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Nov 26, 2013 13:27:21   #
Hungry Freaks wrote:
It would be a mess-everyone trying to prove their claim. At $1.4 seems a little high-how about $500,000. I'm not sure it would work. The problems would still exist afterwards, but it is an idea worth looking into. Many books written about the subject, pro and con. As Ringo Starr once said: "anything the government touches turns to crap." Hard to argue with that one.

I do not think that it would work, even if we paid them off they would never live up to the agreement. I still think that the best idea is to offer them the money and pay them as they board ships to go elsewhere and revoking their citizenship. That way the true Americans, whether black, white......etc., would remain in the US as citizens where they can continue a good life, not hampered by the hate filled ones who would be fighting with their new government and asking for whatever they can "score."

BTW, Ringo Starr....who could argue with that?
Nov 26, 2013 11:53:50   #
Billhuggins wrote:
Ginnyt: you said, "---because they (negros) were slaves. I want to know of just one living slave. Slavery ended 145 yrs ago and they (negros) are still using that crutch to justify their hatred and violence toward whites. It's a myth! No correlation at all.
I was in the Caribbean for two weeks touring 7 islands. I was very positively impressed how friendly and courteous the Black shop keeps were to me. At every encounter, even when walking so call bad neighborhoods of 100% blacks, there was always a harmonious encounter. I remember thinking how I wished American blacks could be this way. While I am producing this racist rant, I want to recognize that there are many 1000s of blacks that are like that. The islands have their fair amount of crime too evidenced by heavy wire screen covering the windows in the poorer areas. I enjoyed going into the local bars and having a beer with the locals. Totally unlike anything I have experience. I believe it is not DNA that causes American blacks to produce so much crime. It is Negro culture to have no care about their fellow man. Most black murder victims are killed by blacks. Nothing like a good rant to wake me up with my coffee and eggs.
Ginnyt: you said, "---because they (negros) w... (show quote)

Those people I was refereeing to were not necessarily black. In fact, I do not know if they are black, white, tan, purple, white, or blue. They were responders to comments I made on Thanksgiving a Myth. I said then, and I will restate it here, I am not opposed to any individual based on color, sex....etc. I am of the opinion that life can be good, worth living, and well worth experiencing. We as a people need to understand history to prevent making the same mistakes all over again. We should never live in the past; we can not live in fear of one another, we are the author of our future. Please, if you have time, go read my inputs to that topic.
Nov 26, 2013 11:43:24   #
GOP poison wrote:
This type of behavior is repugnant and NO liberal will ever try to justify it

Phoebe Connolly, a teenager who was punched in the face and laughed at by a group of teenagers in the neighborhood of Columbia Heights in Washington, D.C., appeared with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News Wednesday night to describe her ordeal.

"But at the end of her segment, as she finished describing the incident, Connolly used the remaining seconds on national TV to ramble about the importance of youth programs – a typical liberal talking point.

“I ultimately, I’ve moved past it and I really have no hard feelings about what has happened,” Connolly said. “And I just see it as another reason why we need to better support our youth with activities and youth programs, which is actually what I do for work, and it’s great to see teenagers do incredible things when they’re supported and empowered,” Connolly said."

Oh yes, liberals will always find excuses!
Nov 26, 2013 11:27:24   #
jonhatfield wrote:
Reparations? Slavery had a cost not only to blacks but also the nation. The forced "immigration" experience of blacks certainly was more a trial than that of other immigrant groups but the pay off is being part of this new world civilization--an important and significantly contributing part. We are fortunate to have that part and they are fortunate to be part of America. No pay off necessary except a degree of understanding of the social circumstances and handicaps from the long experience of not being accepted...(are you listening, GinnyT? Understanding, if you can manage that little politeness and kindness?).

By the way, how about justice for native Americans? Again I maintain the only reparation is respect and understanding. And I suppose the football teams could understand their viewpoint, though for real the intent was not disrespect but a form of glorification even if stereotyping.
Reparations? Slavery had a cost not only to blacks... (show quote)

I will no longer dignify your attempts to anger me or belittle me with comments, so I encourage you to forget about me and move on. But, I am flattered that I have occupied so much of your thoughts.
Nov 26, 2013 11:24:28   #
Hungry Freaks wrote:
Three billion + dollars a year for the past 30 years, when adjusted for inflate, is a significant pile of money.

And, yes, reparations for any African American who can prove one 1/4 or 1/2 slave as a descendant. Pay the money and be done with it. They were promised 40 acres and a mule and didn't get it. Time to make good on it.

I would agree with this conditionally. Those caveats , if they are given their reparations then they become like everyone else. No special programs for education, no priority treatment for employment, no special government financing for housing, no special head start programs for their children that is beyond what everyone else receives, no special treatment in any form. This would include, but not limited to, abusive language and the use of the word raciest to define or otherwise connote other Americans would be eliminated from casual use. The hyphenated ethnic designation would be necessarily deleted. And no FUTURE claims for new generations. A one time payment to those who can "prove" through documentation (ship records, census, or other reliable means which would not include hearsay or family legends; but limited to empirical proof) that they are true decedents from slaves; being a person of color would not automatically qualify an individual. The claimant would have to prove they are at least a quarter descendent.

Now for the payment. Cost of a mule was approximately $20 in the 1700s, 40 acres of land was approximately $300 during the same period. Inflate that to 400 percent. Add for pain and suffering $1 million each. Grand total of $1,409,000.00. The latest estimate of slave decedents still living in the US is 40 million I believe with the projected savings from special programs that the initial outlay would be off set within two years after payment.
Nov 26, 2013 10:44:47   #
Tasine wrote:
I don't argue with your comments, but I think when something isn't working (the war on drugs), it is time to reassess the issue. As to damage mj does, I think it is probably less harmful than the over-use of aspirin, laxatives, diet pills. I think that the criminalization of mj was based more on control than on any worries about health issues - after all, look what damages alcohol is responsible for. Alcohol and drugs are more emotional issues than health issues to the average American I believe. Actually I think the massive health industry is transforming "health" into a cult as well, and I disbelieve most of what I hear about this drug, that treatment, etc. And I am a retired registered nurse!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ br I don't argue with your co... (show quote)

As I said, I am uncertain. I do not use any (to include aspirin) of the mentioned OTC medications. But, that is just me and I know that the abuse of these things is wide spread. I go to the doctor once each year for a checkup, but I am lucky to have no medical problems. I think that we need to look at the before and after results of other countries before we make a decision. You may be right and it is as benign as other "safe" methods of escapism, for me... I would not entertain the idea of personal use.
Nov 26, 2013 10:37:59   #
bmac32 wrote:
Am like you, a fence sitter. Today's marijuana is much different from my day with 100's of different chemicals mixed in. Plain Jane is not much different than drinking but today it can kill you.

Thank you, I was beginning to think that I was alone.... I think that it has to be looked at from all angles. If it could be managed, it could probably be no more of a health hazard than drinking. The addiction rate is higher than that of drinking and it is said that you increase your risk of heart attack more than 70 percent during the first hour of smoking. On the other hand, it has been used for a long time for the management of pain... I guess until there are better and more conclusive studies, I will remain on the fence.
Nov 26, 2013 10:14:13   #
bahmer wrote:
I also heard it called polar bear hunting by some. The surest way to start curtailing this type of activity id to start to have more and more people who conceal carry. If more adults would conceal carry and these individuals get shot once in a while it might make them stop and think. I read of one women that had a gun in her purse and shot two of her attackers one in the stomach and the other in the chest. I bet that hey rethink their actions after getting out of the hospital and then facing a judge.
I also heard it called polar bear hunting by some.... (show quote)

The way justice is skewed, the woman will probably face charges and go to jail and her attackers go free. Perhaps you are right, if enough people take a stand, fight back then maybe these animals can be successfully put back into their cages. I know if I am ever attacked, I will not hesitate to put a round into my attackers! I am a nice person, but not a door mat.
Nov 26, 2013 10:05:51   #
Tasine wrote:
Yes, I also think marijuana should be legalized nationwide. It and the government's actions parallel what was done with alcohol. Attempts to control individuals' behavior didn't work then, doesn't work now. During prohibition a lot of money was wasted, people died, and nothing good was accomplished. Ditto for marijuana. People who love to control others never learn, and they repeat the same unworkable things over and over and over in their shameless attempt to rule the world.

If marijuana were legalized, crime would naturally be reduced. Police would be freed up to look into REAL crime. We could quite building more and more jails to house these "criminals". Most "drug related crimes" should be greatly reduced. Wouldn't decriminalizing ALL drugs remove most of the street crimes that currently exist?

I have never used marijuana, crack - any of the illegal substances. I've never suffered as a result of users except to help pay for their trials and their counseling and their incarcerations. I know some have suffered, but not sure how many have suffered from the use of marijuana - I would guess marijuana is safer for the individual and for society than is alcohol which is legal because the government was unable to control it. I would venture that MOST legislators USE ALCOHOL on a regular basis and would scream like banshees were it to be taken away from them.
Yes, I also think marijuana should be legalized na... (show quote)

I have mixed feeling on this subject. On one hand I agree with you; too much is wasted trying to control drug use/users. On the other hand, the use of drugs only increase the burden on society. There is evidence that the use of marijuana is very harmful to your health, may alter DNA....among other things. But, you and I know that research studies and those results can be manipulated to "prove" the position of the researchers.

I am too health conscious to use drugs, but I know people who do. I have watched these people over the years change in personality and what I see is not good. Personality shifts, memory issues, and such. Who is to say it is all related to smoking weed, they may have been predisposed to those problems. Bottom line, I would not use the stuff, I would not want my children exposed to it and have severed friendships because of their drug use.

I am not convinced that legalizing marijuana would "free up" the police. There are some people who react badly to the substance, I think that domestic disturbances would increase, along with driving while impaired, not to mention the loss (in some people) of ambition. I do not really want to support another escape mechanism for people who refuse to deal with their problems.
Nov 26, 2013 09:49:57   #
Blue Flu wrote:

I didn't hear about the latest craze sweeping the Nation until yesterday. It's now a coast to coast phenomenon. Did the major news media take its time reporting this hoping that it would quickly pass? If they did, they have plenty of blood on their hands including fatalities.
It's getting harder and harder to be a liberal these days. One of their favorite jabs is calling conservatives "hate filled racists."
I dare our resident liberals on this site to put a positive spin on this. br br ... (show quote)

They will demonize us regardless. I was called a racist yesterday by saying that people are responsible for their own actions and to look to the future.

Those same people will excuse the actions of the teenagers/adults who play this game of knockout. They will claim that it has something to do with whites enslaving the blacks....... These people will never see that there are certain hate filled degenerates, those who are violent to their core. I think that when these teens/adults go to trial that their parents should be sentenced right along with them. Perhaps it will send a message to other parents who are refusing to teach their kids right from wrong!
Nov 26, 2013 09:07:11   #
rhomin57 wrote:
Well, this is not the way California is to treat and and show respect to the United States President. I don't care if it was Atilla the Hun being President, this was rude, and in total disregard of the "American Way."
This is those people however, that sneak across our Border, then the next day picket the White House for Citizenship, then Yell at the President to get their families from Mexico to here, NOW!
More Welfare, foodstamps, free medical, Wick program, etx. Send them all back! "Deportation!!"

Don't you understand this was a plant. Just like that pregnant woman standing back of him when he was talking about healthcare. Just like all the supposedly doctors in white coats that proved not to be doctors. It is a show
Well, this is not the way California is to treat a... (show quote)

It does not come as a surprise!
Nov 26, 2013 08:19:45   #
rhomin57 wrote:
I thought it was great that he mentioned "America has laws..... Violate those laws....." Do you think they got his hidden message?

When in a hurricane, no matter how loud you shout, your words are vacuumed away. These people did not hear him, and even if they did hear the words they were not listening. Most Americans are worried about the immigration of so many people, worried that we may not have enough resources, worried that the new immigrants will not try to assimilate into our culture but rather try to change us to fit their way of thinking. It is not that we are cold hearted, mean spirited; it is simply wanting to retain our status and an invading force (millions of immigrants can be seen as nothing short of an invasion) makes us more possessive and worried for our future.
Nov 26, 2013 08:03:48   #
Realistic Rhoda wrote:
I have a bumper sticker that says "Don't Steal, The Government Hates Competition"

:thumbup: Now that is funny!! :lol: :lol:
Nov 26, 2013 01:13:05   #
BigMike wrote:
Yours is a thoughtful post, and as a person who grew up with addict/alcoholic parents and became one myself, I saw the condition that that has created a whole sub-culture of people who's lives revolve around addiction and prison. I know, because I went there twice myself. Any of you who know anything about prison will know it's institutionalized racism. The ONLY friend I made while locked up this last time is a black man - a big no no! I put myself in serious danger for our friendship, but it didn't matter. God used him to keep me sane. After all these years he and I are still friends. Even though we both have grown up in less than ideal conditions, we made the decision to take responsibility upon ourselves to make the best of our lives. Everyone is a victim of one thing or another. It's up to them to rise above it.
Yours is a thoughtful post, and as a person who gr... (show quote)

Although I am deeply sorry that your childhood was less than desirable (to put it mildly), I am so glad that you made a decision to put your life together! We do not always know the reason(s) for what happens in our lives, sometimes we just have to trust that G*D has a purpose. :thumbup: :thumbup: Many times he brings people together to help each other through our most difficult of times. I have often thought of those people as G*d's angels.
Nov 26, 2013 00:13:03   #
rhomin57 wrote:
Or, may it's one of those things that we can bad mouth him, but no other country can. Huh?

It is like having a cousin that is "unusual" all the family knows that their elevator does not go all the way to the top floor, but don't let a stranger pick on him. I am sure, Obama like all humans have their good points. But, he is simply not qualified to be President. He has made some very bad decisions, and has stretched the truth just a few too many times. I know that most/all politicians tell fish stories, but when caught they normally own up to their lack of candor. - Forum
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