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I******s Tell Investigators They're Registered to V**e in New Video
Jul 10, 2024 15:21:57   #
dtucker300 Loc: Vista, CA
I******s Tell Investigators They're Registered to V**e in New Video
by: Matt Palumbo July 09, 2024

The Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project collaborated with to shine light on the problem of i*****l a***ns being registered to v**e.

In a video posted on X, Mike Howell, Executive Director of the Heritage Oversight Project, has urged Americans to “declare independence from foreigners deciding our e******ns.”

“The evidence you are about to see relates to i*****l a***ns being registered to v**e,” Oversight Project Director Mike Howell opens the video. “This is a problem national in scale. The United States of America is for Americans, and our e******ns only should be decided by them.”

Out of the 41 people surveyed, four admitted they were non-citizens registered to v**e. While 41 is too small a sample to extrapolate from nationally, it would imply that about 10% of i******s are registered to v**e if we were to.

Watch below:******s-tell-investigators-theyre-registered-to-v**e-in-new-video

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