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May 18, 2024 16:28:06   #
DASHY wrote:
I'm not familiar with the Ministry of T***h. Is that where you get your cockeyed information? Who are "dem hostages"?

Not too well read are you?
It's from Orwell's book 1984, which describes a state run source of disinformation that is fed to the masses, just like what FJB's gang of America Last storytellers do to you and your comrades.

I guess YOU wouldn't recognize it since you are a regular consumer.

It appears that your "sources" also forgot to tell you about how FJB is currently screwing our best ally in the Middle East, choosing to side with Hamas instead.

For the 4th time, because FJB emboldened Hamas by enriching Iran by billions (like BathHouse Barry did) they chose to ruthlessly attack Israel and k**l thousands of innocent civilians on Oct 7 2023.
They took hundreds of hostages, including American citizens and are keeping them to this day, raping and punishing them daily.

YOUR DEMENTIA LADEN POTUS has not uttered a word about them in MONTHS.

Do you support that horribly s**tty behavior?
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May 18, 2024 13:33:35   #
DASHY wrote:
I can honestly respond that I am a happy lib and an eternal optimist who looks on the brighter side of things. I take hopeful views about life situations. I am not trying to change your mind about your beliefs or political opinions.

You are a simple minded Pollyanna who simply IGNORES what you are instructed to NOT see because it is just SO SO DAMAGING to your sworn narrative.

How 'bout FJB being RESPONSIBLE for TWO WARS, and siding with the terrorist Palestinians after giving BILLIONS to Iran (just like BathHouse Barry)??

P.S. just filled up my vehicle that cost me TWICE what it used to prior to FJB.
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May 18, 2024 13:25:50   #
DASHY wrote:
This list was compiled by others. I agree with all the statements.

Trump is not hiding his intentions for a second term. Echoing Hitler’s rise to power, he has called his political enemies “vermin” and promised his supporters that, if elected, he would be their “retribution.”

Trump’s enablers have outlined a plan for him to replace tens of thousands of career civil servants with MAGA loyalists and to take personal control of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to prosecute his political rivals. He is almost certain to use an old law — the I**********n Act — to convert the military into his personal domestic police force.

Since his power comes from a bottomless capacity to lie, he has contempt for the free press, which he calls the “enemy of the people.” He recently suggested that the government should censor or shut down media platforms he dislikes.
This list was compiled by others. I agree with al... (show quote)

Are you able to write YOUR OWN WORDS, or MUST they be sourced from your Ministry of T***h?

How about answering in a common sense UN word scripted way??

I think you are so used to getting bottle fed that you're incapable of ORIGINAL thought.

Try again without the obvious scripted "material".
I really don't think you are capable of doing that.

How 'bout dem hostages that FJB CHOOSES TO IGNORE??
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May 18, 2024 12:24:04   #
4430 wrote:
Senator Kennedy can't be beat when it comes to telling it like it is !

That's why the FJB Libs h**e him almost as much as they h**e Trump!!
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May 18, 2024 12:14:26   #
DASHY wrote:
There are many on this thread who feel the same way you do. Feeling angry all the time must be exhausting.I am able to appreciate the many benefits of living in this great country in spite of the MAGA movement trying to destroy it.

OK time for a T***H BOMB - something you're not used to.

This should be REAL EASY for one as enlightened as you.

List JUST THREE COMMON SENSE (not political wordsmith) benefits that Trump is out to DESTROY:

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May 18, 2024 12:08:43   #
DASHY wrote:
My shoes fit just fine. Like most MAGAts, you sound real angry and unhappy with your life. I have no objection to you voicing your opinion and venting your grievances.

Wrong AGAIN - I'm VERY happy with my successful life (just returned from a vacation in Peru yesterday).

I AM VERY ANGRY with what YOUR POTUS is doing to MY COUNTRY and the WORLD.

And YOU should be too!!

Your whole existence seems to be based on demeaning Trump and ACCEPTING the s**t FJB has brought upon us and THAT makes me wonder about YOUR level of intelligence.

So let's try this S-L-O-W-L-Y:

Let's try this one:

Are you happy with the DEAD SILENCE from FJB regarding the American citizens and others held captive (and presumably raped daily) by Hamas for over SEVEN MONTHS NOW?

P.S. YOU ARE THE ANGRY ONE with your incessant h**e based venom you spew at Trump at least 10 thousand times now.
That's called PROJECTION.
I've NEVER met a lib who was happy.
That includes you.
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May 18, 2024 11:39:09   #
Strycker wrote:
Democrats are replacing B****s with i******s. I******s are taking jobs, housing and even government benefits away from them. Have been since 1974. It just much worse and much more visible under Biden. In addition the Democrat's calling for defunding police and catering to criminals is a danger to the good people in urban communities. It this day of readily available information the word spreads. No where near a majority of b****s will abandon the Democrats, but, even a small 7% to 10% loss of the black v**e will hurt the Democrat's e******ns.

Many will fall for the Democrat pandering but many are also no longer blindly accepting the lies. African Americans want the same thing as anyone else. Economic security and safety in their homes and neighborhoods. Democrat have failed them miserably for decades.
Democrats are replacing B****s with i******s. I***... (show quote)

Senator Kennedy from Louisiana summed it up nicely in one sentence (the part in parentheses is mine):


Hard to argue otherwise so the crazies keep shouting "Orange Man Bad"!!
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May 18, 2024 11:31:58   #
DASHY wrote:
I am simply ignoring your preprogrammed rant about the President of the United States. You keep repeating the same old crap.


Oh I see, we're supposed to pretend that YOUR r****t screed is the actual doctrine, as you IGNORE THE REAL WORLD CONSEQUENCES OF FJB's HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SELFISH AMERICA LAST CAMPAIGN?

All you do is scream "Orange Man Bad" while the rest of the U.S. and world SUFFERS and DIES due to the stupidity of FJB.

The "same old crap" is the "same old crap" because nothing has been done to alter the mismanaged direction of this once great country.

And YOU pretend it's NOT a problem.
Why? Because you are bought and paid for liberal stooge and are easily influenced.

You NEVER EVER even attempt to ENGAGE as to why you think I'm wrong about what I (and MANY OTHERS) CLEARLY SEE to be true.
All you have is a horrible case of TDS.

So we are forced to conclude that since there is literally NO REBUTTAL from the lemming crowd, our assertions are ABSOLUTELY TRUE by default.

Anyone with a clear mind reading this thread will think exactly the same way.

BTW, Trump was a POTUS as well, and will be again soon.
You're gonna REALLY like that.
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May 18, 2024 11:18:02   #
DASHY wrote:
Now you pretend to be a soul reader? What next?

Look Born Yesterday Lemming:

Anyone, I mean ANYONE, who is so willing to ignore OBVIOUS BIG ISSUES THAT EFFECT MAINSTREAM AMERICA and focus on what someone else told them to focus on is so jaded and purposely naive that it's incomprehensible to those of us who are NOT.

You don't have the slightest amount of remorse for the s**tty things you say (I can't even imagine the s**tty things you must actually DO) that you're advertising your soullessness in NEON, just like your hero FJB.

Why? Because YOUR "thought" leaders drilled it into your highly prejudicial, likely r****t, being.

If the shoe fits, wear it.
Just admit it.
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May 18, 2024 09:25:48   #
Here's how FJB uses taxpayer funds and unprecedented levels of public ignorance to BUY V**ES:

Ignores SCOTUS college loan
forgiveness illegality to buy student v**es

Turns back on Israel to buy Muslim v**es

Ignores Mainstream U.S. citizens to promote i*****l i*********n to buy ILLEGAL v**es

Ignores supposed "devout" Roman Catholic religion to wholeheartedly support A******N to buy human sacrifice v**es

Adds EXTRA rights to mentally ill g****r dysphorics to buy homo, lesbian and t***s v**es

Uses weaponized DoJ / IRS / FBI to prosecute political opponents like 3rd World corrupted governments just like BathHouse Barry did.

FJB is the most morally vacant low intellect POTUS this country has EVER seen and is accelerating the decline of the U.S. at an unprecedented pace.
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May 17, 2024 21:00:32   #
federally indicted mattoid wrote:
Simply ignoring you is easier than trying to oppose your views. You're welcome to them.

Have a nice day.

You are a cowardly wimp, just like the rest of your weak minded CCP Sponsored comrades.

You have absolutely NOTHING except TDS bulls**t Fecally Indoctrinated Mind.


Enjoy your life in your homemade TDS bubble, aka Bizarro World.

You are an absolute disgrace to the fabric of America.

P.S. It was a pleasure to kick your low intellect WOKE ass once again (as usual)!!!
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May 17, 2024 20:43:03   #
DASHY wrote:
It might be the case of intelligent, informed, patriotic Americans ignoring the blathering of MAGA morons.

As usual, CHRONIC liars run and hide when forced to actually "back up" their preprogrammed bulls**t which is targeted for the lowest intellects imaginable.

Like in 1984:
"War is peace.
Freedom is s***ery.
Ignorance is strength."

Here's the best one:
Libs are smart.....
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May 17, 2024 20:09:15   #
DASHY wrote:
It might be the case of intelligent, informed, patriotic Americans ignoring the blathering of MAGA morons.

Still waiting on your DEFENSE OF FJB???

As if YOU ARE intelligent, informed, patriotic??

Now THAT'S a good one...

Please add the letters "un" to every one of those words and look in the mirror.

PLUS, your SOUL is corrupted beyond repair, which is even WORSE.

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May 17, 2024 19:59:58   #
DASHY wrote:
Would T*****r Trump qualify for "father of the year"? If you consider actively involving your children in your decade's worth of corruption including treason against the U.S. as being a “good father”, then he is the father of the year. If Barron got in his way, he would throw him under the bus.

Hey Wind Up TDS puppet:

EXACTLY WHY do you keep disparaging Trump when thus thread is about the s**t YOUR PRETEND POTUS is perpetrating??



Are you saying that FJB was some type of good father??
That's a REAL JOKE.
S**tty kids are raised by s**tty parents.
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May 17, 2024 19:53:16   #
JuristBooks wrote:
This excellent post should be in newspapers, in the NRA American Rifleman magazize ; Imprimis ( Hillsdale College) ; and on and on.
Raining here in Raleigh but you just brightened the day .


As you know, it's simply a PARTIAL summary of the chronic damage EXTREMELY LOW intellect FJB continues to wreak upon the U.S.

How ANYONE can ignore it, like Fecally Indoctrinated Mind (aka S**t for Brains) is a great illustration of how easily similarly low intellect (or is it ZERO COMMON SENSE?) people (??) are corrupted by the FJB Ministry of T***h.

We simply have to kick them to the curb in November and let them wash back into the sewers where they thrive.
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