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What happened to the "72 Hour House Rule" allowing members to read spending bills
Apr 2, 2024 07:54:58   #
ACP45 Loc: Rhode Island
If this is true, it is absolutely d********g (3:35 in video):

Do you want to know why we got rid of it Dan? Because the members wanted to waive it. I put it into the rule book, but members wanted to waive it. Because the people who v**ed for that trash piece of legislation didn't want the details released to the American people. They didn't want you to know that there was $15 million dollars that the American taxpayer paid to fund Egyptian students going to college in Egypt. They didn't want you to know that they are funding all these NGO's that are seducing the invasion!".

"Two thirds of the members didn't want 72 hours to read the bill". Gaetz concluded that we cannot fix the problems of this country with the people we have in congress, Republican or Democrat.

Gaetz goes into the issue of the 3 Republicans leaving Congress early and diminishing the Republican majority to just one. He alluded to either payoffs or coercion. He also makes his case why getting rid of Mike Johnson at this time would not be a good idea. Withe the RINO's in the House, it would be a distinct possibility that Hakeem Jeffries would get support from a few Republicans and give the Democrats the speakership.

MY COMMENT: What a sad state of affairs we are in with our current crop of elected officials.

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