greenland and occupy it.

And with the trump economy heading down, this would be a war that trump may win.

well just what war did obama win mr know it all.
Aug 21, 2019 19:09:59   #
factnotfiction wrote:
No woder the dreaded 'r' word is sending shock wave to trump and making him lie even more than usual, and his angry rants and tweets are increasing.

And all of these numbers are coming from the trump administration itself, so you know they simply have to be true, at least until trump starts to bellow and tweet "fake news"

Wonder if fox will report this?

Nah, they have been warned
No woder the dreaded 'r' word is sending shock wav... (show quote)

He must be using Obamas counting procedures.
Aug 21, 2019 19:06:45   #
woodguru wrote:

He takes a situation where a prime minister responds in a way that is both understandable and easy enough to blow off. Trump is all butt hurt over being disrespected, which he wants to make about a disrespect for our country when it was a disrespect for what could easily be seen as an idiotic idea to someone who considered the idea of Greenland being sold as absurd. Trump could easily have shrugged his shoulders and said I guess that's a no.

The bottom line is that it could easily be considered an idiotic idea, and as an american I feel no sense of being disrespected because the Danish prime minister called an idiotic idea an idiotic idea.

Now if Trump wants to conduct a legitimate idea and concept such as being allowed to have US missile defenses on Greenland as a strategic position, let him conduct the normal appropriate state diplomatic negotiation rather than the "Trump the dealmaker" BS that infers a personal interest.

Trump disrespected our country by acting like a total fool about an idea that makes him a fool (show quote)

Oh have you been offended by Trump again? I hope you realize Trump or I don't give a shit.
Aug 21, 2019 19:01:31   #
factnotfiction wrote:
Because if he would be successful, that would open the door to change all of the things that are wrong with the constitution as written, like the 2nd amendment and guns, the 3rd amendment which isn't even applicable, the fact that the word people is used more than the word citizen, that there is no defined skill sets for being potus, no language requirements, no voting requirements, etc.

So please trump, go ahead and do your damndest to change the constitution
Because if he would be successful, that would open... (show quote)

If he did that he would stop you and your demorat buddies from screwing up the constitution like you have
been doing for the last 50 yrs.
Aug 21, 2019 17:52:40   #
lpnmajor wrote:
Right, taking advice from someone who's several cards shy of a full deck. What could possibly go wrong?

Thats what we have had since 92 with all these shit head presidents. Now you cry because we have a president that actually does what he promised.
Aug 21, 2019 10:10:05   #
TommyRadd wrote:
for Debeda’s response.

for Rumi’s assessment.

Rumitoid, what you need to “reasonably assess” is the alternatives we had to choose from in 2016, and the ones on the left who are standing in line for 2020, and then Trump’s personal idiosyncrasies won’t sound so offensive.

Why don’t you try reasonably assessing the big picture alternative that leftists want open borders, sanctuary cities for illegal aliens, and me, you, and every other American to pay for them through taxes, so they can have free (for them) health care and welfare? Anyone who can reasonably assess that option would instantly realize that will totally bankrupt America, and will let in all manner of MS13 criminals, terrorists and many others with no interest in actually assimilating into American culture, and turn America into a third world country in a heartbeat and then how will America help other countries out? Leftists want to kill and eat the goose who lays the golden eggs, and you’re first in line to the butcher block!

Why do these facts go right over your head in your hatred of Trump and America? And don’t give me lip service that you love America when you sympathize with those who want to destroy it with their plans for failed socialism. Do you really want to live under socialism in America? Do leftist-controlled inner cities really look like the model you want for all of America? Do you really want to support a culture that murders unborn babies who inconvenience them? Do you really want to have to deny there are in fact only two biological sexes, and that it is DNA, not deviance (not D-V-N’s! Ha, I made a funny, I wonder if it’ll catch on), that determines our sex? Do you really want to live in an America whose politicians sell us out to whoever wants to “pay-for-play”? Do you really want to live in an America where politicians get to go into government poor, and come out multi-millionaires because they can legally invest on their inside information even though they are instrumental in directing that inside information? Does America really have to go total banana republic until you can reasonably assess the direction America would go under leftist rule?

What is wrong with you? I’ll tell you what. Jesus had folks like you pegged when he said:

“You blind guides, who strain out a gnat, and swallow a camel!” Matthew 23:24

The reason we put up with Trump’s personal shortcomings is just that simple: we don’t strain at his relatively gnat sized flaws like you do and swallow instead the relatively camel sized flaws in the leftist agenda, which is set out to destroy the fundamentals which made this country great, including the basic building block of society which is the fruitful union of the marriage of one man and one woman. Really, how hard is THAT to “reasonably assess”?

I know this “big picture” view is maybe hard for you to swallow, as judged by your OP, but just try to reasonably assess it, and show us you can, and then maybe you might gain our attention. Until then, you are just making yourself out to be an Absalom pointing out the flaws of King David in order to gain sympathy and followers to the rebellious leftist cause...and we ain’t biting...on that camel.
img src=" (show quote)

Man that is great.
Aug 21, 2019 09:29:54   #
lpnmajor wrote:
Oh right, the old rape and pillage bad.

No that is the demoRat way. Trump wanted to buy it.
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