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The Most Devout Anti-Christian of All Time, Evolutionary Biologist, Richard Dawkins, Praises Christianity???
Apr 2, 2024 17:27:27   #
Ri-chard Loc: 23322
Dawkins Comes Out as a Christian. A Special Christian?

Richard Dawkins describes himself as a "cultural Christian," valuing the traditions and ethos of Christianity without embracing its spiritual beliefs. He expresses concerns over the diminishing Christian faith in Europe and contrasts it with the increasing presence of Islam, which he views less favorably due to its teachings and societal implications. The discussion also touches on the consequences of declining church attendance versus the construction of mosques, emphasizing the fundamental differences in teachings about love, enemies, and societal regulations between Christianity and Islam.

Judaism competing against the Sumiran Kings history of Mankind by claiming their own gods,
Christianity competing against Judaism with their own god/son of man.
Islam competing against the Jews god and Christian god with their own god.

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