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Go Joe. Stay in the race Joe. Stand up to the bullies.
Jul 10, 2024 13:46:32   #
son of witless
I keep saying it. I support Joe Biden remaining as the Democratic Party nominee. Joe's fair weather friends are becoming annoying. Joe can beat Donald J. Trump. Every day that goes by brings Uncle Joe closer to ree******n. So he has Parkinson's or Alzheimer or dementia. So what ? The fine folks on the White House staff who manage President Biden have shown by the excellent situation on the border, in Afghanistan, with inflation, and with the crime situation that they can handle anything that life throws their way.

So a few swing states are beginning to drift towards Donald J. Trump. I know Joe's people will pump him full of caffeine, Go Joe juice, or something to get him awake. He will be just fine. He simply needs to wipe Trump's butt the next debate and things will be great.

" As President Joe Biden digs in his heels at the top of the Democratic ticket, the nonpartisan Cook Political Report shifted six swing states toward former president Donald Trump, with three — Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada — moving from “Toss Up” to “Lean Republican.” "

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