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Apr 4, 2018 22:22:23   #
proud republican wrote:
Im being honest..I really do feel bad for her...As for us focusing on her....Its her fault..She goes on almost every channel ,and b***hes why she lost her race....She needs to blame nobody,but herself.....As soon as she realizes that the faster she could go back to her normal self..Whatever it was....

Ha, she ain’t never been normal!!!
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Mar 25, 2018 21:13:11   #
Alicia wrote:
I don't think the name you chose is any better than TURD but that's your choice.

What you think is quite immaterial to me!!!
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Mar 25, 2018 17:33:29   #
Alicia wrote:
The idiocy of your first sentence proved it was not necessary to go on with your post. Do you really go throough life with the name you have chosen to use on OPP?

I would change my name too if everyone kept referring to me as a self proclaimed “TURD”
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Mar 8, 2018 09:21:52   #
ldsuttonjr wrote:
Pot-puffing Dem Dickhead House candidate accused of stolen valor, false FBI claim, abusing women
Benjamin Wolf, who is running in Illinois' Democratic primary against incumbent Mike Quigley, came under fire after an ex-girlfriend alleged he acted abusively and intentionally revealed her name and home address on social media.

Sounds like real good democratic candidate for President.
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Mar 5, 2018 08:45:42   #
Peewee wrote:
High Five Don!

71 year old man beaten outside his Minnesota home for putting on his brakes in a traffic situation.
Had he carried a gun and known how to use it he would not be in the hospital.
Followed and beaten by a man half his age. The man who beat him has not been found.
Such a crazy world we live in and they wonder why a lot of us carry guns.

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Feb 22, 2018 19:33:49   #
lindajoy wrote:
Do you wonder who helped these kids post if its even kids doing it.. Soros scent lingers in the air ~~

Sniff again LindaJoy,
That’s not a scent, that’s an odor!
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Feb 22, 2018 08:25:30   #
Airforceone wrote:
Why not build our schools like a GD prison. Then the tax payer foots the GD bill and the gun manufacturers make billionaires an. You’re logic falls between a first and second grader.

Much like your misguided attempt at the English language.
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Feb 21, 2018 10:01:18   #
permafrost wrote:
The writer is speaking in terms of "what if"....

The possible outcome of the investigation could include money laundering, it could include allowing Russia to exert undue influence on our agreements with allies, trade agreements or future status with Russia itself.

many things among those subjects could become some of those high crimes and misdemeanors..

Speaking in terms of what if,
If a frog had wings it wouldn’t be bumping its ass on the ground,
Now would it?
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Feb 10, 2018 09:50:36   #
Oldsailor65 wrote:
Outback SteakHouse Demands Uniformed Officer Leave, for carrying a gun

An Outback Steakhouse in Cleveland, Tennessee, is the center of a major controversy after employees there asked a uniformed officer to leave due to Outback’s “gun-free zone” policy.

Andrew Ward, an officer with the Tennessee Wildlife Management Agency, wrote about his experience in the restaurant Friday on Facebook.

“Well we had a first tonight…. while I was at work tonight (in uniform) I stopped by Outback Steakhouse to eat supper with my wife,” Ward wrote in the post that is no longer public.

“I was approached by the manager and asked if I would put my gun in my truck. I let her know that I couldn’t because I was in uniform. She then went and made a call and came back and we were asked to leave because Outback is a gun free zone.”

“There was another customer that was ‘scared for her life’ who was seated across from us. This customer also stated that she was afraid because ‘police are shooting people‘ and this customer went on to demand to be escorted to her vehicle out of fear of being shot.

The stupidity of liberals is beyond belief!!
Not so much anymore!
b Outback SteakHouse Demands Uniformed Officer Le... (show quote)

Cop should have refused to leave and told them to call the cops. That’s called karma, I think.
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Feb 7, 2018 15:50:42   #
Pennylynn wrote:
Nice article about launch..... but has NOTHING to do with immigrants. And further, I do not believe that anyone is opposed to LEGAL immigration!

Miss you meds again, Moldy?
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Feb 4, 2018 11:45:52   #
Doc110 wrote:
02/02/2018 Booker T. Washington Predicted Dem SOTU Protest Over 100 Years Ago

Chris Golden

Never has sitting been quite so ostentatious as it was this Tuesday past, and the reasons behind it were not a pleasant augury for our beloved republic.

Sure, the opposing party has never received the president’s State of the Union as rapturously as their own party does.

And there have been some pretty obvious displays of displeasure during the annual address in the past (looking at you, Joe Wilson).

However, in terms of consistency and visibility, this year’s Democrats set a record when it came to keeping their seats.

a. There was Nancy Pelosi’s literal gnashing of teeth,
b. Luis Gutierrez’s decision to walk out in a huff,
c. And even a member of the Congressional Black Caucus — whose
members were the most manifestly glued to their seats —
d. Democrat’s playing an iPhone game during the address.

Over 100 years ago, Booker T. Washington predicted all of this.

Well, not exactly this, but the conditions that created it.

How so?

a. First, one has to ask what the modern Democrat Party is ?

First and foremost, it’s a manifestation of the identity politics that have shaped how we view ourselves as Americans in recent years.

The upshot of this, if you’re in one of the groups that common wisdom says has been marginalized by American society, is that the Democrats say they’re good for you.

They consider your plight before all other considerations.

If you’re a woman, they’re #MeToo and #TimesUp. If you’re Hispanic, they’re willing to pursue DACA at all costs.

b. If you’re African-American, they’re willing to protect you against the “white nationalism” of the Republican Party.

Except none of these things are really that true.

c. For a party of #MeToo’ers, they continue to embrace problematic figures like Hillary Clinton, even after yet another scandal revealing just how little she cares about women who have been subject to sexual harassment or abuse.

d. Dreamers found out just how quickly the Democrats abandoned DACA as part of a government shutdown when v**ers started to blame them for said shutdown.

e. But most importantly, African-Americans are finding out that Democrats simply pay lip service to their well-being. The Democrats promise social aid and succor, but what have they fixed?

It’s not quite a laundry list, is it?

And when it comes to Republicans, as Tuesday’s speech demonstrated, the Congressional Black Caucus refused to even stand when the president announced that the African-American unemployment rate had reached historic lows.

01/30/2018 Black Democrats Don't Clap When Trump Mentions Low Black Unemployment

01/29/2018 Rapper Insults Trump, The Don Hits Him Back With Historically Low Black Unemployment

In his 1910 book, “My Larger Education:

Being Chapters from My Experience,” civil rights icon and Tuskegee Institute founder Booker T. Washington noted that the same class of people you saw sitting on Tuesday were extant or exists, without any connotation of survival, just standing out.

During some of the darkest hours in American race relations, as well.

And it wasn’t just spite that made them root against the people they claimed to want to help.

Do you think Booker T. Washington was right?

“I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well,

Because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public,”
Washington wrote.

“My experience is that people who call themselves ‘The Intellectuals’ understand theories, but they do not understand things.

I have long been convinced that, if these men could have gone into the South and taken up and become interested in some practical work which would have brought them in touch with people.

And things, the whole world would have looked very different to them.

“Bad as conditions might have seemed at first, when they saw that actual progress was being made, they would have taken a more hopeful view of the situation,” he noted.

This is the perfect description of a modern Democrat Party, nourished on feminist and post-Colonialist theory, ever ready to make an appearance on MSNBC or give an interview to Vox. —

But what have they really changed for the marginalized groups in their balkanized America?

Look at cities like Detroit and Boston, both Democrat-controlled for over half a century, if not longer.

04/14/2017 Here’s What 30 Years of Total Democrat Control Looks Like

12/17/2017 After 87 Years of Democrat Rule, Net Worth of Average Black Bostonian Revealed

Their problems have only gotten worse.

Yet, would you see Democrats in power if there weren’t problems and inequities in the first place?

What the African-American community needs most, if we’re going to erase ine******y in this country, is economic opportunities.

That starts with jobs.

When the Congressional Black Caucus can’t even applaud that, it shows they care less about “people and things” and more about “an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.”

Prominent they did make themselves in their sitting, but in doing so, they revealed a great deal about just what their priorities are.
02/02/2018 Booker T. Washington Predicted Dem SOTU... (show quote)

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Feb 4, 2018 11:42:10   #
Oldsailor65 wrote:
Me too with gun turrets every half mile.

Manned by marksman Veterans with 50 caliber Barrett sniper rifles with
instructions to Not fire on anyone traveling in a southerly direction.
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Feb 2, 2018 22:32:05   #
buffalo wrote:
Does anybody have any idea as to what this tool is?

That’s the bottle opener off the front of my grill.
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Feb 2, 2018 06:39:57   #
no propaganda please wrote:
C*******m turns 100, so where on Earth is the party?
Political system's death toll as many as 140 million

Bob Unruh joined WND in 2006 after nearly three decades with the Associated Press, as well as several Upper Midwest newspapers, where he covered everything from legislative battles and sports to tornadoes and homicidal survivalists. He is also a photographer whose scenic work has been used commercially.

Google “Oct. 25 c*******t anniversary celebration,” and there are some results.

The first is about a meeting in Minneapolis, described in a blog, in which the Freedom Road Socialist Organization is marking the 100th anniversary of the 1917 October Revolution in Russia.

Second is a c*******t publication reporting “c*******ts in the A****a crowd” are preparing to mark the day, and third is how North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un plans to remember it.

The fourth result, however, is a Japan Times article headlined “No pomp as Russia revolution centenary nears.”

“A hundred years later, Russia still has trouble dealing with its revolutionary past,” the report said.

While during the Soviet era, there were grand events marking the day, “today the program is far more subdued.”

RELATED COLUMN: Socialist Hitler: Father of today’s ‘critical race theory’? by Joseph Farah

In fact, a traveler planning a trip to Russia asked on TripAdvisor what events would be going on to mark the anniversary of the October Revolution, and the top response was “authorities decided to abstain from massive celebrations due to the d******e nature of the event and unclear official viewpoint.”

Responded one person from Moscow, “You won’t believe it, but quite a few people here would like to know that too!”

Joseph Farah’s newest book, “The Restitution of All Things,” expounds on what few authors dare to approach, the coming kingdom of God. Available at the WND Superstore.

The website of the C*******t Party USA didn’t appear to have a single paragraph about any celebration of the anniversary.

Instead, its profiled issues were “Long Live May Day,” “The African American Liberation Struggle” “and “Remembering James W. Ford.”

It was on Oct. 25, 1917, that the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, took over the Russian government and began to inflict c*******m on the world.

Inflict, because the political system has been tried over and over on different continents in different nations by many different leaders, and the only uniform result has been tyranny, poverty and death.

Experts estimate that as many as 140 million people have died as a direct result of the c*******t system and its leadership.

Professor Paul Kengor, a Ph.D. whose works include “The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of C*******m” and “11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative,” and who has written for publications such as USA Today and the New York Times, told WND, “We should have learned that c*******m is the deadliest ideology in human history.”

He elaborated: “No ideology has k**led as many people. The total deaths in c*******m governments in the 20th century was between 100 million and 140 million.”

Kengor said many of the lower estimates likely don’t account for those k**led by Mao in China and by the Kim clan in North Korea.

“I think we can safely say the death toll from c*******m probably is double the combined death toll of World War I and World War II,’ he said.

President Reagan, he noted, once referred to c*******m as a “disease,” but Kengor said he’s been unable to identify any disease with such a record of k*****g.

The professor said it’s more a form of “insanity,” “when you consider the political pathology.”

The problem, he said, is “education, education, education.”

Today’s society is simply not taught the historic impact of c*******m.

The left, instead, praises the concepts and practices, even if it doesn’t call it c*******m anymore.

Today, the ideology is masked in language such as “economic e******y” and “workers’ rights,” he said.

William Murray, author of “The Utopian Road to Hell,” noted c*******m “is not the only utopian villain of the 20th century.”

“The madness that drives individuals and sometimes entire societies to seek utopian solutions inevitably ends in failure, usually at great human cost. … The national socialism of Adolf Hitler was also based on a system of central planning.”

Murray notes in his book that the “centrally planned attempts at Utopian government during the 20th century resulted in hundreds of millions of deaths and the imprisonment and torture of millions more.”

“Most of the deaths were not caused in war, but by the governments themselves as their failed economic model forced entire societies into near or actual s***ery,” he said.

“More people died at the hands of their own c*******t governments in the 20th century than died in all the wars in all the history of mankind,” said Murray,

Joseph Farah, WND founder and CEO, said that in his youth he was a “small-c c*******t.”

“It’s amazing how little attention the 100th anniversary of Red October and the birth of the Soviet Union is getting this year,” he said. “Some 60 million or more were murdered by this regime. Even the left doesn’t celebrate this nightmarish historical reality, nor talk about it.”

Farah said the lack of attention suggest to him “we haven’t really learned the critical hard lessons of c*******m.”

“What an opportunity we have to make people understand there was another holocaust – one even bigger and longer than the N**i Holocaust. Our motto should be the same: Never again,” said Farah, author of “The Restitution of All Things.”

The site says the “tremendous impact of the Russian October Revolution was due to one irrefutable fact: the working class, for the first time in history, had captured state power and used it to o*******w the existing order and t***sform society and existing social relations.”

The site blames the later “rise of Stalinism” for the “eventual collapse.”

“Re-reading the writings of Lenin, Trotsky, and John Reed on the Russian Revolution one finds ideas that seem very modern when we consider the tasks workers and youth face today,” the organization said. “We are confident that this generation will see its own October, learn the lessons of the past, and move to fulfill the destiny that the Russian workers … left unfinished.”
WND EXCLUSIVE br C*******m turns 100, so where on ... (show quote)

The c*******t party is in DC masquerading as Democrats.
Watch the SOTU? They were making faces and some looked as if
They were praying. Nasty Pelosi was picking her teeth with her tongue and even one was filmed playing candy crush saga on her cell phone. And they call us deplorables. Those assholes need to be v**ed out of office
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Feb 1, 2018 09:27:48   #
dongreen76 wrote:
In quintessential Republican plagiarizing like fashion once again they take credit for some one else's accomplishments,such as the low unemployment rate, the GDP,the lowering of the trade deficit,etc,etc ,etc,.. They did it to Clinton,after he left office,and the same to Obama.I can prove it,read the following with comprehension.'s-final-numbers/


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