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May 9, 2024 19:14:14   #
LiberalGrammyD wrote:
The Republican majority in congress has not yet introduced charges on any of these issues you mention. Therefore no evidence of Highcrimes and Misdemeanors as called for in our Constitution.

I think that's because everyone knows kamala would be even worse.
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May 9, 2024 19:12:34   #
LiberalGrammyD wrote:
There has been no evidence of any Highcrime or Misdemeanor. If that evidence does ever does become evident then impeachment will be called for not until.

Mishandling of classified documents, and showing them to his ghost writer doesn't reach that level, for you?

Withholding congressionally approved aid was enough to impeach Trump, yet its not enough to impeach biden? You do realize he's withholding precission guided weapons, right? That will mean more "civilian" casualties.
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May 9, 2024 19:05:14   #
LiberalGrammyD wrote:
Exactly let the jury decide.

Do you also feel we "should let a jury decide" bidens fate for his classified documents case?
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May 9, 2024 16:46:46   #
LiberalGrammyD wrote:
Regardless of the current situation in the Ukraine I would hope who ever POTUS is in the next 4yrs will continue to keep us in NATO. For the continued stability of Europe. There is still no evidence that Pres.Biden has had any illegal dealings with Mr Xi or Mr Putin.

Other than bank statements, you mean?
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May 9, 2024 16:40:10   #
permafrost wrote:
You may be talking about a video which I heard about that was doctored.. never seen it , so do not know.. other than that, I have no idea..

The video is real, it was NOT doctored. If you have any proof to support this lie, please provide it.

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May 9, 2024 16:29:51   #
LiberalGrammyD wrote:
I believe like all the other times there is No evidence that the POTUS has committed any Highcrimes or Misdemeanors. These current hearins will also result in no evidence to proceed further.

You don't believe the surrender of our southern border, and national sovereignty, is a high crime or misdemeanor.

You don't believe his being guilty, of the felony, of illegally stealing classified documents is a misdemeanor either?

Do you believe Trumps phone call was impeachable?
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May 9, 2024 16:25:36   #
TJKMO wrote:
Do you?

I never have.

I'm glad to hear that you've stopped supporting the despicable "g****r affirming care" catastrophe. I'm also willing to bet that you do still support it, and that you're too big a coward to defend your beliefs. I hope I'm wrong
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May 9, 2024 14:52:39   #
JFlorio wrote:

Thanks for beating me to correct his lie
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May 9, 2024 14:47:16   #
permafrost wrote:
No Marti, I think posters have been clear.. Putin started the war with the invasion into Crimea..

Now as the protester of all that was posted, tell us what you think started the war.. include links, backup and history..

The west's o*******wing of the democraticly elected government of the Ukraine is what started this war. Along with the galacticly stupid idea of admitting the Ukraine into NATO.

Look back to 2014 for the start of this war. Do your own research, it's easy and has already been provided numerous times. Why do you devoutly follow the "narrative"? Have you not figured out its a lie yet?
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May 9, 2024 11:10:06   #
permafrost wrote:
Gosh all this whining and yet nothing at all about an attempt to o*******w the elected government of America..

slanted much???

I've mentioned the attempted o*******w of our government many times, you've never shown any interest in going after the perpetrators of the c**p though.
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May 9, 2024 03:27:27   #
pegw wrote:
Absolutely not. Trump is a career criminal without a sense of right or wrong. The trial is an attempt to bring him to justice.

You have a perverse sense of justice
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May 9, 2024 03:26:05   #
LiberalGrammyD wrote:
Ohhh Really Where is your proof that any of what you posted is true?

Well we have a DA who took a "crime"/accounting error whose statute of limitations had expired and strapped that to a federal "campaign finance" felony. The DOJ and FEC looked into this and concluded that there was no violation.

The judge knew that Stormy had zero value to the prosecutions case. He was warned of what would happen if she took the stand, and it did. It did exactly what it was designed to do...smear Trump. This alone is possible grounds for a mistrial. The gag order against Trump is ridiculous. Not wanting mal-information public is not grounds for a gag order, if so both sides should be under the gag order. The fact, alone, that Trump was paying to shutdown unflattering stories for years before he ran for president destroys the prosecutions entire case. We still haven't heard from the convicted felon and perjuror Michael Cohen, the prosecutions "star witness" We also had Mark Pomerantz, an investigator for the DA, plead the 5th when asked if he broke any laws or violated anyone's rights while investigating Trump.

Oh...and since a change of venue was denied, it's being held in a district that v**ed 95% for biden.

Other than that...nothing

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May 9, 2024 02:40:12   #
Hydro wrote:
WEBCO - we must remember there are two tier responses here - those for Democrats and those for Republicans - this has been put in place by Bribem - Brandon alias Briden

I believe he also had 3 aliases and email accounts
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May 9, 2024 02:38:36   #
Hydro wrote:
It has now been affirmed cover sheets were placed over files stating Secret and arranged on the floor for photo shoot - it has also been affirmed the records aren’t in the same documented order they were put in the boxes and sealed - the prosecutor had to admit when the sealed boxes were opened different files were not the same as the ledger created when sealed - JS was forced to admit - what a joke

Don't forget that NARA sent many of those boxes to Mar a Lago.

So to recap...we have an illegally appointed special prosecutor who has been proven to have staged a photo and mishandled evidence. We know that the prosecutor has been charged with prosecutorial misconduct. We have the Whitehouse, DOJ, and NARA all colluding to go after Trump. We know that NARA sent many of those boxes to Mar a Lago. We know that when the search warrant was served Trump still had his security clearance, and we know that that security clearance was "retroactively" revoked...somehow.
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May 9, 2024 02:27:05   #
TJKMO wrote:
MAGA already knows you are impotent.
It is good to hear you admit it.


Are you still supporting the m********n and chemical castration of mentally disturbed children?
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