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PolitiFact Ridiculously Calls Babylon Bee Satire Piece About T***sportation Secretary Buttigieg 'False'
Apr 2, 2024 17:34:48   #
Parky60 Loc: People's Republic of Illinois
I refuse to believe that left-wing "fact-check" sites like Snopes, NPR FactCheck, or PolitiFact lack the intellectual capacity behind the scenes to distinguish between facts and satire. Rather, these l*****t hives of self-assigned legitimacy intentionally ignore the satire part and focus only on that which is satirized.

Why? Cutting satire hits too close to home for the left.

In this example from The Babylon Bee, the best satire site on the planet, we're talking about irrelevant, do-no-good, T***sportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

The hopelessly biased fact-checking business has had a hell of a time trying to figure out The Bee. Of course, they know The Bee's a satire site but they simply can't stop making fools out of themselves over Bee Sting after Bee Sting.

Anyway, back to Buttigieg. A March 27 headline on The Bee read: Buttigieg Praises Cargo Ship For Helping Dismantle R****m in America.

As I suggested earlier, any objective and reasonably intelligent person would immediately realize that The Bee headline was satire. And remember, the closer to reality satire is, or any form of comedy, the funnier it is. Hence, this Bee Sting really stung the left.

Sure enough, on Friday, two days after The Bee piece dropped, PolitiFact trotted out a goofy "fact-check," headlined with The Bee's headline in quotes.

PolitiFact's Ciara O'Rourke then spewed utter stupidity — on multiple levels.

A recent Facebook post shared a headline from a satire website but not everyone got the joke.

"Buttigieg praises cargo ship for helping dismantle r****m in American roads," the headline said alongside photos of T***sportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and the cargo ship that crashed into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge.

"And these are the people running our country," one person commented.

"I didn’t read the article … but it sounds like something he would say," someone else said.

This post was f**gged as part of Meta’s efforts to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed.

Utter stupidity, including PolitiFact's ridiculous attempt to legitimize its silly article by pointing to an equally meaningless f**g by Meta — as if Meta and Facebook are beacons of legitimacy and t***h.

Not only did O’Rourke f**g the Facebook user, she continued.

Comments Buttigieg made in 2021 are being taken out of context since the Key Bridge’s collapse. PolitiFact debunked another social media post that claimed the t***sportation secretary blamed the bridge’s collapse on "r****m."

Rather, in a 2021 interview, Buttigieg said r****m has sometimes factored into highway planning and construction.

"There is r****m physically built into some of our highways, and that’s why the jobs plan has specifically committed to reconnect some of the communities that were divided by these dollars," Buttigieg said during the interview, which was published April 6. He was referring to President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan proposal, which would provide funding for infrastructure including roads, highways and bridges.

We rate claims that Buttigieg actually praised a cargo ship for helping to dismantle r****m in American roads "False."

Hilarious — but oh so predictable.

The Bottom Line
It amuses the hell out of me how the left continually and desperately reduces itself to demonizing Donald Trump, 24x7, to lying about Biden's declining cognitive capacity, to even throwing hissy fits at The Babylon Bee — rather than boasting about Biden's many accomplishments as pres— oops, never mind.

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