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Taxing Our Patience:
Feb 12, 2024 08:38:42   #
American Vet
from Governor Huckabee

You can tell that Colorado has been taken over by l*****t nutjobs and California t***splants (but I repeat myself.) Check out this latest proposed bill to tax every pet residents own (invertebrates included) at $8.50 each per year, and to force residents to register a “designated caregiver” for each pet (failure to do so would result in a $25 fine.) This includes invertebrates. So if you have a tank with 100 guppies and you don’t list a caregiver for each one, you would be on the hook for $850 in annual taxes, plus $2500 in fines.

I hope that this infuriates one of the Democratic Party’s biggest v****g blocs: women with 35 cats.

Feb 12, 2024 08:49:26   #
Sonny Magoo Loc: Where pot pie is boiled in a kettle
Love the stereotype! 😆

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