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Aug 25, 2013 13:00:08   #
Can zero be divided?

banjojack wrote:
You're the one who constantly prattles about "low IQ white men."
Why not engage your own infallible fountain of knowledge and tell us? I repeat, if you were half as smart as you think you are, you'd be twice as smart as you actually are.
Aug 25, 2013 12:54:23   #
You are very naïve, but I admire your tenaciousness. It must be difficult to breath with your head so far up your fanny. I also see you are enamored with pigs, wonder why? Perhaps that is a personal problem.

Regardless, news channels, newspapers, and yes even the internet get their revenue from some place. Often you will see a dramatic shift in how news is reported based on the political affiliations of the owner. Notice the sudden shift in Fox News after it was sold.

Because you and those who share similar beliefs as yourself like to use Wikipedia, here is a link: also see the study presented by Washington University and published in Behavorial Research Methods.

AnnMarie wrote:
Soros does not own media matters either. Media Matters, and Politifact are news organizations that are apolitical, and simply get the facts out. They call BS on either party, or "news" organization that reports a WHOPPER, like Fox did. OK, Old Gringo, I see that facts do not change your opinion, I am in teaching a pig to sing mode here, so I will sign off.
Aug 25, 2013 12:30:59   #
You are right in saying that Soros does not have ties with voting machines but, he does have personal ties to Obama and is a major share holder in newspapers and television news.

You must admit that voter fraud happened. See link below on how the machines can be tampered with for minimal cost and no outward appearance that anything happened. Also, do you not remember the woman who on many of the news channels reported that she voted for her entire family, essentially voting multiple times? And who could not remember the voting machines in Colorado where votes for Romney was changed on the screen for Obama. Please notice that the links below are from a mixed sources, I do not just watch one news source or visit only web sites that follow any political lines.

It would be nice if all people played by the rules all the time, but you must be a realist and consider that most people play by the rules and the others make up their own.

AnnMarie wrote:
Sorry-although Fox "News" reported that Soros owns the company who makes Diebold voting machines and could somehow magically affect the election, that was UNTRUE. I think you need to watch another news show.
Aug 25, 2013 09:34:49   #
There is no doubt in my mind that George had the US citizen's best interest always in his heart. I do not believe that he lied. He had that inability of being a successful liar, in that his face would give him away when he was pulling someone's leg. He would blush. If you go back through the tapes of when he talked about WMDs, you will see that he honestly believed what he was saying. I think that he was not only telling the truth, but there were indeed WMDs to be found. Yes, I think that those weapons made their way out of country and into Syria. Remember how long it was and the battle over the UNs access to investigate? It took almost a year to get the inspectors in country. Do you or anyone actually think that they were just leaving everything in place and not hiding WMDs? If so, why did they fight so hard to keep us out?

It would be interesting to research all of the accusations that the Democrats are spouting as true and see how many turn out to be out and out lies on their part.

astrolite wrote:
Ginnyt, I understand, for example: The WMDs, "bush lied!!!" another democrat lie, repeated so many times they have it ingrained in their mind! A few hundred soldiers were accidently gassed when our Mopp techs destroyed a bunker full of poison gas bombs, without checking the wind direction, After the war was over (during the occupation) we invited the UN to remove all of the WMDs we found, Quite a lot, even after Sadam sneaked most of the poison gas to Syria in aid trucks (notice we now accuse Syria of using the same gas the demos said wasn't there?) and check out Wilkeleaks, they exposed the large quanity of WMDs we found there........see why the demos are so enraged at Manning for exposing their lies?? It's the Demorats that lied...not Bush!
Ginnyt, I understand, for example: The WMDs, &q... (show quote)
Aug 25, 2013 00:16:19   #
How true! I know of many people who "know" but are unaware of the truth of what they know or how they gained the information. I think that I read that study many years ago. It is also interesting, if a lie is presented to you by someone who should know, and it is presented with confidence then the mind starts to perceive it as believable. If it is repeated often enough, then it becomes widely accepted as the truth. Once it is accepted as the truth, it becomes almost impossible to convince these people that they were lied to. I think that these studies were done in connection to subliminal programming. Also, if something is presented with emotion or you link it to an emotional experience it is remembered. But, without the emotion the information is filed away but not readily assessable by the human brain. Really interesting stuff!

Thank you. I am glad that you brought this up. Some will read it and understand, others will just call us liars and raciest for bringing up the subject. Thanks again

astrolite wrote:
Ginnyt, A study was done on subliminal advertising in the 60s, I forget where, Cornel I think! It was found that the magic number was 15 seconds! If a lie was told for no more than 15 seconds it went into the subconscious, more than that the person actually thought about it! And it went into the conscious mind, and was weighed! Keep it to 15 seconds and most people don't remember it! BUT..... if asked....they "KNOW" but can't tell how they know! Because it wasn't questioned when they "Got the knowledge". The leftist media has gotten it down to a science! Think!! "breaking news" or "News at ten" followed by a "teaser", 15 seconds or less! then nothing at ten! BUT YOU KNOW "Ronnie said the liberals "know" so much that isn't true!" Next time it happens, watch and try to question that 15 second tidbit! Now watch the libtards attack me, some of them know the truth...others "Just Know".
Ginnyt, A study was done on subliminal advertisi... (show quote)
Aug 24, 2013 21:18:52   #
I have had days like that. :D
Old_Gringo wrote:
The danged thing didn't work. I screwed up somehow, which is quite normal for me.

I was able to post it to Twitter and FB but not here. Dang it all.
Aug 24, 2013 21:07:27   #
Did you forget the attachment or link?

Old_Gringo wrote:
Judicial Watch: DOD training docs suggest conservative views 'extremist'
Aug 24, 2013 21:06:15   #
Both of you make me green with envy! Just think what you can do in a few more years. My HOA gets all upset when we have a weed in our yard, yes just one weed. I keep telling them that we could make the desert green and happy if we all let our weeds grow. It may take a million years, but ya have to start sometime. They do not see the humor, they hand me a fine for $125. Oh well.

Navysnipe wrote:
Thank you! This is my wife and I were married. It took me a couple of years to do it.
Aug 24, 2013 20:50:52   #
My mouth is open, my mind is overwhelmed, this is simply gorgeous! You have a green hand, not just a thumb. I am in AZ, it is hard to grow anything outside because of the heat and you can not grow anything inside because you have to put these sun screens on the windows so you can handle the heat. I want to go home to VA now more than ever. I used to have a beautiful yard with flowers and I so miss the smell first thing in the morning. :thumbup:

Thank you so much for sharing! Simply beautiful!!!!

Navysnipe wrote:
I can't seem to grow just one kind of flower!
Aug 24, 2013 20:12:58   #
I thought you had written that you were going away and not bother people again.

Well, I am glad you stayed. Yes, it is a reality based forum. Take the time and read all you can from all sources. Don't just settle and think that you have found the truth because your party spoon feeds you. The mark of intelligence is finding out all you can, make an informed decision, be sure of your facts before you adopt, and then make sure you have evidence to back up your decisions. I know that many of the people on this forum are intelligent and they do their homework. There are others who just tow the party line, and then there are the ones who just likes to put out one lines about other people being stupid. I hope that you fit into the intelligent group.

AnnMarie wrote:
Apparently this is NOT a reality based forum. Sorry, my mistake.
Aug 24, 2013 20:04:22   #
This is similar to growing orchids. Takes time and patience. No, I never went through the process, but I know that it can be very rewarding when you get a new variety or win as you have done repeatedly. Again, I am so honored and if I can be part of your haram, wow now that is a reward!

CrazyHorse wrote:
Quid Pro Quo, ginnyt: I like to grow them. I like to look at them. And I like the competition of entering them for the National Iris Society to judge. It's a lot of fun, but it is work at times. I entered 32 different varities at the last annual show this summer, and had 3 of the 8 Queen's table blue ribbon Iris, and the most blue ribbon Iris in the show which won for me the National first place Silver medal for the show for the first time. I also won the best seedling in the show for the 3rd of the last 4 years, which I am prood of as it takes about three years from the time you hybridize, breed, the flowers to get the seeds, and then to grow the seeds into rhizomes which then finally bloom in about two years, before you see what you get from the cross bybridizing. I also like giving rhizomes to my relatives who grow them but don't compete them. And I like to think they add a little to the 1PP site that isn't political. Glad you like them.
Quid Pro Quo, ginnyt: I like to grow them. I lik... (show quote)
Aug 24, 2013 17:08:26   #
These are beautiful! Someone told me about your Iris, she said that you grow them and then enter them for judging. I feel honored, thank you so very much.

CrazyHorse wrote:
Quid Pro Quo, ginnyt: Thank you for the kind words. You are fairly new on 1PP and I don't remember whether or not I have previously given you your very own champion Iris. It is a tradition on 1PP, mine to be exact, to give conservative ladies, and other ladies who are not libtards, their very own champion Iris. So here is yours:
Aug 24, 2013 16:41:57   #
They need all the additional money the will save from closing the achieves to bury the current problems until we are long past dead and dust. I have seen classified documents that have had 100 years until disclosure consideration dates.

Aug 24, 2013 16:38:18   #
Good for you. Hey I have not heard the word chigger in many years. I find the parallel you drew funny! Thank you.

CrazyHorse wrote:
Quid Pro Quo, Inyourarse: You sir are a self made man who worships your own opinion of your self. Yet you exhibit not the intellect of a chigger. No one gives a sorry behind about your ipse dixit opinion of your "advice". Jump back into the weeds chigger, before you get stepped on.
Aug 24, 2013 16:36:16   #
With another delay in Obamacare and with Congress, White House staff, NSA, and a host of other exempt employees along with unions who are now saying they will not support the program, there may be nothing let to fund until 2016. Obama will be out of office and of course the new administration, which will be republican, will be blamed for the tax hikes and intrusions into our personal life. Perhaps this is part of the plan. History will give a glancing blow at Obamacare and focus on the other terrible things he has done.

It is the law for some unfortunates!

bmac32 wrote:
A law with zero funding goes nowhere.

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