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How to eliminate the deficit
Aug 8, 2013 12:21:51   #
hprinze Loc: Central Florida
There is discussion about eliminating the deficit. Most of these in government, and even here seem to focus of "more money for government".

No, eliminating the deficit would be very simple.

STOP taking money from Americans who earn it and giving it away to foreign countries

Bring home our military from scores of foreign countries where they are not needed, not wanted, and where no constitutional authority exists for them being there. Example South Korea.

STOP meddling in the internal affairs of foreign countries

Abolish ALL unnecessary and/or unconstitutional government bureaus

STOP confiscating money from Americans who earn it to give to hundreds of organizations in the form of grants. Everything from studies of cockroach sex habits to NEA to PBS, labor unions and untold other grants (bribes).

Stop paying politicians, bureaucrats, and government employees obscene amounts of salaries, allowances, and expense accounts. And take away their credit cards, and their subsidized restaurants, barber shops, office soace, laundries and drycleaners, etc, etc.

Reduce the patroll of every government bureau by at least 30% now. Except defense, and give defense a reasonable time, maybe 6 months, to come up with the 30% cuts.

Stop paying billions for Obama's private partying, campaigning, and joyriding on AF-1. Set a sensible budget and require oversight of his use of AF-1 and all the accompanying other aircraft, vehicles, secret service, service personnel, cooks, etc., No more 1000 person junkets to foreign countries.

Require Obama's wife to pay for her own vacations and staff of 30 or so personal employees.

This list is only a beginning point. If government was forced to only spend money on constitutional pursuits and have all their expenditures subject to scrutinization by private, non government watchdogs in an open and honeswt way.

Problem is that these things will never happen. The inmates rule the asylums.

Aug 8, 2013 13:43:58   #
It would have to be all of that and more....

Government would have to eliminate ALL expenses ALL of them then all the people in the US would have to give up ALL their earnings not keeping ONE cent, and give their earning to the government towards the deficit for 1 year!!!, and that is just for the visable 16 trillion or so.
That is how much in debt we are and it will not likely happen, so basically the country is going to default on its debt and it will slip from a deep/shallow recession we are now in, into a deep depression.
The debt is beyond what the government says of 16 trillion or so, including the bubbles out their ready to pop, and debt purchased by other countries, and all other erroneous debts simply hiding from public view, and such, it is a crazy from a estimate that I have seen more than once 221 trillion dollars....................
We will not escape 20 trillion dollar depression, much less, than a 221 trillion dollar banana republic 5 th world country.

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